Re: Portege R600 - port replicator is compatible with regional products?

Community of greetings from Toshiba,

I need to buy laptops for several employees who are moving between the United States, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.
The Portege R600 exist in all 3 markets, but each has a slightly different part number.

The part number Replicator of compatible Port to the R600 is difference to the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East.
Users would be able to dock their laptops in one of the 3 offices, because they travel extensively between each country.

What's the Slim Port Replicator II (PA3603U-1PRP) and Slim Port Replicator III (PA3681E-1PRP) compatible with each of the products of the soil of Portege R600?

United Kingdom Replicator of ports Slim Portege R600-11B (PPR61E-01G00CEN) III (PA3681E-1PRP)
Middle East Replicator of ports Slim Portege R600-10 b (PPR61E-00F00MAR) 2 (PA3603E-1PRP)
USA, Portege R600-S4201 PPR60U - 01700C Slim Port Replicator II (PA3603U-1PRP)

Someone has an experience buy Toshiba products in the Middle East? Or needed to use Docking Stations in offices in several countries?

Thanks in advance,

(I posted a similar request in the Forum we and receives no answer -

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I think that it shouldn't be a problem with the different Portege R600 in combination with the Slim Port Replicator 3.

Portege R600-11b, R600-10 b belongs to the same series (PPR61E), that the R600 US belongs to the PPR60U, but this should t be a problem.

As far as I know the different R600 from different regions are not really different (some belongs to the same series) as far as I know there could be a difference between some pre-installed applications and some modules as for example the card wireless network, but this should not affect the use of Slim Port Replicator 3.

Cheers mate

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    Specifically, is there a Replicator port or the docking station that works with the Satellite M115 S3104?

    I don't know if the universal (mark Targus or other) support this laptop.
    Does anyone know of one with support for the following:

    4 + USB 2.0 slots
    Headphone Jack

    and possibly as well support the power supply?

    Thanks for any input.

    It is not easy to write on a universal docking station and if you need info on this page from manufacturers check or pick up information from your dealer.
    The fact is that your computer docking port laptop hasn t on the underside and can not be connected to a standard docking station.
    You must use an external.

    So, the best solution for you is to use the Toshiba Dynadock with all the ports you need.
    More info about Dynadock you will find under

    What is your opinion about that?

    Good luck!

  • Satellite Pro M70: What USB 2.0 Port Replicator is compatible?

    Would be grateful if someone could advise me on the purchase of a USB 2.0 port replicator.

    I think the 3 USB 2.0 ports on my laptop Pro M70 are not enough, and that's why I want to buy a USB 2.0 Port Replicator.

    The site of the Toshiba shop specifies USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (UK) with port network, part number: PX1173U-1PRP, price: 49,93 GBP.

    It has 4 USB ports 2.0, which would give me a total of 6 USB 2.0 ports, which would be the absolute minimum I want. (It also has 2 PS/2 ports, 1 serial port RS232 and 1 USB 2.0 port network that takes in charge rates of 10 / 100 Mbps).

    Can anyone tell if it is powered by the laptop, or by it's own adapter?

    Unfortunately, the Web of Toshiba site has advised that it is currently out of stock and are difficult to get in on all the time, as they are the subject of a sort of "green manufacturing" test.

    This prompted me to consider buying a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative and all I would prefer one with more than 4 USB 2.0 ports, and in fact 6 or more USB 2.0 ports would be preferable. I'm not really interested in other types of ports that are often provided with the replicators of USB 2.0 ports.

    I would be grateful if someone could recommend/Advisor at a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative that would be compatible with my laptop Pro M70.

    One of my concerns is how the port replicator USB 2.0 Port is powered. I think I would have preferred that the unit is powered by its own adapter, I understand is 5 Volts with 500 milliamps for each port, rather than to the laptop (probably would be less tax on the laptop, with less heating).

    Thank you

    I can't comment on the question whether the Replicator you mention has its own power source, although I suspect, he does

    However, I have a satellite Pro M70 too and with a similar problem and wanting a hub to connect to all my external printers, Sandy etc using just one connection, I buy PA3390E-1MPM - a hub of Toshiba, Audio/USB multimedia center, which goes a step further and provides a hub not only for USB sources , but also for the speakers etc.

