Re: Qosmio G20: DVD-RAM UJ-845 s does not read CDs or DVDs

I'm a big supporter of Toshiba product.

Please help me

Given that I had to do to update form my * Toshiba Qosmio G20-123 *.
My * DVD UJ-845 s * do not read any CD or DVD.
Before that, he worked a lot of good. But unfortunately now, he does ' t read anything.

The system to recognize it. The driver is installed and working properly.

After I installed supports DVDRAM of Toshiba.
The same thing occurs when playing a CD, the system tells me:

* E: / not accessible *.
* incorrectness function *.

I try with a program on the net but no way.

I was well able to put the original firmware, but I could not find.
If someone can do a dump of the original Firmware for me it will be a miracle for me.

Help, please.
My great respect.

I think I can help you:

Go to my computer right click on the CD/DVD drive.
Now go to properties; Click the Recording tab and check "Enable CD writing on this drive".
Now click on apply and restart the laptop.

Check of workaround and post comments

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    With the new Toshiba, I bought (Qosmio G20) I just got the same problems, dvd and cd function work correctly sometimes (unfortunately sometimes not as well), but the player (mast * a UJ-845 s, DL DVDwriter) recognizes not all all DVD ram.

    I hope someone can give me a hand with this problem, I'm really a little crazy about it now, and I don't want to keep running and visit the Toshiba Service Center every 2 / 3 months for the rest of my life...

    Thanks a lot anyway!

    Best regards, Erik

    Hi Erik

    It is very strange that you have problems with sides. Over the past 7 years, I worked on 5 different Toshiba laptops and I, but really never had no problem with the chance. I always use the same empty media TDK (DVD-R, DVD - RW and DVD-RAM). Everything works fine.

    I have always taken out of pre-installed software and use Nero since the beginning. I really put t understand why the DVD-RAM media are not recognized, but please do not forget the DVD-RAM driver is pre-installed correctly.

    Have you noticed that with the factory settings?

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    Hi Gabriel,

    I m not Qosmio G20 owner but I m asking you to install Windows 7. I think XP would be the best choice for this portable little plu

    Normally the lighting on Toshiba laptop to install the package of added value. It s is only not for this model, so I put t know if it will work. You should try to download from another model of laptop that is Windows 7 supported.

    In addition also check the BIOS if lighting is enabled.

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    Firmware for it, that she will not read blank media.

    I agree with master... I don't know what kind of problems you have, but if the player doesn't work properly, it must be replaced. The warranty is certainly valid and the nearest authorized can help you with it.

    Maybe you made a mistake. Take your laptop to the nearest service and show them what you mean exactly. Here, we can only speculate what may be your problem.

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    However, there is no problem with the audio CD, but when I insert a data disc such as the software considers the disk is empty and try to format the drive.
    I searched internet day for solutions and tried without success to the following:

    Removed the UpperFilters and LowerFilters in the registry.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.
    Bought DriverWhiz (waste of money!)
    Tried to access disc command prompt that generated the message "incorrect function".
    Tried to use the enforcement function and access an exe file that I know is on the disk, but it comes up saying I need to format the drive
    Uninstall service packs
    I even thought it might be something to do with the MagicVirtual drive I had installed so I uninstalled completely which
    I uninstalled real player

    I'm about 3 minutes to destroy my laptop so any help would be appreciated.

    Laptop: Equium A200 - 1V0
    Drive DVD - RW: MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s ATA
    OS: Windows Vista


    Deleting upper and lower filters was the first idea that I'd like to share with you, but it seems that you have already tried this solution proposal

    How about windows boot CD or a linux live CD?
    Is this possible?

    If not then I thing that the question could be linked to the wrong material work I m thinking on the issue of laser lenses eventually the laser lens can not calibrate properly and this could be a problem

    In this case, only a replacement CD/DVD drive can help greet

  • Qosmio G20 - touch keys doesn't work does not correctly


    My brightness keys and all the others do not work properly. Sometimes they don´r work, sometimes they work fine.
    I ve serached for all the drivers for that matter but I found can´t it... any toughts?

    Thank you

    Are you using the original Toshiba OS, you got with your laptop?
    I think it must be Media Center, Windows XP Home Edition, right?

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 recognizes D DVD/CD-RW drive in my computer, but does not read the content.

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    I get a "D:\ is not accessible.
    The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error"

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!



    I guess the discs not all burnt gift? t working in this player.
    I know that not all media work on all players. In the manual, you should find a list of tested and good work supports.
    I recommend that you test the CD and DVD that is recommended in the user's manual.

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    Windows XP - LG DVD - RAM drive does not read the DVD. It's playback CD only... I ran the fix microsoft program... but it did not help at all.

    CD/DVD players use different lasers to read CD DVD vs.  Eventually, your DVD laser has grilled.  It might be time to replace your CD/DVD drive.



  • DVD player does not read DVDs but reads CDs only.

    my hp compaq 420 core2 duo dvd player does not read DVDs but only reads the CD. How can I fix this, please help me with the correct answer.

    It will probably replace the drive. There is more than one laser in there: one for each function. You can go bad without the other goes wrong.

    608141 001

    Above is the part number for the DVD burner. I couldn't find one on eBay.  In here is a online:

    Replacement is easy. Remove one screw on the bottom and drag the old hunt and replace it with the new drive.

  • My iMac does not read DVD


    My iMac does not read DVD. Every time when I put in DVD (free or with content), it runs for a while and that he died. CD works for most very well, but sometimes they go inside and the drive is not recognized. And also sometimes the DVD drive is not recognized in ¨informations on system"in the Apple menu.

    Thank you

    Matouš PIkous

    Did you use a cleaning CD in the optical drive?

  • Satellite L30: reader will not read CDs or DVDs

    In the evening, I was recently testing on various operating systems on my laptop and eventually decided to return to Windows Pro.
    It was working fine until a couple of days, but then the hard drive started making a rattling noise, like R/RW head stuck.

    Now it will not read CDs or DVDs, can someone please help and tell me if it's a failure of the software or hardware, and the best way to fix it?


    The drive problems are not uncommon and may still occur.
    For the most part the purpose of calibration training does not work correctly.
    The objective must be calibrated in the correct position until the player will read or write to the media.
    This fault is not reperable and especially the drive needs to be replaced!

  • SD-2212 drive does not read some DVD - Satellite 1410

    Hello every1,
    I have the Satellite 1410 604 for more than 2 years, with player combo mentioned above...
    It serves me right, except that it does not read certain types of dvd media, and I use only high quality DVD Verbatim...
    It happens that in the last months. It is not my main computer but it's to use in my house, and it really bothers me when my sister or father takes the new A60 Pro satellite on the road (its battery is better), I can't use last discs on it. So if there is a cause of upgrade, firmware I can't find on this site...

    Thanks in advance...


    I don t think that the firmware update will solve this problem because this pilot acknowledged this DVD some time ago.
    In addition, I put t found any firmware of this drive on the Toshiba site.

    But check if the disk by removing the procedure will solve this problem. So why go to Device Manager and remove the disc. After again starting the operating system should recognize the drive again

    Good bye

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