Re: Cannot use map Intel 4965 WIFI Satellite L500


I have a Satellite L500-12N and I changed the standard WLAN for an Intel 4965, but my wireless stop job. None before the light is led. BIOS of wireless communication settings is on. In Device Manager it seems to set up correctly with no errors. FN + F8 does not help

Can someone help me?
Thank you

What happen when you use the FN + F8 key combination?
Is option ON / OFF available?

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    Why my blackberry pearl 9105 cannot use maps or GPS system...? Please help me...

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Do you have a data plan with your carrier? A WI - FI connection is not sufficient.

    Thank you


  • Satellite L500-1WR - cannot use new Intel WiFi card


    Purchase card Intel WiFi Link 1000 (112BNHMW) Mini PCI-E. Installed in place of the stock of Realtek. Windows has found the new device, I downloaded and installed the latest Intel driver (Windows 7 64-bit). But the Wi - Fi card does not see any wifi network (G ~ 12 networks and N = 1 networks around me), trying to troubleshoot-made the question by troubleshooting of Windows GET the message "on this computer's wireless capability is turned off" However the WIFI is enabled in the BIOS and the orange LED is lighting. I downloaded the utility of wireless control of intel, the Swith WiFI possible software option is just disabled (grayed out in the menu)

    Laptop is locked for use only Realtek RTL8187SE? Or Intel does not support some "physical interfaces" to turn it on?
    Is there a list of WiFI N Mini PCI-E adapters compatible with this laptop?

    Thank you


    The question is why you have installed another wireless network card? In my opinion, it is not logical because the preinstalled Realtek card is tested with your laptop and works correctly. In addition there is no difference between the wireless network cards

    If the wireless network adapter is enabled, press the FN + F8 key combination. This can enable/disable the WLAN functionality.

  • Cannot use wireless LAN with my Satellite Pro A100

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-830

    Can not use the Wi - Fi connection. When you use "Free Config" to find peripheral wireless the popup "this connection is controlled by other software. I don't know what that means and what software controls the connection. I have other laptop which is duly connected by wireless. I'm ok with wired connection.

    I don't know much about the technical aspects and therefore ask for help so any reader can.
    Thank you

    > Can't use the Wi - Fi connection. When you use "Free Config" to find peripheral wireless the popup "this connection is controlled by other software.

    You may not use the ConfigFree for configuring Wlan but own Vista configuration options or the WLan configuration tool like Atheros Clint Utility or Intel ProSet utility. It depends on the WLan card which utility can be used.
    Card Intel-> Intel ProSet utility; Card Atheros WLan-> Atheros Clint Utility

    I guess the message + this connection is controlled by other software + appears because one of the above options controls the WLan.

  • BlackBerry smartphone Bold 9780 cannot use BB browser when wifi connected

    I recently started using a new BB Bold 9780 (BB6).

    It of a beautiful phone... and navigates very well with GPRS / 3G.

    However, if I turn on wifi, (connected to my home wireless router) the browser does not at all.

    "Cannot find the requested server.

    I have a Netgear router and it is very good for other devices.

    BB 9780 wifi session is set to WPA

    I have a dataplan with Virgin.

    I conclude that the wifi does not work and it would be very disappointing... and sounds weird!

    When all sales representatives say that he is an active wifi device.

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks?

    I was wondering if Opera 5.1 might help - but the opera died when I tried to launch it!

    Thank you very much


    Well, I finally fixed it.

    My BB was not able to connect to my Netgear router, but it could connect with happiness with the wifi of my neighbor.

    I turned off the WMM security setting on my Netgear router advanced setting Panel.

    Bing, the BB is now wifi.


  • Cannot use the webcam on my Satellite A300


    I installed Windows 7 Home premium in my laptop (windows Vista there) and since I can't use my webcam.

    It does not appear in Device Manager and I have install and uninstall the drivers of many times but whenever I see the message that says that the camera is either disconnected or destroyed and restart the computer or the camera.

    Is there a way to fix this?
    Thanks in advance...

    My laptop is Satellite A300-20W with PSAGCE-09N00DGE model number and the serial number 29353297Q

    I have the Satellite A300 too with two hard drives inside. Second I ve installed Win7 32 bit and the webcam works perfectly so I m just really wondering what the problem may be.

