Questions about syncing iPhone to the laptop.

Hi all

would like to ask for your help, I bought a new laptop with a windows 8 ongoing, it is not possible download the app store or itunes to sync to my iphone? If possible, how? Pls... Thank you..

PS: my apologies for the choice of the wrong topic... no other option.

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Hi Jelson,

Thanks for posting your question in the Windows community.

You can synchronize the iPhone with Windows 8, using the iTunes application. See this link for further instructions.

11 iTunes for Windows: set up sync to iPod, iPhone or iPad

Hope that the information provided is useful. Do not respond if you need more help.

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    I recommend using a network for the printer configuration, if possible, to avoid printing problems.  USB hubs have been known to cause printing problems, although this isn't always the case.

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    Hello Eamon,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forum.

    According to the description, I understand that you are facing problem when connecting the new Microsoft mouse USB dongle receiver with the old keyboard Microsoft Wireless 5000.

    I suggest you to contact the Microsoft Hardware support for assistance.

    How to contact Microsoft if you have questions about your hardware device.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you

  • Several Questions about educational Versions of the software

    Well, I have several questions about teaching from Adobe software.  I will attend school in the near future (now I'm not enrolled in any type of school) and I see that Adobe has huge discounts on "educational software".

    What exactly is the difference between the "commercial" version of a program and an educational version?  Do you need some kind of student card to activate an educational version, or proof that you are in school, or something special like that?  I noticed people unopened sell educational versions on eBay and I heard there is no differences between the software, but this makes me wonder... why the price difference?

    Also, I intend on buying another Mac in the near future - probably for the school.  My second question is - with this software (education), is that I can put programs on my desktop and my laptop, or they won't work on one person on one computer?  I've heard people that serial numbers cannot be activated so many times.

    Last question.  My HDD recently crashed and I lost a good bit of things and had to re - install everything.  If this would never happen again, reinstall all Adobe programs on a hard drive nine?  Or I will meet the all 'serial numbers cannot be activated so many times?

    Very well.  I think about the fact.  Any input would be great.  Thank you.


    In terms of content, there normally is no real difference between the editions of the retail and educational/student. There may be some additional fonts or clip art in the commercial version, but this varies from one version to the other, and a product.

    You must qualify to buy an educational/student version. These qualifications are listed on the Adobe Web site. Normally, you must provide proof of reserve that sells licenses of software for you. You can not buy now for the reason that you will be a student in the future. You must have purchase student status.

    Unlike versions of retail, education/student Adobe versions software are not transferable. Sale of such software 'closed' on eBay must be regarded with suspicion. Adobe resellers do not offer software on eBay sales. The software is either stolen, used (but reconditioned), or pirated goods.

    Most of the Adobe software, including the Creative Suite software, can be activated at the same time on two computers owned and used by a single individual. second computer is usually a laptop, if first computer is a computer at home for students. For retail sales, usually first computer is a desktop computer and the second computer is a mobile computer or at home. Computers must not run the software at the same time. And No, two students may not share a single copy on two separate computers.

    The software can be turned on and off but after 20 or if these cycles, you will need to call Adobe and explain what is happening to get characters such cycles. If you are enabled on both systems and a hard drive or a computer turns off and you need to reinstall the software without having the possibility to disable the system blew, Adobe activation support group normally will be granted an additional activation, assuming that you do not have a record of abusing the privilege (as your hard drive breaks down once a month!).


  • Satellite C660-1F1 - Question about newer drivers and the speed of the memory

    Some of the drivers for this laptop are outdated compared to the most recent drivers on peripheral manufacters website. Is it safe to use these new drivers or is it recommended to stick with the old drivers that are on the Toshiba site?

    And second question: is it possible to make the fastest possible working memory supported? Don t BIOS options include options for the parameters of memory. Why the memory is running as low mhz in case of default? CPU - Z shows that the current frequency of dram is 532, 2 mhz. What is the maximum, it is at 667 mhz? Probably she can´t be 1 066 MHz as promised in the specs?

    Hi cryogenized,.

    > Some of the drivers for this laptop are outdated compared to the most recent drivers on peripheral manufacters website. Is it safe to use these new drivers or is it recommended to stick with the old drivers that are on the Toshiba site?
    Why you want to update your drivers? Do you expect a gain of performance with newer drivers?

    Way General, with official Toshiba drivers you are on the safe side because they are pre-tested. If you can make sure that they work properly and don t cause property damage. Install the other drivers happens on your own risk!

    > And second question: is it possible to make the fastest possible working memory supported? Don t BIOS options include options for the parameters of memory. Why the memory is running as low mhz in case of default? CPU - Z shows that the current frequency of dram is 532, 2 mhz. What is the maximum, it is at 667 mhz? Probably she can´t be 1 066 MHz as promised in the specs?
    The laptop is equipped with modules of DDR3 1066 MHz and the RAM speed is dependent on the FSB of the processor. If your CPU is throttling down, RAM modules will work also on low speed. On a high utilization of the processor (100%) the RAM modules must run with speed of 1066 MHz I think.

