Radio frequency for associated relay Netatmo Thermostat change

I have been told by Netatmo to change my Thermostat Netatmo associated relay Radio frequency as there seems to be problems with interference causing the relay to stop working. Can someone tell how can I do that. Thank you very much!


In airport utility, go to the wireless tab... from options wireless at the bottom of this page and then you will see the wireless channels

I put the 5 GHz channel because she was using a channel in Australia which is BAD.

Personally, I doubt that this will fix your problem... It is more likely caused by too wireless signal around you and the TC as a poor place.

Use simple... No, apple names recommended... anyway, no spaces and pure alphanumeric characters and also pure alphanumeric passwords.

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    Hello world

    My laptop has received the following message for a while:

    Devices Bluetooth (TM) and WirelessLAN function in the same radio frequency range and may interfere with each other.

    If you use Bluetooth devices and WirelessLAN simultaneously, you can sometimes meet optimal network performance or even lose your network connection.

    In this case, always stop using your Bluetooth or WirelessLAN.
    Please contact Toshiba PC product support website in Europe or in the United States for more information.

    I was unable to solve.
    It does not seem to affect much on the bluetooth, but wireless is a disaster.
    Sometimes it slows down even the computer.

    I googled no site Web indicates a conflict without wireless/bluetooth.

    Everyone knows about this problem?
    And nobody knows if the wireless adapter is bluetooth built-in (as in a combo)?

    See you soon,.

    Don't know what Wlan module you have, but especially books use a Wlan / BT combo module and a module supports both: wireless and connectivity BT.

    If noticed some signal interference between WiFi and BT, I recommend you to disable BT in case you use Wlan connectivity. In the case where you use BT, disable Wlan.

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    When my laptop is on the main speakers, the sound disappears once again, if I plug stereo speakers, even no problem.
    Pls help... Sorry for my bad English :(

    To be honest I n don't know how you can use System 5.1 with your laptop. As far as I know on most laptops, you can only use the 2.1 System.
    At your audio optical output port Satellite?

    It's really interesting question and I would like to hear this radio frequency.

    Have you tested with and without power supply. Is there a difference?

  • Tecra M6-EZ6612: Bluetooth and WLan operate at the same radio frequency range

    Hi all

    I have a laptop that is Tecra M6-EZ6612...
    I have a problem that when I install the bluetooth I have a massege indicating a conflict between the wireless and bluetooth...

    Two of them are working in the same radio frequency range!
    So, I wonder how I can change the frequency range of the bluetooth device? !!!

    Not like about it. Material Bluetooth v1.2 or v2.0 have included technology called AFH = "Adaptive Frequency Hopping" that tries to avoid conflict with WLAN. It can only be a problem if you have a very old hardware BT (before 2004).

  • Sampling frequency for two different routes for acquisition of data USB-6009


    I use a box USB-6009 and incorporating the "daq assistant" to change the sampling frequency.  I'm trying to find a way to set the sampling frequency to two unique values for the two separate channels.  I tried implementing two assistants daq and different for each channel sampling frequency setting, although it does not work.  Is it possible to set the sampling frequency for all channels, and then reduce the rate for another channel - or an alternative?  I would be recognizing any input on this matter, thank you!


    All tasks on a DAQ card using the sample clock should use the same clock.  Therefore, you cannot have two tasks on the same sample of DAQ card at different rates.

    Alternatives would be:

    1. to combine all channels in a single task and to accept additional data

    2 get an additional DAQ card to use at the same time

  • Using HAM Radio frequency remote desktop

    Want to connect to 2 - PC is using Windows OS, such as remote desktop, but use frequencies Radio HAM vs Internet/Modem.

    The location of 2 PC (laptop) is solar powered, no Internet-WiFi-phone line.

    In the HAM Radio world I can connect/communicate between 2 radio using a transnational company, it's a Modem RF (Radio frequency)

    connected to the PC CommPort or USB, 2nd Comm Port connects to Ham Radio. The problem is to communicate this way

    It software, not those software allow to join me / Shell to / Windows desktop.

    Any idea welcomed all, Jeff Drescher KF4OYP thank is the best place to look for information.  If you are a packet radio operator you must already be aware of this web site.

    As the bandwidth for packet radio networks is limit to about 9600 bps (the modem speed), I suspect THAT DRC on this type of link would be very slow.

  • Radio blackBerry for BlackBerry Smartphones will not install on Bold 9790

    Bought the BB world, paid for it. Payment confirmed, but 3 days later were still "Please wait" showing. No download/installation. Can't stop the attempt to delete ot. Have restarted and pulled no dough for reboot... no change. What should I do to get the installed application or stop it? Any ideas? Thank you, Scott

    Thank you. I did the alt + RST. Nothing happened. The BB app world has not closed. I tried several times... Please wait appeared on the screen of the App world. In frustration, I removed the battery and when it restarts, everything was fine. I did a reinstall of the Radio for BB and it worked. Thank you... to quite as expected, but it worked... AND... no other Apps seem to have been disrupted.