    You are 100% sure that the webcam works properly with the original Vista recovery image?

  • Re: Cannot use remote control with my Satellite P20

    I just got hold of a PSP20E and the remote control (2 of them) does not work, the light blinks but that's all. When I try to set up in the Media Center settings, I get the message unable to detect the remote sensor.

    I was told by the previous owner it was working, the only thing I've done is to adapt to a new DVD (TEAC DV-W28E) player and loads of recommended Windows updates. The BIOS version is 1.6 and I'm under Win XP MCE (sp2). Any ideas would be welcome.
    Either by the way, I write a BIOS updated on a CD, or do I have to buy a floppy drive?

    Hello, Alan

    I used Satellite P20 over 2 years and I never noticed any problem with the small remote control. I guess you bought second-hand laptop and in my opinion, the first things you need to do is install the OS via recovery CD.

    When the laptop to factory settings, you must test the operation of the equipment, in particular the use remote control. Recovery image is designed so that everything should work. If this isn't the case, it may be just because of a malfunction of the equipment. As I've already said I used this laptop long enough and never noticed any problems.

    To be honest I didn t make updates because the BONE was very well set up. As I said, you can test it with recovery image.

    The BIOS update you need floppy drive.

  • Cannot use the webcam on my Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 series.

    My warranty (with clips) runs out on August 7. I had probs with my webcam since I bought this laptop two years ago. I keep says it's a matter of 'software' and not covered by the warranty. I did everything what I said to do... reformatted the hard drive three times, etc., etc. In any case... I use only this laptop when I go... I checked the other day and that's the problem, now, I recovered it. It works, I can see on the webcam, but no one can see me.

    I get this message that says "turn on camera"... but there is no way to turn it on and just what I do does not work. Is it not now a HARDWARE problem, with a built-in webcam If the camera does not illuminate? So it seems Staples should look like it. I'm back this week for another chance with them.

    But does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Try this

    * Download driver Chicony Webcam drivers from Toshiba Web site section was updated. If you can't find an updated driver, try a new driver of another model of Toshiba.
    * Install the Service Pack 1 of Vista, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1)
    * Update your e-mail software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc...)
    * If you have another program that can use the webcam (e.g. Skype), make sure that they are completely closed and not, sitting in the system tray.
    * Try to close the bar Assistant camera on the left side of the office.
    * To stop the Camera Assistant software from running at startup, run Regedit and delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Camera Assistant Software".

    If it still does not work, then get an ASP to fix it.

  • Cannot use MemoryStick pro duo with Satellite M35x


    I can't insert a "memory stick pro duo" card of a digital camera in my Toshiba Satellite m35x.

    Single stick memory slips inside the slot "bridge media" and does not lock at all (I used actually curved tweezers to extract it back).

    It seems that the 'bridge of the media' slot is too large for the memory card.

    I read the user guide and the procedure seems simple.

    What evil?

    I think the question is:

    Is the Satellite M35X supports the memory stick pro duo?

    I put t think so buddy.

    Check your user manual that must be preinstalled on your laptop to make sure which cards are compatible with one whose cards are not supported!

    If the memory stick duo pro is not supported by the internal card slot then you should choose an external external solution as a USB card reader.

    Good bye

  • Cannot use Recovery for my laptop Satellite A series


    I have a series of satellites A. Recently, it started to freeze on the boot process and I could get in mode Safe Mode command.
    Now, I can't even reach that point.

    When I get the F8, the only options I get are Startup Repair which freezes and on normal startup, I get an unmountable volume error.
    I tried to last good Config known with no luck. Memory Diags reveal no error.

    Now, when I use the drive recovery process begins very well, gets past step "Windows loading files. No scrolling screen of the Microsoft logo.
    When I get to the dark blank screen with arrow, he never leaves the screen and moves to the next step.
    How long should I wait to reach the next screen or not?

    Now, I understand that it is possible to boot and do Startup Repair starting from a Vista DVD.
    Where to get or make one of these? I use a desktop Windows 98 computer to submit this.

    At the very least, how do my files to be able to save them in case I need to reinstall Vista?

    All advice appreciated!


