Re: Satellite A665-11Z - CPU fan becomes audible very quickly

Hi guys,.

After having many problems with an A660, I decided to buy a laptop A665-11Z 3D. I had much better and more stable than the A660, but I noticed that the fan noise accumulates very quickly and can be a little annoying.

The A665-11Z has an I7-740QM processor and a Nvidia GT - 350M 1 GB dedicated graphics card so they can contribute to this, but all four cores temperature exceeds about 52 degrees (which seems normal for me) and yet its still has its fan turns up to be that sound.

I exchanged the laptop with my retailer twice already as one had a noisy fan and the other a bad hard drive. They had all the noisy fans and the one I have now has been silent so far, but is even harder than normal. I tried to play with the settings "Advanced" options for power management and played a bit with 'High Performance' cooling options to "Battery optimized". It does not constantly on 'Battery optimized' (as it does in High Performance) but when it lights it is even stronger and it takes too long to switch off).

Is this normal with all A665 and I just have to continue to live with it?

Thank you


What to say? I use laptops now almost 10 years and have changed several models (not only the portable Toshiba) and I can say that some models have a cooling fan stronger and some are quite calm but none of them was absolutely quiet and silent.

In General, I had good experience with method option in settings of cooling energy saving and after changing battery optimized mode, I noticed that s laptop cooling fan is much quieter than before. Unfortunately there is not much you can do about it and I'm afraid that you have to live with it.

I put t know what kind of activities you have every day with your laptop, but if you use it for internet, office, Skype or something similar use with power with lower CPU performance management. Processor is powerful enough and you won't see lower performance than before. Make sure you also cooling fan is not blocked and the laptop can be cooled properly.
I m afraid you must live with it.

The thing than an end: you wrote >... I have now has been silent so far, but is even stronger than normal.
At this point I m wondering what is normal and how is it defined?

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    For some reason any my webcam stop working...
    I already install the driver several times, but the driver is not able to find the cam...

    Can someone help me... don't know what to do


    You can see the webcam in Device Manager?
    In Device Manager, the cam should be listed under imaging devices-> USB video device

    If it s are not, check if there are some unknown devices.
    Usually, this should be the cam.

    I put t know which driver/software that you have chosen but the Satellite A665-11Z belongs to the PSAW3E series and you must choose this to get the right webcam software!

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    It is a year since I bought my laptop (Satellite A665-11Z)

    The problem is that it is overheating, while playing games or browsing graphic intensive sites.

    Accordingly, I even placed on a laptop cooler (Logitech Lapdesk N700) but nothing helps.

    Please let me know why this is happening and what needs to be done.

    Thank you


    What exactly happens? Does laptop freezes or turn off?

    Do you use a power plan high performance all in game?

  • Satellite A665-11Z - has a slot for SIM card?

    I found one behind my battery but its look does not

    Sorry for my bad English

    Hi Samsom123,

    I checked the specifications of the Satellite A665-11Z official Toshiba site because I put t have, and it looks like that, it s not equipped with internal 3G module so location for SIM card is not usable.

    Sorry, but if you want to use the 3G it takes one external 3G modem, e. g. 3 G USB stick from your mobile operator.

  • Satellite A665 - noise CPU?


    Since the end of February, I have a new Satelitte A665 13V. Years before I owned a satellite A200 and I liked it. Also it Hat a very noisy fan and so on, but it was OK. With my A665, I have a big problem: there is a very high frequency to the left under the keyboard noise. It is the CPU fan?
    It drives me crazy during labour for more than a half hour with my laptop and I need it to work!

    What can I do against this noise? I have Windows 7 and 1.9 BIOS updated.

    Hi Little_Alfred,

    Normally, no piece of hardware expect the CPU drive HARD because of the noise but it of difficult to tell which part is the cause. We can only speculate on this behavior, but not hear it it of not possible to say if it s normal or not.

    You should get in touch with an authorized service provider. Your laptop is a month old, so if this would be a hardware malfunction guys can fix it under warranty. It is free for you.

    Guys can give you an official response on this behavior if it of normal or not.

  • Satellite P200 - need CPU fan replacement

    I have a Satellite P200-16V and my problem is on the cpu fan.

    I tried to open it, but after the keyboard, hard drive, Rams, OVOCHECK and 40-50 screws and some cables, I realized I have to get out the motherboard and screen mabe and I close it again after 3-4 hours. The cpu fan has been breaking and I don't know what to do.

