QuickTime Player used is no longer automatically when you use the SPACEBAR shortcut.

Two days ago I had only a video that I recorded on my desk since September 2015 until I've decided to download a dozen more. They all play wonderfully like the first video, whenever I clicked once on each and you press the space bar. Now, I noticed that whenever I do the same thing, they open with QTP. The request indicates to use is 'Finder '. It is very unpleasant to the QTP, and whenever I decide to press the space bar to pause, it hides the video until you press the space bar again. In "Get Info", he said that QTP is the value by default, every time I open it, but that applies only when I have the video right click and choose 'open '.

After lazily avoiding my Mac for a month or two, I decided to update just to see if the issues have been resolved, but it's always the same! I am aware that I can simply right-click to open with QTP or open it and click on 'Open with QuickTime Player', but it is disappointing that it is rather backward. I would add that there are videos in "Downloads" that automatically use QTP with a single click (if QTP was opened on the dock or not). If I drag downloads and in the office, it will play like the others in the office. If I select a video of downloads on the Finder, it won't use QTP. This has probably to do something with the Finder preferences, but I don't the have not yet found.

If anyone has experienced this? If so and it has been resolved, what was done to solve this problem? Would it be because of the application, I used to convert them? Or did some adjustment problems? Thanks in advance!

That's what I feel now at the opening with the shortcut of the SPACEBAR (on the desktop and through Finder):

This is what I used to experience and want to come back:


OMG, I feel like a fool. Basically, you can simply double click on the video icon that she either automatically open in QuickTime Player...

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    Use the new Document profiles in HD > Users > (yourname) (Mac) > library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator CS3 > new Document profiles. For CS4 add en_US before new Document profiles. Open the one you use the most. Open libraries that you want to appear and each Panel dialog box persist. Save the file and restart HAVE. Choose file > new and the new document should have these libraries available.

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    It may happen if the sampling frequency of your hearing file does not match that of your audio interface as hearing should make a conversion of the prior sampling rate it loads the audio buffer.

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    By default, the refresh rate of the screen is reduced automatically when you disconnect the adapter to save power. Right-click on the "desktop", select "Graphics properties", click on 'Power', select 'on battery' and disable the change rate of auto update so this behavior is unintentional.

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    Have a look here:
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    + There are two possibilities. A stop of the hybrid were made in Windows 8 (default option) or "Open Panel - Power On" is activated. +

    + If one of these two functions is activated, the notebook starts up automatically when you open the cover of the display. To change it, disable hybrid closing mode or turn off the function "open Panel - Power On. +

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    Use the Image Processor in Photoshop or install the free Dr. Brown Services.

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    There is no solution, if it is not available in your area, you can't buy it.

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    We are required to use version 17 on internal business machines.

    Bob Hello, that might be a problem with hardware acceleration - try updating your graphics driver, or in case this does not solve the problem, or there is no new version available at the time, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General.

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