  • Question about upgrading HDD on the Satellite M40X-184?


    I would like to ask if there is an option to insert a new hard drive in my toshiba. As much as I know that there is no official support for this?

    There is an access to the place where the disc is placed on the side of the laptop. S
    o that my question is
    1. is it possible to put a new drive (faster and longer)
    2. is it possible without losing the warranty
    3. what discs do you offer me

    Thanks Szczepaan

    It seems that the device must be capable of supporting hard drives 2.5 "up to 120 GB. Additional cell phone supports DMA synchronous Ultra100.
    You can use hard disks with a rotation of 4200 / 5400 RPM


  • Four questions about how to change the Satellite L650 - 1 M 0


    The laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to add the Bluetooth?
    Currently, I don't have a WiFi card.

    I have a second question:
    The laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the ports USB 2.0 to 3.0?

    And the third question:
    The laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the matrix with a resolution of 1366 x 768 full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution?

    Most recent:
    The laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the processor and graphics card?

    These questions are for the future. I mention these parts when you are already old and weak.

    Sorry for my bad English, but I used the Google Translator because I do not know how the English language. I only know the Polish ;)

    Please write without mistakes, because the Google translator will be able to translate for me.

    > Is that the laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to add the Bluetooth?

    I think it would be possible to upgrade with the combo Wifi/BT card.
    But I haven't found any info what WLan/BT cards combo would be compatible 100%.
    You should test

    > Laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the ports USB 2.0 to 3.0?
    No, the USB ports are part of the motherboard.

    > Is that the laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the matrix with a resolution of 1366 x 768 full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution?

    I guess it would be possible, but we must find a 15.6 screen that supports such a resolution.

    > Laptop Toshiba L650 - 1 M 0 is possible to replace the graphics card and processor?

    GPU is not extensible.
    In some cases its possible to upgrade the processor, but you will need to check which processors are supported by Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset
    But even if the chipset would be favourable to a new processor, there would be still pending regarding BIOS support.
    However, this upgrade took isn t supported by any laptop manufacturer, and I guess that its your own risk by doing this.

  • Protégé M200: Question about Vista TPM and the Bitlocker

    You want to know if I have a TPM chip to launch bitblocker on the M200 using Vista. Just call Toshiba Technical Support - the guy was totally distraught!

    If I don't have a TPM chip, then I can install it?


    It is a good question. To my knowledge the Portege M200 does not support TPM but the Portege M400, R400 module and the R200

    But the Bitlocker, which is only available on the Vista Enterprise and ultimate can also be used without the TPM chip but then some functions are not available; for example, the SecureBoot.
    Without TPM only the OS volume encryption is available.
    In this case you can encrypts the entire Windows volume including both data and file system user, the file of hibernation, the page file and the temporary files.

    Using volume of BONE (HDD) encryption an encryption key will be generated. This key will be written to the USB and then the USB is required!

    AFAIK the Bitlocker requires 2 partitions. A partition must be created as needs at least 50 MB primary partition. I recommend a? about 1.5 GB
    The second big partition Vista can be installed.

    After the installation of Vista the Bitlocker must be enabled in Group Policy (units without secure TPM). This can be done using the command 'gpedit '.
    And then under models of administration-> windows components-> Bitlocker bitlocker function can be activated!

    Anyway, there is much information Bitlocker and I think you should also consult the Microsoft Web site for more information:
    BitLocker Windows Drive Encryption step-by-step guide

    I hope I could help a little

  • Question about deleting data from the HARD drive


    The C drive on my computer satellite phone is almost full, 1.21 Gb free of 55.7 and drive E has 10.9 GB 36 GB free. How can I solve this problem. I am not concerned by what is deleted. It can go if you have to.

    Slowing down the laptop down to something serious.

    Any help would be great.


    It seems that drive E has little more free space
    So, you can move some files like photos, movies, files pm3 or any that you have stored on the partition, the partition E.

    You can also reduce the E partition and can add free space on the C partition.
    To do this, you must use a 3rd party software
    I recommend using a freeware tool called * Gparted.*

    How to get it? Google is your friend ;)

  • Question about Certification WPA on Toshiba laptops

    How can one say what Toshiba laptops have available, in accordance with the certification of " WPA wireless security?"

    Toshiba are unable to provide information on a particular model without a serial number. I'm considering a purchase, but I first need the WPA information.




    WPA encryption depends on the WLan card. If you want to buy one, then you should check if this books has one card Wlan.
    But how would I know which card was installed in the laptop without to know the name of the Toshiba laptop.

    The best way is to google for more information on the web.

  • A80-154: Question about warranty and sell a laptop

    Hello. I want to sell my Toshiba A80-154 to ebay. Does anyone have experience how to give the remaining warranty (1.5 years) to the new owner? The laptop is registered with my name.


