RAM Mac pro 1.1 detects only not all after kernel panic


my mac pro 1.1, 2 x 3.0 Ghz quad core, ram 24 GB os x 1.7.5 just had a kernel panic and stop, after being on for 12 plus hours for most sitting idle. When I restarted the mac pro, now he is grateful only 12 GB of ram on a lift and another elevator shows empty, the DIMMs are installed in mounting a 4gb4gb2gb 2 GB, riser board b = 4gb4gb2gb2gb =, are all matched pairs. all the ram has been installed and functional for the 7-8 months without any problem. This is the first time my mac has never stop from a kernel by itself, panic and he never failed to see half of the ram before, in fact it worked great for quite some time so far. I don't know what is happening and I hope someone can help me get this figured out and find a solution to this problem, thanks in advance.



You have a RAM failure.

The Mac Pro features help Error correction Code RAM with hardware integrated with its Xeon processor. The Mac Pro 1.1 uses FBDIMM who get hot and do not have a long life expectancy. Work for 7-8 months does not work tomorrow.

The error correction is used aggressively at the start, and all DIMM found to have errors during the Power-On Self Test brief execution have their slots declared 'empty '. This isn't an anomaly, these modules DIMM turns out to be BAD.

If these modules DIMM is stickers from the seller, you can get replaced them under warranty of the seller.

The kernel panic, you met just might be part of the same problem. You can find the report and review it and post it if you want.

Mac OS X: how to connect to a kernel - Support Apple panic

RAM problems show themselves as control panic machine, nucleus, often detected by more than one processor at a time.

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    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

    Erik Qvam


    What is the version of the ASA? There is an existing bug that is fixed at 9.5 (2.6) and above.


    Rate if helps.


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    My Mac Pro 2009 gives me only a power button blinks when I try to turn it on. External drives turns on but not the computer or monitor. I tried holding down the power button to restart but I still get only a power button blinking and no departures. It is running IOS 10.8.5 and I use it mainly for recording and mixing of music. I use Digital Performer and, sometimes, ProTools. Nothing new has been installed recently.

    fans on, power button flashing says "not enough RAM that works correctly for starting up".

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    You can't do that. If you have a license for Windows, you can not use it on a Mac.

    In addition, Acrobat 9 is obsolete and is not compatible with any current operating system (including Windows 8, which is said by the way).

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    There is a new forum for download & install and installation issues


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  • Mac Pro 2.1 starts do not

    Hi all

    My old Mac Pro 2.1 (2007) worked ok until a month ago.  Then, he stopped starting.  It will be just off the phone with the gray screen at startup.

    So when I do the recovery with cmd + R powered mode, it displays a gray screen with a battery of short horizontal lines, and it will sit there for days.

    The Mac Pro has 8 MB of RAM, graphics card is Nvidia 7300 with 256 MB of video Ram and OS x version 10.4

    No idea what it could be? The test equipment with the OSX DVD shows no error on hardware.

    When I try to reinstall the os x, then it will keep showing a message "Please restart your computer by putting out", and it will just continue to do that.

    Forward your info, advice and help on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Budkor, it may be a bad graphics card. Align on any Apple for a free diagnosis. You will need to have the repair made to a FSAA (Apple authorized Service Provider) or Apple filing for lower prices. The AHT is not very reliable to find problems. Apple has much better proprietary software to diagnose your hardware.

  • Mac Pro end of 2013 will not launch apps. most mouse clicks are delayed to the point of making it unusable.

    Hello community,

    I have a problem with my Mac Pro end 2013. I bought it in August of 2014. It has always seemed to be a little weird, but I attributed this to the usual first generation bugs and not-so-stellar OSXs from the end. When it was available, I installed the latest update of El Capitan, 10.11.5,, and it seemed that Apple had finally deceived. Since the update, I enjoyed the use of my MP as much as other Macs I've owned over the years (a Performa, G3, G4, G5, several iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini - 14 in all).