    I am from Greece. If I go to the toshiba in Greece, I can find a cpu fan or any system cpu radiator? Can you help me?

    Hey Buddy,

    Looks like the fan needs to be replaced and therefore, you should contact the closest service provider authorized in your country. Guys can order a replacement part and swap it out.

    On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of them: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Sorry, but everything that s what I can say. Here it s only a user forum so I think no one knows the exact number of part or a manual how to take apart the laptop but the ASP can do for you. :)

  • Instructions for AMPERAGE satellite 1905-S303 CPU fan

    Hi guys,.

    First of all thank you for your help in advance.

    My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose.
    It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present.

    The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.
    I get the feeling, it must be emphasized in working well.

    It was that don't happen at the initial start upward and the problem would go sounds fan away quickly to normal.
    Now this noise/vibrations come all the time every time that the fan starts.

    More fan calls, more noise/vibration.

    In any case I tried to blow out with compressed air to clean it. But nothing has changed.
    That's why I want to open it up, take it out, maybe clean it or see if something is loose. Or maybe replace it.

    That's why I'm looking * instructions on how to replace the fan on my Satellite 1905-S303 CPU *.
    Does anyone know all the instructions I can follow? I couldn't find anything on the Toshiba support site.

    (Or instructions for a computer similar to mine at least?) (Or something that might help?)

    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate you!

    > My fan is this similar to a buzzing noise, but not very much. Almost as if something interferes here or something is loose. It can also feel vibrations final on my wrists resulting from the present. The computer itself works well no problems. And fan of stitching to do this work, however since his on and outside the usual tricks.

    In this case, I would not recommend to disassemble the laptop just to check if the fan is ok or not
    I mean disassembly of the laptop is really a delicate procedure and there is a risk of damage to the part.

    However, the disassembly instructions are not downloadable on the Toshiba page. I didn t find anything and I think that these manuals are released for service only partners.
    But I think you might find a few details and info on the internet. Use google and search for

    Good luck

  • Satellite A665-11Z - idle and load temperatures

    Guys pls. post your sleep (stand-by) and loading (games, multitasking, ect) in A665-11Z. While we could compare and know if he have overheating issues. Also, post you solutions to the problems of overheating and cooling method. Thank you

    Idle: 55-65 degrees celsius
    Load (game): 80-90 degrees celsius

    I have cooling pad and recently clean my radiator and fan...

    I wonder if this temperature is quite normal to same model (A665-11Z).

    > You also publish solutions to the problems of overheating and cooling method
    Always use the driver of Toshiba graphics card because it has a thermal protection.
    The pilot controls the GPU performance and slow performance if the level of the critical temperature is reached.
    The drivers of manufacturers of graphics card to origin don't support that and the use of this can lead to a higher temperature.

  • Satellite A300-1DB CPU Fan is boring, too strong

    Hi all

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1DB today in a German (580 euros) and I really like the design of laptops and performance, but there is a big problem I can not bear more (and I used it only for 2 hours).

    The CPU fan on the left side of the laptop is annoyning Yes: even if I keep the laptop idle (CPU activity is very low, just under 10% and 1 GB of ram used), the CPU fan is really really strong spinning for a minute.

    After that there is silence, a great silence... for 2 minutes. And then the whole process starts over and over again. Just cold air comes out.

    It's make me crazy, that the CPU in the idle mode fan is stronger than my other Satellite A210 - 106 Turion X 2-52 L with full activity of the CPU. I wish to have a CPU fan that keeps spinning in a low sound.

    Do you have ideas about how to control the fan?
    Otherwise I try to replace it with another laptop (I hope they allow that, unfortunately, it is not an Internet shop where you can send it back up to 14 days)

    Kind regards

    I managed it successfully using balanced power management and using battery optimized for cooling method option. This setting you will find, under advanced power settings > Toshiba Power Saver utility.

  • Where to buy for my Satellite Pro P300 CPU fan?


    I noticed some not very good sound from my cpu fan, as well as my 17 "laptop overheating.
    I decided it was time to replace the cpu - model KSB0505HA fan

    Now I wonder where I can buy a new fan for this model?
    I found a site in New Zealand, but the fan is for the P305 series, and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with my laptop.

