RAID 1 storage maximum reaching SAS 6 IR

Hello support team,

I work with a Dell PE T310 and uses a Windows 7 OS. The controller card is an iR SAS 6, RAID 1 configuration and reach maximum capacity.  I want to add more storage without losing any data.

The configs of the BIOS of the controller is listed below:

SAS6IR - Bus PCI: 03 / Dev PCI: 00 / PCI Fnc: 00 / FW revision: - IR / status: enabled / Boot Order: 0
Picture 1 of 1
Dell virtual disk 1028 identifier
Type RAID 1 (IM)
Analysis of order 0
size 237824
Optimal situation
NUM / RAID DISK / HOT spare / Drive Status / Pred Fail / Size (MB)
0 - ATA WDC WD2502ABYS - 13B 05 / YES / NO / primary / NO / 238418
1 - ATA YES / NO/secondary / NO / 238418
2 No. ATA / YES / HOT spares / NO / 238418

1. How can I add more storage without losing any data?

2. can I use (2 - ATA) drive that is not used in the Raid listed for HOT spare (not seen in disk management) for RAID 0 because the 4 drive Bay is empty at the moment or if it should / could be used for another HARD drive and sets up another RAID 1? which leads to my next question:

3. 3 drive bays are used, only the drive Bay HARD 4 a mesh metal. Can I add another HARD disk and set up for extra storage?

R /.

Yes, if you add a 2 TB drive and configure RAID with the 250 GB drive, then your RAID 1 will not be 250 GB, which means you'll be wasting disk 750Go 3.

In order to use disc 2 for what it IS, you must first cancel the assignment as a hot spare (hot-spare parts are reserved as readers of Eve to the RAID arrays and are not visible to the OS).  No, it can be used as a stand-alone, no RAID disk, or you can configure it in RAID 1 (integrated mirror - IM) with a second disk.

If you want a drive 2 TB with reliability and maximum compatibility, look something like this:


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    Hi laurak.

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    Kind regards


  • Storage maximum comments

    Hi, I need to create a linux guest, who will serve as a repository for some applications, the problem is that this repository will grow considerably in the future.

    From the reviews, I think to use LVM for volumes without increasing problems and using raw LUNS as physical volumes.

    I read maxima 3.5 esx configuration and found that the maximum size of comments SCSI disk is 2 TB, do you think I will have problems if I aggregate multiple LUNS (size < 2 to each) with LVM?

    Apparently it seems ok, I mean that each disk hard vm (lun believed in this case) will remain within the limits of maximum size for a comments SCSI drive.

    Thanks for any information

    Hi Tassleh0ff,

    Welcome to the forums.

    You are right: the only way to have a larger drive 2 TB is joining several virtual disks to a virtual machine and combine them with a software solution inside the guest. Ensure that if you lose a single virtual disk, you lose all you data (unless you also have a Raid solution in your software, but it consumes a lot of CPU and disk).

    Good luck.



  • HP SAS HBAS with IBM Storage and SAS SAN vs iSCSI SAN

    Hello, I am working on a project, and I have to add a SAN solution to my client infaestructure. My client already has a HP Server and we wanted to add another server, but an IBM one. I thought I'd add storage IBM (DS3200) that has two SAS interfaces. The problem is that the Distributor IBM says who does not know if the HP Server will be able to communicate with the SAS IBM storage. So, one possibility was to put on the server HP HP SAS HBA Controller. The second option is to put a SAS HBA Controller IBM. I think that the SAS is a standard, it doesn't matter what brand I use of HBA. Should not it works anyway?

    There is another option which adds instead of SAS one iSCSI storage. The problem is that I do not know the performance than the iSCSI storage. I want to put inside it's VM with Exchange Server (50 mailboxes), an ERP (for 50 users) with it's SQL Server, a computer file virtual, a virtual machine server with Active Directory.

    So, the questions are:

    1 - does anyone have experience with iSCSI storage to see if its performance if goog enough (I intend to use a dedicated to the iSCSI network gigabit switch)?

    2 does anyone know if I use different brands of servers (in this example an IBM and HP) with a SAS storage IBM? Who be it already done? The HP SAS HBA are compatible with the IBM iSCSI storage? IBM SAS HBA are compatible with HP servers?

    3. in the case of being able to do what I say to question 2, that do you suggest? Put a HP SAS HBA within the HP Server or upgrade an IBM SAS HBA inside HP Server?

