Re: Blue screen on Tecra R850-1HU install Win XP Recovery disk


I have a Tecra R850-1HU that comes with windows 7 pro

I stopped the media recovery for win xp

The installation is correctly with xp and when I reboot, I see the logo win xp for 1 second and then screen (0x0000007B) Blue

I try safemode... nothing works

I have load mini windows xp from a cd and I see all the files on the hard disk from the cd of recovery if it s installed

I try to put the bios sata to ahci or compatible with the same problem

I try many times with the same problem on a different machine with the same problem

The laptop is returned to Toshiba (they have installed win xp from an original cd of microsoft, so I need activation, and I have to do this on 20 computers laptops and good course that no, the toshiba cd creator app, win the dvd...)

I contact toshiba, I'm not sure that they understand what I want, I got a new dvd of restoration with the same problem

Anyone has a solution I would be very happy

Maybe something to change in the bios but I don't know what?

Thanks for any help


In General original Toshiba recovery image is tested and should work properly on certain model of laptop. If there is a problem with recovery original you should clarify this with Toshiba directly.
As far as I know the BIOS should be set to default settings and nothing should be changed in the BIOS settings when you want to use the recovery image.

All I can imagine is that there is something wrong in the image itself. In the past, I had a similar problem with old Portege 2000.

Is done: If you want to use the original image you must clarify this with Toshiba. Toshiba must offer good job recovery image. If you want to use own WXP then you must purchase the license for this. Toshiba has nothing to do with the activation of the OS.
(> I have to do this on 20 computers, laptops and of course not, the toshiba cd soft > creator, win the dvd...)
How to understand this?
You want to buy a recovery disk and install it on 20 laptop computers Tecra absolutely identical?

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  • Blue screen on Tecra R850-147


    A few times I got BS, I quess ATI graphics card.
    I take a screen shot, please take a look and tell me what happens. [ |]

    you are preety cool. Send a screenshot and want to have the answer to your problem, but without any relevant information in your ad.

    For example, it will be interesting to know what operating system you are using.
    Are you using the original OS that you got with your laptop?

    When the BSOD is indicated? The stat-up or later, when the operating system is loaded?
    Have you tried to do something about it?

    A few sentences more this topic can be very useful.

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    Get blue screen.  Reinstalled by the use of the recovery.  Install IE6.  Tried to re - install IE8.  Does not accept.  The installation of SP3.  However, restart blue screen causes.  Able to install IE8.  Installed without windows updates.  I tried windows update on leOutilsmenu.  Cannot display the page.  Error #0x8007043C.  Expect the blue screen on the next reboot.  What should do?

    Hi Steve,.

    First of all, you seem to be under the misconception that a response is a response. On ths forum, an answer is an answer if it solves your problem. In this case I clearly have not solved your problem, and you should review my answers to "uncheck" them.

    IE6 does not work with this forum, and forum owners do not seem to appreciate how much of a problem, it's for people to re-setup of XP. I doubt they'll do something, even if they are aware of this gap.

    Go to your real problem, you can try Microsoft's solution for the HP patch...

    Please let us know how you go.


  • Blue screen on Tecra A9


    I just bought a Tecra A9... which were pre-installed with Vista. For three weeks, I kept minimum software on this subject...


    and it blue screened on me about 4 times a day. EditPlus (a text editor) would also frequently crash... apparently when using the touchpad.

    I then moved to XP. Same thing.

    Toshiba has graciously replaced the laptop for me... I now have a new one with XP on it... and it's blue-screening on me 4 or 5 times a day.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these accidents? Or where I would start looking?

    See you soon


    The BSOD appears usually due to a hardware problem or a software error that serious (compatibility issues).

    I think that in your case, the issue could be related to software because the laptop has been replaced and it happens again.

    You should check if the same BSOD will appear using the preinstalled image of Toshiba.
    Don t install all applications 3rd but use ONLY factory from Toshiba.
    So let's run the laptop for several hours and test.

    If a BSOD is not then your installed 3rd party causes programs that issue!

  • Re: Blue screen in Tecra A10 during installation of Windows XP

    Hello world

    I try to install XP in a Tecra A10 and I get the blue screen of death each time I try. It's all beautiful download initially, but when it goes to 'Windows Installer', then the blue screen appears. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    I imagine that you didn t include the SATA drivers for Win XP operating system.
    The new models of laptop computers supports the SATA HDD controller and a SATA drivers are required to properly install the Win XP or Vista.

    The SATA drivers are part of the Intel Storage Manager which is on the European driver Toshiba page.