  • Error: Bluetooth + WIFI works within the same radio frequency

    When the wirelessLAN is open and then press Fn to open bluetooth this error pops up, please help me to solve this

    Opearte to device Bluetooth (TM) and wirelessLAN in the same radio frequency range and may interfere with each other.
    If you use bluetooth and wireless LAN devices at the same time you occasinally network performance optimal experience or even lose your network connection. In this case always stop your operation of LAn wireless or bluetooth.

    Hi mate
    It is simply to solve. You must use the BT or Wlan.
    So, if you use BT connection, please turn off the WiFi and if you use Wlan, then disable the BT

    In order to disable the WiFi or BT please use the Fn + F8 key combination you press this several times until the option has been disabled.

  • When I drag an image URL, such as for Amazon to the dock, changes the image to an image any ordinary of the world.  How can I change this image to the original Amazon icon image when turned on the docl?

    When I drag an image to icon URL, such as for Amazon to the dock, changes the image to an image any ordinary of the world.  How can I change this image to the original Amazon icon image that existed before I moved to the docking station?

    Why do you want to put the URL in the Dock, which doesn't seem like the appropriate place for this.

  • Satellite C660-1me - bluetooth & Wlan operate within the same radio frequency

    My alptop is Satellite C660-1me
    I downloaded all the drivers from the toshiba site, today only a window appeared, says the following:

    + bluetooth and lan devices operating in the same range of radio frequency wireless and may interfere with one another.

    Can u please help to figrue the problem and solve it.

    Thank you very much


    This isn't a problem, but it is a simple system reviews.

    This means that your WLan works according to the same frequency as Bluetooth.

    Usually the 802. 11 B and G WLan standard using the 2.4 GHz and this frequency is also used by Bluetooth

    So if you use WiFi, disable the BT NOT to use two devices at the same time!

  • radio buttons for the front end

    OK, so Im new to LabView and tried to create a user interface for several calibration process.  I tried to use radio buttons for the system is selected (only two options) and depending on whether you chose the resulting calibration procedures that would be system can be chosen when other options are grayed out and disabled.  I got the program so that the first selection process would work, but if you click on the case by default, it automatically goes to the default selection. Any help would be appreciated

    I think what you really want is to set the properties in the event of security system. See attachment.

    Note also that this is a loss for the duplicate items (for example property nodes and diagram constants) in all cases of a box structure. Everything is in any case belongs outside the structure of the case. One necessary instance.

  • Request an activation code for Windows due to hardware changes, but nothing has changed. What is going on?

    My computer is request an activation code for Windows due to hardware changes but nothing has changed.  What is going on?  This morning firefox did not and went into the Task Manager to see which processes were underway, then he closed the Explorer.  I think I clicked on it by mistake.  Then turn on now that I get this message.

    Go ahead and try to activate it? (copy is authentic, came on the computer already installed)

    Hi JaneMcDonald,

    Yes, you can go ahead and activate Windows XP, as it could be a possibility that the software license file may have been changed due to some changes.

    How to activate Windows XP

  • File search Windows 7 won't be back for results unless I have change file name

    problem: if I'm looking for a car for a file or folder that I know is there (any type of file), it won't be back for results, but if I change the name of the file, it will then find.

    For example, if I search: movie.mp4 it won't, but if I go and change the name of movie .mp4, it will find, and if I change back to the original name it will still find it. I'm rebuilding the index, but I don't think it has to do with it.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions in advance

    Welcome to the Microsoft community. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Please follow the steps in the article and check if that helps.
    Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions

    Change advanced indexing options

    Additional information:
    Features of Windows Indexing

    It will be useful.

  • What is TV tuner/Radio (FM) for Windows Media Center tuner? How to install on the computer?


    What is the TV tuner and FM Radio tuner? Is it a software or a difficult, how to install them on the computer? I can buy from a retailer. How will I know which is for my pc.

    Please help me to answer the question.




    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community forums.

    According to the description, you need to know more about the Tv tuner and tuner Radio (FM) for Windows Media Center.

    To listen to the FM radio in Media Center, you will need a tuner FM connected to or installed on your computer and an antenna connected to the tuner to receive a signal. FM tuners are very similar to TV tuners in fact, many TV tuner cards have a built in FM tuner.


    Listen to radio in Windows Media Center

    See also for more information about the options of TV in Windows Media Center.

    Hope this information helps. Please reply with the status so that we can help you.
  • "Apps are not work - this application cannot open, the screen resolution is too low for this app run to change your screen resolution.

    Origignal title: Apps does not work.

    I got Windows 7 Starter I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro on my mini HP laptop, but when I select no matter what application I get the following message

    "This application cannot open.

    The screen resolution is too low for this app run

    Change your screen resolution.

    and when I press 'Edit your screen resolution' I found the screen resolution is the maximum 1024 x 600.

    Under him, I found the following warning "" your resolution is less than 1024 x 768 elements could not fit and applications could not open

    Please advise?

    I know this is an old thread, but I came across it looking for a solution to the same problem. It turns out that my problem has a cause simple and simple solution. I had accidentally pressed the "multiple displays" function key on my keyboard (F4 on my HP Envy) and therefore affect my screen out of two monitors without realizing it. I started getting the error "the screen resolution is too low for this application to run", came here, tried to change my resolution screen and then realized what I had done. Once I changed the key function to the PC only, the problem has been resolved.

Maybe you are looking for