Question to empty the trash

Trying to empty my trash, I get the error message "the operation cannot be completed because the item «...»» "is in use.  No info as to what this means?

Thank you!


Is the error message saying 1 or more items cannot be deleted or all the items in the Recycle Bin?

Try to shut down your Mac then restart and try to empty the trash

Open system preferences > user groups > then press the "Login Items" tab and check the programs that start automatically, disable all items you don't want to run startup

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  • I can't empty the trash to Simple Mail

    This is the second time I ask this question. The last time, it only gave me a link to a non-Mozilla site, and they can't help me.

    I tried activation of the box "to empty the trash, leaving", but it has no effect.

    I've tried right-clicking on the trash folder and clicking on 'empty', but I get an error message: invalid response: no such message.

    I'm now store 250 read the messages in the trash and climbing. I need real help, please.

    As I have said here - & s = & r = 2 & as = s - the first time you have posted using Simple email.

     There is a support thread for the Simple Mail extension over here:
    Sorry, I don't use that extension and can't help you.  

    This extension is not made by Mozilla, even if AMO hosts that extension is done by a 3rd party. There is a link on the download page - Support site - AMO, which is the link that I posted in your first question about Simple Mail. Each developer extension has a responsibility to support their expansion. We try to answer questions about the extensions that are familiar to us, but like I said before, I do not use this extension myself. And since nobody else has replied to your other two offers on Simple Mail, I can only assume that anyone else coming here is familiar with this extension.

  • Cannot eject my external drive after emptying the trash

    I have a very specific question and I was wondering if someone else he met.  This is for Windows XP.  If I delete a file from my external USB drive (happens to all readers regardless of the brand, size, etc.) and empty the trash, I can't remove the disc.  This only happens with this particular scenario
    but so far is happening on 2 PC's, I have at home.

    I checked for file handles and there is no open file handles.  I tried to wait a while but still not good.  My only solution is to shut down the PC and remove the disc.

    It would be great if I can find a solution to this problem very weird.  Thank you all.

    Mike P.


    Did you follow all of the methods to solve the problem?

    If you have not tried the other methods of troubleshooting, I suggest you to try and see if the problem still occurs. Answer us about the State of the question whether or not it is resolved.

  • my trash moved to the d drive when I try to empty the trash, it is said the trash in the d drive is damaged to want to clear

    my trash moved to drive d.  When I try to empty the trash, it is said the trash in the d drive is corrupt you want to clean up.  We have 3 computers in the House, they are all the same and all have the same message.  Computers are PC HP Pavilion Media Center m8430f.

    Hi SharynZH,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. did you of recent changes to the computer?

    You can try the following steps and check if it helps to fix this problem.

    Step 1:

    a. go to control panel and double click on "Folder Options".

    b. Select "Show files & hidden folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"

    c. click on "Apply" or "OK".

    d. go to your D: drive, find the $RECYCLE. BIN folder, right click > delete

    e. then go back to Folder Options and change the settings back

    f. restart your computer and check.

    Step 2:

    If you still experience the problem, then try to run a sfc scan that will replace missing or corrupt files & check if the problem persists.

    For more information, you can consult the following link.

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Impossible to empty the trash

    Just updated to Sierra. Unable to empty the trash. Get the following message:

    “. Basket"cannot open right now because it is used by another task, such as moving or copying an item or empty the trash. Try again when the current task is complete. »

    .. except he is not being current task.

    I tried to use the Terminal, no luck.

    Any suggestions?

    Restart your Mac and try again to empty the trash.

  • How to recover a file photo after emptying the trash

    How to recover a file photo after emptying the trash on my Mac book pro?

    Thanks for your response

    Restore your time machine backup file.

  • Why I get this trying to empty the Trash: the operation cannot be completed because the item "IMG_0645.jpg" is in use

    After selecting and dragging some photos of Photo on the desk I have their attached to an e-mail and sent them to the coast. Then I selected the 5 photos on the desktop and put them in the trash. When I tried to empty the trash later I received the following message: the operation cannot be completed because the item "IMG_0645.jpg" is in use.

    Aren't these photos on the desktop 'copies' of the originals in the Photo?

    All wise users out there with an answer?

    stop, disconnect all external devices

    Restart your computer in safe mode

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    empty the trash after checking the files in there are of no use to you

    arrested again

    Reconnect the external devices


  • Suddenly, I have only the possibility of good to empty the trash.

    I went to empty the trash yesterday and the only option was assured. I thought it was weird and clicked. After a few hours, the computer was still churning away. He left overnight and it was still churning away. I need to ensure empty. I would delete it and come back to life as usual. However, I can't find any way to go back to normal from the trash dump.

    Fixed it myself. I forgot to do what I always tell those who ask me for help: use the Mac Help. Answer: in the Finder under Advanced preferences is a check box for safe dumping trash or vice versa. I don't know how this got checked, since I've never used this feature, but there you go.


  • I tried to empty the trash, secure, but there are 5 items in. Can you help me?

