Re: Convert please LabVIEW 14 to 13

Please convert from 2014 to 2013


You can go there.

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  • You are given any format.can file text file will be converted in labview


    is that we can convert any file format (pdf, .doc, etc.) in a textfile using labview? I will be grateful if you give me the answer

    Hello vamsi v.

    If you know the file format, you can write a converter with LabVIEW. For the doc format, you can use ActiveX to read the content. There was also a support of ActiveX for pdf.

    It will be useful.


  • Convert a LabVIEW VI please

    Hi guys,.

    I hope that the day is going well! One of you that has LabVIEW 6.0 at the 8.2.1, please compile can the attached VI and post back? I need to open the VI in 2009. Thank you!

    Here is version 8.2. (Of course I don't of the subVIs.)

  • Need to convert a LabVIEW 8.2 in 7.1 vi

    In my view, that it is a sample program to a usb temperature monitor. Unfortunately I have LabVIEW 7.1, so I can not open the file. Anyone can convert it for me?

    Try this.  I don't have the .dll file, so there may be connection problems.  I also cleaned the block schema because whoever did this has used these structures horrible stacked sequence.

  • FM converter in LabView. How?

    Hello OR developers!

    I have the sound in frequency modulation (FM) signal with frequency 1000 Hz and 20 Hz, frequency of the signal message. I want the downconvert FM frequency at 200 Hz. I searched through the forum and google and not a nothing found where would at least algorithms, or mathematical equations. How to downconvert FM signal?

    The goal is declining by signal converted to low frequencies where it is easier to the noise filter.

    Thank you in advance!

    It is the solution of my problem. A digital Down-Converter example of FM Signal. Note: That any other signals can be resized too.

  • I would like to convert a Labview 5.1 vi into a Labview 8.6.1 vi

    The vi's drivers for a PCI based receiver RF called winradio card.  The library is accessible here:  I thank you for your time and any service, you can provide.

    Andy P.

    Hi Andy,.

    Have fun...

  • How to convert the file with VI for LabView .lib to CVI?


    I have the .lib file for my lock in the amplifier. The lib file is written for labView and already contains a visual interface (like ActiveX). The point is that I need this file for programming in CVI (8.5). How can I convert a LabView ICB .lib?

    Thank you.


    You said that you had a .lib file and in fact you have an llb file. There is a huge difference between an "i" (eye) and a 'l' (ell).

    There is a LabVIEW Instrument Driver Export Wizard but it's only for new pilots of project lifestyle and you need LabVIEW. There is no other way to convert a LabVIEW driver to a driver of the CVI. If the LabVIEW driver uses methods and properties of the ActiveX, you will need to write the same thing in CVI.

  • How to convert labview projects in the class diagram


    I don't know if this option exsit in labview, but if she does will really help.

    How can I convert a labview in class diagram project?


    Your windows to the Project Explorer, select the view menu and go to the "hierarchy of LabVIEW classes. This will then show you a diagram of your classes and their dependencies.

    Kind regards

  • Convert a name cluster Labview Teststand container name

    Hi all

    I realized that day that there is no way to convert a Labview

    cluster in a container of Teststand and vice versa. So I'm currently

    work on a cluster/container recursive parser that would be

    rebuild the structure of mirroring in variant/PropertyObject

    tree. For this I use the following table:

    The problam I am now facing is to convert the name of each

    ELEMENT by its name to stay compatible with the

    the structure of mirroring. That's why no space or special characters

    to follow the naming convention Teststand. You can

    See what happens when you create a custom data Teststand

    Type a connector for Labview.

    So, is there a VI that do the trick, or am I still pruposed to do

    Everything by hand? Thanks for your comments. Even the one who

    will not make me happy.

    David Koch

    Abandoned project, topic closed:

    David Koch

  • Can I convert a Lookout app in a labview application?

