Re: How to restore data after format disk?

Hi, people

I need your help to restore some important data which disappeared after formatting the hard drive.
I have not any backup that was my mistake.
Everyone's help is appreciated.

Thank you all.


Hi mate

I don t think you will be able to do.
Usually, data are lost after you have formatted the HARD drive.
Of course, there are some different applications that could help recover some data for example. Data Recovery Wizard, but it is not cheap software.

But I found this:

Maybe it helps. Good luck

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    All my files were deleted completely after performing a factory restore. I selected a rescue disk when running it and even after he finished all of my data has been deleted. All of my records have been removed. I don't have that drive C and all the other readers have disappeared. Is it possible to restore my computer and my data? Please, they are so important. I NEED MY DATA PLEASE WILL RUINED MY LIFE WITHOUT HIM!

    Hi elai_89,

    After formatting the disk and reinstalling windows, it is always possible to recover the lost data/files.  You can take to a local Sony store to see if they can do it for you.  3rd party software (at a cost) and or contact 3rd party suppliers to help (but with a price).  What you can do is to contact DriveSavers for you help that too.


    elai_89 wrote:

    All my files were deleted completely after performing a factory restore. I selected a rescue disk when running it and even after he finished all of my data has been deleted. All of my records have been removed. I don't have that drive C and all the other readers have disappeared. Is it possible to restore my computer and my data? Please, they are so important. I NEED MY DATA PLEASE WILL RUINED MY LIFE WITHOUT HIM!

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    I think that I have to format my windows 7 because it might not work properly.

    I can't access any data now.
    I have backups.
    Can I got my data back after re installing windows 7?

    Yes you can recover your data after formatting it, but ideally you should not do it this way because the process takes some time.

    Download Ubuntu Live CD and you can boot Linux directly from the CD without losing all the data, then you can transfer your data on an external hard drive without losing anything.
    The Live CD allows you to boot from the disk, and even if Windows does not work, your files are still there and are accessible using this method.
    When you insert the Ubuntu disc, select "try Ubuntu without any change to computer"
    Once you have made a backup of your files, you can reformat and reinstall Windows.
    If you have already reformatted your drive, then download Recuva to recover your files.
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    How many modules, and what are they?

    In some cases, it is easier to "resurrect" your old profile and use it for reference, because you can then see your old page Add-ons, or use the page to support information of cross-reference between the friendly names of the extensions and the unique ID of the file/folder (if you plan to copy by hand).

    That message has my suggested procedure to regain access to the old settings on Mac:

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    Hi valerie,

    If you are referring to the display of the date on the start screen, then you can simply turn on live tile in a right click on the calendar app and selecting enable Live tile on. Then you should be able to see the date on the start screen of the tile appearance.

    You are always welcome in our community for all queries related to Windows. We would be happy to help you.

  • How to reinstall Win98 after formatting C on Sam 2180

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    I have a boot disk with CD support for the A: drive. When I start it works well it also makes a ram on D: drive. He sees the CD to E: and the dir and the setup.exe, but does not start when I type setup or setup.exe. I also type Act E:\setup it won't work.
    I understand that there is no driver CD in MS DOS. I have the original win 98 cd

    Please help me. Sorry for my English. I'm Dutch

    If you have an original win 98 CD it is possible to boot from the cd. You may need to enter the bios to change the boot CD-ROM device. You can also try to format the hard drive since a win 98 boot disk and then boot your computer with Win 98 in the drive. The installation program should start automatically.

  • Get the factory restore point after formatting the computer

    Dear friends

    Is it possible to recover the restore point to return to hp factory state after formatting the hard drive

    You can get it if you took the recovery DVDs before formatting it. otherwise only a HP service center can help you with that.

  • How to restore files after virus Chantilly drive clean and also delete system restore points and all possible backup and restore points

    IM on windows 7 and on the 19/11/2011 i got a virus and it erased all my data off of the pc also restore points system and all backup and resrtore removed points ive used many recovery programs installed on usb drives and they say all my files are damnaged how to restore all my files to the previous locations without them being damaged for example mp3 video & images


    If the files are deleted, then you will need to use any third party recovery software to recover files.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How to restore data from sidecar?

    I accidentally deleted about 50 of my best photos from this year. Quickly, I realized my mistake and restored my recycling file and I then imported them. Now I can access but they do not have editing, keywords or attached information note. They are all. CR2 files. I think that this info is still in the file Backup from LR. How to restore these data? I don't want to have to re - edit all these photos.

    Windows 7

    LR 5.1

    Thank you


    I'm sorry. In this case - course: just (select photos and) press Ctrl-S, or use metadata menu-> save metadata to file (s).

    ~ R.

  • How to load data after Migration?

    Hi all

    I've finished in cubes essbase migration from one environment to another using the EAS migration wizard, however I understad it's only brings the application and databases and data. How to load data?

