R720 can I connect drive sas/sata hard without controller card?

I have a r720 without raid card.  When I plug a ssd or disc of 15 k / 10 k sas on the hotswap backplane, chassis recognizes the drive is connected (I get an orange light and lcd to alert that the disc is removed when I go out).  However, the bios and the operating system does not recognize any disks hotswap (they see only the optical drive connected to the ports on the motherboard sata.

Do I need a controller card to use drives connected on the backplane, or is it possible to use backplane without controller card?  I didn't need raid functionality.

Thanks in advance.



Hello Shane

Do I need a controller card to use drives connected on the backplane, or is it possible to use backplane without controller card?  I didn't need raid functionality.

Yes, you must have a controller connected to the bottom of basket. If you have purchased the system without a RAID controller should have a SAS cable that goes from the backplane to the slot of controller S110 chipset on the system board.

You can use the S110 SATA controller on board for communication with backplane. Well, there are limits to the S110 controller, so may not suit your needs. You can probably buy LSI 9207 if you want readers to run in a non-RAID. The other options are a H710 PERC; which you can set the readers to the single drive RAID 0 s. In this State, they function as drives no RAID. You can also get a H310. The H310 supports the RAID mode, but we have added a few features to the H310 who do not find in previous versions of the card. In doing so, it reduced performance when operating in a mode non-RAID.

The reason why I say that you'll probably want another controller than the S110 is because you mentioned that you have SAS disks. The S110 is a single SATA controller. In addition, the S110 is supported up to 4 discs.

To access the BIOS RAID make sure the S110 is turned on in THE system BIOS. In the BIOS, go to SATA settings. In the menu choose the RAID mode. It will turn on the S110 controller. You can configure the drives in the BIOS S110 when booting with the CTL R. I do not know what operating system, you perform the installation, but the S110 is compatible with Windows.

Thank you

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