R410 Sostituzione con PERC H700 hard drive

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If line a detailed by the sostituzione di un disco compatibile con quello hoist by R410 Server con controller perc h700

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  • DELL PowerEdge R710 and PERC H700 RAID driver for WIn 2008 Std

    Hi all

    I have a DELL PowerEdge R710 with a controller RAID PERC H700.

    I try to install Windows 2008 Std 64 bit, but I can't find the driver. Even for the site web at support.dell.com. Can someone help me.

    THX in advance

    Even if you use a driver of 2008, it should at least recognize it, then you must be using the wrong driver or something wrong :)

    If you are installing 2008 R2, make sure that you use this file:

    If you install 2008 x 64, make sure that you use this file:

    With one, you must first unlock the .exe (right click on the .exe, properties, unlock), unzip / extract the files (run it and make a note of the default location), and then copy the 4 files on a CD, USB, etc., then when Windows tells you that he is not all hard disks, click on the link drivers load below to load the drivers from the media you have chosen.

  • Adding PERC H700 3 drives in PowerEdge R710

    Hi all

    I need to increase the storage on a server running non-critical virtual machines.

    I currently have 3 x 600GB discs and a VD in raid 5.
    We will be adding 3 more identical drives, staying in raid 5 to increase storage.

    I read a few posts about similar improvements where the user was instructed to use OMSA to add readers and keep the data. This server is not running Windows, it works VMESXi 5.5.0.  I'll add the disks directly by the PERC controller... My data at risk doing this? Should I rely on the added time to re - install VMESXi and restore my VMs?

    Thanks in advance!



    You are wanting to add the new disks for RAID 5 existing or create a new RAID 5? If you create a new, do it in the controller should not be any problem. If you are wanting to expand the existing table that needs to be done in OMSA and not in the controller. You can use OMSA for ESXi http://www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/19/article/Product-Support/Self-support-Knowledgebase/enterprise-resource-center/Enterprise-Tools/OMSA

  • HARD drive failure e battery perc h700 [CF]


    e' possibile situation UN preventivo by a hard e batteria equal o compatibility disk?

    PERC H700

    DELL ST3600057SS 600 GB SAS hard drive

    Power edge R510 (service tag C3YGW4J


    Ramon Cartabia

    the sto contattando by mail.

  • Support for large hard drive PERC H700

    Nobody knows the biggest SATA drives supported by a PERC H700 in a PowerEdge R710? I read on another post that the H700 will support 3 TB disks. Would like to know whether he would support also 4 TB and disks of 6 TB.

    Thank you



    I can see 4 TB SATA HD as supported but not 6 TB. It may be supported but not yet committed.

  • PERC H700 driver during Windows Server 2012 r2 - disk Raid not recognized not


    I try to install a r2 Windows Server 2012 to a Poweredge R710 with a Raid Perc H700. 2 HDD in Raid 1, but the HARD drive is not rcognized Italian Installation even if I try to use the 2008 r2 for the Perc Raid driver. They are listed, but if I select one disk HARD are not visible. What should do?

    Best regards...


    Leave in the Raid Controller, what is the status of the table? In addition, was the raid 1 initialized after being created? If this isn't the case, then, who will have to be done before you try to install.

    If you download this and start on the lifecycle controller (F10) and then select deploy BONES, load these files there and proceed with the installation of the OS.


    I would like to know how will install it.

  • Dell Power Edge R410 & Dell Perc H700 modular F2WGY

    Hi guys

    Need some advice please, a few weeks ago, we bought a Dell R410. This came with a modular 6/ir Perc. However, when we arrived at the installation of drives we noticed that the controller did not recognize disks larger than 2 TB. It's not good because we need to use 2 x 3 and 2 x 500 GB disks in a RAID 1 Configuration.

    After Googling autour, I came to the conclusion that the card that it came with the "Perc 6/ir' does not support disks larger than 2 TB.

    So, I advanced and bought a new modular a "Dell Perc H700 F2WGY" controller which apparently supports disks more great.

    the controller came yesterday so I removed the old Perc 6/ir controller from the slot in the bottom of the map editing and trendy "Dell Perc H700 F2WGY" modular at the same place. : Photo of slot, I inserted H700

    H700 card: see picture

    PERC 6/ir map: see picture

    Anyway, once I inserted the card and started, I was presented with the error; "PCIE training error" system HALT.

