Re: satellite A300 screen turns off after the toshiba logo, will not boot from the CD/DVD

Hello, I have this problem with Toshiba satellite A300.

I deleted several files and folders of my drives C and E. To restart the computer, it only shows the Toshiba logo then a slightly gray white screen on a thorough inspection. Whenever I press CRL + ALT + DELETE, the computer restarts and behaves in the same way.

I tried to use an external monitor, but there is no difference. The tent to start using a CD/DVD, same behaviour occurs, it does not start and screen remains blank after the Toshiba logo, I tried even to change g the order of boot, but in vain.

What could happen?
Thanks in advance.


It seems that you deleted system files and Windows no longer starts. Have you tried to restore the disk image factory settings or hard drive recovery? Or do copy the Windows installation... It is easier to reinstall rather fix the problem.

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  • Satellite M200 screen turns off after that start & battery does not charge

    Hello, I am from Jakarta, Indonesia
    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite M200 Notebook (running Windows 7 Home Premium)

    After I press the power button to the top of my laptop, it works fine display BIOS and Windows startup screen.
    but after that my monitor off all of a sudden when Windows is supposed to show the login screen.

    Sometimes, the monitor doesn't turn off, but shows a lower resolution (I don't know exactly what resolution, 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600, i use maybe 1280 x 800)
    so the only thing I can do is, press the power button to stop bad then press power again turns on, my monitor works normally
    try to stop and then turn on again in a few hours later, problems still comes once.

    from the moment where I install Windows 7, I use version of the driver (downloaded from Download Center of Intel, which included Assistant TV Intel)
    2 days ago, my friend told me that I should install the driver from the Toshiba site support, so I went to and download the version of this site (which is not included Assistant TV Intel)

    my monitor works normally after I installed the driver I of, so I think that the problem because the Intel TV Wizard somehow messed with my laptop. But this morning this problem once again, my turns just monitor suddenly...

    In addition, this problem seems to be my battery was unable to recharge, my completely reloaded Windows shows, but when I plugged my AC adapter,
    There are 15-20 minutes before my laptop turns off automatically

    Three months ago, I just brought my laptop to the local Service Center of Toshiba and bought the new motherboard to replace my old mobo (which have a VGA problem too!)
    Is there something I can do (related to Windows or driver/software) or I can bring my notebook at the center of service again?
    are they somehow an incorrect wiring when replacing my motherboard?
    and am I need to replace my battery too?

    I use this laptop for about a year and a half and there is nothing wrong with my battery before replacing the motherboard

    any help would be appreciated :D


    Talk about your screen, the a graphics driver causes this malfunction with resolution and turn off. Go to the page of the toshiba driver and download the correct Vga driver for your model. I see, you are running Windows 7, if there is no driver for win7, try the vista driver.
    On your power supply, you have used for the year and a half and he is released in 20 minutes, there is nothing strange. It's standard for power supply operating period, need to be replaced. Just to be sure, you can check with a new battery. You will see that the trick works as expected.

    Welcome them

  • Inspiron 9300 screen turns off after the Windows Logo screen

    Inspiron 9300 my wife became severely infected.  I thought I had some weird things start popping up of the problem decided to wipe the hard drive and start over.  Unfortunately, I don't have to restore disks when I bought the computer.  I install windows xp pro service pack 2 full retail version.

    Installation was not a problem until I installed the driver ATI Mobility x 300.  I followed directions for installation from the website, do the installation of xp followed of the dell system software update followed of chipset followed video driver.  After that whenever I put on, the screen turns off after the Windows Logo.  The computer is still running and if I plug an external monitor everythng is fine.

    I tried all the troubleshooting tips I've seen in this forum.  I did a full install twice. made of safety boots (all right), started in VGA mode (works fine), I ran diagnostics from fn on startup, including express, extended and video tests and they pass all the controls.  I'm sure it's a software problem, but have been unable to solve.  I've updated the ATI bios although when I run it says already installed and done one installs x 300 driver on 6 ttimes own.

    I know it must be something simple that I'm missing. My system is the Inspiron 9300 with 2 GB of ram and the mobility x 300 card.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • Latitude D610 screen turns off after the Windows XP loading screen

    I'm having a problem with my Latitude D610 where after the Windows XP loading screen, the screen turns off completely. No BSOD, no login screen, just a white screen. This started happening at least a year, however, I bought a new computer if it is passed to the hatch. I tried the system restore when it appeared first without success. The computer starts in Mode safe. Any suggestions?

