Re: Satellite C660 - new slow charge battery

A few days ago, I bought a new battery (10.8V, 4400mAh) on Amazon (from Batterytec) for my Toshiba Satellite C660-13 q PA3817U-1BRS, 10.8V, 4200mAh.

The problem is that this battery takes approximately 12 hours to charge: it is very very slow!

I've done a complete charge cycle to calibrate and the battery life is 2 hours and 25 minutes, after calibration. With the original toshiba (fault) battery, I never had this problem.

What can I do to solve the problem of the "slow charge"?
What is a battery fault?
such behavior is normal?

Thanks in advance

Have you bought original Toshiba with sticker Toshiba battery or it is another brand (universal battery)?

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    About 4 years ago, I bought a laptop C660-1CQ Toshiba of the Qatar. Now I'm in India. The laptop is showing problems in charge and the battery. I want to buy a new battery and charger. But I won't be going back to the Qatar to buy it because now I am India. If I can a battery and a charger in India for my laptop Toshiba C660-1CQ?

    If I can a battery and a charger in India for my laptop Toshiba C660-1CQ?

    I'm sure that you'll be able to find some online dealers who would be able to provide the documents referred to in India.

    The Satellite C660 would support the DC 19V power adapter 3. 95A reference number: PA3715E-1AC3
    Also the & stack PA3817U-1BRS will be compatible

  • Re: Satellite C660 - 1 M 0 - battery does not work long

    I have a new Satellite C660 - 1 M 0, and after using it for a week, the battery does not as long as compared to the first time that I used it.

    I heard that a charge of initial battery life of 8 hours is required before the 1st use. Is this true?

    Hi richardvdoran,

    The battery time depends on usage and what you do. For example if you run a large number of programs and work with a high CPU utilization low autonomy and requires AC adapter / CC soon. Also surf the Internet needs battery power.

    You can improve the battery life if you use the eco mode power plan. This will reduce the brightness and other things to improve the battery life.

    First battery charge time may be 8 hours but that's different and according to other things.

  • Satellite C660-108 - slow response keyboard

    The keyboard on my Satellite C660-108 is very slow in response. Some characters are not at all, some only after a short delay. It's very embarrassing when I type text and passwords (!) because I have to double check any type (and 1 / 3 words has spelling mistakes, because of the problem with keyboard)

    Is there a way I can troubleshoot what's the problem?

    Thank you


    Hey Buddy,

    As you can read in many other threads, you must update the BIOS to get rid of this problem.

    Toshiba has already published an article on what you need to do:
    [Keyboard issues with Satellite/Satellite Pro L670 & C660 series notebooks |]

  • Satellite C660 - new internal keyboard does not work


    I'm completely stuck I have a portable satellite c660 keyboard did not work.
    So I bought a replacement keyboard and installed and checked in the Device Manager and it says it is there and works correctly, but the replacement keyboard still does not work.

    I updated the bios and uninstalled the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them that I've done everything I can think off to try and get this new keyboard working but I am having no luck and could so with some assistance.

    Have you ever checked if the USN external keyboard works properly?

    I ask because in the case where the external keyboard does not work properly, the internal keyboard problem could be related to faulty keyboard controller (motherboard) or a problem of system m.

    In case the external keyboard would work properly, you had any luck with the new keyboard. It might be possible that the new keyboard is malfunctioning.

  • Satellite C660-1F1-Slow After recovering from DVD and fans constantly running


    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1F1 has an i3 processor and I recovered from the recovery disks. A few days later, everything is very slow and the Fans are always at full speed, even at idle and there is no dust when I opened it and I replaced the thermal paste.

    All of the Suggestions.

    Thank you


    Try to optimize the OS version. Check the startup options and disable all applications that you don't need.
    Make sure that all unnecessary applications do not start with the OS. Remove the system from all things, that you don't need.
    Play a little with it.

  • Re: Satellite C660-119 - WLAN disconnect battery

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me here on behalf of my mother!

    She has a Toshiba Satellite C660-119. Everything works fine when the power supply is connected to the laptop, but as soon as she disconnects it then he loses (Virgin Media router) wireless connection. Two other laptops (family members) work quite well. The problem is last week she bought an another Toshiba Satellite and had the same problem, so we went back today thinking it was defective and got the C660 but it happens on this one too!

    Any notice received with gratitude.


    If this only happens on the battery, I think that it s economy feature that will be activated WLAN energy battery mode. That means WLAN card saves energy, but it could be loose connection.

    Take a look in the Windows power management and assign card WLAN for Performance maximum battery mode. This document will help you:

  • Satellite C660-23rd - slow performance

    Anyone can help solve my current problem with the Satellite C660-23rd?

    It is likely the slowest competitor, that I have ever used. To perform any task on this machine has become extremely boring, opening even the internet explore takes at least a minute to load up not to mention the dispute between the tabs.

    Is there a simple solution to this frustrating problem? Is it defective?

    Thanks in advance

    Are you using the original operating system preinstalled that you got with your laptop?

  • Re: Satellite C660 new but very slow


    As indicated in my username, I am not very good with these things. I bought the c660 a month ago and I can't believe the slow, it is, it takes forever to open a document and the Internet absolutely takes forever to open the same homepage.

    I tried to disable add ons and I have only stored excel sheet and about 20 photos on the computer of his car, so I don't understand why it is like that, to be honest, it was like this from day one!

    Please can someone tell me what I can do to fix the problem?
    Thanks a lot :)


    In this forum you can find many similar threads. Please visit
    If you have any other questions let me know.

  • Satellite A100-new or old battery is not

    I have a Satellite A100 - 543 (PSAARE).

