Quosmio G10 stopped recognizing that Memory sticks

My G10 Quosmio ceased to recognize them as cards Memory sticks. I can't find a driver or a solution.
When I insert the memory stick it offers you to format reports more often or that there is no disc in the drive
Is there a driver who disappeared?


System Restore tool is a good toy for the restoration of the BONE to this early time.
But you can also try to remove the USB ports on the Device Manager.
Then after restarting again the operating system should recognize the USB ports again.
Then you can try to plug in the USB key and check if it works.

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  • Qosmio G10-133 & Vista can't recognize my memory stick


    I installed VISTA on this laptop, and I had a few problems that you can imagine!

    I can't recognize my memory stick. I can't find the drivers and that Windows is unable to solve the problem.

    Someone got clues?

    I'm also having a problem if I turned the laptop off. The only way I can get the power on button to work is to remove the power cable and the battery and then I turn on the laptop. If I don't take the power cable and the battery I get the green light on the power button, or no light at all, and by pressing seems to do nothing. I also have an orange light blinking on power light on the front of the laptop. I guess it's something to do with the thought of the computer it has hibernated or something?

    What to say to boyfriend.
    The Vista is not officially supported on the Qosmio G10 and the Vista drivers don t series there for this series.
    Always is it that you need a card reader driver to use the memory sticks. But as I said above, these drivers are not available and don t exist.

    What you can do is to check the drivers for G30 but I'm very skeptical that it will work on the G10.

    Good bye

  • Windows 7 not recognizing memory sticks in slots USB

    Hi when I put the memory stick to any USB on the computer, I receive a message first came to ask me to format the memory stick. I even get this if I enclose my TomTom GPS on the same USB slot.   If I click on the drive designation, I get the following message:

    {{K:drive is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Make sure that all required file system drives are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.}}

    I know that the sticks of memory are OK, as I have tried several and also tried all the USB slots on the computer and another computer.

    I don't remember doing anything for having caused the problem since the last using the disks of the USP.

    Using windows 7 Home premium.

    Anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it please?



    Finally, I used a data recovery program.  Recover all files and files downloaded from the sticks of memory on my hard drive.  Formatted in NTFS and I am now able to use chopsticks as well as my recovered data, the sticks of memory.

    All sorted


  • Card SD & Memory Stick not recognized


    I have a Pavillion m9517c with the Athlon Phenom Quad-Core processor.  Initially, it came with Vista and when I got Windows 7 software, I installed it on a separate partition so that I can dual boot until I feel comfortable with Windows 7.

    Unfortunately, my cards Secure Digital or my Memory Sticks are recognized.  Is there a driver I can install will fix this?

    Thank you.


    Try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the card in any case reader.

    Right click on the drives in the Device Manager, select uninstall, and then click OK.

    Once you have removed them both, get off at Bus USB controllers and remove any entries USB Mass Storage Device by using the same process.

    Once it is finished, right-click on any list in Device Manager and select "Scan for hardware changes".  It will redetect and reinstall the drivers for those devices.

  • Had an accident and I want to import my favorites into Firefox but the only option in the Import Wizard is that is my B/brands are saved on a memory stick. Any solution please. ?

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    How bookmarks are stored? If they are in an HTML file, you can go to bookmarks > organize bookmarks > import and backup > import HTML, select "in a HTML file" and go from there.

    If you have not currently saved favorites and b / m to import is already in a FF bookmarks file you could just more copy to your profile.

  • Memory stick is not recognized bySatellite one


    I m quite a novice to the problem I have is that the laptop won t recognize any memory sticks when a scan has been made, he said that there was a lack or outside date driver but I don't know which

    If someone has experienced this problem and is at - it an easy way to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

    If you want to discuss these problems you must provide some basic information such as the model of laptop and operating system preinstalled.
    Can you please tell us what memory card do you use?

    Memory card reader installed and listed correctly in the Device Manager?

  • Satellite P100: Memory Stick Duo Pro with MSD adapter is not recognized

    When I insert the CSDP in my Satellite P100-473-multi card reader - Vista preinstalled - (using an adapter MSD), the removable media is listed in the Solution Explorer, but the card cannot be read.
    With a 32 MB card, he pointed out that the card needs to be formatted first... but correct data are inside and must be visible.
    With 1 GB card, it reports that card is first inserted...