    It has its own power supply to the unit and connects via USB 2.0 to my laptop. It is also stackable with the Toshiba Gigastore 250 GB USB 2.0 external hard drive (PA3392E-1MPS) which I also use for backups, storing external data etc.

    Had the two units for 3 months now and everything works fine. I got headr of some problems with people in loss of access to the hard drive, but it seems that it was never if it has been disconnected by pulling the cord out usb, rather than make a ' Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect the USB device and so far have had no probs at all

    It has 4 ports, more port network and connections from the speakers for the configurations 2/2.1/4/4.1/5.1 full, more Creative software like drivers, more remote control useful to control audio devices. Oh, and also a Surround sound, and EAX

    Maybe a little more of your option, but worth it in my opinion. If you can't find it on the Toshiba site I have purchased from

    Hope that helps

  • Portégé R700-14 days - Express Port Replicator II-Compatible?

    Today, I received my TOSHIBA Express Port Replicator II (PA3680E-1PRP) to use with my TOSHIBA Portege R700-14 days (PT311E-023006DU). I seem to be unable to break the laptop easily into the docking station.
    Please let me know if this port replicator docking station is * the right * for the Portégé R700-14 days.

    Thank you
    Bert van Loon

    Hi mostlymedia,

    I searched a bit using Google and I found that Port Replicator II is compatible with Portégé M750 and Tecra A/M/R/S series but no information on Portege R700 :(

    I think you should ask the ASP in your country if it s the right part or not until you make a mistake.

  • Portege M400: Port Replicator support DVI and analog monitor


    I use my Toshiba M400 in the duplicator.
    The duplicator has two outputs to a DVI and an external analog output display.

    I would use both screens at the same time under Windows Vista RC1.
    The port replicator manual mentions that this should be possible depending on the connected computer.

    "According to the computer connected to the port replicator, you can connect external monitors to DVI port and the port external monitor and display on both screens at the same time."

    Someone he knows the M400 which supports? I only get the external DVI monitor or at work.
    (He used to work with my old others and this function was just great).

    A big thank you in advance.



    I'm not sure but pretty sure you cannot connect two external displays at the same time due to the restriction of graphics card for laptop to 100%. You can stretch relative to your office for two screens (one internal and external) or have the same image on laptop LCD and external TFT connected DVI or RGB port.

    If I read the sentence you have posted I realized you can use two ports (according to specifications) and use two screens on the same time screens (laptop screen and an external).

    All available modes to switch the display to the external one, you can check with the combination of keys FN + F5 or in change of display tab tool mobile extension of Toshiba Service.

  • What docking station / Port Replicator is compatible for the Satellite P70-A-104


    does anyone know what model port replicator (name of Toshiba for docking station?) adapts to Toshiba P-70-A-104?



    As far as I know that this Satellite has port replicator, so you can use an external device, such as Toshiba Dynadock (universal docking station).
    More info about Dynadock you can find on the pages of Toshiba. As a small preview check please

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • How to disable WiFi for Portege R830 + Port Replicator & external keyboard

    Stupid question I know, but it's driving me crazy.

    I have an external keyboard Port duplicator and the attached monitor. The Port Replicator has a wired Ethernet connection to my local network. When I anchor my R830 in Port Replicator, ideally I would like to turn off the wireless adapter, but at least I certainly want the default use of the wired LAN connection not WiFi.

    Currently, it seems just randomly decide to use wired or wireless connection when I anchor.

    So, two part question:

    1. How can I pay the R830 automatically default to an Ethernet cable when I anchor?
    2. How can I turn off Wi - Fi when I am connected and using an external keyboard (the toggle F8 to activate wireless switch on the keyboard of the laptop does not work on external keyboards)

    Thank you very much in advance for your advice.

    > How can I set the R830 automatically default to a wired Ethernet connection when I anchor?
    If the port replicator is connected to the local network and then the laptop would use the LAN connection automatically if you connect the R830.

