Re: Satellite L300D-242 - CPU compatibility list

I was a big fan of toshiba with 3 in the House, but when I come to upgrade the processor, I hit the wall a little. I have the most up to bios date on my 242 l300d pslc8e-06H013EN and I thought I was not looking for a laptop, an upgrade of the processor was option right ahead.
I tried a zm-82 amd dual core as an upgrade for my TR-42, but the system does not even start.

Q. has anyone had a successful that laptop upgrade or is there a cpu compatibility list?

Zm-82 was a tenner and I went back, but if there is a dual core I can slot, it is much cheaper to replace a good laptop.

I look forward to see if anyone has any advice.
P.s. I did research the dual core, it wasn't a random purchase.

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Generally upgrade CPU on Toshiba laptops is not supported so there is no such list.
What you can find is an official document on the CPU and GPU upgrade -

From time to time theme on CPU upgrade is very real fact on this forum, that you can try to get such threads and try to know what other people write about. Do it with advanced search option.

Let's see if anyone else has good experience with the upgrade of CPU on L300D.
He must have a platform AMD, right?

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    My sister has a Toshiba Satellite L300D 242, and she is very unhappy with her because she seems to have more than enough problems.

    The problems, that she told me about all seem more like general maintenance would have prevented them, but I offered to files his laptop to its original specifications and she's happy with it.

    I'm a bit irritating to play with things for the first time, however, and that's because I've never reformatted a before Toshiba and I worry in case there might be an unexpected stumbling block that I'd better know.

    I have restored my Acer several times and it's been no problem, no problem at all. Is a Toshiba Satellite L300D 242 restoration as simple?

    Can someone tell me the procedure I should follow to restore L300D 242 sister, please? I don't know if she restore disks, in case anyone asks, I have him asked and I'm waiting for a response.

    Thank you very much.

    Hi waynum,

    If the original OS from Toshiba is installed you can restore the factory settings as described HARD drive recovery option here and in * user manual *:

    > I don't know if she has any restore disks
    Normally the laptop come without recovery disks, but you can create them yourself using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. Just start this preinstalled Toshiba tool and follow the instructions on the screen to create the recovery disks.

  • R720 cpu compatibility list


    where can I find the latest cpu compatibility list, I have not found this doc that is not dell page



    The document on the link you provided is the most recent list of taken processors supported to date. The page on their site is actually just a copy of ours, which is located here.  It's good that the current list of processors.

    Hope this helps to answer your question.

  • G570 CPU compatibility list

    Hi, I'm looking for the list of Lenovo G570 CPU compatibility with HM65 chipset and socket G2. Lenovo's Poland cannot help me with this, because they do not have this list.

    Good day and welcome to the community.

    Take a peek inside ato your equipment manual:

    Parts list starts on page 71, and point #6 is called the CPU. If you go down a bit, you'll see the five processors initially offered with the machine.

    Hope this helps your search.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion DV6529ea CPU compatibility list

    Hello world

    I am owner of a dv6529ea that uses an Athlon 64 X 2 TK-53 (p/n: AMDTK53HAX4DC) and I would like to upgrade the processor with the stalk as the Turion 64 X 2 TL-62 series (p / n: TMDTL62HAX5DM). Fit this processor? Is there a cpu for dv6500 series compatibility list?
    Thanks in advance



    Please find the link given below might help you. Check page viii & part number see page 21.

    HP Pavilion dv6500 and dv6600 dv6700 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service of Guide

  • How to remove the DVD ROM on the Satellite L300D 242?


    my laptop (* Toshiba L300D 242 *) DVD ROM has been damaged and I have acquired a new and now I can not figure out how to remove my old DVD ROM and replace it with a new one... Please help me understand how to remove the old and replace it with a new one...
    Thank you...
    E-mail: [[email protected]]

    Agree with Feliks the ODD is secured by a screw hidden in the HARD drive Bay.
    So the HARD drive Bay cover must be removed to access this screw procedure is not really difficult, so you should be able to remove it easily.

  • Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility

    Dear members of the Forum!

    I have a Toshiba L500-1XR (PSLJHE-001001HU).

    Its origin comes with core i3 - 330 M (C2) CPU.
    I would like to upgrade to i5 - 520 M or better CPU-that same recessed and have the same energy consumption.

    The i5 CPU, there are 2 steppings: c2, k0
    My CPU have C2 stepping.

    My question is:
    2.00 BIOS supports K0 steppings CPU is that also, or - newest (?) downloadable BIOS 2.10 supports K0, step by step, or not at all?

    So I can use them all, even embedded CPU, or C2 single stepping of the?

    I have not found any relevant information on the internet.
    Where can I find more information on changes in the BIOS?

    I think you know that there are two important facts about the CPU upgrade:
    The new processor must be supported by the chipset, as well as by the BIOS.

