Re: Need to WXP for Equium A100 ethernet controller

I reloaded Xp which solved a problem of sound. Now, I can't connect to internet because I don't have the driver for ethernet controller. I spent several hours trying to find this driver but my search always ends up in a dead end.

Toshiba does not list the driver on the download page, and I don't know what to do. Any ideas guys?


There are three models of Equium A100. Please post model number short and we can check it for you.
Otherwise, check out the download page of Toshiba on and I m you can find here.

It is old model so less product type choose Archive.

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  • Need drivers XP for Equium A100-338


    People that you can help me, I have an Equium A100-338 and I changed from vista to xp.
    I managed to find display and drivers sound card, so I need information on other controllers: ethernet, network, mass storage, bus sm.
    Thanks for any help.

    Hey Buddy,

    where have you tried to download the drivers you need? I give now two links and you should find what you need.
    About the hardware on your system, you take a linux live cd and when the system boots you can note that material has been discovered as soon as linux from the CD.

    Here are the links: (Toshiba Europe) (the Canada Toshiba) limited

    You should find the drivers here or at least something to make your system work properly.

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  • Need update BIOS for Equium A100

    We have an Equium A100-147, and I am trying to locate the update of the bios for this machine. The Toshiba web site lists an update for a PSAAB but or model is a PSAABE-00800EAV. What is the correct update?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    It is true, that it's the correct BIOS for your machine.

    Good bye

  • Need driver sound for Equium A100

    where can I download the audio driver from equium a100-549


    Drivers, you can find under support & downloads Support homepage.

    Choosing the right model to pay attention to the description of the model (PSAABE-xxx).

  • I need a driver for windows xp ethernet controller

    I have recently re installed windows xp on my pc and there is no ethernet controller. Where can I get this if the controller is not updated by windows disk?

    Go to the computer manufacturer's website and look for him.

  • Need to keyboard for Equium A100-147

    can someone tell me what looks like the keyboard on this model? like im interested in buying a

    Hi Marc,

    I think that the keyboard that you need is the V000061870 part number. Try the following URL for more details: -.

    Kind regards

  • Need driver network for Equium A100 - 306 (PSAABE)


    I just finished a reconstruction of the XP operating system

    The driver I have download the site has no setup.exe file, it seems to have only one file PROUnstl.exe which uninstalls the driver.

    I don't see a 'Network' called lan - driver are the other wireless network drivers.

    Can someone provide me with the correct driver or download loaction.

    Thank you inadvance for your help



    You founded and downloaded the correct driver. You will find all the drivers on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    To install a driver, you don't need an .exe file. Look in Device Manager and right-click on the network map, now choose put updated driver.
    Then you can install the driver.


  • Need battery high capacity for Equium A100-338

    Please suggest the battery high capacity for equium a100-338, which can last at least 5 hours to 10 hours.

    Compatible batteries for your computer satellite phone are:
    PA3399U-2BRS (6-cell) battery pack,
    PA3399U-2BAS (6 cells).
    PA3478U-1BRS (9cell),
    PA3478U-1BAS (9cell),
    PA3400U-1BRS (12cell),
    PA3400U-1BAS (12cell).

    If the choice is yours.

    Good bye

  • Do I need to buy the adapter for Equium A100-027 wireless?

    Hi, don't want to seem like a fool but, can anyone tell me if I need to buy an adapter for my Equium A100-027 wireless? Not very good with the technical aspects, I'm afraid and do not want to buy anything I don't need! Thank you

    Hi mate, no you do not, its construction, his side had the cd player is close to the two usb ports...

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  • Need driver Bridge Media slot for Equium A100


    I have Toshiba Equium A100-147 and have no driver for Bridge Media slot.
    I downloaded it from the download from Toshiba site, but it does not work!
    Please help me!


    What does not work? You are not able to install the driver or the slot not reading cards?

    On the page of the Toshiba driver are placed 2-conductor. Be sure you use the right one.
    Plug then the good card in the slot and then try to install the driver.

    But what do you have on the laptop? Did you install the new OS? If yes then check the instruction install driver from the Toshiba page?
    I've installed several times the OS manually on my Satellite and I have always followed the instructions.
    It's important document and if you install the drivers manually you need to follow this guideline.

  • I need a driver of Wi - FI for Equium A100-027

    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-027 with the mobile Adapter.The Wi - Fi Atheros AR5006EG runs on Windows XP and I need a software to use the wireless adapter. Could someone help me somehow?

    The pilot had a Genuiune Windows Vista but he worked slowly and I changed the XP operating system.

    All you need is the right driver for wireless network card. A special software is unnecessary, because you can configure WIFI using WLAN Windows settings.

  • Ethernet for Equium A100-027 necessary driver

    Hi quick question, just formatted the hard drive of my Equium after problems, has lost a lot of pilots, but everything is ok now but one.
    I have the missing in Device Manager Ethernet controller driver. Its running Vista.

    The question is what do I have driver I need to fix this problem and where I can find.

    Thanks for your help.


    You can find the Vista drivers you need on this link:

    Usually, you just choose your model, download drivers, and then install and then be happy that it is running. :)

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  • Need driver card its Windows XP Home for Equium A100-027

    I recently bought an Equium A100-027 and impossible to get the sound card to work. I have Windows XP edition family SP2 running on the machine and downloaded the driver Toshiba, but not joy.

    The laptop originally came with Vista, but I couldn't have the drivers for all my devices installed XP. When Vista was installed the sound card was working, any help much appreciated

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  • How can I install WXP on Equium A100?

    OK, I have an Equium A100, with Vista, but for me this OS is not good enough. I need to change for Windows XP Home edition.
    Who can help me?

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  • View the size of memory for Equium A100-233

    Hi I have laptop very an Equium A100-233.
    In the specifications, it indicates that the built-in display memory can be up to 128 MB.
    The problem is that the driver has 64 MB max.
    As the memory is shared with the system memory, I guess I do need a MEMORY larger bar, so I put a 1 GB DIMM in there now, but it still says 64 MB max.
    So is there a setting I need to change to make 128 MB?

    I also think that you have the Satellite A100-233 and not a satellite.
    I put t found any unit Equium bearing that number.

    However, the specification says the laptop supports an Intel 950GM 8 MB to 128 MB shared memory.
    Upgrade memory max could be up to 4 GB. Then perhaps you need to install more memory to use the 128 MB

    But if it is not a special option for graphics memory changes so I assume that the driver will check the value of memory.

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