    Well, I assume that your laptop is already registered and you want to change the owner of the cell phone. I m not 100% sure, but I think that the Toshiba service partner should have the ability to edit the details of the guarantee. In my opinion you should ask ASP for help.

    I also found a site of warranty on the Toshiba site information. Maybe you will find some information on the topic.


    Good bye

  • Question about upgrading memory on the Satellite L20-181


    The recommended minimum is memory for Windwows XP 256 MB and I don't understand how the company could get far notebook sale with integrated graphics with 256 MB shared system memory.

    In any case, I want to improve my Toshiba and my intention is to buy 512 MB more memory, such as

    Will it work properly with 768 MB or I will only buy the same pair: 256 + 256, 512 + 512?

    Thank you very much.


    First of all, you are not right. Windows XP also works with the low value of the memory.
    But of course it depends on memory so the OS applications will run more rapid or slower.

    However, the fact is that you can upgrade the memory on your laptop and it doesn't mater if the modules have the same value of memory or not.
    In this case, the laptop came with 256 MB and you can install detox the second module of 512 MB memory.

    PS: I recommend installing the 512 MB in the first slot and the 256 MB in the second Bank.

  • Question about a post on the forum, help

    can someone please see post above.

    My question is this code point, the synchronized block startng.

    Which is the right place or it should be as below.

     Object obj = Application.getEventLock();
         for (int i=0;i

    Thanks in advance

    The synchronization is needed by updating the user interface.  You should like few other things as you can while holding this lock.  I think that the way you have it properly.

    That said, I would recommend that people do not use this approach.  In addition, it is an expensive way to add fields to the form.  By adding this, you cuase the screen available for each field that you add.  You do better something like this:

    VerticalFieldManager newVFM = new VerticalFieldManager();
    for (int i = 0; i)<>
    Node value = list.item (i).
    getChildNodes () .item (0);
    _node = List.Item (i) .getNodeName ();
    element value = .getNodeValue ();

    METTREAJOURCHAMP (newVFM, _node, element);

    {Synchronized (application.getEventLock ())}
    _SCREEN. Add (newVFM);


    ' Public Sub METTREAJOURCHAMP (VerticalFieldManager newVFM, node of the chain, string element) {}

    String title = "SectionName".
    newVFM.add (new RichTextField("." + élément));
    {if (node. Equals (title))}
    newVFM.add (new SeparatorField());

    Edit: Corrected according to the following post.  Thank you

  • Question about high latency of the processor

    Hey there,

    Hoping that someone here is able to help me with a high level of CPU Ready I see in one of my groups.

    Our cluster specification:

    8 guests - ESXi 4.0

    Dual - core Xeon 6 per host

    72 GB memory per host

    DRS and HA on

    Resources to its customers:

    32 guests (4 per host) with 4 vCPU and 20 GB of memory (use ave is 15 to 17 GB)

    The guests are Win 2 k 3 servers. Most traffic is read traffic and traffic - based application and is busy. Load of the CPU on each host is about 40-50% to the total of peak, but guests are higher than I think we should for the time loan CPU. See the chart below. I was wondering how concerned I should be at the ready time CPU?


    My first thought is that if the server has 12 hearts and we have 4 guests each asks 4 vCPUs in time with an activity semi busy, then we'll always see higher than normal loan of CPU time. Mainly because there is always one of the guest who has be waiting for the moment on the processors. So assuming that it is correct, if I was to lower the number of CPU 3 on each client (or maybe even 2), I should actually see the loan CPU time go to zero without affecting the performance of comments? maybe even win a few performance?

    Just check my logic here. Making sure that I'm not crazy (which my wife would probably).  :-)

    Thanks in advance!


    The rule is that whatever it is ready by more than 10% * by vCPU * is bad, if with vCPU you will get higher numbers, so its nothing to worry too much.

    Jason Boche said it is much better that I did

    are you really an application performance problems?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can't leave an infected site

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    I am using VI scripts and I try to add a digital indicator within a box structure.  I'm able to add the structure of the case and the digital display fine, but as soon as I determine the structure of the case as the 'owner' of the digital (rather tha

  • default gateway is 98.218... not

    I can't access the Linksys been thru step page a lot and my time to pings... WiFi is turned on my wrt54 but I can not connect via laptop... any help is appreciated. I reset for 30 sec and when I go in to check the ip address after release

  • S170 unit - M1 Port disconnects

    I have a random question with a whole new S170 where the M1 (mgmt) port disconnects after about 3-4 hours of availability.  Reboot (reboot soft) brings the M1 port online.  P1 remains connected.  P2 is not used. This unit is a more recent which was r

  • Windows Media Player will not play music files - need to reset the file path

    I'm trying to access my music on an external drive (g) using windows media player. The player is looking for music in the E: drive, which is a separate external drive that my friend uses for its iTunes. How to reset the path to the file for windows m