    Of course the option I want to use is the addition of SAS IBM storage instead of using an iSCSI one, but I'm not sure of their compatibility between HP and IBM storage servers.

    Thanks in advance.

    In this case, the reason why I wouldn't use SAS is that your application requires this level of performance and the cost as not justified. You can configure iSCSI and direct savings in most important features such as snapshot, replication and dedup. If you were available to this solution with the DS3200 spend you 10K and that none of these features. Performance is very good, but you will find that the system is not yet warmed up with this load. The SAS Protocol can support high IO, but is not what provisions IO, is the number of disks and the RAID mode that defines your ability to e/s. I put 40 K terraced small IOPS / s on a single caching of 1 GB iSCSI target, so he can make the e/s. flow is not as high , but do you really need it. In the future you can profitable move to 10Gbe if you find insufficient bandwidth, which would be faster than the SAS 3 GB limit that is uneconomic to upgrade 3 + times.

    Kind regards


    vExpert 2009

  • H200A PERC. SAS and SATA. Simple 2 extra HARD drives raid. Possible?

    Research in the server rack dell R210 II.
    Added records 2 x 300 GB SAS with a PERC H200A raid controller.
    The other two empty drive bays im looking to transfer courses two SATA 2.5 "HARD disk drives. Ive read you can mix SATA and SAS drives, is this true?
    I have two options to the raid configuration:
    the raid controller would be able to support two raid 1 RAID. 1 for the SAS drives and the other for the two SATA drives?   Operating system can see two disks.
    He would support a raid 1 for hard 1 & 2 discs.  Then with disk HARD 3 & 4 show the HARD drive directly on the server.  OS sees thre readers.  The drive in question and two others.
    I tried the dell chat, but could not get anywhere, as the helpdesk agent does not seem to know that you can google some caddy and buy the caddy to adapt to discs with no carts.

    [murmur] I'm wrong :), but I think the H200 supported not RAID, so if left unconfigured, the disks will be seen by the operating system as the person/no RAID disks.  Also, if I am wrong not :), the H200 supports a maximum of 2 virtual drives, so would not work two 1-disk RAID 0 and a RAID 1 (in fact, it probably won't allow you to create a single drive RAID 0 in all). [/whisper] ' s%20Guide_en-us.pdf

    Sorry... I love you pc :)

  • RAID works using MD1200 r.620 and 6 GB/s SAS HBA?

    We have a r.620 with Dell SAS HBA already in which is attached to a tape of 124 t library.

    Just got a MD1200 and I plugged in the other port on the SAS HBA.  I can see the drives in Windows Disk Manager.  I can also see Open Manage, but there is no option to use RAID functions or create virtual discs.  Should there be?

    In fact, OpenManage said "Connector 0 (no RAID)" with regard to the SAS 6 GB/s HBA.   I searched online for drivers for this card that allow RAID and can not find.  Am, I watered?   How the RAID to work on the MD1200?

    Hello wardog25,

    For the MD1200 you use a PERC card because it will allow that you create a raid array. The SAS 6hba that is used for your 124 t isn't a raid card, so you will not be able to create a raid on this map. For a MD1200, we recommend that you use a PERC H800. Here is a link to the Guide of interoperability for the MD1200 & if you look at page 2, it lists the supported raid controllers. FTP://

    Here is a link to buy a PERC H800 if you need.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • "Maximum number of aliases reached record?

    One of our clients has a Content Server v6.0 build 3528.  It creates several alias for future growth record in the classes.  It has SIP off but becomes "Recording alias maximum reached" after creating a 23.  Aren't you able to create unlimited aliases with H323?

    Do not have the v6, but in the earlier version, you need to configure the TCS as 'Bridge' not 'Terminal' for this to work - I think that this would be the case in v6.x so.


    Please note the answers and score the questions as "answered" as appropriate.

  • Maximum size of storage for VDR

    Hi all

    I searched on the internet and on this site, and according to what I found, I want to clarify some things:

    Each Server vCenter can have 1 camera VDR branch above

    VDR can save up to 100 mV

    VDR can have a maximum of 2 de-deplication stores connected to it

    Each store deduplication can be of a maximum size of 1 TB

    On this basis, it is a fair assumption that I can have a space for backup storage maximum of 2 TB per vCenter using VDR?

    I ask because I need to implement a backup solution for nearly 100 VM and they employ about 2 TB of space.