    Yes, computer on my MP was nearlly nirvana, that is, until a few days ago. It started when my mouse became very unresponsive and I just thought he needed a couple of new batteries. I put fresh packaging as engergizers in, but it did not help. The slider was slow and jerky, and sometimes it is completely frozen. I paired a new mouse, also with new batteries, the Member and experienced the same thing. Basically, the mouse was unusable. The slider control would come and go at random. I do not think that to restart faster, (which surprises me, because, in the past, I had to do quite often to operate properly). But I restart, and it seemed to clear up the problem at the moment. This strange mouse behavior happened at least a dozen times since the beginning, but generally, it did not last long and lightens without rebooting. I noticed that often happens during Time Machine backups are in progress, or when another CPU-intense activity is happening.

    Unfortunately, it seems that this problem of mouse was a harbinger of things to come. Today, I started the MP of his sleep and clicked on Mail. Nothing happened. It confused me and left me puzzled for a while. I clicked on my browser, Google Chrome, and even once, nothing happened. I thought I should go in my applications folder and try to launch Mail from there to see if that would work. All the time that I did, I got a message window that says: "Cannot open the application"Mail.app"because it may be damaged or incomplete." Immediately after you read this, another window message, just like this one open and said the same thing for Google Chrome - "Unable to open," etc. Icons for Mail and Google Chrome in the doc are now passed to the application icon generic Apple, (the white sheet with the 'A' in the lower corner). Each application I click on since waking from sleep today gives me the same result. Nothing opens the application icon in the dock or the original file in the applications folder. Another very strange thing, it's clicking on a file opens the file in the application it is native. Strange, Yes, but I was able to open Google Chrome, clicking on a saved URL, and I open TextEdit by clicking on a saved TextEdit document. But the application does not open by clicking on its icon. I thought it was very unusual.

    With this weird behavior also come a slowdown in response time of the mouse and keyboard. It is so slow that it makes the work on the machine, for all practical purposes, impossible. It takes 20 or 30 seconds to register a click. But, adding to the quirkiness of everything that happens, once an application is open, like TextEdit, the mouse and the app seem to work almost as if nothing was when working within the App on the other hand, the responses to the mouse by trying to use the finder or open a file from the desktop are very slow. A note on this: when I first the computer woke up today and ran into problems, I tried to open the applications folder and when it finally opened, there is no list of applications. In near-panic mode, I immediately tried the folder my documents to see if my personal files were intact, but no they had also disappeared, or so it appeared. I discovered later, having left the files open on my desk for an hour or two, that files showed later upward. It was a great relief. But the icons on several applications from the applications folder had changed to the generic Apple icon, for some reason any. I rebooted into Recovery Mode, but he wasn't able to do anything there except performing first aid on the hard drive, which showed everything be ok. I didn't restore from a backup at this stage. I had another option to try everything first. Re-boot after that nothing changed.

    The option I mentioned was to try Disk Warrior on it. I ran the latest version and rebuilt on the hard drive, checked the material, and all that makes the software, I forgot. It took about 45 minutes to run. The result was that it showed some things which have been corrected, probably 8 or 10 items, any rang critics. I said a short prayer and restarted. Nothing has changed. Everything that I described before was exactly the same.

    Exasperated, I came here to see if it was what I could glean conversations that could help me. I have not found something really substantial to help me solve the problem, unfortunately. What I found was that I'm certainly not the only person who has experienced problems of 2013 end MP of catastrophic proportions. It is obvious that there is a serious problem with this Mac.