    Obviously this would not start any further. So I brought the wrong card? im confused at the moment between modular and integrated? the pcie slot is low for integrated only cards?

    I then add the new map on the PCIE Top slot. the system then started and he could see the card. However, it found no readers?

    What exactly I do bad will this card work at all? or I'm out of luck and need another card?


    The problem you are experiencing is due to the model of the H700. Map H700 modular version is actually designed for the blade server Poweredge series. The model that you would need is the H700i which is the version that is integrated, designed to go into the white storage controller slot you are talking about. The references are KK67X and CNXVV. The latest model of the H700 is the H700A which is the adapter, it's the model that is necessary for installation in a PCIe location.

    This link explains in detail in the overview H700 - http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pvaul/en/perc-technical-guidebook.pdf

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Drives 3 TB for DELL PoweEdge R510 with PERC H700 Controller

    Good afternoon.

    Currently, we have 8 x discs 1Tera in our PorwerEdge R510.

    -1 RAID 1 for the first 2 discs, which have the operating system (Windows Server 2008)

    -1 RAID 5 for the other 6 disks

    We strive to upgrade our RAID 5 with new disks of 6 x 3 TB.

    The problem is OpenManage pointed out that the discs that we inserted the 2 TB, and the State is "unsupported".


    Status Name State Predicted failure Certified Bus protocol Media Capacity Used RAID disk space RAID disk space Hot spare Negotiated speed Speed measure SAS address
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:4 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221103000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:5 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221102000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:6 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221101000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:7 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221100000000

    The PERC H700 firmware is:

    Firmware version

    12.0.1 - 0091

    Driver version

    Version of the Storport driver


    Do you know why this phenomenon occurs? Do we need to do a Firmware Update for the PERC controller? If so, this will delete RAID 1, OS disks?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    See you soon.

    If you change to UEFI, you will need to reinstall the operating system. UEFI completely changes the way the operating system reads the system hardware, so there is not a way to avoid a reinstallation.

    The firmware update will not affect the RAID array.

  • PowerEdge T710 Tower 4 tb hard drive shows 2 TB in a Raid Configuration, (Perc 6 / i).

    How can any solution for this, I use full 4 TB of hard drive storage,

    Thank you

    Only one solution: replace the PERC 6 / i with a PERC H700.

  • 3 TB HARD drive does not work on PERC 6i


    We bought Dell 3TO disks and install them in PE R710 with PERC 6i. Before you buy the disks, we checked online and he said that it is supported.  We have updated the firmware on it to the latest version.  BIOS is updated as well.

    Firmware Version
    6.600.21.08 driver version
    6.3.9600.17031 Storport driver version

    It is the physical disk information below.

    ID 0:0:1
    Critical condition
    Name of the physical disk 0:0:1
    State has failed
    Bus SAS Protocol
    HARD drive support
    Revision A100
    T10 IP Capable No.
    Capacity GB 0.00
    Used 0.00 GB of RAID disk space
    0.00 GB of RAID disk space
    Hot spare no.
    Vendor ID HITACHI
    Product ID HUS723030ALS640
    Serial number. YHK2RS3G
    Part number is not available
    512b sector size
    Manufacturing day of is not available
    Week of manufacture is not available
    Year of manufacture is not available
    SAS address 5000CCA01AAE128D

    What should we do for the PERC to detect these drives?  He sees some 450 GB drives with no problems.

    Derwiche woul you to replace existing SAS cables. If you are using 2.5-inch disks you need two R145M part number. If you are using 3.5-inch disks you need to N170M SAS 0 part number and part P110M for SAS 1 number.

  • PERC H700 drive failure

    Have a PowerEdge R510 with a PERC H700 / RAID 5. Newspapers showed the road 3 has failed, but turned upward. We have replaced (hot swap) with a new one (from Dell). Server administrator still shows as having failed, but turned upward, the logs show nothing except flashing in car 3 / unblinking the defective drive until it was removed (logs do not show the removal / departure of replacement or regeneration). Is there something we're missing in the H700? Thank you.


    Install the latest version of the OMSA and check the State of VD. See the link for download with instructions for installation at the bottom of the page.


  • Can I use Sata of COTS drives in PERC H700 on R810?