    If it starts in mode without failure, then its almost certainly a driver and with the blank screen problem, I suspect a display driver.

  • C50-A634 satellite will not boot from USB or DVD

    My new toshiba Satellite C50-A634 won't boot from usb or dvd,.
    I downloaded victory 8.1 and burn the image to a dvd but I always get an error message "no boot... device please restart."

    Can you please help?


    Startup mode of the change in the BIOS settings and you should be able to use the optical drive as first boot device -

  • Screen turns off after the opening of the session. The mouse cursor only appears

    Don't know where to post this, but here's my problem.

    I have a Dell laptop with VISTA professional who has worked perfect for 8-9 months. Since the beginning of December I started having this problem haunting log-in where to provide the user name and password, the screen turns white (black) and I see is a mouse cursor. Nothing else appears. I can get to the hostel Monsignor task by doing a Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but a stop or restart is not the problem. I tried the safe mode or VGA mode without result. The only thing that seems to work is time. If I leave the system at the prompt to logon for 5-10 minutes, I can then connect you ok but this delay is unacceptable. It's as if there is a service that needs timeout? Any ideas on what may cause this behavior?

    The behavior is also described by others here and here but none of the suggestions have solved the problem for me.

    Appreciate any help. Thank you!


    You wanted to let you know the final outcome of this problem. I spent two good months of fighting through this problem and try all of the advice given. The problems have persisted. Beyond the suggestions here, there are pages on Google pages on this topic is delicate balancing sifting through the "answers".  So far, no one, including Microsoft, has been able to identify the problem or to locate a formal resolution. After having satisfied this during a road trip in 2 weeks, I have downgraded to Windows XP and wait anxiously for the release of Windows 7.


  • The RV042 web utility screen turns off after the connection

    I'm running a new RV042 with the latest firmware (  I put about 2 weeks ago and have been running without a problem.  Today, I tried to go the web utility to make a few changes.  I was invited for the user and password name, which seems to accept (if I typed in the wrong he rejected), and then the screen went blank (normally I would get the status display now.)  Instead, the screen I get is the blue light of the login screen, but there is nothing about it.  The router is passed to the page

    I have tried different browsers and access it from multiple computers - the situation is always the same.  I rolled power the router, and there is no change.  I suspect that the next step is a manual reset to factory settings - but of course I'd rather not (as I'm not saving all my settings of course!)

    Any suggestions for how to get to see the content?

    You can try to clear the cache of your browser.

  • Satellite A100: Screen turns off after a while of no action and cannot be reactivated

    Hi all
    I'm after a bit of advice/help. I have a satellite A100 & after its been on during an extended period with no keyboard (like DVD burning), the screen is empty. It does not matter the keys on which I support on I can't get it back. The only way to get out of what I've found is to reboot the machine.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

    Hello Gary

    Try please install the latest display driver, you can find on the download page of Toshiba. It is also recommended that you update the BIOS with the latest version available.

  • Satellite A100-812: screen brightness does not not & screen turns off after a while

    Some power management features do not work after a bios update (5.90).
    The display brightness can be changed in the power manager, or the top menu system. In the power manager, the cursor can be moved, but the brightness is not set. Toshiba menu system appears to hang on trying to change the brightness with F6 - F7 and won't move the cursor.

    In addition, the screen does not turn off after the set amount of minutes in the power manager.

    What is going on? How can this be repaired?
    Thanks in advance.


    Some questions; Why you have updated the BIOS?
    Are you sure you used the right BIOS?

    In my opinion you shouldn't t to update anything if the laptop works properly!

    However, try to access the BIOS, set the default settings and save the settings before exiting the BIOS.
    If this does not help, I would pick up the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    Good bye

  • LCD screen turns off after a few minutes

    My screen turns off after a few minutes, even if the parameters to be able to say that he should turn off after 60 minutes of no activity.  Before this date should activate the screensaver after 10 minutes of no activity.  But in my case the active screensaver ever and my right monitor fades to black.  What can I do to fix this?  Is there a registry setting that has changed I don't know?


    I checked power options, the first thing, and then I checked the (NVIDIA) graphics card Control Panel to see if there is a setting for it.  The figures that I had in my previous post came from my power options, but I don't know how standard power who do not have the numbers that it would affect the schedule/performance options.  I went to advanced settings.  But I also rebooted my computer which solved the problem, in my opinion.  I'll have to sit and wait to be sure, but I'll get back to you on that once I have test.


