Re: Satellite A500 - reason of the Bluescreens

I got my laptop NEW since December, and it annoys me that the my laptop bluescreens on me at least twice a day, even when its mode 'sleep'! What is Windows 7 or BIOS problem? or the graphics card driver? That's I know are up to date...

Frustrating your...


To be honest, I also don t know the reason for your problem of blue screen
What BSOD you get exactly? You should post the exact code you see.

In addition he s always advisable to reinstall Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc. So that you can identify if it s material or not.

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  • Satellite A500 - problems with the creation of recovery disks

    I bought a Satellite A500 yesterday and now I'm trying to create the recovery discs before anything else.
    However, towards the end of the 1st DVD I get an error message saying "Faile dto open the next file. e:\Boot\BCD (0201123-F1-00000000 error code)"and then when I click 'OK', the DVD is ejected giving a message"unable to create recovery 1' media. Physical examination, I noticed that the DVD is written almost entirely.

    Any advise on this? In addition, in the interface, it shows a USB option and says to insert a USB media with more than 7 GB of free. That I can use it to create the recovery disk? If Yes, when I reinstall windows 7, this allows as a bootable drive?

    Greately appreciate any help on this matter. If it is defective, I want to return as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thank you

    As far as I know, that you can not use external device for recovery, it is therefore very important create recovery DVDs.

    Try to create the recovery disk using only DVD-R media. Use high quality media like TDK or Verbatim.
    Last month, I've created on the Satellite A500-157 recovery discs and everything went well.

  • Satellite A500 - cannot find the display drivers for Windows 7

    I can't find the video drivers for Satellite A500 - 1 c 0, P/N: PSAR3E for Windows 7 x 86.

    I tried on the Nvidia site, they recommended the manufacturer's website...


    Normally, you can get all the drivers here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    I checked this and it seems that for the moment no are no 32 bit Windows 7 drivers available.

    What you can do now is looking for other display drivers. Maybe an another Toshiba laptop has the same graphics card and it has Windows 7 drivers released.
    Otherwise, you can try the 32-bit drivers for Vista. Normally, they also work on Windows 7.

  • Satellite A500 - controls above the keyboard do not work

    I have a problem with the controls volume/dvd above the keyboard on my Satellite A500 - that they are turned on but when I touch them nothing happens. They worked when I got to the laptop, but I think that I might accidentally disabled can understand how to recover them, but I have!

    Hey Buddy,

    The controls above the keyboard are controlled by added value package. I think something has confused by VAP so that you can t use controls more.
    Usually if you reinstall VAP keys should work again > support & downloads > download drivers

    That s the page where you can download.
    But before you install the latest version, remove the current one and restart the laptop. Then install the latest version of VAP.

  • Satellite A500 - what are the changes in the BIOS 1.90


    I own a Satellite A500 PSAR3A-026002. He has BIOS version 1.50, the Toshiba site, it shows the latest version as 1.90. I would like to know what was changed from 1.50 to 1.90 but do not find the information anywhere. I was wondering if someone could tell me the changes or direct me to a site that has them.

    Not planning on upgrading BIOS at this point that everything works fine, just curious what they updated, corrected or added.


    This information is not published on the European driver Toshiba page.
    But you can visit the Toshiba page we.
    I found some of the series Satellite A500 and details about the BIOS versions.
    But right now the BIOS 1.9 is not available on the US Just the v1.8 page.

    However, if your laptop works properly I wouldn't change anything.

  • Satellite A500-17 x the speed of the fan will never 100%


    The speed of the fan in my toshiba Satellite A500-17 x can never go 100% speed. Is there a way to manually control the speed of the fan? The fan speed goes up to 75%, even in game, he'll only at 75% of dish.

    Thank you.


    You can change some settings of Windows 7 power management.
    Here, you can control the CPU processing and performance of cooling module.
    Power management is the only place where you can change these options.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A500 - problem with the monitor after restoration

    I have a Satellite A500. He has a problem with the monitor for a while, when you turn it on it's all lines etc. and you can not read but once the laptop to boot completely it is fine. My problem is that I wanted to do a restore, but I couldn't because the screen problem it started so I plugged into an external monitor and perform the restore. That has worked well.

    But now the laptop recognizes any my laptop screen. When you go to view it offers no other monitor choice other than external, I used for the restoration. I downloaded the display driver but nothing has changed.

    Thank you

    (I have the disks for the restoration, if that helps.)

    > There a problem with the monitor for a while, when you turn it on it's all lines etc. and you can't read
    If I understand you right you can see when laptop starts and you see Toshiba welcome screen. Is this good?
    When you enter the BIOS settings you see thise lines too?

    Later, when you see the desktop on the external monitor, you can use the FN + F5 key combination to switch between an LCD and external monitor. Please try to use it and post comments if it works or not.

    What operating system do you use?

  • Satellite A500 - cannot find the product key for Office 2007

    Hi all

    I just got a Satellite A500 and can t find the key for office 2007 trial version, accompanying any ideas that can help would be very appreciated


    As I remember, when you start Microsoft Office will ask to activate or to get the trial key for 3 months. You must show your email and something else... and you will evaluate it for 3 months.

