Re: Partitioning is a problem with the Toshiba recovery system?

I'm french, so don't be afraid of mistakes.

I wonder if I can I repartition my HARD drive I want

First, I explain what I realized with the FAQ:
If Vista wouldn't boot, Toshiba Recovery in WinRE (eisa configuration) hidden partition offer we have to fix, and then use the DVD burn or HDDRecovery directory in E: to repair partition.

My question is if I don't have the DVD (or I lost it):
If I can I repartition my HARD drive (not the partition recovery, but expand the C: partition to reduce E :) partition without causing problems to recovery?)
In other words the recovery to the boot partition will update the position of recovering files in E:
And if it works, can I just copy - paste the E: c: HDDRecovery then E: while I format E:
Thank you for your answers



If you copy the folder of disk recovery HARD complete with all the files it should normally work, but I do not know Mr. I had never tried it.

But if you have the Toshiba disk recovery is on the safe side. So, you can restore the factory settings whenever you want.

Good bye

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    Hi guys,.

    I had some problems with my laptop and decided to return to the factory settings. But during the process, because of a few mistakes that I didn't understand, formatting process was broken and I guess that the recovery in my hard drive section was damaged. So, I could not use boot from the hard drive. Becacuse Toshiba did not give me recovery disk when I bought it, I had to boot the pc with cracked windows. I never use illegal software, but I had to do this temporarily. In any case now Toshiba has sold me an extra price, thank you Toshiba!

    Today, I had the cargo, and Toshiba Turkey sent two recovery disks. In the first disc, there are preinst.swm files under the ZZIMAGES folder. And in the second disc, there are some files named as bin, efi, planfolder, boot, sources etc.

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    Thank you


    Thanks for your reply.

    Usually, the blank DVDs would be already formatted and ready to use as they are writing discs once. Please try to create the backup disk without formatting the DVD.

  • problem with the away mode system

    problem with the system of mode in the bios but canoe away find it in bios to disable

    Mode absence in Windows Vista
    See the download link at the top right.

    Open Control Panel, click "Power Options."
    There are 3 "power management" available:
    (1) balanced
    (2) power Saver
    (3) high-performance (see the supplementary schemes)

    Click "change plan" to the "Balanced" plan
    Then click "change advanced power settings".
    Scroll down and click on the + next to the "media settings", then click on the + sign next to the option "when sharing media.

    Finally change the "Setting" mode to one of the three choices: "Allow the computer to sleep", "prevent the idling to sleep" or "allow the computer to remote mode.

    In case you want to choose either #1 or #2.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Problem with the Toshiba bluetooth stack

    Hello, I'm having a problem with toshiba bluetooth stack. I had windows vista installed in my laptop. I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I got a bluetooth mouse attached to my toshiba bluetooth stack in windows vista. After the upgrade to windows 7 my bluetooth mouse is not working any more and it is not listed in the list of devices. But, when I turn on my mouse, the system battery bluetooth bar turns green as when the device is connected, but it does not work and the device is still not listed. I'm trying to redetect, but it is not detected. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the bluetooth stack, but in the reinstalling my devices are always listed.

    Can someone help me or tell me how to manually remove all connected devices? Thanks in advance.

    You have selected the option to remove all device configurations?
    If not, then please try it and then reinstall the Bluetooth stack.
    You can also do this via command line.
    Just run the following command as an administrator:
    MsiExec.exe /x "{CEBB6BFB-D708-4F99-A633-BC2600E01EF6}" / qn DELETEALL = 1

    In addition, remove the batteries from the mouse for several seconds.

    Right click on the Bluetooth system tray icon > Options... > Security > view paired devices
    Remove your entry for the mouse device when it exists.

  • Problem with the Toshiba product registration after reinstall

    I completely reinstalled my laptop.

    Now in the "begruesungscenter", sorry I don't know the English expression of the right and the notifications from Toshiba program says I ve to save my mobile on the Toshiba site.

    But I've already registered my laptop, is it possible to do it again? Or to change an entry in the registry, that the laptop is registered?