    I tried to clear all items in the trash, but as I clicked on Secure Empty Trash he began to delete and then stopped with 5 elements still in there. Can you help me? James

    Please read article by solving the problems of Trash from the X Lab for some troubleshooting steps. You can find the article on:

    Another good article is directly from Apple, this article is you may not empty the trash or move a file to the Trash - Apple Support

  • File Backups.backupdb containing empty the trash

    How can I empty the trash when it contains files "ByHost"? I get the following message: "the operation cannot be completed because the"ByHost"element is used. I think that these files are left in the garbage after I tried to delete a file Backups.backupdb when deleting a backup file Time Machine.

    I use OS X El Capital 10.11.5 on a MacBook Air version.


    1. com Apple.iDisk.001b639a829b.plist
    2. com Apple.iDisk.000393a99672.plist

    Please read you can empty the trash or move a file to the Trash - Apple Support.

  • Why is automatically emptied the trash on my email account?

    My emails used to be saved in the trash and I kept for future reference. Now, they simply disappear. Is there a setting I can change to change this?

    Re: my e-mails used to be saved in the trash and I kept for future reference.

    "Trash" is for the items you want. "Basket" means "Rubblish' to be scrapped; throw; Remove.

    They are only in the Trash because you selected the 'delete' or you move them manually.
    The reason for having a 'Trash' folder is to act as a stop gap because sometimes you might delete an email by mistake and want to save.

    File basket is not the place to store the items you want to keep.
    Please create new folders to organize your wanted emails.
    Use "Basket" to unwanted emails.

    Trash (also known as "Deleted") can be automatic out empty on if the option is selected.
    Tools > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings
    Menu icon > Options > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings

    Uncheck the box / select as appropriate: "empty the trash when leaving.
    Click OK.

    If you have an Imap email account, there may be a different policy, used by the server. Some auto Recycle Bin empty periodically by default and there is nothing you can do about it. After all, Trash is for unwanted items, then after a time saving an email deleted by mistake, they clear this folder to create more space.

    Background information:
    When you choose to delete an email or put it in the "basket", from your point of view varies for example: Inbox to "trash".
    In reality, it is always in the Inbox as an email "marked as deled" hidden from view. So it is still too much space in the Inbox.
    When you compact your Inbox folder those "marked as deleted" are removed, freeing up a space.

    When you see a folder in the folders pane, it is in fact a mbox file (assuming that you Pop mail account or synchronize subscribed imap folders).

    When e-mail messages are downloaded they are not stored as individual .eml files, they are stored one after the other in the order they have been downloaded in the same "file". If you do not want to put all your e-mails in one or a couple of files.
    Create folders to organize messages into subsets.
    Archives of old messages to free up space in regular used folders.
    See the info on archiving.

  • Error 50 while emptying the trash

    I can't empty the trash error 50.  It seems that the number of documents and folders contains a character "null" at the end of their names.

    Yes, null files. You use Windows at all? If so, you can delete them in Windows. Otherwise, it is best to leave them alone. There they interfere with the normal functions of your Mac, erase and reinstall OS X using Internet for recovery.

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

  • Get rid of the warnings to empty the trash in El Capitan

    I don't want the warning that appears whenever I emptied the Recycle Bin. It has always been a way to get rid of this in earlier versions of Mac OS X. How can I get rid of it in El Capitan?

    You can empty the trash without confirmation dialog by pressing: option + shift + command + DELETE.

  • can't empty the Trash because of locked elements and certain permissions

    I want to well to empty the trash, but am getting blocked by two numbers, starting with:

    (1) ''there are some elements locked in the trash. " Do you want to remove all items, including those locked or just unlocked items? »

    Unlike previous messages or suggestions on the support Forum, this text box does not actually identify the locked objects, not their names, places or anything like that. Similarly, when I press Option with Secure Empty Trash, it scatters only my Finder window such that I can not select anything.

    I have browsed through the trash looking for ASCII files or other weird characters and have removed these (created a new folder on the desktop), but this has not changed anything.  When I try to Secure Empty Trash again, the same note appears.

    I tried the two options offered by this text box ('Remove all items' or 'Remove Unocked items'), but regardless of my choice, the following text is displayed:

    (2) the operation cannot be performed because you have not granted access to some of the elements. »

    I guess that brings me to permissions, but given that the article "troubleshooting permissions in Mac OS X - Apple support issues" has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple (from Jan 2016), I'm hoping to get information updated here.

    Please help me!

    MacBook using Mac OS X 10.10.5, with 8 GB

    Have you tried to command + Option + delete?

  • Trying to empty the trash.  After clicking on empty the trash.  An error comes up saying that this cannot be done due to the error 50.  Tried to check and repair disk permissions.  This finished.  Then tried to empty the trash again and got the same error

    I tried to empty the trash. After clicking on empty the trash. An error comes up saying that this cannot be done due to the error 50.

    Tried to check and repair disk permissions. This finished.

    Then tried to empty the trash again and got the same error 50 yet.

    I rebooted my macbook. When it restarted it flashed the apple logo, progress bar began to charge up to 15%, then the black and white code popped up for a few seconds, then a box pops up saying "your computer has restarted because of an error, press any key to restart." It is now is an endless restart loop.

    I can't go in safe mode or in disk utility.

    Any suggestions on what to try?

    Thank you

    What happens when you try to restart without danger as indicated to OS X Yosemite: start in safe mode

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