Re: Replace the LCD Satellite A505-S6960


I bought a replacement LCD screen for my satellite a505-s6960.
I can't pull the old a.
I unscrewed several screws on the bezel.
However, I can't get out of the bezel.

Any ideas?

Take a look at you will find information how to remove the LCD screen. Perhaps, you will find something useful

See you soon

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  • No sound with Satellite A505-S6960


    Last week the sound went out on my Satellite A505-S6960 speakers and the headphone jack. I'm currently running Vista. Before that, the sound worked fine for the first 6 weeks. After you have reinstalled the following driver, the sound worked fine again:

    Driver: Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista (32 bit / 64 bit)
    Found here: rpn = PSAP0U & modelFilter = A505-S6960 & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 1073768663

    However, now, 3 days later the sound no longer works, and reinstalling the driver does not help this time. Someone knows what's the problem?

    Thank you.

    Have you tried the system restore option to roll back the OS to an earlier time when everything worked well?
    Maybe some update Microsoft has messed up sound.

  • Beep codes 8 (redirect) it is time to replace the lcd

    Hi guys, I have dell vostro laptop 2520 integer October 2013, the warranty period is over recently I placed a problem where my laptop gives 8 beep codes. I did the test LCD but still healthy.  It's time for me to replace the lcd screen or all can be done without replacing. If this is not the case, how replacement cost. Thanks awaiting response.

    Handsome of Ganesh,


    As you have a laptop, better make this laptop in the computer Forum post here:


  • Satellite A100 - display balack after replacing the LCD screen


    So I'm trying to fix a LCD on a Satellite A100. The girl I am set as said she accidentally hit the screen with his hand and became black.

    When you turn on the laptop I can here windows activate, nothing is on the LCD screen. It is not the backlight, because I don't see anything on the screen at all. So I bought a replacement LCD screen and that one does not work either. Same question

    I think it is the inverter, any suggestions?

    Could be the sensor cover?

    Thank you! Kyle

    Hi Kyle,.

    Did you buy this new LCD screen to a service provider authorized? I ask this question because it would be interesting to know if it s a Toshiba valid a party or 3rd party a spare.

    Did you check the connection of the LCD cable? There may be a link to lose or the cable itself is touched.
    Theoretically, it might be the FL inverter too, but I doubt that. Otherwise, you'd see something on the screen but very dark.

  • Satellite A300 Question on replacing the LCD screen

    I had a minor accident with my A300, which ultimately ended in me the screen cracking.
    (Yes, I know, what a fool. Believe me, it was a complete accident.)

    In any case, the after-sales service is closed until January 5, but I was wondering if anyone might know how a replacement screen would be me back?

    Will it cost me more than $80 just to have the 'thing' rated and side on, and I need to know about how I look, as I recently had my end of maternity payments, so we are a middle-income.

    Time to talk Abou...

    Change the LCD is a little tricky. You have to remove a lot of and remove the screws much.

    This is a forum user to Yes, so I think nobody with experience here's how. I think the best is you go in an ASP.

  • Replacing the screen satellite U840-10V

    Hi guys,.

    My Satellite U840-10V hinge on the right side screen broke when I accidentally dropped the laptop. This happened almost 2 years ago and today he is out, which separates it from the window of the screen. I had this problem temporarily to a nearby repair shop and was advised to contact toshiba to replace the head of screen. my warranty expired in 2013 and I did not apply to it.

    Can someone advise the best course of action to replace the screen? I live in ealing, London and am able to go to a provider of services close to who would be able to replace it. I like really this laptop and I would like to replace the screen as soon as possible instead of dishing out money on another new laptop.

    Kind regards


    repair shops dealing with computers laptop toshiba would be very useful.

    If you are looking for an authorized service provider, I recommend this page:

    You will find all available world-wide ASP.

  • Satellite A505-S6960 continues to 'lose' Dynadock drivers

    I have a laptop Toshiba A505-S6960 with a Dynadock U PA3575U-1PRP.

    I have installed and uninstalled several times readers.
    My problem is it seems to keep losing the driver for my printer.

    The first time I start everything works fine, but a few moments later, I'm going to print and I get an error message from my printer icon indicating that my printer is not online. A few moments later, I get an error message that the connected USB device is not recognized.

    If the Dynadock turn off and restart it works perfectly again, but then the same scenario again.

    I've been dealing with this for weeks and can not solve this problem.

    Hello DaGriz,

    have you tried to connect the dynadock to another usb port?
    To the front usb ports supports sleep and fresh.
    In addition, you can try it with a different usb cable.

    Your printer is working properly, if it is connected directly to your pc?

    Also check the settings of your firewall and antivir program.
    Maybe the drivers for the dynadock are detected as a virus or a trojan?

    Best regards

  • Is it possible to adjust the CPU fan after replacing the CPU - Satellite L35 - S21?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L35-S2161. It was initially equipped with a Celeron M 410. Last weekend, I replaced the Celeron with a Pentium Core Duo T2250. Everything works fine. Now, both the Celeron and Pentium seem to run a bit hot.

    The beach of temp for both are exactly the same. Honer time between Celcius 55 to 62 degrees Celsius.