    Can I use off-the-shelf (non-Dell) SATA drives in a PowerEdge R810 server with PERC H700 of RAID controller?

    We currently have equipped Dell SAS disks that will remain in their own virtual disk and want to add storage in bulk as a second virtual disk using less expensive SATA drives.

    (We have the latest BIOS & firmware all along)

    Cot = common on shelf?

    It depends on. I would recommend against any consumer/desktop/laptop or NAS drives (like the Red of WD). Use enterprise-class SATA if not certified Dell. As long as your firmware H700 is most recent 7/2010 (?), then the non-certified discs will be allowed, but no player not certified is guaranteed to work.

  • PERC H700 integrated + 6 x SAS 6Gbps SSD = type of Non - SSD drive?

    Hi all

    I hope that something quick and easy...

    I installed a PERC H700 completely filled and integrated in a Dell R815 Server bays disc 6 x with 400 GB SAS 6 GB/s SSD drives. I created the virtual disk using the BIOS (Ctrl + R) boot utility, but when creating the data store, it shows that these types of readers Non - SSD.

    I'm missing a simple configuration or VIB, or should I just say to the host that it comes to SSD;

    VMware KB: Activation of the option SSD on based SSD disc/LUNS that are not detected as default SSD

    Thank you


    I followed the article to identify the device as an SSD;

    ~ # esxcli storage device base list d naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044


    Full name: disk space from DELL (naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044)

    Definable display name: true

    Size: 1142784

    Device type: Direct access

    Multichannel plugin: NMP

    Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.6b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044

    Seller: DELL

    Model: PERC H700

    Revision: 2.10

    SCSI level: 5

    Is nickname: false

    Status: on

    RDM Capable is: false

    Is Local: true

    Is removable: false

    SSD is: true

    Is Offline: false

    Is perpetually booked: false

    Thin Provisioning status: unknown

    Attached filters:

    VAAI status: unsupported

    Other UID: vml.02000000006b8ca3a0e79b9500194b56ec78ca4044504552432048

  • How to disable integrated PERC S300 controllers and connect hard drives directly onboard SATA


    I bought new servers, two of them came with PERC S300 controllers. When I tried to install Linux (CentOS) on this subject, the system could not see the RAID!

    After some research, I noticed that it is Windows specific (fake RAID)

    I want to disable this controller and connect my hard drives directly to the main card SATA connectors and implement a software RAID under Linux.

    What I need is:

    What cables I need to order for this?

    Thank you

    When I picked my servers and decided on their specifications, this note (red) was not on the site, and I am sure about that because I have not all Windows servers on my network.

    Now that I ordered and received them, I'm looking for a solution.

    I ordered this kit: Dell PowerEdge HDD DATA CABLE KIT DP/N C450M CN-0C450M

    I will receive next week. I hope that this will help me get around this annoying problem.

  • H200A PERC. SAS and SATA. Simple 2 extra HARD drives raid. Possible?

    Research in the server rack dell R210 II.
    Added records 2 x 300 GB SAS with a PERC H200A raid controller.
    The other two empty drive bays im looking to transfer courses two SATA 2.5 "HARD disk drives. Ive read you can mix SATA and SAS drives, is this true?
    I have two options to the raid configuration:
    the raid controller would be able to support two raid 1 RAID. 1 for the SAS drives and the other for the two SATA drives?   Operating system can see two disks.
    He would support a raid 1 for hard 1 & 2 discs.  Then with disk HARD 3 & 4 show the HARD drive directly on the server.  OS sees thre readers.  The drive in question and two others.
    I tried the dell chat, but could not get anywhere, as the helpdesk agent does not seem to know that you can google some caddy and buy the caddy to adapt to discs with no carts.

    [murmur] I'm wrong :), but I think the H200 supported not RAID, so if left unconfigured, the disks will be seen by the operating system as the person/no RAID disks.  Also, if I am wrong not :), the H200 supports a maximum of 2 virtual drives, so would not work two 1-disk RAID 0 and a RAID 1 (in fact, it probably won't allow you to create a single drive RAID 0 in all). [/whisper]

    http://FTP.Dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_ser_stor_net/esuprt_dell_adapters/PowerEdge-RC-h200_User ' s%20Guide_en-us.pdf

    Sorry... I love you pc :)

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