Re: Satellite A660 - 12 p - can't find the right poster driver for Win XP

Hey everyone, I need help with this one:

I have a dual boot Win7 (x 64) / XP (x 86) on my laptop, but I can't find the right poster drivers for compatible video controller VGA on XP.

Anyone know where I can find them?

Thank you very much


As far as I know the Satellite A660 laptop - 12 p belongs to the PSAW3E series and it was equipped with the chip to display NVIDIA GeForce GT330M.

You can try to check the drivers provided by pages:

But in both cases, the use if these drivers are at your own risk since these drivers don t contain overheating protection!

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    Thank you already!


    Go to the page European driver Toshiba because it is European model:> support download &-> download drivers

    You will find all the drivers!

    Display VGA adapter driver
    Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast Ethernet LAN card driver
    SM controller might be chipset driver or driver card reader

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    Best regards, Robert

    Hi Robert

    Stand by! Connectivity is not available or the WLAN card is still not installed correctly in the Device Manager list?

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  • Satellite A660 - 13p - where can I find the drivers?

    Where can I find a drivers pack for Toshiba Satellite A660 - 13p?
    I can't find this model in

    Thank you.

    Hey Buddy,

    You can download all the drivers on the download page of European driver of Toshiba where your model is listed because it s a European model: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite A > Satellite A660

    Check this box!

  • Screw is missing after service and can't find the right display driver

    Last week, I complained about the weakness of the MIC and I sent mobile care Toshiba in Adelaide. Yesterday, they sent it.


    I checked the laptop carefully and discovered there is a missing screw near the wireless switch. (The type of screws must be F6.5). Pourriez-Toshiba sent me that screw so that I can put that back on?

    problem 2:

    The problem, my laptop had last week was low level of the microphone. I adjusted the level of the microphone to 100% and 0% boost, I can't do something the mic flag shouting at the mic.
    Yesterday when I check the den report, he said "his updated and adjusted video drivers mic boost, replaced mic, update bios, past all the diagnostics unit.

    It worked well when I checked. But for some reason, I need to re - install the laptop. After I reinstalled the system, the same old problem came once again! Then I updated the bios, audio drivers. According to the report, I should update the video driver too. I went to, in the download page of windows 7 for the P500, I couldn't find the video driver for my laptop. Mine is "NVIDIA GeForce GT230M version = 8, 15, 11-8642". The driver on the web page is '8.634.1 - 090729 a - 086065C - Toshiba AMD display driver.

    I even downloaded and tried to install the video driver. After the extraction is completed, I checked the basic information from this computer. The bios and audio drivers are updated, but the video driver is always the same and low mic level problem is still the same.

    Last week I called twice the phone supports, more than an hour of waiting, spent a lot of time on the forum, made a very ugly box and sent the laptop to the mobile Center, my laptop has been opened and changed the part and sent to me. After all this, I still have the same laptop with the same problem and now missing a screw!

    I appreciate the work that technicians did. They did fix the problem. But I don't want to send the phone to them each time after I re - install the system. So please tell me how to solve this problem.

    Hi sayhi80,

    I doubt that Toshiba you can send this screw but you must contact the service provider allowed again. I'm pretty sure they can send you the missing screws and you can install it yourself. This should take only a few seconds.

    Regarding your question on the display driver: what graphics card you have exactly? If you have an nVidia card, you can install the t AMD display driver.
    In addition, it would be interesting to know what laptop you have exactly. Maybe you can post the exact model number.

    Normally all the drivers are placed on the page of Toshiba

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    Looking at another post on the forum about a laptop with the same model number, you need this card wireless driver...

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    I have a problem with my Portege M200.

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    I hope someone can give me a list of all the drivers that I need to use my pen on the screen!

    Thanks in advance.



    All the drivers are located on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Please check again.

    The touchpad needs an Alps Electric touchpad driver. It s is available on the page.
    In addition, you should the Tablet Pack (on the page too)
    This tablet PackMicrosoft Pack Microsoft Office XP for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack) allows you to write directly with your stylus in the documents of Office XP on your Tablet PC.

    By the way; You must use the pencil that was equipped with the Portege M200

    Welcome them

  • Can't find the right drivers for hp pavilion dv6700 vista 64-bit.

    I can't find the right drivers after redo the OS to even get it on the net I tried a little bit not yet good can someone show me were good are mainly chipset, the ethernet drivers


    If you have the model with an AMD processor, you use the nForce chipset driver below to install the coprocessor and ethernet driver...

  • I can´t find the network controller driver. Is Hp 2000 - 2d09EE, 8 x 64 windows. Please can you help me?


    I can´t find the network controller driver. Is Hp 2000 - 2d09EE, 8 x 64 windows. Please can you help me?

    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & SUBSYS_217F103C & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & SUBSYS_217F103C
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & CC_0280

    Direct link is here

  • Can't find the right drivers for AMD processor or ACPI driver

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Motherboard ASUS A85XM-A.

    The drivers are all wrong.

    This ACPI Driver Microsoft 6.1.7600.16385 driver is causing critical startup errors.

    Dual core AMD Trinity A4-5300 processor also has this driver.

    Display-AMD Radeon HD 7480d amd 12.105.00 driver this driver works fine.

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    The keyboard and mouse are also Microsoft Drivers.

    The ACPI driver may be the most recent version, but it is not the cause of the slow boot.  If you want to know what the cause is to run a windows performance monitoring and use the boot configuration

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    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
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    where can I find the x 86 folder for 32-bit windows 7

    Do you mean C:\Program Files (x 86)?

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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