    For those who have had smooth sailing with them, be very happy. If I was. The question came out of the blue. Yesterday, I would have been there with you praise. I hope your luck tends and you never have to experience this level of frustration with a product. I mention this because some seem to dismiss the issue as flukey. But I must say, in all honesty, anyone denying the MP has a problem either whistling through the graveyard or they are so pro-Mac that they are not prepared to allow even a small flaw in the Apple armor. They are good people, but they are in denial. I know how easy it is to refuse to acknowledge the existence of even a slight stain on the first brand hand. I have fought wars of Mac - PC at the time where we didn't know what a Mac - but almost every designer in the country. We labeled Mac users quietly the balls also odd, unconventional and offbeat. But we knew we had the best product. We knew that when the rubber meets the road, in particular regarding graphics, we would spank a PC each time. The years 90, and even the first part of the century was a time when serious computer users aligned on one side of the road or the other, Mac or PC. A lot of animosity arose between the two camps, especially on the side of the Mac, because we were the underdogs, rather despised by the majority. We felt the need constantly to get our message to the number overwhelming dominate the PC users. It follows a sort of tacit animosity. And it became a proposal for a war similar to many Mac users, myself included. For people who lived in that time and have subsequently become more and more immersed in all things Mac, the war is raging on. This is the meaning behind my description of those who are "so pro-Mac". Again, it is easy to understand why this mentality still exists. It was not easy for us guys good back in the day. But it is now time for rational people watch mentality 'til-death-us-part and face the facts, which also means recognition of all prejudice deeply seated, illogical. This member is not good. There is a real possibility that it could be much worse than not well. Time will tell.

    On the side of those who are unwilling to admit there are problems, of course, the argument will be, given all the members sold, he's going to be a dud or two, it's just human nature to be less - than perfect. I accept that. For my money, however, after having lived what I have with my Congressman and to hear the facts given on this site by several owners of the MP - and the absurdity of the incredible problems they have known - that any rational thinker must know at least the idea that means that we deal with a lot more here than the occasional, inevitable dud.

    The bottom line is, my problems are not isolated. It is clear that Apple has a product that fails to a very rare rhythm of the brand. Once again, I have owned for a decade of Mac, all shapes and sizes, but I've never had anything that happens to one of them that comes close to this type of failure. How disappointing it is to me, who has worn the coat for Apple products for nearly 30 years.

    I doubt if there is something that everyone in the team of technical advisors here at the Community Board of Apple can do to help me with this problem. I'm not somehow devaluing at your service for Mac users. I certainly welcome any help you can offer. I know you have helped countless others to find solutions to the problems. But it's a little different for you now with this model of MP. Your best efforts seem to be a bit anemic on this topic. And it's not your fault. Apple isn't talking, then you are here on an island of yours, grasp at straws to try to help. I congratulate you on that, but nothing I've read has shed significant light on this which seems to be a mess of real, first Apple class - currently without a viable solution.

    Yet once again, I welcome any suggestions and thank you in advance to address even. I will definitely check here in the coming days to see if he has the answers.

    In my view, the prudent thing for me to do now is to make an appointment at my nearest store from Apple, an hour and a half and let them begin to set. I'm not too optimistic about a full success to resolve the issue during the first visit, based on the experiences of other contributors. And I rejoice in water and the lift back repeatedly to do things, as seems to be the rule rather than the exception. But in this regard, fortunately, I'm retired and now do occasional projects at low pressure. It's great to not have the MP to put food on the table like I did for many years using my trusty ol ' G5. I don't know what I would if I still ran my business full-time and depends on this MP. Small businesses rely on their equipment to work. The major failures, such as this MP seems to display with regularity can quickly put a small company out of business. This failure is not a walk in the park for me, but I really feel for those who invested heavily and who depend on every day, only to have this mucking things up, i.e., when it is not in the repair shop.

    Finally, I write my thoughts here to express my disappointment in commiseration with other owners of MP end 2013. These are users who were as delighted as I when Apple eventually replaced the G5 with this elegant, state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Like many others, I jumped directly into the train without reservation, and I paid their price without any reluctance. Plunking down to $4 k for it, adding on 27 "display Apple and then having to buy an external drive now makes me a feel a bit embarrassed, at best and, at worst, as an easy mark. The result is, I wasn't expecting this new MP to throw myself into a sort of computer euphoria, I expected just to work as it was announced. The only thing I added on and I thank God, I did it, was AppleCare. Before this saga is over, Apple will probably want that I had refused it.