    We are thinkig here seriously for migrating to Labview. There is a complex application with Lookout 6.0 we want to convert a labview application. Having good Labview, is there a way to compile, open and save or convert enforcement Lookout in Laview application?

    Excuse my ignorance on the matter.

    Best regrads.


    Hi rudy,.

    The research forums very oftn gives an answer:

  • can someone help me to convert the code in labview 5.1 in labview 8.5

    Hi, can someone help me to convert attached labview V 5.1 VI into a labview 8.5 VI?

    Thanks in advance.


    Here you go

  • can I convert labview in hex file project file?

    friends I want to convert the labview project folder in the hex file, there is no way to do this?

    Yes just to read the file as a string and display it in a text set to hexadecimal display indicator.


  • Circuit of Simulink connection to the controller of LABview

    I try to use my LABview VI to control the switches in a Simulink model. I do not know how to accomplish this task, but right now I'm trying to establish a connection between the two.
    I have 2015 LABview and MATLAB 2011.
    After googling how to connect a LabVIEW Simulink model, I found the following:

    1 using the model Interface tool (MIT)

    2. using controls and Simulation tools to convert a LABVIEW Simulation Model

    1. I downloaded MIT and Veristrand and followed the steps in this link:
    But I do not know where to go to from there.  Most of the tutorials I found using the SIT

    2. the Simulink components are not recognized in LABVIEW and are just empty boxes.

    Question: What is the best way to connect with LABview Simulink model?


    This seems closely related to it.

    The two methods can be used, but both methods require some considerations.

    For the model interface Toolkit, you need to mind what are the features you use. Please take a look at this.

    «In the Simulink software, you can convert models that use only a Solver step-size ordinary differential equation (ODE) in compiled templates fixed.» In addition, you must disable data logging in the application of Simulink software. »

    Please refer to the following as well.

    (the same that I linked above)

    (is the one you linked, I just want to bring the model must be a dll to work with the model Interface Toolkit)

    (the message mentions the 'SIT', that is not the model Interface Toolkit)

    The last of them brings something about the method of Simulation of design by control &: the model must be a mdl file so that the converter of Simulation Model work.

    (this link is LabVIEW 2012, but it is still valid on later versions)

    It will be useful.

    MATLAB® and Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

    Kind regards

  • Thread mode in LabVIEW 2010 bug?

    I had an application written in LabVIEW 2009 for a PSC-2220 who stopped working when it was converted in LabVIEW 2010, and I tracked down the problem to one thing: the software sets the mode of the Serial wire. Call this method simply disables all of the program. It works when you run from LabVIEW... but if you build an application to start it will not start. Remove the call to thread mode - and voila, the application runs as it should.

    -I can solve the problem easily by calling does not fashion wire method, but this isn't a solution due to the fact that I need to use the RS-422/485 port RS485 2-wire mode.

    I found a solution that I can live with... it does not explain what is wrong, but here's what I had to do to be able to run the serial port from outside vi.lib\Instr\ - which in turn allowed me to add the changes I need (set the thread mode) without having to edit a library function :

    I had to flatten, i.e.replace all of its report with their content... I could have tried the inline function, but did manually to be sure.

    This may indicate that something is wrong with the binding when the program is compiled with RT... but it happens without producing errors of conflict or anything either. A startup.exe is produced - but is not able to run.

  • A plug-and-play driver convert error

    Hello, I ' m trying to convert the plug-and-play driver that will be used in LabView. In one of the previous where the drivers were the same, is successful, but I have an error.

    VXIPlug & play Driver for 4395 has:

    installed in accordance with the recommendations of Agilent.

    Convert by: LabVIEW 8.2 and generator of jamming of LabVIEW for LabWindows/CVI 1.1 instrument Drivers

    Error: During the conversion, everything is going well, but in the end apers Conversion report that no screws cannot be created.

    Is the problem in my old version of LabView or somevere else?

    Follow the link... install Agilient IO libraries


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