    I recommend the snatch and read some threads here in the forum about the SATA and Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers

  • Satellite C650 - blue screen when you try to install XP


    For a kind of werid reason my disappeard just win 7 and now I try to install Xp.

    And suddenly, when the facility is good on start, I get blue screen.

    -Does anyone know why I get the blue screen and a possible solution to this problem.

    PS: The XP cd is not bought at Toshiba

    Can you please tell us which drive do you use? Is it perhaps original disc of Microsoft?
    Service pack?
    What is defined in the Advanced BIOS for compatibility, AHCI or SATA option?

    Give us more information please?
    The exact model name and model number can also be useful.

  • Blue screen when you try to install Windows XP Home Edition on Satellite L350D-11 has

    When I try to install Windows XP Home (including SP3) on my new L350D-11 has a blue screen after loading the drivers.
    When booting with Kubuntu Live CD (8.x) appears an error message: / sbin/modprobe out anomalous.

    At least I need Windows XP because of some programs that do not work under Vista. Is it possible to install XP?


    Hmm I think the BSOD appears because you didn t add SATA drivers in the Win XP operating system.

    However, you can try to install Win XP on your laptop without the use of the SATA driver, but you can change the SATA AHCI in the BIOS in compatible mode.

    Check it out!

  • the pc switches work and I get a blue screen when the driver is installed


    I have re-installed windows xp pro several times and everythong is going fine until I install the drivers from the disk. pc switches work and I get a blue screen with a RECOVERED FROM A GRAVE... message. I also have a xp(not professional) of windows disk, it works with the drivers, but the pc doesn't seem to work as well. I want to run xp pro version, that's why I bought it. Help, please.

    It makes no difference, what version of Windows XP, you install, it will make no difference to his execution, or use. (with the exception of you want to join a domain)

    If your PC boot after installing winxp pro, visit your PC manufacturers site, or the site of the motherboard and to get the latest drivers for Windows XP a go from there

  • Windows vista 64 goes to a blue screen after reboot of an installed its own.

    I have a motherboard Digital of EVGA790I and he gave adjustments to windows. The BIOS recognizes the hardware installed, but windows has had many problems with the recognition of the hard drive.  To get an operating system on the system, the only thing that install windows was Vista 32 bit on an Eide drive. He did not find the sata drive and I was able to install vista64 as expected. I tried 3 times to install vista 64 to go to blue screen of death just after the system reboots to finalize. The blue screen said problems with removable hardware.  As I said earlier, finally, I tried the 32 bit version of vista and it went right in. I would really some ideas for installing the 64-bit version. An OS 32 bit and 8 GB of memory is not a very satisfactory combination. I checked with EVGA and I have the latest version of the BIOS.


    I thought it could be this old problem when installing 64-bit if you use more than 2GBs of RAM with some motherboards.

    This link seems to confirm this thought with your special mother of the other experience.

    See if that solves it.

    And Windows Update wiill not does not download options for 64-bit Vista SP1 or Vista 32 bit (x 86). at the end of Support if you don't have it.

    Here is the link to direct download for Vista 64-bit SP1

    See you soon.

  • Blue screen with the error code and I have no disk recovery for HP Pavilion dv6-1260se

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1260se with operating system Vista factory installed. When you start the computer, I get a blue screen with this error message: STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}.

    The verification of a KnownDLL failed.  process ended unexpectedly with system

    a status of 0 x 0000221 (0x007fb9c0 0x00000000).

    The system has been shut down.

    I don't have a recovery disc for this computer.  I tried to order them, but they seem to not be available.  It is my daughter's computer.  She said she started having problems after you download Frost Wire (music sharing), and then she took.  We tried to go back to a bygone era and that did not help and then the blue screen with error message appeared. What should I do now?

    Hi Yprlvr

    It is not possible to download records from the web site, but you can order and they will send you the discs for you.  If you can get another option using F11 to work and get the restored system this way, you can make your own recovery disks (assuming that you have not already done on this PC, what a game can be made by PC).


  • Adding RAM causes freeze or blue screen. RAM works well with Win XP

    I upgraded from Win XP to Win 7.  I had problems with the installation so I removed all non-essential equipment and was able to complete the installation.  When I add more RAM, I had emoved (two DIMMs of 512 MB) to the current 1 GB DIMM, Win 7 either freezes or I get a blue screen after boot up (it does not boot up to the desktop computer).  Even RAM works very well with my old XP OS (I did a disk clone before moving to Win 7).  The card motherboard BIOS is up to date (according to eSupport) and DIMMs are the same characteristics (a 1 GB DIMM and two 512 MB DIMMS for a total of 2 GB).  Windows 7 works very well with just the 1 GB DIMM in memory 1 of 3 location, but any combination of causes freeze or blue screen.  Is there something on the way Windows 7 manages RAM which is causing the problem?  If so, is there something I can do to solve the problem?

    try running Memtest86 +, which runs from a floppy disk or CD and should eliminate or
    confirm whether your one or more of your sticks of memory are bad or the values of the SPD in the BIOS are correct.
    Let it run for as long as you can: 2,4,6,8 or several hours, so no errors at that time then your ram is OK.