    Could someone advise me on where I can get a new fan of cpu for this series?

    Thank you ~.

    In order to ensure:
    I'm looking for one in my country - the New Zealand!

    Added that the search for a New Zealand

    P305 is probably model proposed in US, but it must be the same as P300 in Europe or in THE so I think it should be good.

    I put t know where you can order it, but try to use Google and check if you can find a store online in AU where you can order.

    I can also imagine that you can order by the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider. Call and ask.

  • Satellite A665-11z starts to load then stops randomly

    Hi all

    I bought this second hand Toshiba A665-11z to see that when I'm connected to the PSU, the dough starts to load and then stops randomly load... after a few seconds he could come back, and sometimes it just stops loading completely.

    When this is the case of the power button turns off, as well as on top of the touch pad.

    The lights on the front of the laptop navigate whites for POWER supply, off for walking and pink flashes for the battery. The backlit keyboard turns off too and will not continue until the load is back.

    Once I started typing this post he disconnected fresh form, I reconnected it and now it is not happened again.

    The original operating system was Windows Home Edition premium 32-bit, but this lappy is bundled with 4 GB of RAM so the previous owner installed a licensed version of WIn 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    I've updated all the drivers and BIOS is 2.20

    Help please


    > I've updated all the drivers and BIOS is 2.20

    There is a new BIOS 2.40, which must be updated
    I read in some forum discussions that it is the key to resolve this annoying problem load!

    Your comments would be appreciated!

  • Satellite A665-11z: MAST * A BD - MLT UJ240ES won't burn DVD + R DL

    Help: MAST * A BD - MLT UJ240ES in Toshiba A665 11z does not burn Sony DVD + R DL.

    Advice or assistance?
    Thank you


    Have you tried other DVD + DL other brands like TDK or Verbatim?
    I use TDK and I m very happy.

  • Satellite A665 - 11z N support project too?

    Hello :)

    can you tell me if A665-11z supports n-Standard? all the time I have 72 MB/s connection and it don't wana go higher ;/
    I chceck WLan card-> properties-> Advanced tab and there is nothing going on to the n!
    also chceck power and high performance

    Your laptop is Wifi b/g/n 11 + BT v2. 1 + EDR(Broadcom BCM94313) WLAN card inside and it supports 802.11bgn networks, so the answer is YES.

  • Satellite R830 - 10 c fan always run very fast


    I just erased the hard drive and reinstalled all CD recovery disc. The only additional software that I installed is windows office 2010.

    I have read other discussions on the fan and changed the setting to colling under voltage of the battery and I've updated the BIOS. I don't think I have the recognition of the fingerprint software installed only face.

    However fan works always very very fast all the time. Processor, which is an i3 2310 @2. 10 GHz, around 30% and 50% of RAM is bieng used approximately 2.04 GB.

    IEXPLORER uses more CPU and RAM to all about 02-05 looking at the Task Manager and about 482 000 K memory. I have 92 processes. System Monitor is running the most discussion, 145 under resources. I don't know what this means, but the blue line on the chart of the CPU in the resource manager is always upward at 100% outside the odd dip to 95%.

    Anyone with any ideas or solutions, it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you

    Post edited by: sivyer2081 Info

    It is a known issue with McAffe. Remove this preinstalled trial version will reduce CPU activity and automatically cooling fan runs much quieter. I put t know what antvirus you use now but with Avira antivir, you'll be happy.

  • Satellite Pro L10 CPU fan replacement


    the CPU on my L10 fan has stopped working now is over heating after about 15 minutes. Anyone know what is the part number of replacement, or if there is a fan of spare for another model that I might be able to use?

    Thank you


    As I remember the Satellite L10 series are delivered with two different circuits and so could the unit supports a processor Intel Celeron-M CPU and Intel Mobile Pentium M.

    North Bridge is it 852GM, it supports Celeron-M as follows:
    -Intel Celeron-M (number of processor 350) 1.30 GHz
    -360 1.40 GHz
    -370 1.50 GHz

    North Bridge is it 855GME, it supports the Pentium-M as follows:
    Intel Mobile Pentium-M (number of processor 725) 1.60 GHz
    -735 1.70 GHz
    -745 1.80 GHz
    -755 2.00 GHz
    -765 2.10 GHz

    You should be very careful with the replacements! If you have no experience, you should ask the technician for help and advice.

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