Re: Satellite C660-1F1 won't turn on even with the AC adapter is plugged


I need help.
I have a portable c660-1F1. It will come with the charger plugged.
Trying to hook up without the battery and it will not turn on. I don't know what the problem is.

I took the battery and took out the charger and you press the button power for 30 seconds and nothing.

Did a CMOS reset and nothing.
Took one on the memory and replaced it, but nothing.

I don't know what the problem is. I even took the internal battery and see if that makes a difference.
Nothing happened. Still won't turn.
I think it may be the internal fuse if there is?
Or if could be the port if the laptop? The charger works fine.

The battery life is very good and I think I'm out of options and I'm afraid that it might be the motherboard and if yes, then I guess I can replace the card mother, but don't know if it works.

Can someone help me?

> The battery is fine and I think I'm out of options and I'm afraid that it might be the motherboard and if yes, then I guess I can replace the card mother, but don't know if it works.

It looks like the motherboard.
It would be the worst case, because the new motherboard is really expensive: about 300

Do you think that its worth a try? I have not... in that case I would ask a technician to check the hardware.

What would you do if you buy a mobo and finally you will discover that it is not question of mobo?

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    Now it won't even turn.
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    So what to say. It sounds really not good man.
    Have you tried to unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery for a while?
    If this is not the case, do.

    Disconnect and remove everything for about 20-30 min.
    Then connect the power adapter and plug the battery into the laptop. Check if you can power the laptop.

    If it won't work, I guess there is something wrong with the motherboard. Maybe electronic malfunctions of power.

    In this case, you will need to contact the ASP in your country for a manipulation of the Fryer.

    Good luck

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    Thanks :)


    What model mobile exact you have?

    You can improve management of power supply for the WLan settings!
    If that doesn't work, update the Wlan driver too!

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    I checked the output voltage of the AC adapter and this seems to be a consistent 19.4 Volts.

    Is this only a problem of AC adapter or the problem with the laptop?

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    I lifted the previous discussions on this problem and found one that was very similar, but unfortunately the user decided not to find the problem of the road, save money and buy a new laptop instead! Hmm. !! .. seems to me like this might be a prob. material. Maybe a new motherboard?... anyone have an idea of what are the costs for that perhaps? .. an ASP or decent technician backstreet?...

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    It happened already, about 4-6 weeks, a friend fixed but it is now back to the black screen.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    For better understanding, you must offer more specific information.
    You can enter boot options using F8 at startup?
    Figure option fix my computer in the list?
    You can boot OS in safe mode?

    Did you create the recovery disk?

  • Satellite C660-1F1 - Minecraft ha_err_pid error

    Toshiba Satellite C660 1F1 my son with Windows 7 Home Preium will not run Minecraft and creates a dump of notification and error with Java runtime environment.

    Yesterday, I wiped the laptop with the recovery disk and installed all the latest drivers etc for a clean system as it has been very slow. I was hoping that this may have erased the old problem.

    I downloaded the latest version of Java, tried the 64-bit version as the Lpatop seems to be running a 64 bit OS, but I don't think that browsers are Java 64 bit test did not work and also some of the most common suggestions on the bulletin boards Minecraft. such as:--

    + "1) open Control Panel - > system and click on the tab of system properties." Under Performance click settings... button. Click the Advanced tab and under the virtual memory section, click on change the swap file a custom size, with a minimum size of 2048 and a maximum size of 2048. Click OK. (This may require a restart). ++
    (+ 2) where your Minecraft.exe file (in Notepad) create a file called Minecraft.bat, paste the following in this file:++
    ++ java-Xms256M-Xmx768M-jar minecraft.exe "+

    But all no no no avail.

    Here is an excerpt of the file:-erreur

    # A fatal error has been detected by Java runtime environment:
    # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc = 0x6fa65861, pid = 4472, tid = 1860
    # Version JRE: 7.0_21 - b11
    # Java VM: Java hotspot Client VM (23, 21 - b01 mixed mode windows - x 86)
    # Problematic frame:
    # C [aticfx32.dll + 0 x 25861] gslCfxExit + 0xe1
    # Write core dump failed. Minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of Windows
    # If you want to submit a bug report, please visit:
    # The accident happened outside the Virtual Machine Java to native code.
    # See problematic frame for where report them the bug.

