Radio satellite 1135-S1552 switch problem

I need to know how to activate my Radio switch.

I installed a mini-PCI Intel 2200 wireless card on my laptop, and all the hardware drivers are recognized by the computer.

There is a switch on the left side of the laptop that is for radio, but without function. Turn it on, or turn OFF, does NOTHING. There are no LED lights that lights up when activated.

In addition, in Device Manager, I am able to open my Intel 2200 and in the Advanced tab properties, there is an option to disable/enable the Radeo switch, but when I click it, it says: "this didn't come into force if the power button on the adapter is turned."


Help, please.



you have installed a piece of origin option Toshiba or did you buy a 3rd Wifi card part of any provider?

Finally do you have something set wrong? Have you used a manual? Perhaps you forgot to plug in a connection?

Theo75 Bye

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  • Satellite 1135-S155 beeps + freezes and shuts down... Help, please!

    I have a Satellite 1135-S155 beep constantly, nonstop beep, and beep about 30 seconds it stops.

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    Hi Fausto

    It is not easy to say what he can be, but in my opinion, it's a hardware problem. Contact the Service partner and leave check your laptop.

  • Satellite 1135 don't start/power on

    Hello everyone,

    I have an old satellite 1135, it worked, then all of a sudden one day when I pressed the power button nothing happened, only the leds at the front flashed like this:

    1 - with battery only, the electric light, battery and LED CD upward for a second and stop, amber Pwr and Batt and green CD.
    2 - with a/c adapter plugged in I get LED display Green a/c is plugged and amber clear Batt showing Batt. is load, but when I press the power button nothing happens

    Anyone know what these indicators?

    Help, please

    Thank you very much


    I completely agree with Akuma. For me it sounds like a motherboard as failure, but you should test another AC/DC adapter too.

    If you need a new motherboard or AC adapter, you can also search on eBay. For old laptops you can get very cheap spare parts.

  • Satellite 1135-S1553 without S-Video output Port - how to connect a TV

    I have a portable Satellite 1135-S1553, how to connect it to the TV without having the S-video output Port in my laptop?

    Are you sure that your computer laptop doesn t support port s-video OUTPUT to 100%?
    According to [this page | id = 660059] portable Saturday 1153-S1553 supports this port at the rear.

  • Re: Satellite P200 (PSPB6E) - keyboard problem


    I have a keyboard with Satellite P200, series PSPB6E problem.

    Keyboard seems to generate Press Page Down constantly, although nothing has been paid to this subject.
    It is even difficult to turn on laptop, because it produced consecutive beeps and prevents the computer from starting.

    Sometimes some keyboard characters do not work, and in the second time it works. Sometimes same PgDown works as expected.
    Œuvres for additional keyboard, but it also receives PgDown keyboard of the laptop.

    Now, I can't insert any sentence in this post, because PgDown will move the cursor down.
    Laptop is under warranty. Should I enable it?

    I note that no. LIQUID is poured on the keyboard.

    On the keyboard of the computer laptop not work keys A, B, N, LEFT SHIFT, INPUT, same brief moments where PgDown keys not dumping. Sometimes even these key works!

    Best regards
    Vladimir Stefanovic

    Great news, buddy! :)

    I also have good experience with my ASP. They fixed the laptop as soon as possible and the repair took only a few days. It's also free.

    So still I m happy with the service!

  • Problem with putting satellite Pro 6000 switch

    In recent weeks, I have a problem with my laptop to start. With the battery or not, the situation seems to be the same. Even when I remove the battery and plug in DC. Then the Green led DC lights, but pressing the button does not turn on the laptop.

    Sometimes, after a few attempts for laptop turns all of a sudden, but dies after a few minutes or seconds. Then turn on non-diode, or DC-led is orange flashing.
    Is the service inevitable?

    Thx for the answer.


    Yes, I'm afraid.
    If the domain controller is plugged in and the indicator light will Flash orange then I guess there is a problem with the hardware.
    Maybe a dysfunction of the motherboard.
    The Toshiba service partner should check the laptop. Guys can read the flashing code and I'm sure they will solve this problem.

