Re: Officejet 6500 has more - printer goes to sleep, wakes.


Location: HP Officejet6500A more - new iMac 27 "with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) - new driver installed OK HP - printer is connected via USB and I turned off the power on the printer wireless.

After that full power on the work of the printer scans well, work, fax work - but what printer goes to sleep "indicated by the power LED flashes slow" I can't wake him again when sending a new print job - I need to do a full power off/on power by removing the power cable.

When the printer is "asleep" utility printer HP cannot connect until I do a power full printer deactivation / activation.

While the printer is in standby, pressing the flashing slow power switch / light has no effect to wake up the printer, only a full power/turn off works.

I could not find info on the led slow blinking power manual?

Any thoughts?

Thank you



Thanks for the post.  With this one, I recommend following the steps listed in the link below.  Make sure you are plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a power strip or conditioner.  Good luck!

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    Windows 7

    Why my hp officejet 6500 has more printer take ten minutes to four pages of fax? No change has been made and no error message. This seems to be an extremely long time for only four pages!

    Firmware has been day t0 then did a hard reset and tested a fax. seems to be faster, but was not a very detailed page. will be able to say when I have more pages to send. If this is no better at this moment, will post back.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more printing problems

    My Officejet 6500 has more (model CN557A) is connected through the USB port.  My operating system is XP.    I can scan my computer, I can copy and print from the printer control panel, but I can't send anything to print from my computer.  This problem just started about 3 days ago.  I tried troubleshooting but I have not received the case.  I did not add new programs, and I have 194 GB free on my hard drive.

    Can anyone help?

    N ° however, I accidentally discovered the problem.  I had a card reader connected to my computer to download pictures.  Apparently it disrupted the cycle of printing for my printer.  I removed the card reader and the printer works fine now.  Thank you for your response.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has MORE printing problem

    Y at - it a setting to load the paper? My print jobs is now too high on paper. I have recently updated my computer to Windows 8.1 but I do not know if this concern began before after I've changed computers. I printed the page diagnosis and the letters are about 1/3 cut top

    Welcome to the mike325 forums

    I saw your post on your Officejet 6500 more model cut your impressions. I suggest an alignment running on the printer to see if that helps. You can also run the HP print and Scan Doctor to solve printing problems and that the tool can help to clear up the problem.

    To help alignment, click here and scroll down until "step 5: align the print head": align print head

    I hope that these steps to do the trick, please let me know the results!

    Have a wonderful Thursday

  • Re connecting my HP Officejet 6500 has more print

    my printer has stopped working.  I disconnected everything... reloaded - shows in my devices, but still is not printing

    Hi Karen,.

    Please answer these questions to better understand the issue.

    1. do you have that you have installed the latest drivers of printer that is compatible with Windows 7?

    2. you are trying to connect the printer via a wired or wireless?

    3. do you get an error message?

    You can follow the steps in troubleshooting of this article. This tutorial is designed to help you identify and fix common printer problems in Windows, including print errors, print spooler errors, and other issues that could prevent you from printing.

    Solve printer problems

    See also the suggestion of this link to HP support:

    Printer HP Installation troubleshooting

    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more: printer will not use BLACK ink to print in BLACK. Mix of colors rather than use BLACK.

    Printer prints BLACK ink BLACK, instead he mixes the colours to make BLACK.  It creates copies in BLACK only, without mixing colors to achieve the BLACK, but when I ask it to print something it automatically uses the ink color.

    In properties, advanced, I checked the box to print in BLACK only, but did not help.

    In the printing preferences, shortcuts, where it says printing in grayscale, do you feel black ink only as a default?

    I don't know if it will work, I do not use this parameter or the Advanced setting, I have been using high-quality grayscale, but I'm interested to know why, also, when I print 99.9% of the time with color, what I need to change the color ink cartridges so frequently.  You say the color of those who are used to make black.  That makes no sense to me either why the printer would do that, except high-quality grayscale means he uses color inks vs only Black Ink is not.

    Test printed with two parameters, and that is exactly the same, so I won't set my default preferences for levels of gray-black ink only printing and see what happens.

    What how can you tell whether or not the printer is mix colors?  (by the way, if you use unusually fast color ink)

  • Cannot print a web page in color hp officejet 6500 has more

    Cannot print a web page in color hp officejet 6500 has more

    Hi daverunlong,

    I'm going to need some additional information to help, you use ePrint or ePrint Mobile application? What device do you have?

  • How to print from my ipad to the officejet 6500 has more?

    I read that there may be something else than necessary. I want to print directly to the Officejet 6500 has more. Apple said ths is an Air Print printer able to do this. I don't take this monster out of the box until I know he will do what I want without a lot of trouble. Thank you.

    OK, so you were talking about requiring the update.  It is difficult to say that all depends on if it came with the new firmware or not.  It is not really relevant, however, because it will be updated as soon as Web Services.  This process takes a few minutes.  There is no computer necessary for the update of the firmware as long as the printer has internet access (which is directly connected to a router via ethernet or wireless).  Yes, a connection ad hoc, you will be able to print from the iPad, but you can use its 3 G connection instead of through your router.  It can only support a single WiFi also.  Go ahead and set up the printer and keep me posted on what happens.

    BTW - what is the problem with your PC that it cannot access the internet?

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more - black print cartridge will not print - other colors will be printed

    OfficeJet 6500 has more the black cartridge will not print.  I put in a new cartridge, so it is there

    ink.  The printer works, because the other colors of printing.  It worked very well and when

    printing, black has slowed and now does not work.

    I called technical support.  Megan has been very helpful to me through the steps to

    clean the print head.  Unfortunately, the black cartridge still does not print.  I have

    has ordered a new printer, the 6700.  I appreciate the help of Megan and will be happy to

    have a new printer.

