queue on the profile that are not used

Hi guys,.

is anyway to wrap on the profile that are not used or attributed to any user name or roles?

flaskvacuum wrote:
Hi guys,.

is anyway to wrap on the profile that are not used or attributed to any user name or roles?


Profile created.

-- Created but not assigned --
SQL> select distinct profile from dba_profiles where profile not in (select profile from dba_users);



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    Look in the Actions Panel. It should be an action he who says to remove all unused items in the Panel.

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    Turn on the use Audio and video columns in the sandbox and then sort by those.

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    Yes, your license entitles you to two simultaneous activations.

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    Yes, create smart albums with the rule 'Album isn't everything. "

    For the file menu: file > new Smart album

    This album will contain all the photos that are not in any standard album.

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    You can go the the file menu Photos and click New Smart Album, and then set the condition of Album - is not. This will create a smart album that will show you all the photos that are not in any other album.

  • How is possible to create a smart collection to find all the photos that are not belongs to any collection?


    How is possible to create a Smart Collection to find all the photos are not belongs to any collection?

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    Another way to do

    1. Select all photos in the catalog

    2 dismiss a color label

    3. go to collections and multi select all your collections (ctrl)

    4. select images and give them a color

    5. return to the catalogue

    6. filter by color label - No

  • Help - why the songs that are not on my iPhone appearing in my list of app music albums/songs?

    I have over 500 GB of music on my Mac, so I create a playlist for the songs I want to sync my iPhone. Yet when I look at my phone, there are many songs that are not in sync would be playlist. They cannot be read unless the phone is connected to my wifi at home, but I don't want them cluttering up my phone and makes it almost impossible to find the tracks I want to listen to.

    I hate the new music app. For the first time since I converted to Apple 10 years ago, I wonder if I can be forced away because it's so horrible. Why ruin a great product with terrible software? Anyway, if anyone can help me to fix this serious bug, I would be very grateful.

    If you go to the library of the screen and press the red text just below the icons of the album/playlist (where you select whether you want the screen to show the view of the artist/Album/songs downstairs there is a toggle to only show that downloaded music.) If you enable this, then only the songs that are actually ON your iPhone will be in BLACK characters. The rest of your music library to iCloud either won't display at all or be grey. Now - if you have a few streaming, you can see more songs, because the songs that are heard are cached in the memory of the iPhone box and supposedly deleted automatically when it fills up (but not user accessible unless you use some third-party programs).

    What you can do - so they need WiFi or data cell-, it's make a playlist in iTunes that you want on your iPhone. Then (assuming that Apple music and iCloud music library are running on both), you can go to the playlist and press the small cloud/down arrow icon and download these tracks on your iPhone. Then, you can play these songs without access to wifi or cell phone.

  • When I open the site in Contribute CS5, it moves items to the bottom of the page that are not in the regions of editiable

    Site was created in DW CS5 and so it is edited in DW it's fine. The minute you click on edit in Contribute CS5 text, links, and div tags is pushed to the bottom of the page. This is before I touch event whatever it is in an editable and the elements that are affected are not in an editable? If I go ahead and make changes in the region of editiable and save, he recorded with all of these elements encountered towards the bottom of the page. I convinced a client that Contribute was the way forward, they bought 3 licenses and now can't change their site.

    Any ideas?

    This problem is the adjustment of spacing of the paragraphs in the role of setting.

    (1) administer site in Contribute.

    (2) select the role, then click on change settings for role...

    (3) in the dialog box change the parameters of role (mentioned below), choose "two lines, as in (uses standard web page editors '.

    Tags)' option under the spacing of the paragraphs in the editing category.

    (4) to save the settings and try to place again the page in edit mode.

    Hope this has solved your problem.

  • Can I remove profiles that are not in the Bishop profile?

    When I run the Profile Manager only two profiles appear. One is the default value and the other is the current.
    When I look in the C:\users\[name]\appdata\roaming\mozilla\firefox\profiles directory, there are six listed profiles:
    and the one - current hqee0rjq.default.
    Can I remove everything except the current one?

    Firefox should not create a new profile in itself.