    Did anyone experienced this problem?


    Have you checked the user manual you?
    Take a look at Chapter 8!
    There is information that the card reader is supported only SD; MMC; MS; Cards MS Pro and xD.

    As you can see that it supports the Memory Stick Pro, but not the Memory Stick Pro DUO!

  • Satellite P200 - 144 Memory Stick not recognized


    I have a problem with the memory card reader. Whenever I put a Memory Stick (MS Pro) is not picking it up. Happens to format the disk and when I try to format, it says disk cannot be found. If I push it just 3/4 km that it works.

    So I would like to know what is the problem?

    Have you also tried using other compatible cards?

  • F10: Memory stick reader has stopped reading

    My drive stick of memory used to read the memory stick, once I put it in my F10. However, now when I put it in the system kind of freezes and does not do anything to be in the drive, even if it appears in my computer as a removable disk.

    Also oddly it won't read my camera when I connect it via USB when the memory stick is in the camera? When I put in a different memory stick he reads very well.

    Can he explain this mysetery?


    Your ad make me a bit confused.
    What do you mean by memory stick? Did you mean an SD card or a USB key?
    I don't know if it your case, but it is possible that this means of communication has a failure of m.

    Once I tried to use a broken SD card and each time after having plugged the card froze my laptop. This medium was blame for it.

  • XP sp3 extraction fron memory stick says that's not a valid 32-bit

    Update of my cousins xp PC by takng back to factory settings. Downloaded SP1a and SP2 and SP3 on memory stick. SP1a and SP2 extract and install without problems, but when I try to extract the SP3, it says that this is not a valid 32-bit and will not extract/install. Tried to download stick to a number of timeds, both off MS site and others will be the same result. Any ideas?

    Different have been many recent reports on the corrupt downloads of WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3 - x 86 - ENU.exe. (Nuisance might or might not be involved).
    The right size of this file is: 316.4 MB
    Value of SHA1:
    If you need a utility to determine the value of SHA1, I recommend HashCalc:
  • Action Center said I need backup of information, but insists that I use DVD instead of memory stick.

    Center of action says that I need backup of information, but insists that I use DVD instead of memory stick. Even when I connected to USB in the computer memory stick.

    Center of action says that I need backup of information, but insists that I use DVD instead of memory stick. Even when I connected to USB in the computer memory stick.

    What is Memory stick formatted in NTFS?


  • Sony Memory Stick USB2.0 nine is not recognized in Windows 7

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7. I used to be able to plug in my memory stick directly on my computer to get pictures, but now my computer does not recognize the Sony Memory Stick USB2.0 nine! It does not show that whatever it is is still plugged into my computer.

    * original title - my computer does not recognize memory stick *.

    Hi Sinzeth,

    Please see the following link for the latest drivers:


    It seems that your memory stick available until Windows XP drivers.  You may be able to install it in compatibility mode:


    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • move pictures from a memory stick in a different place, and release in addition to the memory stick. I find that the pictures (copies) are always on the memory stick

    I don't want to make copies, which I already have, I want to get out in addition to the memory stick of mnving content in a portable hard drive permanently. My photos are totally assembled in 3 different places in my windows computer (not my fault) Photo Gallery, I don't want the images there are... My collection is private.  Picasa collects all the photos again. I want the originals stored for future use in a hard drive laptop or on disks.

    I do not use the photo gallery, you just need a viewer to open the pix.

    Also, I don't know why you get 4 copies. Some libraries can be deleted if you do not use. I don't remember those that can be deleted, so you'll just to test.

    If I understand correctly: create a folder for the original user and another for the edited pix. After you have moved the pix on the flash drive, you can delete the content of this file and it is there and empty for the next round of pix.

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    ·        What operating system is installed on your computer?

    ·        What application are you using to import the photo?

    ·        You receive an error message with the error code?

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    Try to copy it to your desktop, then in wmp. When I try to share pictures of my ipod, I am incapable of directly from the iPod, but if I copy to my desktop then I can.

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