  • HP Officejet 6500 has MORE E709a double SIDED AUTOMATIC printing

    My HP Officejet 6500 a PLUS E709a printer allows you to print automatically on both sides and now I have to do it manually. I tried to implement the duplex preferences automatically and the option is no longer there. I use a Windows 7 operating system

    It is now more clear...

    The HP Officejet 6500 has more (E710n) provide automatic duplex printing.

    For some reason, you have a different printer driver to a different model which do not provide for printing automatic duplex (HP Officejet 6500 (E709a).

    Be sure to remove the existing of the 6500 E709a by right clicking the icon. then click on remove the device and restart the PC.

    Click Start > all programs > HP

    Can see you the HP Officejet 6500 has more (E710n) listed?

    If so, rnter this folder and click on reconfigure device / device update / update IP address and follow the steps to reconfigure the device.

    If you can see only the HP Officejet 6500 (E709a) listed, it means that you have incorrectly installed software.

    Make sure to remove the installed printer software HP through the control panel > Profgrams and features > uninstall a program.

    Then download and install the appropriate software below:

    Kind regards


  • Where should I go? message on LED on officejet 6500 has more "Prob with ref doc printer 0 < 61011 bed.

    Where should I go?  message on LED on officejet 6500 has more "Prob with ref doc printer 0".<61011>

    See the steps in this troubleshooting page.

  • Win7 x 64 install an Officejet 6500 has MORE. Cannot print

    Win7 x 64 install an Officejet 6500 has MORE. Printer is connected to the wireless very well. Win7 x 64 computer can ping and see the printer on the network.

    Get a message error everytime I try to print saying: "it cannot connect to the printer.

    Same computer can connect to the printer and to view and modify settings wireless very well.

    I guess it's a problem with Win7 x 64. I need to fix this before to decide to take back to Costco and exchange for the Canon I almost branch instead. HP you have always had driver problems, but still? Really!

    Has taken over the crappy HP. Picked up a Canon PIXMA MX882 instead. Impeccable installation, in 10 min I'm printing, scanning, fax wireless with not a single question.

    I am VERY disappointed with HP and its incompatibility with Win7 x 64 drivers. Don't advertise your crap software is compatible, when it is not! I lost hours of my personal time, trying to get HP to work then most of time taking the piece of crap back (I really like the hardware of the printer - software "guys really?"). I will never buy another HP printer. And on the Canon Wireless Setup was easier. A button called easy set up on top of the printer and BAM done. * beep * HP, * beep * indeed.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more I printed some photos and now won't print regular documents.

    Software problem with paper size selection.

    I've used the Officejet 6500 has more several years with no problems. Recently, I have printed photos and changed the size of the paper, it printed fine. Now it will not print any document or e-mail message said selected paper size is incorrect. I looked for different paper formats and changed the letter. Same problem will not print documednts. It will correctly display the photos. I have deleated and reloaded all HP software already.

    Is it now a Windows 8 malfunction?


    Thanks for the offer. I continued to work on the set-up and you have the printer to work.

    Thank you.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more will not print black - Solution

    My 6500 has more do not print black even with new cartridges.  There is instruction to Reset to solve this problem for the 6500, but reset instructions do not work on the 6500 has more.

    How to reset the 6500 has more

    Thank you

    I paid $20 to HP for this information.   They said that the secret to getting the Menu support isn't on the web for the 6500 has more printer.

    My printer has stopped printing black, even with a new black ink cartridge.  I've had the printer for the last 4 days guaranteed when this happened.  Was on my second or 3rd Xlarge black cartridge.

    Steps to fix it.

    1. remove the cartridges

    2. remove the cartridge door / carrier, lift the big lever to release him.

    3. clean the contacts of the cartridge with water and cloth.

    4. clean the contacts and all other surfaces on the Cartrdge support with water. mine has all backen up with ink - it filled the sink with black water.

    5 clean the contacts copper this interface for the cartridge door of the printer. . These were covered with of ink too.

    We then conducted cartridge alignment and it 'Fail' printer still does not work.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has more on windows home premium 7 ad-hoc connection loss

    OS: windows edition Home premium 7

    product: officejet 6500 has more

    We organize a festival and everyone has a mobile phone that needs to print to the printer...

    We don't have a network or a router and try to connect 6 ad-hoc laptop computers to the printer...

    I managed to install the software on three laptop computers and a print ad-hoc wireless, but now he says that he does not find the printer over, even though the wireless network connections that the pc is connected to the network HPE710n.E5E3C5...

    I can't connect to the (printer server) of this laptop...

    so he went completely downhill...

    on this laptop, I was able to print a page...

    on three laptop I was also able to print a page...

    but now he also says he «cannot communicate with the printer...» »

    is ad-hoc only for a laptop at the same time?

    What solution do you propose?

    can we do a completely wireless network with utp cable wireless router? and do a homegroup? and connect the printer with utp?

    is the special designed to accept prints six different cell phones at the same time?

    Thanks for any solution! We need it's really bad!

    With ad-hoc connections, it is really intended more for printing in a pinch without going through the hassle of setting it up on a network.  Or, you have two computers and you have connected it via USB to an and a laptop which is wireless, you can print via ad-hoc of the laptop.

    Honestly, I recommend picking up an affordable standalone wireless router (Netgear, Linksys, etc.) and connect the printer (wireless or Ethernet, does not matter).  From there on, connect the computers on this network and you should be able to install and print without any problems.  You can find the router could be useful beyond just this configuration or may be good to have if you plan to do events like this on a regular basis.

    The printer itself is not a router and communicting with multiple devices simultaneously may create congestion in causing connection problems similar to what you experience when you use ad - hoc for as many devices.

Maybe you are looking for

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