    To me, it sounds like a defective HARD drive, maybe. You said that you have tested the RAM, what program did you use?
    I can recommend Memtest86 and HARD drive, you should test using the fitness Test drive as Akuma said. I have good experiences with these two test tools.

    For the moment, you can back up your files if you put the HARD drive into an external HARD drive enclosure. I put t know what Satellite phone you have exactly, but the external HARD disk enclosure must have a SATA or IDE connector and should be compatible laptop HDD s (2.5).
    Then you can save your files to another laptop or PC.

  • Cannot use recovery DVD with my Satellite Pro A300D

    When I arrived at my laptop set up the way I like it, and I created a recovery disk which took the 2 DVD s.
    Then Vista started to slow down a lot so I decided to use the disc and everything started to go well then he asked for two drive and it came with an error message saying that the file was missing to complete the Setup program couldn't t.

    So now I can t get in the menu to restore it to the State when I had and the disks that I don t work.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello buddy

    It is badly located now. Please try to do it once more.
    If the same thing happen there is nothing you can do. I'm not an expert for this kind of thing, but I noticed the image recovery recovery DVD will be copied to the HARD second partition disk) first and then the installation of recovery will go from there.

    If the adaptation procedure is not done on the recovery of end procedure cannot be started.
    Sorry buddy. In my opinion, you can try to contact the nearest authorized maintainer and explain the situation. Take the DVD created as evidence and maybe they will order new media for free.

    Good luck!

  • Cannot use Bluetooth USB Dongle with Satellite P100

    A few months ago, I bought a dongle Bluetooth USB of Marks & Spencers. He says it's a Bluetooth 2 product. When I put the dongle into the USB port I can see no problem with drivers & Bluetooth in my device manager but I am still not able to see Bluetooth anywhere else on the computer and my phone is unable to find t.

    I was not able to load the software which accompanies it as sound does not seem compatible with windows vista. My laptop is Satellite P100 - 160.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong & what do?

    Thank you.

    You must have at least version 5 of the Bluetooth stack in oder to use it with Vista. Please check your site to sellers of laptop computer for her.

  • Cannot use option watch on my Satellite Pro P200


    I installed XP SP2 on my P200, but he can't go to sleep mode, it says something about a control of parity RAM or something?
    What can be wrong?

    Standby under Vista works fine.

    * Bad operation of the equipment *.
    * Call your provider of equipment for the support
    * nmi: parity check / memory parity error *.
    * The system stopped *.

    Have you updated BIOS version taken WXP supported (5.20)?
    You have installed all the drivers for Windows XP Home edition?

    When you go to START > Shut down option the Standby button is dimmed?
    Explain how you try to use turn on watch and what exactly happens?

  • Cannot use the S-video on Satellite A100-906 Vista port

    I can't switch to s-video, as I installed windows Vista and I do not know why.
    I downloaded all the drivers for Vista, but nothing. When I have my original WXP everything. My win vista is an original version, and I don't know what to do.

    Please can someone help me?
    Please send me the solution?

    First of all, it would be necessary to know what laptop you have.

    Second, you should check the options in the properties of the graphics card that could help to activate the external TV output.

    Also the use of the FN + F5 key combination should help to switch to the external display!

  • Cannot use Recovery CD XP for Satellite M70 168


    I can't install XP Home with Toshiba Recovery CD for my m70-168.
    I did two years ago, but now it is impossible.

    I followed the instructions of the user manual. Initially, the system displays the loaded modules followed by a recovery utility menu
    There are 3 options 1-Normal 2 - custom installation - 9 altogether. But it is impossible to select one of them.
    CTRL-Alt-Del works only, then windows starts normally. Since the last restoration, memory has been upgrded to 2 GB.

    I have the same problem using my restore CD backup copy.

    Thanks for your help


    Hmm sounds really weird I mean if the copy of the recovery disk is not working too, I doubt that this could be a problem of recovery disk. But nothing is impossible
    Are you sure that your HARD drive is completely OK?

    Have you tried to install Win XP using the Microsoft CD clean Windows XP?
    Maybe you should check to ensure that the problem is not related to floppy disks to install.

    Return to your recovery disk; As far as I know it of not possible to order a new recovery disk because this laptop model is discontinued
    So you will need to use a disc of Microsoft

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