  • Satellite (PSK30E) L750 - bluetooth problem

    Given that the other thread is already closed and suggestions from here don't give me the help I must ask once again,

    I bought the version Satellite L750-PSK30E I have same questions regarding other bluetooth L750 problem.
    I installed Win 7 PRO - 64-bit, and after each installation driver, I could find under the list of drivers with intel, then the bluetooth driver and then put, but the battery is not correctly, telling me to switch to BT when I
    with FN + F8.
    He said I'm keep lack of ToshDpAPI.dll, even if I installed atheros before filter?

    Also, when I restart computer wifi get a second, and then said that there is no connection.
    When you switch the switch (FN + F8) market it works fine?

    Wierdest thing is I installed the same computer, that I bought for my brother and it works fine witout of problems?
    What should I do?

    Don't tell me to reinstall the wifi and BT drivers/stack, cause I did it several times and it's worked so far.

    I installed all the drivers are all downloaded from selection toshiba and 64-bit drivers.

    Many people have various problems after the installation of clean operating system. Problem is that all the drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in the proper installation order. Maybe you have installed your laptop a little different this laptop from your brother.

    Here is the order of the good setup for Win7 64 bit:

    Win7 SP1
    SW Chipset installation utility TOSHIBA supervisor password utility
    TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
    Sun Java2 Runtime Environment 1.6.0_20
    TOSHIBA Bulletin Board V2.1.10
    TOSHIBA ReelTime
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Driver Intel
    NVIDIA display driver
    Driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    TOSHIBA value added package
    USB3.0 Driver
    NVIDIA HD Audio Driver
    Conexant Audio Driver
    Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
    Driver Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 2.00.0013
    TOSHIBA 1.0.3 Wireless LAN indicator
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    TOSHIBA Software Modem 2.2.97 (SM2297ALS05)
    Conexant Modem driver
    TOSHIBA HDD Protection
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver Package v1.0.7 Filter
    Battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba v8.00.04 (T)
    Atheros LAN Driver Realtek card reader
    TOSHIBA Sleep utility
    Facial recognition TOSHIBA V3.1.8
    TOSHIBA eco Utility
    Intel Proset
    Intel Wireless Display 2.0.29T
    TOSHIBA HDD_SSD attention
    TOSHIBA Service Station V2.1.52
    TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
    ConfigFree 8.0.37
    TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V2.0.0.19
    TOSHIBA V4.00.4.54 VCR - HAS
    WinDVD BD for TOSHIBA 3D
    Corel Digital Studio for TOSHIBA
    TOSHIBA Disc Creator for x 64
    TOSHIBA Network Device ID registry setting tool - 14_wMSI
    TOSHIBA Media Controller
    TOSHIBA Media Controller plugin
    PatchFiles$ $2 PCIIDEREG - 1.2
    PatchFiles$ $3 TosVolRegulator_x64_1.1
    SWHelper for Toshiba manual V1

    If you can not find the download page of some of them on Toshiba must not be installed and it is included in the original recovery image only.

    Please check this list and maybe you should try to install the OS as a result of this order of installation.

    Good luck.

  • Win7/Satellite P200D - Admin Login - problem with keyboard - password is not displayed

    Hi all

    My Satellite P200D has Vista Premium o/s, was about 5 years old now

    Has worked well enough until the last of three months or more and developed a problem of restart.

    Hit restart button and it stops, then after several attempts get it at startup and on the screen that shows the internal PC Repair or Normal startup mode option. The only way that I can get to the login screen is to click on Normal mode as the automatic repair option does not work.

    Has decided to switch to Win7 to see if that would solve the problem.

    Now there is another problem, and it's the login admin password screen. The cursor flashes and any attempt to type password does not visibly show the words you type.

    Also tried and external usb keyboard does no difference

    Help, please

    Thank you

    I have the Satellite P200D with Win7 32 bit and it works perfectly.

