Re: Metallic sound comes from my Satellite C50-A-1HF

Hi, today I bought the Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1HF and when I tried to listen to a YouTube video, I realized that the sound is a little metal, and there is no bass. The laptop speakers are not so good, so I plugged my headphones... same problem.

I plugged my good boxes of my sound system... same problem. The music is always metal and there is no bass. The sound hurts in your ears when you listen to it. Y at - it a update driver for this problem or a solution?

Please help and thanks in advance.


Somehow, I can understand that the internal speakers cannot offer its perfect like on my U940 satellite but I m wondering the same question is present when you use headphones or external speakers.

Have you tried to use some players and change the equalizer values, especially to low value?

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    I have a black XP newly installed on my system and installed everything except the sound does not come from the speakers but when I use headphones sound works perfectly. I thought it was problem with XP, so I then installed Vista but still the same problem.

    Then I went back to XP because I'm more comfortable with it.

    PLS HELP >

    Hmm. Maybe there is something wrong with the speaker system?
    I mean if you can hear the sound using headphones then your sound driver and sound card should work properly.

    Did you also check the settings in Realtek HD audio Manager?
    On the right, you can find the settings for the helmet. Please check what options is enabled or disabled.

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    Someone knows something about it?

    Thank you

    In my view there s nothing wrong with your HARD drive.
    My drive HARD click every time while accessing data on the laptop and everything run ok for 3 years.

    But that doesn t mean that there is no hardware problem with your HARD drive. Usually it's not easy to tell when a HARD drive wound begins to malfunction. My first HARD drive died after 6 years of use. But the other HARD drive died after 1.5 years. This damage was covered by the warranty.

    Finally, I would recommend backup your data always on an external HARD disk to prevent data damage.

    Good bye

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    If say do not use the device is permanent, then some sort of warning or at least an easy way to use the device again. I lost the last 3 hours, trying to understand what...

    Thank you!

    So I thought it well... You must right-click in the playback menu, and you can reactivate the device. Absolutely horrible UI there. Make a selectable box instead of an option hidden from most people would never find. Ridiculous.

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    You can try to uninstall the audio drivers and update the drivers available in and also perform an update of the BIOS.

    For more information about her, you can as a result of links.

  • Sound comes from my speakers, even when the computer is in standby.

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    Please download the free version of Malwarebytes.
    Update immediately.
    Do a full scan of the system
    Let us know the results at the end.

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    Please help me! A week ago I received a mms whith a sound, since then, and every time I hung up after manufacturing. receive a call or Miss call this sound that was in the time mms! I deleted the mms, but it still plays.

    Today, I noticed when I go into media and open / close the video camera or a voice notes recorder, then he also plays.

    How can I remove or disable this noise?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Try a traction battery (hard reset) as a first step.
    Thank you


    KB02141 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone

    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated.
    Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

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    Look in the event viewer for event occurring at that time there

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    [Transferred from Internet Explorer]


    I suggest to check the audio device by default and check if it helps.

    Set the audio output device by default using steps below:

    a. click the Start button and then click Control Panel. In the search box, type sound, and then click sound.
    b. click playback devices.
    c. Select the default device (internal speakers or speakers of HDMI output) and set it as default to make the sound come from specific device.

    For more information, see the following Microsoft article.

  • New laptop Satellite C50-A-1CK Fan make a static/crackling sound?

    I recently introduced a new laptop Satellite C50-A-1CK the December 8,.

    I didn't use the phone a lot.
    I noticed in the last days the fan made a static/crackling sound power, seems to come from the fan (on the upper right corner) when it turns.

    Is this normal?
    I think back to the retailer and asking for Exchange?

    Just for looking for some advice, much appreciated!

    Thank you.

    > Is this normal?

    No, this isn't a common behavior of laptop and I don t think that the sound or noise is normal.

    > I think back to the retailer and asking for Exchange?

    In my opinion it s certainly a good idea to check another unit and compare appearances of noise

  • My Vaio has a sound that seems to come from the fan, is a solution for this?

    My Vaio has a sound that seems to come from the fan, is a solution for this?

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    Hi guys,.