  • Satellite A500 - cannot update the BIOS (error message)


    I have a PSAR3A - 02U002 Satellite A500 with BIOS version 1.9 is installed.

    After reading several forums, I discovered that there may be a BIOS (v2.0) update available to resolve the current problem, these Satellites have with overheating cooling switch down.

    Excited, I have tried to install the new BIOS - this is what I get:

    "There is an error occurred, please check below the elements."
    BIOS version more than 200.
    Battery capacity more than 10%.
    AC is fixed. »

    First of all, my BIOS version is 190, no more than 200. Second, I find it very difficult to believe that the battery must be less than 10%. And third, I don't see what that remove the power supply cable will do.

    Please note that this update of the BIOS found on Toshiba's European website, but v2.0 claims to be a worldwide release. I then checked on the Australian site and there is no BIOS for my model. I don't know how to interpret this contradiction.

    Help, please!

    Hi umm_excuse_me,

    So I think that BIOS update is not available at this time for you. European and Australian models have different model numbers, so I doubt that the update of the BIOS is always the same. The pieces of equipment may also be different.

    In your case, I would wait until the BIOS was released on the page Australian too.

    By the way: where did you read that this update was release in the world?

  • Satellite A500 - restarts in the middle of night - now Hibernate

    Recently bought 2 notebooks - one with Vista, the other with Windows 7. One with Vista restarts in the middle of the night, the other does not. I disabled all the scheduled tasks on one who continues to launch. I checked the Task Scheduler for tasks that may have begun during this time - no task has started.

    I already had 2 laptops Toshiba with Vista and didn't have a problem with restart while they were in hibernation (after that I changed the time for scheduled tasks).

    Hey Bob did this occur if the LAN cable is connected to your laptop or also when the LAN cable is disconnected.
    I had a similar problem with my Satellite L500 and I wanted to test it. Interestingly, it was this laptop does not wake when LAN cable has been disconnected.

    After you turn off the Wake-up on LAN in the BIOS it doesn't happen.

  • Satellite A500: problem with the driver of sound and display after update!

    A500 Windows 7-64 bit

    I download the latest driver ( sound and display driver ( and I have a few problems.
    The colors are too bright and the sound is too deep (as the middle are too low).


    Then why you n t go back to earlier versions of the driver?
    In your case, I would recommend setting the operating system at the point of time at first, until you have updated the drivers.
    Usually, this should help to recover the old drivers again.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A500 - problems with the temperature of the GPU

    The thing is playing Age of Empires online I started having problems with the temperature of the GPU. When you run the AIDA64 the CPU stress test can hold up well, but after 35 minutes the test what AIDA suspended while the GPU fan can't seem to download their revolutions, (I guess that if there was that a rise in temperature would increase the speed of rotation of the fan, don't).

    I consulted the manufacturer of the GPU, nVidia, (the graphic is nVidia GeForce GT 230 M) and tell me to contact Toshiba for other options, since, according to them, the problem is not the GPU.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    You use your laptop to factory settings?
    Have you installed something that may be responsible for this (non-Toshiba display driver)?

  • Satellite A500-1GH - sometimes the screen will Dim

    Well, I bought this computer 3 weeks back, and since then, I have a problem with the display. A few times, the screen will Dim and after that, a message appears saying that the pilot crashed and recovered successfully.
    Any ideas that I can do to fix this problem?

    Either way, I'm using Windows 7 Edition home premium and a graficcard of 330M from nVidia. I tried to search the drivers reinstall, but has not found for this specific model.


    have you read this thread?

  • Satellite A500-1EE - where to find the 32-bit drivers for Windows 7?


    I have the Satellite A500-1EE with the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and I need to install the 32-bit version of this system. Is this possible?

    Because I can not find the drivers for 32 bit.

    Hi tosipaw,

    Of course, it is possible and you can install what you want on your laptop, but I put t understand why you want to change to 64-bit to 32-bit OS.
    What are the reasons for that?

    Normally everything can be downloaded here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Your model belongs to the series of PSAR9E and so only drivers 64-bit available.

    If you are looking for all models A500 (without PSAR9E), you will find a large number of drivers Vista 32 bit. Maybe they work and it s worth a try! :)

  • Some keys on the keyboard for Satellite A500-025 are strange

    My Toshiba Satellite A500-025 has a keyboard with strange symbols on it. The back key on the right side of the keyboard is also a vertical rectangular key with 2 keys between the key containing the semicolon and the return key which is too far.

    On other Toshiba keyboards I've seen in stores, the return key is a horizontal rectangular key with that one key between the semicolon and the return key. Anyone know why I have this strange configuration on my keyboard?

    Thank you

    To be honest I don't know on which keys you mean exactly, but I think you should consult your dealer and ask what it can be.
    If you want to discuss about it here please make the photo of your keyboard and mark them with red circle, what do you mean exactly.

    I don't know what other Toshiba keyboards you mean but fact is that the Satellite A500 is Toshiba the first laptop with screen 16 delivered with larger keyboard, including the numeric keypad.

Maybe you are looking for

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