    > How can I turn off Wi - Fi when I am connected and using an external keyboard (the toggle F8 to activate wireless switch on the keyboard of the laptop does not work on external keyboards)
    Well, in this case, you can use the internal keyboard to turn off the WiFi using Fn + F8

  • Portege 3440CT Port Replicator

    I have reistalled the OS (Windows 2000)
    using drivers from the Toshiba site.
    As far as I know, everything works fine
    except the Network Port Replicator.
    I can't have the PC to find the
    Ethernet card and audio output
    Since the Replicator does not work either.
    Any drivers?

    How can I activate the network card?

    Grateful for the advice, Fredrik


    I found some drivers for your device. Please visit this site:
    In my opinion, you need the driver Lan (V4.1.65.0) and the audio driver (V5.12.01.2123)
    As far as I know you don t have enable the network adapter.
    If you you just need to install this driver.

    Good bye

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    Thank you

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    I'm trying to find out if she will take our existing Vodafone service.
    They can only tell me that they support only the SIM card and anything nearby that is up to the manufacturer.

    So the R500 has a slot for SIM card, or how it works, and does anyone have experience with the use of Vodaphone or another provider of service in this regard?

    Any help much appreciated.


    Seems to have found yourself but I ve also found a thread:

    Check the message posted by * Doc_Psycho *.


  • All compatible with Netgear products?

    I have an AC750 WiFi Extender and thought buy a Powerline 1200 and use the extension as an access point instead. These products will work together?

    Thank you


    What is the model number of the Extender if you please, for example EX6200? If you know that the extender supports an AP mode (not all do) then the configuration of your project should work correctly.

  • Port Replicator to the United Kingdom will work with US Portege R830?

    A Port Replicator to speed in United Kingdom Hi (PA3838D-1PRP) will be compatible with the laptop Portege R830 American version?

    I guess you're meaning that this port replicator

    It is mentioned that this Port Replicator is compatible with Portege R700 and Portege R830 series.
    European, along with Americans and Australians are very similar to each other so the port replicator, must be compatible.

    But I guess you need an AC wall adapter for plugging the European system in the United States

  • Portege M750 on plu III Advanced Port Replicator

    The Portege M750 works on Advanced Port Replicator III more (PA3474E-1PRP)?


    I discovered that the Express II port replicator is compatible with the Portege M750.

    I searched a bit on google and found this link to an Advanced Port Replicator III over the datasheet. But it s only in German.

    However, the M750 Poretge is not listed as a unit compatible and taken in charge.
    So I guess that more Advanced Port Replicator III cannot be used with protected M750 toghterer

    Welcome them

  • For Satellite Pro U200 port replicator

    Can anyone confirm which (if any) of the port replicator are compatible with the Satellite Pro U200? If I understand correctly, one of the USB models should be used, but all those I looked at only list the U300 as being compatible. Maybe it's just because the U200 is now discontinued, but I want to check before you buy.


    PX1173E-1PRP USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (Ethernet / EU Version) must be compatible with the Satellite Pro U200 series:

    Check this box:

    [USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (Ethernet / EU Version) | shibaShop = false & SelCategorie = 4697 & tab = 1 #1]

    I hope I could help

  • audio off when it is associated with the port replicator

    I use Windows XP with my Thinkpad T400 and I bought a Lenovo port replicator model k33415 with my computer.  I have a keyboard and a mouse attached to the Port Replicator port as a PDA sometimes.

    Whenever the port replicator is connected to the computer, the computer speakers do not work and I hear no audio.   When I restart the computer without the attached port replicator, the computer speakers are working fine.      I've tried everything!    Any ideas?

    Hello!  In fact, I fixed it on my own.   Under sound properties I adjusted the audio settings for 'Conexant HD', he made my default device, and under AUdio and then "Advanced", I needed to set speakers to computer speakers.  What I haven't done yet we see if this turns off audio when I unplug the duplicator... so I guess I need to change the default device.   You may not have the same problem, but in any case, good luck!

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