  • Laptop screen turns off but the system never sleeps when closed.


    I have a laptop Alienware M14x and quite frequently when I close my laptop, the screen turns off but the system will not. When I reopen it, the screen stays off and the system seems still to go but no matter what I press on, the screen does not turn. To fix it, I just turn it off power then back on the power button. I know that my laptop is still running because the fans are still running and the lights on the front and on the keyboard are lit. I don't know if this is a problem common or not, but it's really annoying.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! If there are other details that might help, do not hesitate to ask!

    Thank you!


    Firstly I find a windows command can tell you if you have something that prevents the mode 'sleep'. Run as administrator command window and use the command: powercfg-query.

    If you have my problem and SRVNET is active, you will see this:

    [DRIVER] \FileSystem\srvnet
    An active remote client recently sent requests for this machine.

    2. to add SRVNET to the exempt list, do the following at the command prompt (EXACTLY as shown below.)  DRIVER MUST be written in capital letters):

    powercfg - requestsoverride DRIVER '\FileSystem\srvnet' system Awaymode

    and for good measure (not sure if necessary but I did anyway)...

    powercfg - requestsoverride DRIVER "srvnet' system Awaymode

    3. once all is said and done, it should look like this after you run:

    powercfg - requestsoverride

    \FileSystem\srvnet SYSTEM AWAYMODE

    4 enjoy again the "sleep mode".

    Credit is to JohnnyN to


  • When I turn off my IPad wifi also turns off after the installation of IOS10. What is the solution?

    When I turn off my IPad wifi also turns off after the installation of IOS10. What is the solution?

    Hello. Do you mean "Turn off" or "sleep"? Your iPad there cell phones, or is it only WiFi?

  • Aspire power E1 light - 572P stays on when I stopped. Screen turns off, but the router is plugged

    When I quit my Aspire E1 - 572P the screen turns off but the blue light and the router remains connected.  Ethernet services and internet used to go off. Any suggestions please.

    Go to power options. On the left side, click on choose what the power button. Scroll down and uncheck quick start. Save changes and close.

  • Satellite L300-1AS - error PXE - boot error - will not boot from USB

    Startup error - error PXE-L300 1AS - will not boot from USB

    I recently bought a new HD to replace the original that my laptop takes an hour to load.

    I put the new drive hard at in the BIOS setting, I chose to boot from USB... USB is recognized as it appears on the screen of the BIOS. I disabled the LAN option as it gives me PXE error... I think that the USB files are not read. as I handed the old HD and attached to boot from USB but it just goes to the start screen.

    I thought that perhaps I bought the wrong HD, but a new appeared on the BIOS setting... I'm a bit confused and would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction...

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    New HARD drive has nothing to do with it. Problem must be your USB key.
    In your ad you didn t wrote what is on it, and we don t know if USB can operate as boot device or not.

    I put t know what OS you want to install right now but original recovery DVDs or use Microsoft installation disc and install Win7 32 bit. I ve installed on friends L300 and it works perfectly.

  • Screen turns off when the Satellite A45-S250 is moved in the direction of less


    I have a satellite A45-S250. I had no previous problem with this machine. However, when the computer is running too long, or it is moved in the slightest way the screen turns off. I don't even have to type very slowly - or I lose the screen.

    But also, as I have said - sometimes I won't even be near the computer and the screen turns off. When I lose the screen if the light shines on it - I can see, it's always VERY fair Sun. Generally, it will come if I use the FN + F5 button.

    I don't know if it is a screen problem or a connection problem. It occurs with increased frequency. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you



    From your description, I assume FL converter is defective and must be replaced. FL inverter is responsible for the background light and the typical symptom for faulty FL inverter is dimming or blinking display.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Pro warranty A10, student daughter portable computer reports no longer works, already suspended and finally no response from any other lights at the entrance to DC charger is connected. Clean fan/radiator, a lot of lint etc. removed. No obvious signs

  • Satellite L300 - impossible to restore unity

    A friend has a nice laptop L300 Sat that become corrupted.The data D: drive still contains 4 .swm files and the E:winre player is always accessible (command prompt) Pressing F8 or 0 does not give the possibility to restore using toshiba hdd recovery.

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