    Hello Stephan

    Sorry but described is not a problem and the subject of this thread is really bad. What you use is the recovery image. This recovery image is in fact the factory settings. It is a logic that begins each time after installation of operating own will be the same procedure.

    What you need to do is to interrupt the procedure of registration and complete the installation of the OS. If your laptop is already registered you must not do it again and again. I recommend to disable this automatic boot record (msconfig) or check if you can remove the system.

    Good bye

  • Performance problem with the guest operating system

    Hello gurus - I have one of the most unusual questions, I ran into a few time.   Here it is:

    I have a guest w2008R2 OS - installed in a 5.1 version of VM 7 vSpherer - which has an Emulex LPe 12002-E 8 GB dual HBA port is assigned to the as 2 PCI (1 device per port) via DirectPath devices

    The guest operating system has an application that performs backup tests.   WWPN of the HBA is zoned in the fabric and declared in the interface of Compellent Storage Center and everything is good here. the application creates a replay of a volume, mount it as a drive, read all the blocks, then dismantles and moves then repeat the process with what ever additional volumes should be safeguarded.   It is so cool I have do this with a VM right and not a physical host?  (would be cool if I had work NPIV but that's another story, not with technology HBA vendor support...)

    So, what's the problem?   Well, the bed the mounted disk backup will work extremely slow as slow as 5MB\sec flow, then during any other activity takes place on the system the flow jumps up to 150MB\sec all of a sudden and will continue to run fast for a long time and finish jobs on time with each work taking a little more than an hour.  But when the slow going the same work (all jobs are the same, they are simply by reading all the blocks of a bunch of 200 GB volumes and wrote a set of NULL value, do not forget this is just test) takes up to 10 hours to complete.

    I think that what is the culprit?   POWER MANAGEMENT.

    I have just about each performance counter and the journal of events known to man and I don't see anything abnormal on the table, ESXi virtual machine, nothing.  But what I see in the newspapers is any kind of activity that could happen in a transparent manner to save energy.

    FACTS on this case:

    -Reservation of memory is defined (it must be for directpath otherwise, you can't power on the virtual machine)

    -Booking CPU - has not been defined before an hour ago, I gave her just a small reserve for this rule, so I do not know if this will help alleviate the slow flow, or have an effect on what I think is a question of power (unit linked) management

    -windows power management is set to high performance never-ever - but not until an hour there doesn't I changed advanced settings for USB Disabled------turned off.  PCI peripheral energy saving setting was already off.  Which is in contradiction with my theory.  But maybe, just maybe, something is broken somewhere, or could be a bug... blah blah blah

    -the HBA, Emulex, as it appears in Device Manager in the guest OS doesn't have a power management tab to disable the feature, I don't see that the adapter VMXNET3 had this tab, and I turn off the power save setting to be conservative, do not think that it was the culprit, but as there is no real data running through the NIC.  The data is simply to be read from the disk mounted, not copied on any wire Ethernet.  never the less, in the Emulex properties is a Details tab and a selection of power data, and performance data indicate you what power mode, the device is, as well as feeding supported systems.  D0: full power, but D3, which shows as supported by the device, is an energy saving mode.   I could not yet attend the setting at the time of slow activity, my good intention as soon as possible. He is currently shooting in D0, full power.

    This is so what I have to offer on this, I hope that its just...   If I'm missing something, or if others have experienced this massive loss of unknown flow without reason and have resolutions, please share.

    If there is a way for me to disable power on the Emulex HBA management inform you please, I don't mind if I stop to enter the firmware, if that was even possible.  But if possible I would disable it immediately before any new tests are executed.

    The root cause of this issue has never been identified by VMware support which for me is a question of ugly.  Reservation of CPU for the VM using directpath IO with HBA installed in it corrected the problem.  I'd be leary with direct path IO.

