Re: Problem with downloading the files of more than 500 k, YES KB

Hey you,.

I wanted to upload files in my email account, but it still fails.
Could someone help me?

I use a stick of the internet on a Satellite U900-12J.

It does not work with Filezilla, Google, Chrome, Thunderbird,..., only wiorks for the small download size of FTP data.

Hey you.

First a U900 Sat does not for me and I doubt s exists
Second, I doubt it s a cell number.

You should get in touch with your e-mail account provider and should ask why the files larger than 500 KB are not possible

Big names

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    Hi Joseph,

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    Please see Exit Code 7 Installing and errors ' Exit Code: 6 "," Exit Code: 7 "|"» CC, CS6, CS5.5

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


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    Thanks for the suggestion, but configuring FTP checked OK. in fact he did a test of the thin connection all the time. Maybe it had to do with memory cache on my computer? in any case, I liquidated DW, restarted the program and the download Panel works great.

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    The file will open and save, it's all just annoying to get this message every time. There are no problems when downloading the report to other formats.

    It is a known problem... It is a "Fix" of Microsoft, to ensure that people know that the file is NOT a style true Blue XLS file... My office just to go through it and it is adjustable, but involves a registry setting that they do NOT HAVE want to impliment...

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    Tony Miller
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  • Several files of more than 500,000 KB in the c:\windows\temp folder

    More than 500,000 Ko I have several files in the c:\windows\temp folder. They are all named as TOP * .tmp and are all together like 7 GB.

    Issues related to the:
    1. What is UPSTAIRS * .tmp files?
    2. may I remove them?
    3. If Yes, do, I lost?

    OS: Windows Vista editions Home Premium on Sony Vaio VGN-NR11Z

    More information about the files:
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    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPF54E.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPF310.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPE604.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPCD63.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPC151.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP71FD.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP7107.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP6D2F.tmp 532,249 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPB901.tmp 329,440 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPC7B3.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPC503.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPB854.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPAB02.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP5D30.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP5996.tmp 329,344 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPC7C8.tmp 186,240 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPC47D.tmp 186,240 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP9AFC.tmp 186,240 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\DZSEFDA.tmp 155,840 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOPCA78.tmp 113,280 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP9BFB.tmp 93.312 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP99C8.tmp 93.312 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP863B.tmp 93.312 KB
    C:\Windows\TEMP\TOP490D.tmp 93.312 KB

    All ALBUMS * .tmp files have now updated the 25.10.2009 and about the same time.

    Thank you for your response.

    Kind regards


    Thank you for the additional information.

    Yesterday, I decided to register on IT * files .tmp on DVD and I removed them from the TEMP directory. I decided to do it because none of the processes they used at the time of my comment. I compared the the event logs for any new warnings or errors, but mistakes are appearing as before removal. The errors are:
    -The parallel port driver service failed to start due to the following error: the service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices is associated to him.
    -Could not load the plug-in module. (GUID = {56F9312C-C989-4E04-8C23-299DEE3A36F5}) (Error code = 0 x 80042019)

    I haven't checked on the first error, but it appears in the system log because I erased the corrupt system log - also before deleting the files.
    The second is well known 'Vaio Entertainment Database Services' error (in the application log) and everyone invites you to remove this service from startup list. So maybe I'll do it.

    My Vaio has now extra 7.5 GB of free space and has no performance or other problems (so far).

    Today, I tried this (sfc/scannnow) system scan and the log is perfectly clean. Nothing has been repaired.
    Also checkdisk returns nothing abnormal so I think the albums * .tmp not fail at any other SW. The other issue is how they were created, but as my log files have been corrupted (another known problem of vista), I will probably never know the answer.

    If new sth will appear on the subject (e.g. new TOP * .tmp files), I'll write again.

    Thank you once again.


  • Problem to download the file .article

    Hello. I generated this file '.artcile' using the 'HTML Article Packager"a nd every time that I try to download in the 2015 DPS, I got the error"failed to download. I did the same steps with other HTML files and there is no problem, but it does not work with this file. Do you have what could happen?


    You must rename one of your image files:

    He doesn't like the c in academia_da_cachaca.jpg.

    I renamed this academia_da_cachaca.jpg and it worked, don't forget to rename the reference in the HTML code as well.

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    Open them in Photoshop and save it back.

    Import again.

    See if this will help.

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    I have can´t update my applications. Does anyone know about this problem?

    Change my preferences also be. can´t I have wrong settings in my firewall (firewall is not enabled). ?

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-14 um 20.45.46.png

    Please refer to:

    "Unknown Server error" when you attempt to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud

    "Unknown Server error" - that's what the program says CC when I try to open a session! Help!

    Creative cloud "Download error" message

    The operating system you have?

    1. Close the creative cloud application.
    2. Navigate to the OOBE folder.
      Windows: [system drive]: \Users\ [user name] \AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
      Mac OS: /Users/ [user name] / folder/Library/Application Support / Adobe / OOBE
    3. Delete the file opm.db.
    4. Launch the creative cloud.

    Hope this helps you.



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    Hi Rhaydn,

    Test to see if you get the same behavior in a new user account with administrative rights. What types of files and programs were a double click when the application open but not the document? For the question of Acrobat, I found this thread

    If this does not help, I recommend posting on this thread as well as anyone the problem.


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    Hello everyone,

    It is probably a quick question, but I know how to open data files in Labview. The attached code works if you enter a file from the folder on the front panel button. However, if the path is empty and you press the run (arrow) button, a dialog box appears and asks you the file.

    I select the file, but the dialog box keeps coming back. I think it has something to do with my while loop. Can someone tell me where I'm wrong?

    Thank you!


  • Problem with downloading the pictures from my digital camera to my PC

    In downloading the pictures on my camera digital photo to my PC using Windows Wizard, the numbers of JPEG files are not automatically displayed under each photo, place it in a folder and downloaded.  Below each photo is the name of the group followed by number 001, 002, 003, etc..  I have to edit each photo and manually put in the numbers of JPEG files.  I followed the download instructions by Windows XP help page.  What step am I missing?

    Hi kchin,

    Check if you refer to the following article. Alternatively, you can follow the article and see if it helps.

    Download pictures from your digital camera

    See also:

    Microsoft Windows XP - Get pictures from a scanner or digital camera

  • I have a problem with all the files and folders on the computer appearing as 'read only '.

    Original title: scourge, each folder and file on each disc are read only and I can't change an any of them

    What happens on my main server. When I choose to change something to read only to normal, he said read only status of disabled, but if I try to change the file or folder I can't change it and if I re - check its properties I find once again, it is read-only. I looged as the admin and I tried everything to put the file or folder read-only point and nothing happening. I plugged a flash drive for only to find that it was read-only.

    Full Scan Virus and there are 10 viruses in my computer, 8 of the virus could be eliminated by removing the leader and two of them were to be eliminated by deleting the infected file.

    The result is that my computer works fine now!

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