  • Re-install Vista with recovery disks

    How to re - install Windows Vista using my recovery disks.  What I've done so far is to ensure that I backed up the data.  When I insert the recovery disc #1 I can't run this program.  I right click and my options are not applicable to the tasks.  Can you help me?


    Make sure you only set the CD/DVD drive to be 1st in the boot order

    to boot from the dvd drive to be able to you will see a way to get into the bios Setup at the bottom of the screen or command menu start

    It would be F2 or delete etc to enter the BIOS or F12 etc. for the start menu

    Change boot order it do dvd drive 1st in the boot order

    start from the 1st disc and then follow the auto builders invites you to reinstall vista


    If you have any other problems with it;

    If you have problems with the process of recovery of manufacturers, contact the manufacturer for assistance

    It's their recovery process not microsofts

  • G20-114: Re-install operating system recovery disks

    I have a 114 G20 with two drives hard sata 100 GB and recently reinstalled my operating system. The way I put in place, it is that I have XP MCE and all programs on a drive (drive C) and all my documents and given the other drive (drive D).

    Reasonably enough is for that if I need to re - install the OS I can keep my data on my D drive and reformat and recover on the C drive. However, in practice I couldn't do this job.

    To use my data while reformatting, I had removed the D drive and plugged into another PC. Try now that you want recovery disks would not begin their process with a single disk in the machine. The recovery work that once I had replaced the second disc in the machine.

    In addition, once begun, she insisted on the restructuring of the two drives before reloading the OS, despite me setting the raid option to two independent hard drives. Fortunately, my natural recovery disks distrust had caused me back up my drive D on an external drive, so I do not lose anything, but I would prefer not to have to do it again if I ever re - install Windows from scratch, as it seems to defeat point of two drives and keep the applications and separate data.

    I'm guessing that it is something else, that I was wrong or that it is necessary to have both drives up something to do with the process requirements raid as part of the recovery.

    So someone could tell me if it is possible to perform a recovery with a single disk in-situ, or without recovery wiping both discs and if so, how.

    Thank you very much.


    Well, I think that it s because of the RAID drivers on the Toshiba Recovery CD. This CD is designed for use with two hard drives.
    If you want to use the Toshiba Recovery CD so that the two HARD drive must be placed in the unit.

  • Satellite A660 - custom install from the recovery disk

    I like my windows costs. I do not have programs that I don't really need. I tried to uninstall some of them, but they always leave unexpected pieces behind them. So is there a way to stop the factory reset on A660 before installing drivers and other software. So I can install the readers updated and the programs I want to.

    I noticed that I can leave the program that installs Windows regarding the Office when using ctrl-alt-delete. Thing is that it will start again once the computer restarts then I have to remove this program from loading at the beginning upward. Can anyone share ideas?

    I would be really nice if Toshiba allows us to decide what kind of programs that we have in our computer.

    Satellite A660 97u model. Windows 7.


    I put t think its bloatware. It s tools can you FN keys, webcam, etc. Laptop with a lot of material requires a lot of drivers and software. In addition, you also get a large number of tools that makes computing easier, like Toshiba Bulletin Board software, burning, etc.
    If you remove it n don't like this software, but it s kind of Toshiba to deliver these software with laptops.

    But to answer your question: custom installation is not possible because the recovery disk contains a ready image of factory settings, no single file.
    This is why you must use a Microsoft disc.

  • Windows 7 installed on my recovery disk - can I remove it?

    HI - Windows 7 settled on my recovery disc and left intact the Windows Vista. There is not enough space on the recovery disk to install the updates. So... is it safe to delete all my recovery disc and start? I don't want to do is to find I deleted versions, of course. (I assume that Vista is on my C drive, but how can I be sure?)


    Assuming that the C:\ drive still has Windows Vista installed. You can start on Windows Vista and format the drive D:\, who has installed Windows 7. Then, you can start a new installation of Windows 7. In this case, if you try to install Windows 7 without formatting the drive D:\, will give you an option to select the operating system you want to start with, because there will be multiple operating systems installed on two discs.

    During the installation of Windows 7, make sure that you select the right drive on which you want to install the operating system.

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards
    Clement Kumar.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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