    My Satellite C50-B-14Z no reason started asking for pssword when starting on bios.
    I don't put passwords and I do not know how to reset. If the laptop is now unusable. Could someone help me please?

    I put t know why the phone asks you to enter the password of the BIOS, but the fact is that the BIOS password can be removed ONLY by an authorized service provider.
    I'm afraid, you will need to contact the Toshiba ASP in your country in order to remove the password of BIOS of m.

  • Windows 10, nvidia 930 m Satellite C50-C022 opengl error

    I bought this Toshiba - Satellite-C50-C022 with 10 64-bit windows. I can't update the drivers nvidia for the newest version. When I do all the appz I use which uses opengl, the screen goes black. I have to stay with the default drivers 347.52 with what he came. This isn't a problem with appz using direct3d as 3dmax. The problem is with opengl and new drivers nvidia on this laptop.

    Black window in lightwave
    Black window in modo

    I even downloaded the new driver from toshiba website tcm0007400h and its still does not not with opengl.

    I tried editing the registry and also disable powermizer as shown in this video

    Anyone have the same problems with this laptop to win win 7, 8 or 10? Is it possible to downgrade to win 7, 8?

    I think that I will never buy an another Toshiba laptop again. My friend warned me not to do, but I just wanted to try this brand. Very poor updates and support.

  • Satellite C50 - secure boot not configured correctly build 9600


    Recently bought a refurbished nine Toshiba Satellite C50 8.1 of windows operating system. Was very happy with it but found the message 'not properly configured SecureBoot 9600 building "watermark in the lower right corner of my office. '.

    Decided to search the Internet for a resolution and after being gone on 3 Troubleshooting sites, discovered on the necessary BIOS configuration, but he warned that it was for experienced users who know their stuff on the technical aspects of computers. While I am computer literate, I'm not someone who likes to mess with the advanced options. Then, I came across a reliable computer blog that had a detailed post on SecureBoot.

    (Link to the blog post and specfic):'t-configured-correctly-watermark-in-windows-81/)

    I thought that that would solve my problem, and I have to admit that he helped, telling me to use windows powershell as a precaution before using the BIOS Setup. I was glad I did as it came in saying that I have a policy of SecureBoot of the present failure on my laptop which case I have to request technical support for a specific system solution that would generally be an update of the firmware.

    I tried to call, but the line was busy and estimated it might be easier to post this question on a forum.

    If anyone has an answer please help as I would like to really activate SecureBoot if possible, I believe that computers must be set up with the best possible security options and makes me feel comfortable in knowing that it is implemented safely.

    Someone commented on the blog and posted this solution:

    The fix for the registry to remove the watermark is as follows.
    1. start the registry with the Admin (C:\Windows\regedit) rights Editor
    2. navigate to the following location
    -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion------policies------system.
    3. here, the two values "ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin ' and 'EnableLUA 'the value' 0'.

    You can also try to activate the boot option secure in the BIOS (in which case it is not already selected)
    To enter the BIOS, press F2 during the turn on/off the device.

    Also recommend that you check this page from Microsoft:

  • Satellite C50 - A - Logitech - serious silent subwoofer speaker system


    I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite A - 19 t C50. I have a Logitech speaker system that produces a pleasant sound. When I plug it into the new laptop, the subwoofer doesn't produce a very quiet sound, leaving an overall metal sound. The speakers work perfectly with another laptop.

    Is that what I can do to change the sound levels or the sound card is at fault?

    Thank you

    If you connect the external speakers to the laptop, you should also check the settings of volume and level. Usually, you can do this in Control Panel-> sound-> playback.

    As far as I know, that you can also find sound additional application called DTS® Sound & DTS Studio sound that is preinstalled on your laptop

    Its DTS Studio is a suite of improvement audio premium which uses the revolutionary audio technology to provide the most impressive and the most realistic listening experience ever offered for a two speaker playback environment.
    To access this utility, click on:
    Office-> Office help (in the task bar)-> Media Entertainment & -> DTS Studio Sound

    You can also find the DTS sound (he delivers an immersive surround sound with deep dialogue, rich bass and crystal clear). Click
    Office-> Office help (in the task bar)-> multimedia animation & -> his DTS

    Check also.

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