Re: Equium A100 - 2 L - the search for the replacement of HARD drive

I inherited an Equium A100 - 2L (PSAAQE) of my brother, but he kept the hard drive damaged in the hope of saving its data on it. Can anyone recommend a hard drive replacement, and I need one any attachment or additional connector?
Looking at various Web sites, I'm puzzled by this disc to buy regarding dimensions (SFF, 1/8 H etc.)

Thank you


Hey Buddy,

No, you need a t n pregnant additional or connector. The caddy HARD drive you need you can use old HARD drive and the connector is soldered to the motherboard. So when you replace the HARD drive, you need only one new, what s.

Equium A100 has already SATA interface that means you buy a HARD drive with SATA interface, but it of not important if she s SATA1 or SATA2 interface because the two standards will work (SATA2 is compatible downgrade to SATA1).

So just buy a * 2.5 HARD drive with SATA interface *. Also there is no capacity limit, 500GB or more should work and manufacturing is also independent.
Just look at some online stores and buy a HARD drive with good price / performance. :)

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    Thank you

    Good to hear that diagnosis proved to be positive.  You just saved yourself some time and money.

  • Satellite A200-1GH. Questions about the replacement of HARD drive

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    See you soon

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  • Satellite L70-A-139 - guaranteed zero when removing the cover for the RAM and HARD drive

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite L70-A-139 youcef.
    And at the back of the laptop, there is a cover that is fixed with a screw.

    Wil I void the warranty when I unscrew and take a look?
    I want to upgrade my HDD to SSD.
    The motherboard supports Sata III: D.

    Thank you!

    No, the mandate must still be valid.
    There is a removable cover at the bottom of the unit as shown here:
    [Toshiba Satellite C70 / C75 / C70D / C75D / L70 / L70t / S70 / HARD S70t drive replacement procedure |]

    Then you should be able to upgrade the RAM and HARD drive.
    I think this info should be mentioned in the user manual too.

  • Cursor flashing at the start of the system and hard drive not working do not on the other computer

    Original title: I need help with my Hardrive

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    In any case, while trying to start, there was just a slider, or as underscore that retain just flashing in top left corner. I thought that maybe I should reinstall windows on another partition so my files would be safe. I did it, the installation program had no problem with it, but when I booted up I got the same line of flashing underscore / cursor in the upper left corner.

    I thought that maybe I should back up the hard drive using my other computer so I tried to plug in the hardrive in my work computer and the hardrive started to heat up and as if it worked but any hardrive was getting into my computer, I refreshed it, started the computer upward once again, nothing.

    So my question is what is the problem with this hardrive and how I save? I'm ready to do anything, use the live CD, using another computer. I have precious moments of family on the hardrive.

    Thank you guys

    Hi Joemost,

    As you have important data on the hard drive. We recommend that you contact the vendor of hard drive to diagnose hard drive or visit the nearest tech store to save your data.

    There are chances that the boot files are missing on the computer and also you could have not connected the hard drive as a slave when you connected to the other computer. Once you have saved the data, you can repair the existing windows and check if it starts successfully.

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    Any ideas on how to get it working or back?  Or should I go to ebay and get an external hard drive?

    Thank you, in advance, for any help.



    To isolate your concern about the CD/DVD player, is there an error message you get? Have you tried other CD or DVD?

    We also try to make the troubleshooting steps below on how to use the hardware and peripheral troubleshooting tool:

    1. Press the logo Windows + R to open the run dialog box.
    2. Control type in the run dialog box, and then press ENTER.
    3. In the Search box in Control Panel, type troubleshooting and then click Troubleshooting.
    4. Under the material and audio item, click Configure a device. If you are prompted to enter a password or provide confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    If your problem is not resolved, please see this link for additional troubleshooting steps.

    Keep us updated.

    Kind regards.

  • Query related to the installation of hard drives

    Original title: hard drives
    I have two hard drives and I want to set up as
    1. a stand-alone hard disk that holds the operating system
    2. the second hard drive to keep the files like doc, files, photos, video, and downloads.
    How can I do this?
    Thanks in advance.

    It's just a matter of creating a partition on the 2nd HARD drive. Then you can use it for whatever you like.
    You can install programs, or just use it to store data.
    HARD drive with a speed lower than 7200 RPM are generally best left to the storage (Western Digital Black are
    7200 RPM. Their VelociRaptor is the record of 10 000 rpm).
    Software load a little slower and may run more slowly on the 5200 RPM HARD drive. Are the 'Greens' HDD
    usually about 5200 RPM.

    -If you run short on the HARD the OS disk space is a way to create more space
    move your music, photos and video to the other HARD disk records.

    A method to move the folders in your main user folder is to R / click the respective folder
    and go to Properties.
    Click the location , and then select the partition or folder on your HARD drive that you want to move
    This folder is a subfolder of.
    After data is transferred, it will be a new shortcut to this new location in libraries.

    -If you do not use the libraries you can simply move the data to a new folder on the other HARD drive
    (without using the 'rent' option) and pin a shortcut from the new folder to the
    Icon from the Windows Explorer in the taskbar.

    [If you also need information on how to set up partitions and otherwise manage the HDD-]
    The two HARD drives should show up in disk management. This is where you create or delete partitions on your
    HARD drives
    Go to control panel (or start menu) > administrative tools > computer management.
    Then click on disk management.
    -The HARD drive with the operating system will say - ( system, start...) Main partition). It could be either disk 0 or 1 depending on the port on which the HARD drive is connected to the motherboard.
    The other disk HARD would have "unallocated space" If no partition was made.
    If the disc already has data, then it must also propose in the Start Menu > computer and data
    should be accessible and ready for to add you more data.
    If the 2nd HARD drive has no data that you have just made a new Partition. With a drive of 80 GB HARD is a single partition
    generally the best option for the management of space.