    You have this keyboard problem when you start the operating system in safe mode?

  • Satellite U200-112: switching between monitors

    Satellite U200-112.

    To the passage of the mobile display on the external monitor, the resolution is exposed to the display, instead of the external display. Who faced such a problem?

    My English is not so perfect, but I think that in your case the option called extend my Windows desktop on this monitor is enabled. Am I wrong?

    In any case, if the external monitor is connected properly please use FN + F5 key combination to switch between laptop display LCD and external monitor.

  • Satellite P855-31V: some problems after the installation of Win 8.1 and drivers

    After that installation of 8.1 of Windows and updated drivers have problems:

    1. the switch market/no work
    2. flight mode button not work
    3. ECO button not work
    4. applications not available menu home

    Notebook * toshiba satellite p855-31v *.

    Could you help me please?

    Usually very important to install and update the drivers in the correct order.

    The + installation instruction doc + you can find on the page of the Toshiba UE (Windows 8.1 update) driver provides this order:

    1 Intel Wireless display uninstall
    2 windows 8.1 update to install
    3 TOSHIBA Assist Desktop Upgrade
    4 Intel Display Driver upgrade
    5 NVIDIA Display Driver upgrade
    6 Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver upgrade
    Update 7 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    8 update of Realtek Wireless LAN Driver
    9 Intel PROSet/Wireless WiMAX software update
    Update the driver from Tuner DVB-T/ATSC of 10 YUAN
    Update driver TOSHIBA 11 Support
    Upgrading TOSHIBA 12 system pilot
    TOSHIBA 13 function key upgrade
    14 TOSHIBA eco Utility v2 upgrade
    TOSHIBA 15 fingerprints digital utility upgrade
    TFPU 16 WBF deleting fingerprints tool upgrade
    17 TOSHIBA HDD Protection upgrade
    Update of the 19 TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player
    20 TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor Upgrade
    CyberLink MediaShow 6 21 for upgrade TOSHIBA
    ArcSoft 22 TV5.0 update
    Plug-in for Windows Media Player upgrade 23 TOSHIBA resolution +.
    24 TOSHIBA Media Player by TrueLink + Upgrade sMedio
    Update 25 TOSHIBA Service Station

  • Satellite A500-18R - several problems

    Hello everyone.

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A500-18R (Windows 7 64 - bits) in January. During the first half of the year do not use it too, but in these last 3-4 months that I have experience several problems. I would like to know if anyone has experienced the same thing and also can help me:

    # When I turn off wifi antenna of the switch on the front of the laptop and afert I turn on again, if I'm trying to find a wireless network Windows tells me that the wireless feature is not active (I have to go to the control panel to reset the device)
    # When I play music from Windows Media Player, Winamp, Traktor... music sounds like 'idle '. I even tried plugging my (ESI U46 XL) external USB sound card, and the result is the same...
    # The laptop battery is consumed even turns off. I had many laptops and it never happened...
    # When I try to burn a blank CD, most of the time it does not recognize the drive as empty. I know that this is not a strange event, but I tested with many brands and acknowledged only very few (I think is not normal)
    # A another problem with DVD/CD player is that does not recognize me some original CD. The last problem I've had with a driver CD for my (unrecognized) external sound card.

    My laptop is still on warranty, but I would like to know if anyone has experienced some of that delivers or if the drivers update can fix.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my English is not very good.


    Hi Fran

    Please tell us if this Win7 is your own installation, or you guessed it with your laptop?

    I'll try to provide answers:
    # When you switch WLAN on, always check if the WLAN led is enabled. You can leave the WLAN switch on position and turn the WLAN MODULE by using the FN + F8 key combination
    # This phenomenon is not known to me, but what you can try is to check for his newest driver.
    # It is normal that, on the stack of the night, loses the ability a bit. If you leave for a longer period it can lose up to 25% of its capacity. No reason to panic.
    # I put t know what burning software do you use and what you do exactly. It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    # some CDs is pretty General and statement not very good basis for the discussion. Which CD? Music CD, software CD? It may be that they are of poor quality and may not be readable. It is not possible to provide a precise answer to this.

