Questions of Touchpad on Satellite A100

Hi all,

My name is Bill, and I bought a Satellite A100 6 months.

I am facing a strange problem with my touchpad. More precisely, the right button does not respond. Sometimes it automatically snaps and other time she made a left click unlike my settings that I put to right click.

Usually, I use a USB external mouse and I do my job all of a sudden the right button is clicked without clicking.

The most interesting is that I sent my laptop to my local service and they had replaced the touchpad with a new, but after a while (about 1 month) the problem reappears.

Can - what someone knows something about this? I gather that maybe the motherboard is responsible, but I'm not sure.

I want to note that I checked almost anything on software problems (I used the recovery CD, I installed new drivers for touchpad, I watched updated touchpad and so on)

I think I'm very unlucky.

Kind regards




a solution would be maybe to send your machine to your servicepartner once again and to quote the problem persists.
If they ask you, then tell you think so it may be something with the main card. Then they will check it properly.


You know, if you have already checked everything, this may be a hardware problem.

Welcome them

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  • Question about RAM for Satellite A100

    No standard memory pa3412u - 2M 51 (512 MB 533 MHz) with PA3411U-2M1G (1 GB 533 MHz) will work properly?

    My laptop is satellite A100-847


    Both modules must support the same specifications! But you can mix sizes of 512 MB and 1 GB module
    DDR2 533 MHz PC2-4200 modules are compatible with the Satellite A100.

  • Questions of Touchpad on Satellite A30

    Hi all

    Recently, I sent my Satellite A30 for repairs because the touchpad is dead. Since I had 'fix', his erratic behavior. Sometimes, I lost all the horizontal movement, with only the operation of the vertical direction. Sometimes during a windows session, I lose the feature full touchpad (including the left/right button).

    I also noticed that a fresh windows session allows me to use scrolling (side of the touchpad) and also rear ease in web browsers. However, after a few moments, windows stopss recognizing the scroll and the b/f gestures (even if the touchpad in my tray icon highlights the fact that I use).

    I've updated my ALPS drivers to the latest version, but that didn't fix it.

    I'm guessing that it's a software issue and not a hardware fault as a reboot solves these problems temporarily. I don't know if there is a hardware problem that confuses the software. I have no idea.

    If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this before, please let me know as it's more boring.

    See you soon,.



    It's not easy to say why this touchpad problem.
    Questions sometimes very strange occur due to overheating. I noticed that if the temperature goes down to the critical level of the operating system stops, the laptop crashes or many strange issues occurs as a malfunction of the touchpad. In your case, I recommend that you check the cooling modules and try to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Maybe it helps.

    The second possibility is that the touchpad has a malfunction. You know, it has been replaced in the past and it is possible that there is something wrong with the hardware.
    You can contact Toshiba service partner and explain the situation after the replacement of touchpad.

    Good luck

  • Questions of Touchpad on Satellite P10-304


    Recently, my touchpad started to malfunction. If I move my finger on it constantly when starting it works fine under windows, but inactivity for a second round causes freeze it. If I close and then restart apoint.exe, it works as long as there is a constant activity on the pavement.

    First of all, I uninstalled the drivers, then installed the latest versions. This does not solve the problem. Then, rather excessively I formatted the hard drive, the reinstalled windows and drivers, it does not solve the problem.

    I would say that it was clearly a hardware failure, but it works perfectly, as long as there is a constant activity, and when it does not freeze, restart apoint.exe sorts it until the next idle!

    Help, please


    I think it would be only a malfunction of the equipment.
    After the new installation of operating system and drivers of Tosh the touchpad should be activated without touching them.

    But what of the function FN + F9?
    The touchpad works if you select or clear the FN + F9 key?
    Please consult the

  • Question about memory on Satellite A100 bus

    Hello, I have a toshiba a100-237 with a core duo processor & 512 MB of memory bus 533.
    I want to upgrade to 2 GB of memory bus 667.
    He accepts the new bus memory?


    As much as I know the CPU Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz supports 667 MHz front bus.
    But the unit use the DDR2-533 PC2-4200, 200 p SODIMM memory modules.

    I found these compatible memory modules:
    DDR2-533 256 MB (PA3389U - 2M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    You can use it without any problem.

  • Question on buying memory Satellite A100-225

    I'm looking at buying 2 new Modules of memory DDR2 PC4200 1 GB to take my laptop to its maximum available memory of 2 GB.

    I tried searching Toshibas Web site, but the part number in the manual online (PA3411U-1M1G) doesn't seem to be available.