    I have a 8TB available to store backups on NAS.

    However IF I can have only up to 2 TB of storage space and virtual machines could increase in the future to more than 2 TB in size, do I need to look at another form of backup (like VCB) has a growth future mind?

    Any suggestions or advice?



    a RESUME can support up to 10 devices vDR (not sure about vsphere 5)

    the other elements are correct, however you can expect a certain de-dup so the amount that can be stored in each destination depends on how much initial de-dup on the first pass of backup and well it turns later.

    I used it since beta and my device current back 6 VMS, (DC, monitor e-mail, exchange server 5 GB and a few others).  the destination disk is 150 GB and has stabilized at about 20 GB free after 6-8 months of continuous use.  The Unit indicates that no duplicate backup would be approximately 4.5PB (petabytes).

    After the initial backup pass written new only revenge will be a block not already represented in the destination, as well as a few catalog information.

    at a customer, I recently tested their file server about 500 GB, the first pass used about 187 GB of the destination that is a result good enough to de-dup.

    then he the old result "you mileage may vary."

    the current version is a little slow, so it can be difficult to fit everything in a backup window (you can spread their) without overloading the IO device.  the v2 it is supposed to be faster due to some changes, but he continues to get better with each new version.

    Thus, although it is not your and backup only for production it performs an additional backup very good plus works well as an image backup for a fast recovery of a virtual computer.  Recently, I had a SAN failure which eventually nuking all six servers.  using vDR restore I had them all back within 2-3 hours and fully functional without doing anything other than a restoration and powered on, all the domain and all the work 100% server even the domain controller.


  • ASUS P6T7 WS - SAS and SATA RAID-0 / boot

    I am trying to determine the optimal configuration of HD to better use
    the 2 x SAS and 6 x SATA connections on the motherboard P6T7.
    I intend to fill all 12 available bays 3.5 "in the Lian Li PC-A77F and want
    to control all devices SATA 12 of the Mo without the use of an expansion card.

    1. is it effective to use a x 4 SAS to SATA fanout cable to configure a
    equipped with four SATA RAID-0 drives on one SAS channel?

    2. is it effective to use a x 4 SAS to SATA fanout cable to connect one
    SATA boot drive drive 1 + + 2 optical drives on one SAS channel data?
    (I realize boot must be BIOS configured via the Marvell SAS host utility)

    3. should I stick to a plan 'a channel and a device' and use the add-on controller
    for the SATA device rest four bays?

    4. If the answer to ' 3 is in the affirmative, what is the best use of channels 2 x SAS if all the»
    There are SATA devices? (bootable disk. optical media, or just a single SATA drive)

    Thank you


    I don't think that it is possible to use this motherboard connector fan-out cable single to multiple disks disk

  • RAID 5 on 6 Pro question

    I have problems with my Pro 6. I was never able to get my Raid 5 storage for make sense. Is less than the correct figure of total storage? I thought that must be read higher than 10 TB.

    Am I missing something?

    Looks like you have reached the limit of extension of volume 8 TB.

    What drives and how many have been installed when you have finally done a factory reset (clear all data, settings, everything)?

  • Add the disk to the PERC H700 of RAID integrated table 5

    Hi all.

    I have currently a Dell PowerEdge R710 configured with 4 SAS - 2 10 146 k Seagate 2.5 "drives in a Perc h700 integrated Bay RAID-5. I ordered a SAS-2 10 146 k disk Seagate 2.5 "to add to the Bay RAID-5 storage, making it a 5-disc set. What is the best way to add the drive to the RAID-5 array without losing any data? I have OpenManage Server Admin on the server.

    OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 32 BIT

    You can use OMSA... go in storage, PERC, virtual disks and select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for your RAID 5.  This will add the disk to your RAID 5, then you will need to adjust the partitions in Windows once it is completed.

  • EqualLogic storage pools - fusion

    Hi all

    Hope someone can help with this quick query.

    I have 3 storage pools, all SAS RAID 10 with mulitple volumes on each. If I were to merge pools, what immediate action or it copy all volumes first? Think time really. I don't expect a time framework btw as you do not know my set up just if it takes time or its immediate.

    Thank you



    The change will be immediate.  However, space balancing will take time to complete.  Depending on the amount of data, speed and load on the group.

    Make sure that you do not exceed the limit of 1024 unique pool.

    Kind regards

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