queue or table which is better?

I need an array of clusters to store for the undefined term. I'm going to update, add new item.

Table or a queue can be used to store clusters. That would be preferable to use in what concerns the use of memory, fast execution and other performance parameters.

I also have some other doubts.

Consider a table of 8 elements. When a new item is added to the matrix by using "insert in the table."

If a new copy of 9 elements will be created? or 9th element is connected after the 8th element (such as linked lists)? or something else going on?

If a new copy is created, what happens to the old 8 items in memory, if this memory will be released or kept as such?

The same doubt in case of queues...

Thanks in advance...


Although as far as I know, you can't delete an item at a particular place, or you will need to dequeue element, to store, to remove the particular item then the queue all the items. IMO if you must use a table for your application.

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    Hi zerathul,

    Thanks for the quick and helpful response. A REF CURSOR would be the best solution if the same set of results (content and number of records returned) should be dealt with by the application of the 'customer '. I'm guessing that maybe in this situation 'theoretical' that there might be less network traffic to return the set of results through an associative array,

    Kind regards


    Yes, it would always be the best solution, because an associative array would mean collecting all the data in memory of expensive PGA on the database server before they pass any return on the network, while a fair Ref cursor is to feed the data over the network (maybe a little extra load, but you were unlikely to notice). Also the client application would treat a ref as of rows returned cursor data recovery and could treat them upon their arrival, an associative array is a collection of data which will then be entirely spent before any treatment could be done and then the treatment should go through the entire table to do.

    REF CURSOR will also provide other information such as the error codes etc regarding SQL if necessary. If you get an error when filling a table on the side of the database, it is not so easy to recover this error to the client.

    REF CURSOR is designed for this purpose. Use them.

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    Here is my code (then) - I should also mention that table A has a button to add several lines to itself:

    It works almost - however, it does that if the amount of lines in every game table - which they are not necessarily that the user may or may not opt to add the row of the table has to table B. eg. A table might be deep 4 rows, but the table B can have only 2 rows.

    tableB.row.addInstance (0);

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    vCol2 var = this.resolveNodes ("tableB.row.cellA");

    vCol3 var = this.resolveNodes ("tableA.row.cellB");

    vCol4 var = this.resolveNodes ("tableB.row.cellB");

    for (var I = 0; vCol1.length i < ; I ++) {

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    I'm new to scripting (learning on the fly), so my question is, given that the first command is to add a new row to table B, can I change the code so that vCol4 and vCol2 var are always the very last line created? In this way, all the previous lines that have been added will be shunt down in the list and will not be affected, but click on the new button? Or is there a better way to do this.


    I think the key here is that the addInstance method returns the line he simply added.  If your add-in can be something like;

    var button = xfa.host.messageBox ("' you are about to ADD this entry in the Table B. would you continue?", "add to table B Section"1, 2 "");

    If (button is 4)


    newRow = tableB._tableBrow.addInstance var (0);

    newRow.cellA.rawValue = cellA.rawValue;

    newRow.cellB.rawValue = cellB.rawValue;


    I don't know how you want that table a delete button to work?  Should you remove the first row B of the table with a cellA and corresponding cellB?



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    You don't talk to Apple. This is a user forum.

    Accidental damage are not covered by the warranty.

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    Take a look at the following.  I did something similar in refresh scripts

    • PSCERTDB - raw certificate data
    • PSCERTDEFN - certificates
    • PSCERTDEFNDEL - certificates delete record.
    • PSCERTISSUER - the issuer of the certificate
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    install?  Which brings me to the question

    3. which is better, migration or clean install?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    If the copy of Windows XP that you have the certificate of authenticity for is an OEM version supplied with the PC that you are allowed to transfer to another system, physical or vital, because he lives and dies on its original system install on it EULA.

    P2V is an important, and sometimes necessary mechanism however own building will be always relanceraient overall a better Virtual Machine built and less problematic than if you take the time to purge the installation P2V everything that was relevant to the physical system originally installed and even in this case the virtual partition may not be aligned correctly and therefore affect performance significantly.

    In a scenario of such use you mentioned her own building is the absolute path to go and Microsoft Windows SP2 will install successfully even if you may need to download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Installation Package network for developers and it professionals if you update via Windows Update problems.  (I would download the SP above!)  That said, don't forget that there will be no updates to Windows XP, especially security update, dated April 8, 2014 and in the circumstances I would not of Windows XP in order to have an Internet connectivity than later as Black Hat Hackers will target not doubtably Windows XP for bugs of extra security they can find after Microsoft ceases to support.  I would consider to move to a more recent version of Windows or to abandon Windows altogether!