    Does anyone know of a dealer that I can visit (preferably a real store, rather than an eTailer) to buy this memory of. Everyqhere I google for the module is proving to be an eTailer =)

    Thanks for any help


    It says on the product for the 225 specifications page, its maximum expansion capability is 4 GB, but I don't see how this is possible, because there are only 2 Slots on the machine, anyone know?


    I found information that these modules are memory compatible:
    DDR2-533 256 MB (PA3389U - 2M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    The maximum memory size of 4 GB is just. I think the 2 GB sticks of memory, that you will buy in the future.
    You can buy all the parts and also modules of memory of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Question about RAM in Satellite A100-192

    Hello! Help me please. I can replace standard Ram (512 MB, 533 Mhz) on nine with frequency 667 Mhz? So also, will it work?

    Theoretically, you can do this, but there is no sense because the motherboard works with 533 MHz front bus and it is better that you can use the compatible memory module:
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

  • Satellite A100 - Questions about slow start, not in the DMA mode CD drivers

    Hi all

    as you can see I have 3 questions:

    1. my Satellite A100-153 starts very slowly (current running avira antivir and sunbelt pfw only like on my other laptop which is older than this one, but not slow start)-anyone has any idea why (I would be very gratefull because I don't have reinstall win and all my stuff)?

    2 Nero tells me that my CD is not running in DMA mode - where can I check and fix this?

    3. drivers - am I forced the drivers supported on this site or can I use the drivers directly from the manufacturer (ATI for my graphics card, Intel for my chipset realtek for my sound and so on)?

    Help is welcome!


    For me, it will be interesting to know what operating system you are using. Anyway, I'll try to give my short opinion on your questions:

    -many other factors may be responsible for slow start. It is usually the OS configuration. I'll try to find an interesting article, how to make faster starting and I will post it here for you.

    --entrer enter in the device IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers Manager, enter the properties for secondary IDE chanel and open the Advanced Settings tab. Is under transfer mode DMA if available? If this isn't the case, set it to please and after reboot check if the problem persists. DMA if available is usually defined as a default value.

    -In general, you can use it but it is well known that manufacturers of graphics card don't support mobile graphics cards and laptop manufacturers are responsible for.

    I recommend you to use the Toshiba drivers only. All of these drivers are put to the test.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 - 773 PSAA9E - driver Win 7 card reader required

    A very good day,

    I have a small question about my laptop Satellite A100-773 Modell Nr.: PSAA9E - 099039 GR

    I recently increased now Windows 7 32 bit - professional and am quite convinced.

    Now, however, I have the small problem that the card reader in the camera works no more (no driver)

    Someone may be the same problem? Know someone who? Maybe someone will help me to solve the problem

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards


    I didn t find Win 7 driver for this device, but I recommend you to install the Vista driver because many Vista drivers can be installed on the Windows 7 operating system.

    Go page European driver Toshiba and choose your model of laptop and Vista.
    Then, you should find the Flash Media Driver for Texas Instruments.
    This is the driver for your bridge Media Slot. This slot allows you to insert an SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture cards.

    Check it out!

  • Question about partitions on Equium A100-027

    Hi all!

    I'm new to the forum but have been hidden for a while and he thought at the time that I said "Hello".

    This and the fact that I have a question about my laptop Satellite A100-027.
    The hard drive on my laptop seems to be divided into three partitions = Vista (c) / data (E :) / WinRE (d) with the WinRE (D :) is quite small but others, quite large.))

    My C drive is up to 3 that GB free with about 35 GB of free data (E :) is possible to merge these two to give me a big drive? And if so, how?
    Please excuse my ignorance, but it seems impossible to me to "get my head around" this thing hard drive and would split the a large hard drive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and once again, Hello to all.


    As the user previous already said, you can manage HARD drive partitions in disk management settings.

    If you n t want to have a data partition (e) then you can try to delete it in disk management.
    Then you can add this empty space of the HARD drive for other partitions on the HARD drive.

    But note; the empty space will be placed at the end of the HARD drive. I don't know if your C partition is placed as a second HARD drive partition, but if so, then it should be no problem to add empty space to partition C (System) of m.


  • How to disable the microphone on Satellite A100?


    First of all, I have a somewhat stupid question: what is my Satellite A100-547 has a built-in microphone? If she has one - how can I disable it and use the external microphone of my helmet?

    If I want to talk to others in Teamspeak, the others can hear something even if the microphone of the headset is not connected.
    So I guess, there must be a microphone; Pei


    Internal microphone of this unit is not available. You can use an external microphone only.

    End of the story.

  • Satellite A100 - buttons on the touchpad enabled without clicking

    I have a laptop pretty old (Satellite A100).
    My touchpad is upward - the left keeps activating button that no one touch.
    Is there something specific I should do to fix this?