    --------------- T H R E A D ---------------

    The current thread (0x4a3c5400): demon 'Minecraft thread' main JavaThread [_thread_in_native, id = 1860, stack (0x4ddb0000, 0x4de00000)]

    siginfo: ExceptionCode = 0xc0000005, address 0x0000013c reading

    EAX = 0 X 00000008, EBX = 0X4DDFEEEC ECX = 0X0000000A, EDX = 0 X 00000000
    ESP = 0X4DDFE4F8 EBP = 0X4DDFE504 ESI = 0X4E9E2898 EDI = 0X4E9E07D0
    EIP = 0X6FA65861, EFLAGS = 0 X 00010202

    I think this thread has the solution. []

    I searched "aticfx32.dll toshiba satellite c660 error" because the error is related to aticfx32.dll. It seems to be a problem with the video drivers and the C660

  • Satellite C660-1F1-Slow After recovering from DVD and fans constantly running


    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1F1 has an i3 processor and I recovered from the recovery disks. A few days later, everything is very slow and the Fans are always at full speed, even at idle and there is no dust when I opened it and I replaced the thermal paste.

    All of the Suggestions.

    Thank you


    Try to optimize the OS version. Check the startup options and disable all applications that you don't need.
    Make sure that all unnecessary applications do not start with the OS. Remove the system from all things, that you don't need.
    Play a little with it.

  • The problem of Satellite C660-1F1

    My satellite C660-1F1 has load problems.

    It started with the yellow light flashing one a message "plugged in don't not load" it is now completely out of charge and fires almost every time that I try to start.

    If I remove the battery and use just electric 2 green lights come on but it cuts during the boot process too.

    Anyone got any ideas?


    Hmm... looks a bit like a motherboard problem.
    I think that the adapter is OK because the power led is lit if you plug the laptop on the sector...
    I'm not thinkt that the issue could be related to battery failure because if the battery would be affected, then the laptop must always run connected to the power adapter (in mains mode).

    So, it seems that the problem may be caused by dysfunction of the motherboard...

    A question: is your BIOS up-to-date?

  • Satellite C660-1F1 has start off without warning

    Recently my laptop Satellite C660-1F1 start off without warning and I read in other forums that it could be an overheating problem.

    You have advice on how can I fix?

    Thank you

    Yes, one of the solutions could be the cleaning of the cooling fans.
    Dust and debris inside the unit and cooling modules may affect the functionality of fan.
    The air circulation could be affected too then remove the dust using a jet of compressed air.
    Its good tool to get these issues resolved without separate laptops.

  • I lost the Internet connection on my Satellite C660-1F1

    Hi to you all

    My problem is until last week I had installed on my Satellite C660-1F1 internet.
    Now I ve lost connectivity, I can t enable wireless by FN + F8.

    It s saying not available on my device connection. Could someone give help, please?


    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here, but I guess that there must be a mistake.

    At first be sure that your router is working properly and the WIFI is enabled it.

    Check it please as next step WLAN on your laptop satellite. Open the Device Manager and check if the WLAN card is installed and registered properly. Next step is to activate the card wireless network on your computer.

    If your laptop is the WLAN light remember that power is on. If everything is OK check if your WLAN is visible for your laptop.

    Please check it and send comments.

  • Lag on Satellite C660-1F1-key

    I have the very annoying problem of keys lag on my laptop which is a satellite C660-1-f-1.

    I had the laptop for about 3 months and have tried on all the parameters without result keyboard settings. I paid £350 for this laptop and I am getting aggravated more and more!

    I read that the problem arose with other models and this withdrawal and replacing the battery keeps... but I can't continue to do than mid conversation or email!

    I keep reading about these bios update download but have no idea what it means. Could someone please explain in a plain English no-tech talk style please? !!

    I agree with the user above: BIOS update solved the problem of keyboard
    I found a few threads here on the forum that confirms it.


  • Satellite C660-B080 - FN key does not work with Win 7


    My laptop model is' satellite C660-B080 & only part no = 'PSC0SV-02G01JAR' with windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1

    I downloaded the driver from the website, but the FN key does not

    Please help me with this.

    Thank you

    Must be installed:

    -Value Added Package for Windows 7 64 bit
    -Flash utility Cards with support for Windows 7 64 bit

    These two tools are located on the Toshiba driver pages.

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