  • VMWARE Newbie - installation problems with the guest operating system

    I heard a lot about the use of VMWARE for a long time so I downloaded and then installed ESXI 3.5 on a test area.  I installed the client and have been able to create a new virtual machine.  However, I run into some difficulty with installing a guest operating system.  All the pdf that I could find have suggested that simply by putting a CD in the server's drive and then turn on the virtual machine would start the my guest operating system installation process.  Unfortunately, my VM doesn't seem to see my CDRom and tent drive a start-up network, followed by a brief wait for the message 'Operating system not found' timeout.

    Can someone please help me find a way to create a new guest OS on my VM so that I can.

    1. understand the process

    2 start testing.

    Thank you in advance.

    If you have installed of course the VI Client to create the VM, and you insert the CD into the ESXi host? You can go to change settings on the virtual machine, click the CD/DVD and select the option use the host device. Also ensure the connection to turn on is checked.  When you turn on the virtual machine, it should see the CD that you inserted in your ESXi host. Once you get the operating system to load, you can configure to allow remote desktop connections and access the VM as a traditional physical machine, rather than relying on the console of the VI Client view.

  • Re: Qosmio G30-194 - problem with the Toshiba Assist tool


    I recently downloaded and installed Assist tool on Windows xp installed costs. The problem is that it does ' t have the same characteristics
    as she had on the old Windows mce system. I think here to optimize the tool to control the work of the cpu (in the tab optimize).
    Help I have now has only the mouse, sd memory card and accessibility features... :/

    Can anyone help with this? See you soon.

    This certainly isn't problem Toshiba Assist. Problem is that you have not installed all other toshiba tools and utilities.
    Toshiba tool is small tool where you can find shortcuts to all other tools so when you install the missing tool, they will be shown here.
    Check it please what lack us and install it.

  • Problem with the Toshiba 32SL738F configuration menu

    I can t get into the configuration menu of the TV (model 32SL738F). I have no options to take when I get in the configuration of the remote control. It is possible to have several code (PIN)? I don t know where to go. Thank you

    rontu_florin, depending on the specific English operating manual, the code of universal security (password), (at page 55 in the 'Q & A' section), is * 1276.*

    The factory default security code or password is * 0000 * (i.e. four zeroes)

    I am unable to assist you in how to enter codes if you do not see the options, I suggest you if you enter the menu of English language there might be a possibility that some options that have been hidden can (CAN ONLY!), can be consulted, this was found by another owner, with a different problem , in another thread in this forum.

    _I can only suggest, read the carefully_ manual...


  • What are the audio problems with the Toshiba Satellite L305-S5928?

    The Audio on my Toshiba Satellite L305-S5928 jump, when listening to music or movies. It often looks like tearing, or as if it gets stuck.


    ·         What operating system do you use?

    ·         Using 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you try to use the Audio playback problems troubleshooting to solve the problem. Click on the link below.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you update the audio drivers on the manufacturer's Web site see the link below:

    Method 3:

    I suggest to follow the steps outlined in the article below and check if it helps to solve the problem:

    See also the link below:

    I hope this helps.

  • Problem with the Vista recovery disc

    I downloaded the neosmart Vista recovery disk.  I also downloaded the iso burner to create a bootable disk.  The first time, I used a DVD to make the bootable disc.  I then went to defective laptop (my dads - will not go beyond the page that is displayed when you stop suddenly).  I went into Setup to make searching the disk first to start.  I inserted the disc and everything works well, but only for the first, a short walk.  It tell me that windows loads the files and I see the bar moving across the screen.  Then I get the screen you see green bars that cross as if its about to start.  Next, I get a screen with a great slider and a small box saying error of Setup.exe.  If I do nothing, nothing happens, if I click OK it starts the whole process.  I decided to try everything from scratch and delete my copy of vista from torrent and re downloaded recovery disk.  I then burned on a CD using the standard iso-burner and exactly same problem again.

    I'm going wrong somewhere or is the computer of my father beyond saving?

    I got Dell fixed in my mind, for some reason any!

    Here is the link to the Forums in XP.

    XP forums:

    Link above is for XP Forums.

    There is a list of the different Forums XP to the link above to help you.