    I tried updating the driver and restarting the computer several times - no luck so far. My knowledge is pretty basic, so I would appreciate the simple answers in layman's terms... Thank you very much!!



    Hmmm I think that it s touchpad hardware question too.
    So, I agree with Akuma parts needs to be replaced.

  • Satellite A100-998: Touchpad acts crazy


    I am now the proud owner of a Satellite A100-998, with Intel Dual-Core, 2 GB of RAM, pregnant harman/kardon and so on.
    Is a beautiful piece. However, would be much nicer if I had no problem from touchpad:

    Do you want to use the scroll bar on the right, in any application (Word, Excel, Mozilla, no matter), or you want to close the window by clicking the X. But then your system seems to "think" that you are working on the underlying window and it takes your window away and simply shows the underlying window. As if she had the wrong coordinates pointer/Mouse/touchpad! I tried everything with the two parameters dozend touchpad software allows, but does not. No matter what the setting.

    The distributor said that I would ask Toshiba, that he has never heard such odd performances.
    A Toshiba engineer looking in this forum and answer these questions?
    Or does anyone know what to do about it?


    Sorry, but I think I have to disappoint you. To my knowledge there is no Toshiba technicians or engineers. This is a user forum.

    However, I would like to help you, but I've also never heard these dysfunctions of touchpad.
    This problem also happens when you use an external USB mouse?

    I don't know who exactly touchpad software you use, but on my laptop I can configure the easy touchpad properties.
    Please check if you did not select the tap again and hold to drag the option. Maybe it has a bad influence on the device.

    In addition, you can configure different tab area. Each tab on the touchpad can perform different actions. So check it!

    Also check the movement of the pointer and other like edge options request. There must be parameters that cause strange movements

  • Punkbuster Satellite A100-192 - Call of Duty 4 - questions

    I bought call of duty 4 for play online and I m unable to play due to problems with the punkbuster client.
    PunkBuster installs with the game itself, but the service does not start.
    He thought maybe something to do with the game, so I decided to try another game which uses punkbuster. I decided to try America s army (aa was chosen because it's free) and the same problem occurred. PunkBuster service has not started.

    I ve started looking for solutions and I've tried a good number of them.
    I first thought that maybe kaspersky 6 is causing the problem so I deleted (first time I stopped it, not help) and did a clean install of the game. That did not help either.
    Then I thought that maybe it's my network device causing this (Scientific - Atlanta Webstar 2000 cable modem), nope.
    Maybe my network device I use 2 days a week (even if it was obvious that this was not the problem)... zyxel P-660HW-D3 (adsl router). Nothing has changed.

    I used the punkbuster web ticket to send them a query, but after three weeks, there is still no response.

    Other things I've tried (without success):
    -tried to fix punkbuster, in which case the punkbuster has been broken, with the latest version of pbsetup.exe from evenbalance site, also tried to repair with pbsvc.exe
    -clean installation (a clean install in fact because I used youruninstaller 2008 to uninstall the previous installation) of the game without the punkbuster, new installation of the punkbuster, added play in manually.
    -tried to run punkbuster from inside, the game using the console

    Is my model s Toshiba Satellite A100-192 and its system requirements are:
    Intel dual core 2.0 GHz
    1.5 GB OF RAM
    Mobility radeon ATI x 1600 (256 MB)
    Running Windows XP home SP2
    Basically, the games work very well in single player mode (bright cod4 settings means, aao) is not a sort of plug system problem.

    My guess is that somehow punkbuster service conflicts with some Toshiba Utilities and therefore does not start.

    If you please try to use punkbuster as search mode client in any search engine and you will find several tips on does not work/client punkbuster. Because of this I really do not think that it has something to do with the Toshiba laptop.

    To be honest, your question is for the support of Activision.

  • Question about the Installation of XP on Satellite A100-307


    I have a Satellite A100-307 with problems to install Windows XP. Model PSAA9E-11F03XFR

    The recovery CD is lost and I installed the laptop with a normal CD of Windows XP (sp2).

    During the Installation of the monitor is black.

    The Installation is without possible recovery CD?

    I created an Nlite CD with XP, but the SATA controller not found or the breaking of the Installation.

    Help me, please.



    essentially it s possible to install an of a real CD of XP/Vista OS, I think that this is the reason why Toshiba provides drivers on their driver download site.

    How do you mean that the screen remains black? More precisely, the description would be better...
    Another question: what SATA controller did you slipstreamed on the XP CD? I hope that you´re to the topic the A100 has an older controller (should be an ICH7M).
    By the way: have you ever seen this Toshiba document? :

    Welcome them

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