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    Thank you.

    in SQL, you can try this:

    var v_name varchar2(40)
          subq1 as ( select table_name, count(*) as column_count from user_tab_columns where table_name like 'FIBER%'
                         group by table_name
                         order by count(*) desc )
       select table_name
         into :v_name
        from subq1
       where rownum = 1;

    To get the result:

    select :v_name from dual

    The clause "with" brings together all the tables and ordered them all first, by the greatest number of columns
    The final query uses the rownum restriction so that it takes the first name from the table of results of the subquery.

    The restriction of rownum also exactly guarantees a result each time so that it will work with the variable binding.


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    I want to know if it is posibble to create a new table from another table which are ussing a stored procedure. This new table is created from another table that exists in the DB.
    (in the following code the table tbl1 exist in the schema of the DB, but temp_tbl1 does not exist, it must be created by the procedure)

    create or replace procedute temp is
    temp_tbl1 tbl1% TYPE; the temp_tbl1 will have the same type of tbl1
    create the table temp_tbl1 as (select * from tbl1);
    time of the end;

    Thank you very much

    Yes, it is possible to create a table using a procedure.
    Do everything that use dynamic SQL is

    Try this:

    create or replace PROCEDURE Create Table as
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ' CREATE TABLE testtable in select * from testingtable';
    END createtable;

    Kind regards

  • The queue from table question

    I had a recent application where I wanted to take 100 samples of something then get the RMS of the dara. This is happening in a loop, and until the end of the program. Very basic stuff.

    • Method of the QUEUE:
    • Get queues with max 100 items.
    • Queue data (data arrive on every 50mS).
    • Get the status of the queue when the number of items is 100...
    • ... Empty the queue and get all the items (which of course will be a prison guard) and use the RMS funtion.
    • Repeat


    • TABLE method:
    • Initialize the array with 100 elements of the DBL 9999.99 (it is a value that can only happen in the data)
    • Insert data in the table to help replace a subset of table
    • When 100 index isn't 9999.99, then...
    • ... Put the table in the RMS function, then re - initialize the full array of the 9999.99
    • Repeat

    My questions are, who should be faster, including better management of memory?

    Thank you!

    Why not just use the RMS PtByPt VI. In this way, you don't need to store data at all? This may require that marginally more calculation, but will require less memory.

    If you insist on the pad, I'd probably go with the table for simplicity. I think you can simplify your system to determine when to treat well. No reason to have all these 9999.99 is here.


  • When to recreate queues and tables of the queue in QA?

    When recreate us queues and queue tables when you use Advanced Queuing? Is there an advantage in doing this?



    Also, can you please let me know what is the difference between the queue and queue table? I'm newbie and not able to get help on that. I had a little of that first we can create the queue table and then create the queue. Any help would be appreciated.

    Why do you want to "recreate" the queues and queue tables?

    Read the documentation of


    and see if you can get out without falling and re - create

    In the contrary case; do some reading on how to manage queues, to drop, modification and creation!


    If you want to change the payload type, you need to remove the queue and re-create it, in which case read on drop, keep in mind the STOP_QUEUE!

    Similarly for the DROP table queue!


  • Which is better: view or custom folder

    Hi all
    I work in Discoverer 10 g 2 and 10 gr 2 Oracle database.
    I developed a few business sectors and handed over to the company and the system works well.
    Now business wants a link or a feature that requires to connect 5 existing folders and this link will appear on the screen 7 items these records.
    As it is a complex join, I think to provide a custom folder with all elements of reaquired (which exist in those folders) in the tables that connects all these tables in a view.
    There are two ways to do:
    One, create a view in the database and map a simple folder to it.
    Two, create a cutom folder with the same query.
    I was wondering if a method is preferable on other maintenace point of view or any other consideration.
    There are no restrictions in our society to create new views. If I create a view, I grant all users the right to select on that. In the custom folder I need not to worry about privileges.
    I was reading another thread last: migrate folders customized views of the database which, in my view, that view is a better option.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you

    Published by: amar Sep 14, 2009 08:26


    If you are able to create views this option is always better for complex joins. Dependencies are managed in the database and complex queries are stored in the database to which they belong.

    You don't need to select all your users privileges, because you should use database roles. You just need to grant the role of discoverer database selection.

    Rod West

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