    Is it possible to set the fan to maintain a temperature between 50 to 55 degrees? If so, how?

    Check this

    -It is uncertain whether the new processor is compatible to the system board. Integrated chipsets can take charge of their technical specifications a wide range of processors, but this does not mean that all types of CPU can be used in a mobile system for * integrated cooling systems are designed individually for each set of model in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the machine *. An incorrect CPU can cause the system to overheat and damage the internal system components.

    -In most cases, the BIOS does not work with the replaced CPU which causes a malfunction of the machine. The BIOS needs to be rewritten after each Exchange of a CPU that can only be done by an authorized Toshiba service partner.

  • How to replace the LCD screen Flex cable for a HP Pavilion dv4-1220us

    Can someone give me a step by step procedure replacing the screen Flex cable connection without disassembling the entire computer

    Lanny1 wrote:

    Thanks for the manual, I am waiting for cable to arrive. This whole process can finish by the enemy who me to try to replace the cable. I can finish with new computer

    Hello again!

    You are the very welcome.  You need to update with the results.

    Have a great day.

  • Satellite 2410-303-help with replacing the LCD screen

    My screen is dead and must be replaced. Can someone tell me where I can get a replacement and at what price? I live in Mauritius and cannot get spare here.
    Thank you mnay

    Hi Jawa

    In my opinion there is not a lot of options. You can order parts by authorized service partners or order it from some independent PC shop. Check if you can find a partner in your countries, or maybe someone else (they can send you everything you need to). Another way Google a little bit and I'm sure you'll find someone who can send you a new LCD screen for your laptop.

    On the price I can't tell you much because we walked free and the price is different from one country to the other.

  • Re: Need new screen for Satellite A505-s6960


    I have an A5050-S6960 satellite with part No. PSAP0U-007007 and my screen is completely totaled. I searched on the net for the replacement screens, but I have no idea of the real specs for the screen.

    What are the specs of the screen as

    Type of backlight
    Media of

    And any other information that I needed usually when shopping for a replacement to the screen.

    Thank you

    Googling around you can find a lot of online stores where you can order the new screen for your laptop satellite.
    Here are some of them:

    I hope that you will find the best price for you.
    If you need perhaps a few other components, you should contact Toshiba service and ask if you can get them.

  • Portege R200: I would like to replace the LCD

    Hi all... This is my first post here, sorry for my basic questions...

    My R200 screen is broken and I would like to replace it so that 'CHEAP' as possible...

    I looked online and saw an official for more than £300.
    I have seen 2 different ones on Ebay for £165 + p & p, the other is for £100 + p & p.

    links below:
    [ QcmdZViewItem]

    - and one below is for £100, which is my preferred option

    [ 69QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem]

    -This article would work?
    -Is it easy to replace?
    -Advice or recommendations?
    - And especially... Can I get it cheaper anywhere else?

    Thanks in advance

    Super D


    Both screens seems to be designed for the Portégé R200 why I put t see any serious reasons why you should not use it.

    > Is it easy to replace?
    It's not easy to replace if you have no experience! In this case I recommend you contact a technician for laptop.

    > And especially... Can I get it cheaper anywhere else?
    As you know the market is google fair price for a better offer.

    Well done dude

  • Replacing the battery - Satellite L850D

    My battery is dying. I tried the model number on the battery that I have and it's PA5024U-1BRS. A replacement battery only I can find on the Web from Toshiba site is PA5025U-1BRS.

    My question is can I use the later as a spare battery.

    Thank you.


    In your machine, you can use two batteries:
    PA5024U-1BRS and

    Check if you can find one of them in your country. For more information, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country.

  • Replacing the LCD screen

    Hello, so I will try to buy a new screen LCD for my netbook Acer aspire one. My model number is 756-877BCrr, but if I buy something similar to this, like for example, a model number that says: 756-877BCKK, it could still give me the same product or I need to find the exact same model find my LCD? Help, please!

    No problems. Simply choose between glossy or matte.

  • Resolution of the different native screen after replacing the LCD screen

    I recently had my HP Pavilion DV7 laptop screen replaced after getting a crack in it. He was sent to HP for repair and she came back yesterday with a new brand, screen exactly like my old. While the screen looks the same as the old, when I started, it is a completely different resolution. On the old screen that broke the (maximum) native resolution was 1600 x 900. However, on the new, the (maximum) native resolution is 1920 x 1080. I'm still able to go back to 1600 x 900, but when I do the text becomes blurry. I suppose I could use the 1920 x 1080, but it would take a lot of time to get used to it, especially since I am using 1600 x 900 for two years. So my question is, why is there another native resolution and is it possible to fix the blur with 1600 x 900? I don't understand why all this is happening, because the screen looks exactly like my old, same size and all. I don't know of changes to software that took place or the other, all what has been messed with to my knowledge was the physical display.

    Thank you!


    From the sound of it, HP has replaced your original screen with better resolution by mistake.

    There is nothing you can do except to report it to the support of HP and ask to the screen to be replaced by one of the same characteristics as yours, or you will have to get used to the larger screen real estate and more small text and objects, or use a different resolution which may be more attractive to you.

Maybe you are looking for

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