Questions of DST, part two

Oracle SE - One
Oracle Linux 5.6 x 86-64

Cut to the Chase. Most of our tasks in the Scheduler is set so that start_date, last_start_date, and next_run_date all specify them the zone with a fixed offset. As a result, the first execution after the time change DST, they ran an hour initially, but then calculation for the next execution corrected and they found running at the scheduled time.

Finally, almost.

We have two application schemas that have Task Scheduler.

Jobs in a schema is featured as above.

But all the work of the other schema to continue to run an hour earlier.

the above can be seen in the result of this query:
,     systimestamp
,     job_name
,     log_date
,     status
here   log_date > sysdate - 10
  and   owner not in ('EXFSYS',
order by
,     job_name
,     log_date
Very easy to simply go to the bottom of the column LOG_DATE and see time to change.

For my first two questions is - can someone explain the behavior above, in particular the inconsistency in a single schema 'cure' jobs themselves after the first run after the time change, but another schema employment continuing to run an hour earlier.

I don't know if she's wearing on her or not, but most of the jobs (two patterns) is provided with a local function to "frequency" that uses a decimal representation of the time (ie: WEEKLY(.4583,'SATURDAY'))

And a second question - what are the things that affect the representation of time zone in the start_date when defining a new job? Our programmer creates / manages jobs using SQL Navigator, and there is no provision in the GUI it to specify a specific time zone or (offset vs name) method to represent a time zone. I read that there are some influences on the client side, but have not restored that right away.



you will see the time zone.

Or a more detailed example

SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;

ALTER SESSION SET time_zone='Asia/Bangkok';
SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;

ALTER SESSION SET time_zone='-6:00';
SELECT dbms_scheduler.stime, sysdate, systimestamp, current_timestamp,CAST (SYSDATE AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE), CAST (to_date('1.1.2012','') AS TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) FROM dual;

You can see that DATE to TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE conversion session TIME_ZONE.

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    The above problem can be solved by adding a tag for each operation of bpelx as shown below:

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    $MergeJobListResponseMessage.JobProxyResponse / sfabmabo:Job

    $InvokeJobDetailsPSGetEffectiveJobObjectsResponse.JobProxyResponse / sfabmabo:Job

    $MergeJobListResponseMessage.JobProxyResponse / sfabmabo:Job [last ()]

    Kind regards

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    Please see the following link for information on how to merge PDF'.

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    Sukrit diallo

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    Oracle SE - one on OL 5.6 x 86-64

    Still faced with a LAG.

    Given a table like this
    create table emp_hist (
         sample_date  date,
         lname   varchar2(10),
         dept    varchar2(10),
         sal     number
    Table is added every day with
    insert into emp_hist (select sysdate,
                    from emp)
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                              5-Aug-2012      40000
    or (better)
    dept         lname        change_date     prev_sal  curr_sal
    ----         -----        -----------     -------   --------
    10           smith        2-Aug-2012      10000     20000 
    10           jones        6-Aug-2012      50000     60000
    20           snuffy       5-Aug-2012      30000     40000
    Wish I could show what I tried so far, but I'm so stuck, I can't even that.


    Looks like:

    WITH     got_prev_sal     AS
         SELECT       dept
         ,       lname
         ,       sample_date          AS change_date
         ,       LAG (sal) OVER ( PARTITION BY  lname
                                     ORDER BY        sample_date
                         )      AS prev_sal
         ,       sal                AS curr_sal
         FROM       emp_hist
    SELECT       *
    FROM       got_prev_sal
    WHERE       prev_sal     != curr_sal
    ORDER BY  lname
    ,            change_date

    In any application data (or subquery), analytical functions are calculated after the clause WHERE this request has been applied. If you need to use the results of an analytic function in a WHERE clause, calculate the analytical function in a subquery (such as got_prev_sal, above). You can then use the value returned in the WHERE clause (or elsewhere) in the main query.

    I hope that answers your question.
    If not, post a small example data (instructions INSERT, to go with the CREATE TABLE statement, you have already published) and also publish outcomes from these data.
    Point where the above query is to produce erroneous results, and explain, using specific examples, how you get the right results in these places.
    See the FAQ forum {message identifier: = 9360002}

    Published by: Frank Kulash, August 7, 2012 16:29

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    Link: []

    It is in the box for my newly purchased G40 - 127.
    I have no idea of what he does and I'm getting more and more curious.


    Post edited by: kongbuur

    Did you look in the user manual?

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    On a Mac that you used to connect wirelessly in the past...

    Open System Preferences (gear on the dock icon)

    Open Network

    Click WiFi on the left panel to select

    Click Advanced in the bottom right of the next window

    Here you can see a list of networks that your Mac has signed in the past.

    Click on the name of a plu network that you no longer need to highlight

    Click on the - (button at the bottom of the list to remove the name less)

    Do the same for other networks that you no longer need

    Click OK

    Click apply in the next window that appears

    Close the windows and restart your Mac.

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