    I have not read all what you posted but I think a clean installation, even to an external and test simply install would probably tell a different story. I think you did an installation "backup" probably from a backup of TC. I also think that Legacy Applications from a backup OS x and third-party would be not beneficial. Try it, see what improves.

  • Fusion on Mac Pro - dedicate a guest only NETWORK card (and have the OS ignore)

    As the subject says. Such a thing is possible?

    I don't know if I'm looking in all the wrong places, or just to ask the question properly.

    Here's what I was wondering:

    I have a Mac Pro with two network adapters. I want to use one for the host (OS X) and the other only for the guest OS. And using it for the guest OS, I want OS x to ignore it completely.

    If possible, how to apply such a facility?

    1 OS X > system preferences > network > Hardware icon > set order of Service

    • In the Service order worksheet, have the NIC priority placing the card NETWORK to use for the host at the top of the list, followed by the NETWORK card dedicated to the virtual machine, and then click OK.

    2 OS X > System Preferences > network

    • Select the card NETWORK dedicated to the virtual machine, and then to configure IPv4: stop selection, then click on apply.
    • Then to configure IPv4: check the DHCP with manual address.
    • Then for IP address: use a reserved address of to IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority () and then click on apply.  It's the range of addresses for the automatic private IP addressing, which normally would be affected if the NETWORK adapter does not have a connection but not to worry, it will be... only for the bridge of VMware which will be defined in the next step.

    3 target Virtual Machine settings > network adapter > Bridged Networking, select the NETWORK adapter chosen for the use of the dedicated virtual computer.

    • Now the Virtual Machine will acquire its network router for the LAN Host Configuration information, or you can assign an address appropriate static IP, mask, subnet, gateway and DNS server IP addresses in the configuration of NIC in the guest OS if you wish.

    Note: If this doesn't work for you, even if as described, it works for me, you may need to manually select to configure IPv4: and use a reserved in the meantime address previously mentioned with a subnet mask while providing the appropriate Host router LAN Gateway and IP addresses of the DNS servers.

    Another problem can occur if using a WiFi NIC dedicated to the virtual machine, some WiFi routers will not fill several IP addresses to the same MAC address.   If this is the case for you, then you will have to use wired Ethernet for NETWORK adapter dedicated to the virtual machine!

  • I lost all of my mac pro car (2007) and do not have an icon on the desktop or it appears in the finder. Help!

    I have 4 discs on my mac pro and just lost one of them.  He just disappeared from my office and does not appear in the finder.  How can I find?

    If you have restarted?

    You have released the HD sled and reinsert the sled?

    You have swapped the berries HD that the problem lies?

    -Does show in disk utility?

    -Does show in System Profiler under SATA/SATA Express?

    OS X: about system information and System Profiler - Apple Support


    Maybe he's dead.

  • ReadyBoost Windows 7 Pro 64 bit works only not with the reader flash 32 GB USB high speed...


    I did what I could find in support.microsoft.com search/read them all using ReadyBoost on my Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit, because he seemed much more cost-effective to install a properly sized USB key from the bombings of hundreds of dollars to replace and modernize the planks of installed RAM, I, 4x2Gb @ 1066

    My basic material is:

    Intel i7 920 CPU using Gigabyte EX58 - UD3R-MOBO with 8 GB of RAM installed 1066.

    According to the info I've read ReadyBoost, the ratio is 4:1 for the size of the Flash drive compared to installed RAM or, in my case, a 32 GB USB device.

    I had the OCZ Rally2 32 GB because it tested faster about 30 GB Read and 5 to 10 MB write.