    Thank you.

    Fix. Section Administrator's Guide of the database on migration: "you can reload is to export the data to a text file, upload the file of text on the new server and then use the text file to load the data.

    If you use EAS to do this, see the sections of the user guide on the export of data ( and loading data ( Note that for an export created in this way, you do not need a rules file.

    You can also use MaxL (data export / import data commands).

  • How to recover data after restoring backup

    How can I recover my data (between 16 Feb to Apr 16) after I restored (backup-jan'16) wrongly?

    You have a backup of a date later than the 16 Jan that may have data between Feb and Apr?

    If so, restore that backup. What is an iTunes backup or a backup to iCloud?

  • Backup and restore will not format disk

    I try to use Backup and Restore. When I click on the back of the files, I get a pop-up box that asks me to format the drive. After clicking on the Format, the following pop up box says unsuccessful Format. Sometimes, he also disk write-protected. I use Vista Home Premium and using an optical DVD +/-RW drive. I was unable to find anything on it. Has anyone else had this problem? What I can do. I check all the settings I can. Thanks for any help.

    Would you consider investing in an external USB drive and use it as your backup media.  This will work part-time full support until CD as the only hold about 700 MB of data and your hard drive is perhaps in a fit of 250 GB, what amounts to a large number of CD on current prices an external drive will pay for itself within a very short time and you are mucking around with several CD

    He needs that a defective CD or an unexpected shutdown to occur and you may lose all your backup met before this type of failure.  If you must use the CD then just use them to backup your important data.  If you need to perform a full restore, it may be faster in the long term to perform a recovery operation by using your installation media rather than feeding in a multitude of CD.

    One thing that I met, if you buy the CD on the main roads, is that, if they are not stored properly, at home or in a store, the last few CD inside tend to stick to the neighbor CD, which is not a good thing.

    My personal choice is to use a third-party imaging software to back up the entire partition or drive.  I save on a different hard drive installed.  You can use the external hard drive, I tried to sell you.  The entire backup (40 GB) takes about 10 minutes, with a restoration taking around the same time.  I double save my data more valuable, as well, of other external media, like USB, DVD, etc.

    Terabyte unlimited

    Acronis True Image 10 Home

  • How to restore yosemite after eracing

    I have problems with El Capitan, I eraced it can now begin yosemite, restore, time machine does not? IMac

    If you still have the HD Recovery, then try this:

    Install El Capitan from scratch

    Backup if possible before proceeding.

    1. Restart the computer. Immediately after the chime hold down the command and R buttons until the Apple logo appears. When the Utility Menu appears:
    2. Select utility disc in the Menu Utility, then click the continue button.
    3. When loading disk utility, select the volume (entered into withdrawal, usually Macintosh HD) from the list of devices.
    4. Click Delete in the main window of disk utility. A panel will fall.
    5. Define the type of Format Mac OS extended (journaled).
    6. Click on the apply button, then wait for the done button to activate and click on it.
    7. Quit disk utility and re-enter the Utility Menu.
    8. Select reinstall OS X and click on the continue button.
  • Satellite L300. How to restore Vista after replacing HARD drive?

    This hard drive died a week after I bought the laptop just for a month ago.

    Then, I favour toshiba wrote and said that it be fixed in the rehabilitation of specific local store.
    Then store made me a new hard drive, so the files have disappeared.

    There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    To restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disc, as soon as I hear?
    The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". »
    Could someone tell me how to handle?
    Thank you very much!

    > There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    Bad, bad. Buddy. Generally, you need to create the recovery to the first disk using the laptop.
    T did not read the user manual? Didn't you see the reminder?
    It s always recommended to create the recovery disk!

    > I've heard to restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disk, right?
    Yes, you are right. In order to restore the Vista, you must use the recovery disc!

    > The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". "Could someone tell me how to handle?
    I think that it does not work because of controller SATA HDD.
    Either you'll assign compatible SATA mode (in BIOS)
    Or you must include the Windows XP SATA drivers.

    Check the HowTo of this forum area to get some details how to integrate the SATA (AHCI drivers) in Win XP.

  • How to recover data after executing an operation of product recovery


    Recently, my computer Toshiba has been a blue error screen. I tried to start the computer in safe mode and all other available modes, but the blue screen kept appearing. I had no other choice than to launch the product supplied with the laptop recovery CD. Once this was done, I was happy to discover that the laptop was working, but all my files were deleted! Now, I know that this means that the HARD drive has been formatted for the product! recovery operation, but is possible in which to find my lost files?

    Desperately need help.

    Thank you



    Not easy to say because prior to installation, the HARD disk is formatted and existing partitions are also replaced. I really don't know what to say. If you have some very important data to try to talk with experts. Google all over the place. I hope you find someone who can help you.

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