    If profiles are lost and a new default profile (xxxxxxxxx.default) has been created it looks like while at this time there was a problem with the file profiles.ini which caused Firefox to create a new profile.

    A reset would create a new default profile with a timestamp attached and manually create a profile suggests a "default user" as the name.

  • How to get/keep the lots that are not commit UCM of ODDC?


    We had users using the ODC in the past where a lot will not leave the queue until it is well checked in the Complutense University of MADRID.

    Now, we are in the process of implementation of ODDC.

    In ODDC, you could see that a batch is submitted by a user through the webpage webcapture; the user always sees a successful presentation of the lot.
    The batch is then delivered as one. PAK file and sent to the server the ODDC.

    Error during validation to the Complutense University of MADRID, the batch is kept in the engine of the ODC as seen by Batch Manager.
    But we could not find a way for the current user or Admin user to correct the index values , or return the package.

    Is there some features we are missing or do not know?

    Kind regards

    Huh, there is no such thing as stupid questions, sometimes only answers are not clear enough. I should explain in more detail.
    I meant that you can manage batches that failed with the Capture of Document Oracle on the host machine, where it is installed installation ODDC (thus likely on server). Unfortunately, there is no way to manage the lots per page WebCaptureAdmin of the ODDC and no batch management can be done through the ODC. Basically, you need to configure ODC because it will be used for indexing of documents with the same parameters as in the ODDC. I was under the impression that you have ODDC installed on top of the existing installation of the ODC. You can always install on each other while taking care not to reset the database. This way, you have all the features.

    In the ODC, you had to put in place the .cab files etc. before being able to use the web client ODDC and WebCaptureAdmin to create profiles of scanning with indexing. If did not, create the profile of indexation in the ODC. Assign the same workbook used with scan ODDC profile to this profile. Like many other scan profiles/workbooks in ODDC indexing as many profiles I ODC. In this case, if fails validation of batch will be waiting indexing interface ODC under indexing profile name. Not the easiest way, but it is the only one I know.

    Kind regards

  • Impossible to load profile, the Profile Manager are not available, firefox does not

    It is somewhat similar to the other listed problems with Profile Manager, but none of the answers worked for me. OS is Win 8-64 bit. Have 2 user accounts. Admin and Limited. In Admin, Firefox works, can access the Profile Manager, there's this profile.ini etc. All right.

    But in the limited account cannot access Firefox. When you click it, it says "Firefox your profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible. Can't access the Profile Manager "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla"-p. gives the same error message (Firefox does not).

    Tried to copy the files in the Admin in Limited. But the error message is the same.

    Uninstalled and installed using the limited account (supply Admin password), no result.

    Please help me.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hi Cor - el, ideato,
    Thanks for the support.
    When I entered the command, it gave me the error "the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect."

    I tried the command in different ways, but the results were similar.

    When I tried in the Admin account, it worked. But not in Limited account.

    In any case, after a long period of time, I managed to solve the problem (well sort of).

    That's what I did;
    1 uninstalled Firefox from Windows Add/Remove programs
    2. manually deleted all the files that were there for Firefox.
    3 created new account limited ('Test')
    4. sign in to that account and then close.
    5 installed Firefox using the Admin account.

    She's. Inside this 'Test' (limited), Firefox works fine. Unfortunately, inside 'Limited' Firefox is still inaccessible. But it doesn't matter. What I need to work Firefox in a limited account. I can remove 'Limited' and rename the 'Test' in 'Limited '.

    Thank you for your continued support. I learned a lot from your instructions!

    Happy troubleshooting!

    Thank you and best regards!

  • How to track the URLS that are not in the 'history', but were actually visited by the browser?

    I open a page web mith several links that appear the same:
    When I click on links, the section of the web page is expanded and more information is displayed. the web page contains JavaScript. So, I want to follow the real URL that the browser visits.

    These data are retrieved via a XMLHttpRequest to rebuild the part of the page and the URL in the location bar remains the same.

    You can see in the Web Console (Web Developer > Web Console;) CTRL + SHIFT + K) as a POST and GET action.

    You won't see a history entry in this case because you are not actually visit this web page.

    These data are simply used by JavaScript to update the content of the current page.

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