    If you have a friend with very good PC knowledge to put your laptop in front of him and he let see what happens exactly.

    On this virtual path is not so easy to give accurate answers.

  • Satellite A500 and annoying problem HDMI

    Hello world

    I bought a Satellite A500 a year ago and I'm trying to use it with my Pannasonic Veria Plasma TV connected via HDMI. The way I use it is I leave the HDMI cable connected all the time and then swap between the use of the TV and my laptop. The problem I have is that it will not failover to the HDMI, I even try to disconnect the cable and by him plugging back in - then the screen turns off to switch but then it goes to the rear of the laptop screen.

    After doing during up to 10 times it will eventually reverse but will then swap back to the laptop after about 10 seconds and that case I must keep trying until it finally works - VERY BORING

    Hoping someone can help.

    Thank you


    And what happens when you start your laptop without HDMI cable connected?
    Connect when the OS is fully charged, then when the active TV and HDMI port correctly, try to switch to TV ONLY using FN + F5.

    It works or the same thing happens again?

    I understand your question, but there is not a special solution. Connection HDMI either works or not.

    By the way: do you use original with Toshiba drivers Toshiba (preinstalled OS) recovery image?

  • Satellite L670-1jQ - HDMI problem


    I bought a brand new Satellite L670-1JQ especially for the blu - ray, HDMI output. I also have a screen 42 "flat with HDMI input jack.
    The meaning was to play a blu - ray on the laptop drive and transfer the video to the flat screen.
    When I connect the laptop to the flat screen, I can duplicate or extend the desktop. This isn't the problem. The problem is when I move Corel WinDVD BD from my office to the flat screen I see the screen reader but not video, and when I move the player back to my office, that video is displayed again.

    Which is in expansion mode. When I try to open WinDVD on the desktop a copy on my flat screen, then sometimes nothing happens at all! I'm doing something wrong? Or the game can't handle the flat screen?

    As far as I know that this player will never work on extended display. The reader works only on LCD.
    To be honest I don t understand why you use extended desktop when you want to watch movies.
    After you connect your screen, use the FN + F5 key combination and switch to the TV only. Start the movie and the BD player. When the film starts to put the player mode full screen and enjoy the movie on the TV.

    Extended display will work perfectly when you work with some applications but there must be a graphical limitation and with BD player will not work.

  • Satellite U300 will switch to standby when the lid is closed during shutdown

    My U300 is set to go in mode 'sleep' whenever I close the lid, as most of the laptops I use. But when I shut down this computer and close the lid, it goes to sleep Mid-stop!

    This means that when I want to stop, I have to wait until it finishes and then when I open it again I have to wait until it stops and starts then, often to see that the battery is almost dead too! Any fix for that?


    To be honest, I don't see any problem there. The same thing happen on my Satellite P200 preinstalled Vista. The process of closing time and if you interrupt close laptop screen, it makes sense that, after you open the Vista will continue stop procedure.

    For you, it will be better to make the best configuration of the laptop. Just for example:
    -If you want to switch to sleep mode use FN + F3 key combination. After a few seconds, the laptop will be in standby mode and you can close the lid
    -Use the power option and choose the option STOP for when I close the lid

    On this way, you will have perfectly configured OS for your needs and no problem more. I use the same configuration.

  • Satellite 1730 - sound card problems

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite 1730 supporting his Crystalsound Fusion card.

    After using the recovery for any other problem disc, the sound card does not work. Everything looks OK (Device Manager detects the card; there is no conflict ever), but while the audio of the executed file, I have no sound from the speakers (they are not on mute selection).

    I also download the provided driver CD in the computer, with no result. Please advise me. Thank you


    You also checked the volume switch. You will find it on the side or the front of the laptop.

    You should also check if "Mute everything" is enabled in the sound properties!

    Bye Bob

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