    When I go to activate the USB 32 GB for ReadyBoost flash drive, I get the "impossible... to use this device to ReadyBoost...". "error message.


    1 knowing that my USB 32 GB current is at a speed of 31 GB read/6-10 MB write and can be replaced if necessary:

    a. y at - it a necessary range of recommended read/write speed?

    2. further, saying: the range of tested USB disk read/write speed are correct or I will get a correct drive 32 GB and with 8 GB of RAM currently installed.

    b is it? or what is the advantage in any computer processing speed using a 32 Gb USB flash drive when it is 8 GB of RAM installed (knowing that a replacement/upgrade RAM is off-budget for the foreseeable future)?

    Finally, I pass first OCZ support but received no conclusive answers.

    1st answer to yesterday 20:11

    Win7 is limited to 32 GB size by device for ReadyBoost. I've seen this problem before when the USB key is at the maximum limit. Never seen a work around so.

    AND, more interesting for me, 2nd answer:
    Today 02:37

    Few people I know with this problem that I've never heard of a solution. I don't know anyone who devoted a lot of effort as with 8 GB of memory system is not a necessity for ReadyBoost so they just moved.

    NOTE: The support guess I are underutilizing the 8 GB of RAM installed. In fact, due to the needs work I will typically have anywhere for applications and utilities operating at 20-35 someone time, using 4-6 GB of RAM at peak use.
    Ideas?  Suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Hi John,.

    A flash drive may appear to meet the requirements, but Windows may detects it not as compatible ReadyBoost if its rated speed measures sequential and random performance and performance is not always quick on the set of the flash player.

    Look for a note from the manufacturer that the flash player is Compatible Windows ReadyBoost. Not all manufacturers of this list on their packaging.

    You can check with another flash drive

    Answering your questions

    a. speed for Windows ReadyBoost requirements are at least 2.5 MB per second throughput for random readings of 4 kilobytes (KB) and 1.75 MB per second throughput for 512 k random entries.

    Using memory in your storage device to speed up your computer

    (Article is for Windows 7)

    b. ReadyBoost acts as a cache of HARD disc (hard drive) and is not a replacement for direct system memory. It will not improve processing speed, but will help the launch of faster applications and push background applications that serve much in memory reserved ReadyBoost.

    For more information, please visit the links below

    Turn ReadyBoost on or off for a storage device

    Using memory in your storage device to speed up your computer

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer


    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Mac pro black with cursor only screen


    For some reason any crazy Mac Pro started to behave strangely yesterday such as dock to the basic configuration reset. So decided to use Time Machine to reinstall a version prior to the problem. But in the end the mac wouldn't start the usual screen, just a completely black screen with a cursor mobile?

    Eventially decided to reinstall a new os El Capitan instead, hoping it will solve the problem, BUT once again the black screen persists! AArrgh... need help! At an expeanced of another that at all? Is there a solution?

    Help, please.

    Kind regards


    What model MBP is? One of these?

  • Mac Pro 4.1 - No. USB or bluetooth after El Capitan 10.11.3 updated

    I have an early 2009 Mac Pro 4.1 (2 x 2.93 GHz, 16 GB ram, 5870 1 GB GPU).  After the upgrade to 10.11.3, the bluetooth is indicating is not available and not picked upward by looking at system information.

    In addition, the USB ports do not work.  They will power the led lights on an external USB switch, but the keyboard and the wired mouse will not work (red under the mouse does not appear).  I tried the front and rear USB ports and none works.

    I can't get USB working on card PCI-E card USB3 I installed.  And this ONLY works if I start the computer and after loading in OSX, THEN connect the keyboard and mouse in.  If I have the keyboard and mouse connected at startup, it does not on the PCI-E USB port.

    I tried to turn off, turn the power to the cord, out of RAM and resetting, out all readers and back, leaving the computer and unplugged for an hour, then restart.  This does not solve the problem.