    You get the help you need there.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Satellite A100 - 147 Compression file error with the product recovery disc

    I have Toshiba A100-147, just out of warranty. I tried to recover with a disk, disk unpack to 69% and then I get the message "ERROR READING OF COMPRESSION FILE (1). I have no choice but to click OK in the error message box, and then quit the recovery as she stops running.

    Any help would be extremely welcome.


    It looks like a problem with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    Have you tried to repeat this procedure?

    What of the HARD drive? You format the HARD drive using an original CD of XP MS?
    It s very interesting if a format of HARD drive could allows to perform the installation of the OS since the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    I remember that something like this has happened on my laptop s friend was not able to recover the operating system using the Toshiba CD. Finally, we found that some sectors on the HARD disk has been corrupted. Format drive HARD allowed integer and my friend was able to install the image of Toshiba.
    It's worth a try ;)

    But of course, this error could occur because of the faulty recovery CD.

  • Satellite A100-773: problem with the installation of WinXP Pro


    I try to install Windows XP Prof on my new laptop A100-773 (Media WinXP Center preinstalled Edition). After that I put in the installation disk, restart the computer and then selected CD in the boot menu, it said something like "verification of hardware configuration". After that black screen and nothing more happens.

    Also, I tried to start Linux (Knoppix) CD. Same problem, at some stage, the system stops and doesn't do anything.

    Anyone has any idea how this problem could be solved?

    Thanks a lot for your answers in advance.

    Kind regards



    Have you tried to boot form CD recovery Toshiba or on the original CD of Microsoft?
    The recovery installation CD should generally work without any problem.
    In addition, if you want to retrieve the unit with the Toshiba Recovery CD you will get 2 modes. Standard and expert mode.

    I guess the message because there might be something wrong with the hardware or any device. I would recommend to enter the BIOS and check the settings. You can also try the options default and safe change.

    But first try to boot from the recovery CD.

  • Satellite P200 - 14 H - problem with the software after reinstalling Vista whindows

    I have a Satellite P200 - 14 H, who bought systems Activ of Romania. I got a Toshiba DVD with an image pre-configured Windows and my driver's license windows vista Home premium. After several blue screens windows crashed after 5 days. It was a software problem. I am a network administrator and I need several virtual machines Linux vmware server Windows.

    The DVD provided with the laptop is not really suited to my needs to reinstall windows because it throws my entire hard drive and is not an option. I took a friend a DVD windows vista Home premium and using my key from the sticker on the back of my laptop I reinstalled win without deleting all of the hard drive but only the partition c. I downloaded all the drivers of your site even if I found them really hard (model PSPB6E because that model PSPB6E I don't find it anywhere) everything is good except that "Flash Cards Support Utility" and «» Hardware Setup' give me the following error: "serial number is invalid '. I don't know what to do to be able to use the function keys I knew which are installed by 'Flash Cards Support utility'.

    If it is not good that I did give me another solution that does not need to wipe entire HARD drive, but only the C drive and use the DVD that you have provided or give me access to some place to be able to download all the drivers and software that can be found on the original DVD (those above and to burn DVD and Norton internet security center and so on)

    Thank you very much and please be so kind to give me a solution quickly because I really need this computer and I am unable to use it.

    Hi Adrian

    I'll try to clarify a few things;
    First the drivers for Satellite P200 - 14 H PSPB6E series are placed on the page of Toshiba Europe and it of really not difficult to find.
    Secondly the Vista serial key, which is located on the bottom of the unit cannot be used with another copy of Vista OS! This will not work!

    You have installed the operating system Vista from the CD to friends, but you used a serial key that does not match with the Vista on CD to friends! As a result, you get the message error "serial number is invalid!"
    The utility of Flash cards is required to use the keys FN under Win Vista. It visually shows the use of the FN button.

    I would recommend another way of installation
    First, you must use the DCD from Toshiba recovery. Back up your data first!
    Then after installing the OS, create a new partition and install your favorite OS (Linux, XP, etc.)

    If you n t to use the Toshiba recovery but CD the original Microsoft CD Vista then you need to use the original series OS key that belongs to the MS Vista CD.

    Good bye

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