Re: HP Deskjet 2645: how to change the type of paper when copying photo

Hello! I have the same problem. Currently im using HP Deskjet 2645 and I have a problem with the copying of the photo. I want to copy a document from the photo and change in legal size but the only option are A4plain, A4photo and Photo 4 x 6. How can I fix my printer setting? I hope you can help me with this one...

Thank you!


Hi @remz,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

I see that you are looking to copy a legal document size on printer all-in-one HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2645. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

If you try to copy a legal document size on the dish (glass), you will not be able to. Flat maximum scanning is: 216 x 297 mm (letter 8.5 x 11).

That being said, you can copy legal size documents using the ADF (ADF). The ADF will automatically copy the legal size document, as long as you have legal paper loaded in the paper feeder.

Here is a related article, the HP all-in-one Officejet 2620 and the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage all-in-one series 2645 - copy text or mixed Documents.

Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

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    Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.18.06 AM.png

    Unfortunately, you cannot change the application in the App Builder to change the application type. Instead, you must build a new app. use the mobileprovision even files while Apple knows that it is an update of an existing application, not a new application.

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    I think you need to call setLogicalDatatype (with a small t) rather than setLogicalDataType.


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    Import fl.text.TLFTextField;
    Import flashx.textLayout.formats.TextLayoutFormat;
    Import flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow;

    var tf:TLFTextField = new TLFTextField();

    addChild (tf);
    TF.x = 10;
    TF.y = 10;
    TF. Width = 200;
    TF. Height = 100;
    TF. Border = true;

    var myFormat:TextLayoutFormat = new TextLayoutFormat();
    myFormat.color = 0 x 336633;
    myFormat.fontSize = 24;

    var myTextFlow:TextFlow = tf.textFlow;
    myTextFlow.hostFormat = myFormat;
    myTextFlow.flowComposer.updateAllControllers ();

    TF.direction = 'rtl ';
    TF. Text = 'This is my text';

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