    I booted the Mac using OS x 10.9 Mavericks and everything works fine, the bluetooth functions properly and all the USB ports work fine.

    So I have the feeling that this is a problem with the 10.11.3 patch.  The system was fine in 10.11.2.

    Could someone please suggest how I can troubleshoot and resolve this problem so that I can use several USB ports and reconnect the bluetooth devices.

    Thank you!

    -Try resetting the memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC. It seems that already reset you the SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM

    -Try to start safe mode

    OS x: what is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

    -Start to recovery and repair the startup disk

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

    -If it is repairable reinstall the OSX

    How to reinstall OS X on your Mac - Apple Support

    -If you do not have a backup using disk utility to restore the internal drive to an external drive, so that you can try to recover the data.

    Format the boot disk and then do a fresh install of Mac OS x

    I have MP 2009 with 10.11.3 and have no problem

  • Windows XP, you see only not all files in Windows 7 shares

    I see an embarrassing problem that occur on two different sets of machines on different networks.  The initial symptom that led me to study was that software synchronization third laptop XP Pro SP3 computer a user has acted improperly, saying that some files in directories on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit computer were gone, but they really were.

    I traced the problem in several directories on the Windows 7 machine display incomplete content seen on the XP machine network.

    For purposes of explanation, //Desktop/Folder is a share on the Windows 7 computer, which has 167 files it contains.  If you open this share on a networked XP Pro computer, it shows only 140 files.

    For example, File1.doc and File2.doc are both in this shared directory on the Windows 7 computer.  However, on the XP machine, File1 does not appear in the directory.

    On the Windows 7 machine, File1.doc and File2.doc are identical regarding permissions and attributes.  The only differences are the size and creation date.  Look at the rest of the 27 "missing" files in this folder, the results are the same - I see no difference.  The files are not password-protected.

    I have reproduced this exact behavior with the same data on different machines with the same operating systems.  All machines are completely up to date with respect to updates.  There is no detected malware on any of them.  They are on the same workgroup.

    This change in behavior has happened apparently quite recently that the user had no problem with the synchronization software for laptop until last week.

    Can anyone suggest what could happen here?

    Thanks for your reply, Jonathan.

    I traced the problem to Avast (any flavor).  It turns out that it's a known problem, but not a single notice of too many people.  It is really so when you try to run the software of synchronization between two networked computers and directories that you synchronize are affected by the bug of Avast as the synchronization software performs a very detailed comparison.

    When I uninstalled Avast on the source (Windows 7) XP machine could see all the files in all the network shares.  When I reinstalled Avast, the problem returns.

    I have a ticket in Avast on this problem.

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  • Turn phone off but leave the WiFi on

    In order to save on the battery life I l'd like to turn off the phone and use only WiFi.  Airplane mode only seems to be able to extinguish both of these features.  Is it possible to disable only the phone?  THX

  • An invalid certificate has been declined. Jabber - Android

    I have - 9 CUCM and CUPS - 16 When I installed Jabber for Android version 10.6 everything was fine. When I upgraded Jabber by play store and I installed version 11.7 once I connect and I accept 2 times the certificates, I have

  • No sound when rendering video. Yes, I have audio selected.

    Why is it such a pain to restore anything out After Effects. I have an animation. I added audio in the file. But when I go try it in uncompressed AVI or Quicktime H.264 or any other format shit there is no sound, and before you suggest making sure I

  • Why my drawings are saved as PNG files and not as the vector files?

    Hi allI had Illustrator draw installed on my iPhone 6 for well over a month now and no can't operate the way it is supposed to work. According to Adobe, the designs, we create on Illustrator draw are supposed to convert into vectors on their own a ti

  • What to do with older versions of Adobe

    I recently upgraded to Adobe and wonder if I should remove the previous versions from adobe?When you update Java, they also provide you with instructions to remove all older versions, so I was wondering if the same thing with Adobe?Thank you!Manual