    You can get more details on how to use the disk by typing disk management management in the
    Search box Start > Help and Support.


  • Satellite M40X-112: can I use the 160 GB HARD drive

    I have a Satellite M40X-112 lapptop and I want to upgrade my 80 GB to 160 GB internal drive.
    How is know possible? (Toshiba hotline cannot give me an answer only that a 80 GB drive has been tried with these lapptop!). Anyone have experience with that?

    I read several statements here in the forum about HDD upgrade on the M40X and it seems that there is a limitation in the BIOS.
    The BISO will not recognize the 160 GB HARD drive and that is why you will be not possible to install an OS or you will not be able to boot from this device.

    Please use the "advanced search" from this forum to find discussions on upgrading the HARD drive.

  • Available to add the second internal hard drive to 17-e117dx


    Can you let me know, if there is provision to add the second internal hard drive for HP Pavilion e117dx 17.

    If so, one) is there requirments or the specifications of the hard disk (any make or model); (b) what equipment will be needed and where I can get to and c) Finally will be doing so make sure the warranty of my laptop HP Sub

    HP Pavilion

    Product: F9J38UA #ABA

    Model: 17-e117dx

    Thank you

    Not in the way you probably do. Here is the Service Manual:


    See Page 50. Unlike the Envy 17 and Pavilion dv7, Pavilion 17 has that a single hard drive Bay. The only way to add a second hard drive is to remove the DVD (optical drive) and insert a DVD to the hard drive bay adapter. The manual shows how to remove the DVD player and you can buy the adapter at or Note that this is a 9.5 mm thick disc, not a 12.7 mm. Both types are available. I do not recommend the adapter DVD player solution because you lose the use of the optical drive, and also because the interface of optical drive is usually not as fast as the main hard drive interface. Always fast enough for simple storage and you can run a video of her, but you do not want to edit the video of this disc, for example.

    If you decide to go the route of adapter DVD I would buy a large capacity 5400 RPM SATA 2.5 inches wide and drive hard thickness 9.5 mm. No sense in buying a reader more expensive high-performance.

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  • Low beginning on Satellite M40-145 after changing the 160 GB HARD drive


    I own a Satellite M40-145 since 2005. After more than two years without any problem, two weeks ago the 80 GB hard drive to the original address has been damaged. So I had to replace it with a new, 160 GB (this replacement was made in a store because it's out of warranty).

    I used successfully on the new HARD drive recovery CD to install Windows XP and all the drivers (just as when it was new).
    I used Partition Magic to create a partition of D for data. Also, I installed Office 2003, Norton 360 and connected to the Internet.
    It worked quickly with only small problems than perhaps with little patience I could fix: as this Bluetooth hardware is not detected and the wireless switch began with the lights off even being in the position we (it worked with new just switching out-lit again). But suddenly, after only one day of use, Windows starts became very slow. It takes about 4-5 minutes until it is possible to use the laptop.

    Now, I tried many possibilities to solve the problem, but always ending on the same problem: I used the recovery CD again and try to use the computer with or without updates (I thought that maybe the problem was due to a bad update), with and without Internet access, etc.
    I also tried in vain the program Microsoft Bootvis to try to speed up the startup, etc.

    I even created an image with Acronis to only with XP and Office running fast, so that I could install it again and try new things.
    I also tried to clean the registry with various programs like CCleaner, TuneUp 2008
    Also the defrag JKDefrag and PageDefrag. But always returning to the same problem after a few days of good conduct.

    I don't know what else I could do. I wonder if maybe the new HD is damaged (although I test and no error or no damage was detected) or if the update BIOS might resolve this problem (I'm not and that's a big risk).

    Please, could someone help me?
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    In my view, that there is nothing wrong with the software or all drivers on you laptop.
    I think the key is the enormous size of the HARD drive.

    The difference between 80 and 160 GB is huge.

    To my knowledge, the BIOS supports a limit on the size of HARD drive and I really wonder why the 160 GB HARD drive has been recognized by the BIOS.

    However, I think you should test a 100 GB, 120 GB HDD if the same question perhaps if poster using a HDD a size smaller.

    Best regards

  • HP dv6 envy: want to know on the best internal hard drive to replace it with

    Hi friends... I return my hp dv6 want 3 years and it has worked well for me so far, but since last month, everytime I turn on my laptop, a message is popping indicating that YOUR HARD DISK has FOUND YEAR IMMINENT FAILURE AND there NEED TO BE REPLACED and I studied a lot of posts here regarding this problem and everyone was asked to replace it with a new one. I don't know what drive should I replace it with. Could someone please help me in this regard. I need the following details:

    1. where can I find new internal hard drive HP ENVY DV6 1 to buy?

    2. can we replace this hard drive with the hard drive to other companies? (such as seaggate)... If so, so, please let me know

    3. can I replace the hard drive with a hard drive of 1 to solid state?

    4. links to vendors who sell internal hard drive?

    Please help me friends...

    The answer is Yes in all areas. The laptop will accept any 2.5 inch wide disk SATA 9.5 or 7 mm thick and which includes mechanical hard drives and Solid State drives. Where are you located (one country)? Hard drives and SSDS for laptops are a part of the goods. You can pick them up at a Best Buy or Frys if you live where there are no Frys or you can use or or similar online service. The prices vary a lot, so it is useful to get a good deal. A 1 to SSD can run more than $300, you know. Need instructions for installing and/or migrating software? We are a bit like McDonalds here in the Forum... served billion regarding replace drive hard/updates to level. One of the specialties of the House, so to speak.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

Maybe you are looking for