    The original battery was not charging so I bought a new. Now a new charge or the other. I then ordered a new charger before coming on this forum so I'll try that when it happens, but I think that the problem is not resolved.

    With the new battery, the icon says "10% usable, plugged, in charge. The icon, when the laptop is first turned on, shows the load bar moving (load) but after a few moments, stop.

    With the old battery in the icon says "connected, charge." It shows the empty.
    In both cases, the battery light is on.

    If I get the charger to the laptop computer, the computer stops immediately.

    Trawl the forums I see one proposed solution is an upgrade of the BIOS. I have the BIOS version 5.80

    However I can not find my model (see above) on the list of Toshiba! It was purchased in France and out of warranty.

    Again I am doubtful that this will solve the problem.

    Others point out the motherboard. How I know this? If it's someone have an idea of the cost?

    I hope someone can help.


    > It looks like the card main load circuit has a defect which is not cost effective to repair.
    Yes, it seems that Yes. Looks like only a mobo replacement could help

  • Re: My Satellite L doesn't charge battery


    I'm new to this forum. Excuse me for my English, I'm Belgian, so I hope you understand my questions :)

    My laptop works fine as long as I keep it is plugged but battery does not charge. As soon as I unplug it it stops working.
    My warranty has not yet expired, but I can't find anything on the site all I have to do.

    What so you should contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    If the battery is defective, I hope you'll get a new free.

    One last thing: remove the battery and start your laptop with AC power only. When Windows is loaded put the battery in place. Battery is correctly recognized? He is responsible or not?

  • Satellite L855 - question about charging battery

    I have the Satellite L855-188. I have a question. My rating is at home, almost everytime. So how do I load it? Can I use it when it is still connected to electricity? Or sometimes I have to disconnect?

    In General, you can do whatever you want. For example, my laptop is connected to the power adapter, and I use it every day. What you can do is to use from time to time with battery power supply. Just extend the empty battery and reconnect it to the power running. Do it once a week.

    > Can I use, when it is still connected to electricity?
    > Or sometimes I have to disconnect?
    In general you should not do, but you can do it from time to time.

  • Satellite C660 is slow - drive 'failure '?

    Hello Forum - I hope someone can help.

    My children (PC) run a C660-IST (two years). I say "run" - the machine is going at a snail pace. Confession - their father always worked on Apple (I know, I know...) then [email protected] beating everywhere to try to help them. With success limited.

    I found called 'Computer' and he said:

    Hard drives (3)

    WINDOWS (C :)) 81.3 GB free of 149 GB
    Data (:)) free d GB 148 141 GB
    Microsoft Office 2010 click-toRun (protected) (q)

    I had thought that children had simply filled memory working with games (Sims and Zoo Tycoon), but - looking at the available memory which doesn't seem to be the case.

    So I ran the program 'Diagnostic Tool'. Everything was going well... until he ran the 'HARD drive '. And he says 'FAIL' in the box 'results '.

    It's that I could get. Not sure why the result of the 'FAIL' is here. Don't know what the children may have done to the machine.

    Two questions:

    -"disc HARD FAILURE" would cause the machine so slow?


    -What can I do to try to solve the problem?

    Please, be soft with any response - PC management is NOT my forte!

    Thank you very much

    Helpless dad

    > "disc HARD FAILURE" would cause the machine so slow?

    Yes, a faulty HARD disk can be the reason for the performance of the slow laptop.

    > can I do to try to solve the problem?

    There are some things that need to be clarified.
    If its a drive problem HARD physics, the only real solution is: replacing the HARD drive.
    If the problem is related to bad sectors and files stored on the HARD drive, the solution could be much easier:
    First of all I recommend you clean the system using CCleaner (freeware software)
    You could delete the stored time.
    Additional you may defragment HARD drive partitions.
    Here is a nice article from Microsoft:

    But if you notice any improvements, you can format the HARD drive and install the system using the Toshiba recovery disc.

  • Satellite C660 - 108 WLAN disconnect battery

    Tried to put on an older theread, but they are locked as solved. Well, mine isn't. Usual problem of the WLAN as well on the sector but WLAN adapter disconnects Internet intermittenetly on battery. I have...
    -Set the power save settings
    -Remove the driver WLAN (Realtek 8188CE)
    -Installed a new driver on the Realtek site
    -Activated the 802.11 d that has been disabled.

    What did I miss? There is clearly a need for Toshiba fix this with a suitable patch.

    Thanks in anticipation...

    I guess you checked this thread too:
    and this

    All these threads are resolved and the WiFi worked very well.

    You use the latest version of the BIOS?
    Select this check box. The value also BIOS default settings!

  • Satellite C660 - very slow and freezes

    Just bought this laptop in Argos a week ago. I know that other people have had similar problems. Basically things together is really slow no matter what you do, escecially when you go on the internet. Takes forever for nothing to take, then you end up with several windows open and all crashes.

    On the suggestion of some people on this forum, I have removed the free McAfee antivirus and installed my own Norton one instead.

    I installed the update to the BIOS when prompted to by the Toshiba updates.

    Another problem is that there is the windows updates about 36 the machine try to download, but it keeps failing to install them and try again whenever you turn it on.

    All advice appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    > Basically the whole things runs very slowly everything you do
    It comes with the pre-installed Windows version or you have installed your own version? What additional software programs you have installed and that you have connected external devices?

    > Another problem is that there is the windows updates about 36 the machine tries to download but it keeps failing to install them and try again whenever you turn it on.
    I recommend you to install Service Pack 1 before you start with simple updates of Windows. You can download Service Pack 1 all on the official Microsoft Website. After installation try to download Windows updates again.

Maybe you are looking for

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