    It is very easy to find support for chipsets.
    The laptop was equipped with a Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset and support is listed on the Intel ARK page

    Under compatible products, you will find that all taken chipsets supported processors

    But even if the chipset would support the new processor, there is a still pending regarding BIOS support. Unfortunately, there is no information on the CPU / BIOS supports.

    But to my knowledge that different models of Satellite L500 were equipped with an Intel Dual Core 2 Duo processor and Intel Penryn/Celeron CPU takes in charge.

    From my point of view of the few if you want to upgrade CPU, you must choose one of the series mentioned.

    But once again: can not say with certainty that this CPU would be funded.

  • Satellite Pro A10 drive compatibility list?

    Hi all, I have a hard drive to be replaced for the House of /2.5Ghz/30G/256Mb/XP Satellite Pro A10.

    The pins of the connector appear more highlighted than many 2.5-inch hard drives. Don't want to take the risk of buying an inconsistent player. Is there a list of compatible drives anywhere, or someone may one suggest that costs about £50 - ish. ? Not too concerned about the size, 30-40Gb would be perfect. The original MK3021GAS is hard to find or expensive or repaired, and I'd rather have a new.

    Cheers for any help.


    This unit came with a 20 GB; 30 and 40 GB HDD.
    You can use these hard drives without any problems.
    Unfortunately I n t found the necessary part numbers but all devices, such as HARD drive, you can order from Toshiba service partner in your country.

    You can find addition information:

  • Satellite M50-252 - CPU compatibility

    Can someone help me know what CPU Satellite M50-252 (partnummer: PSM53E-02N00ZED) supports? It has a 1.4 GHz 400 MHz Celeron now... but I need to update! It's slow! :)

    Thank you! MVH qzan.


    I have goggled autour for some different models of Satellite M50 because especially the laptop series is supported by different processors. I found these compatible processors:
    ?? Intel Pentium-M Dothan 1.6 GHz, 1.73 GHz, 1.86 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 2.13 GHz
    ?? Intel Celeron-M Dothan 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz and 1.5 GHz

    I think that this CPU can be compatible but you know; a processor with a performance more to produce more heat and sometimes, this could lead to the automatically close down.
    This stop down happens due to overheating.

    So I think that no one will give an appropriate response if the laptop works stable or not.
    So you can be careful.

  • Satellite L750-1RJ - CPU compatibility

    I bought a laptop Toshiba L750-1RJ and I would like to know what processors are compatible with my laptop?

    Thanks in advance,


    AFAIK the Satellite L750 series was equipped with different CPU units.
    Processors supported are the port of Mobile Intel Arrandale processor family.
    The supported processors are:

    Intel Core i7 - 620 M
    Intel Core i5 - 540 M
    Intel Core i5 - 520 M
    Intel Core i5 - 450 M
    Intel Core i3 - 360 M
    Intel Core i3 - 350 M
    Intel Core i5 - 430 M
    Intel Core i3 - 330 M
    Intel Pentium P6100
    Intel Pentium P6000
    P4500 Intel (988P)

    But be careful: usually updates are not supported by one of the manufacturers of mobile phones. In case you wish to perform these updates, so it is always your risk and peril.

  • CPU compatibility list

    I have HP Pavilion dv5-1130ec with intel pentium dual-core @2, 0GO and he can't run a donkey game I want to change it with other cpu, I want to know if my laptop motherboard supports cpu with 1 066 MHz front bus?

    Thank you


    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop...

    Chapter 1, page 1 displays the list of processors supported.

    I'm afraid that the processor you have is not in the manual.

    If the motherboard of your laptop has Intel PM45 chipset (which it should), it can support one of the processors listed with a FSB of 1066 MHz.

  • Satellite L755-128 - CPU compatibility problem

    Hello dear colleagues,

    As the title says, I have a Toshiba Satellite L755-128 code PSK30E. He has a 2nd generation processor Intel i5 - 2410M.

    Laptop that works fine and everything, but I recently got a nice agreement on a more recent laptop with lower overall record, but a better processor. It's an and Latitude E5530, with a 3rd gen Intel i5 - 3230M.

    Go to the Intel website, I saw that basically two processors have the same TDP of 35W and the same size of package, both run on HT and have two hearts, the only difference is that architecture from 32nm to 22 nm and the frequency is higher.

    In addition, 2nd generation supports 1066/1333 MHz memory, and 3rd generation supports 1333/1600 MHz. My memory is 1333.

    Of course, as you may have guessed, I intend to swap the processors between the two laptops. Updated the BIOS on both of them, then replace the processors, re-assembled and starts, surprise: The recognized enjoy the old version of i5, ran fine and all, but Toshiba does not.

    He just opened when I pressed the button, but the screen remains black. Then I pressed the button again, it also normally stop. (I repeat, already updated BIOS update, as someone recommended). I disassembled again the Satellite, check if everything is in place, and second starting time still the same.

    Then, I am annoyed and exchanged in return on their original laptop processors. And both of them work fine.

    So if someone has encountered this problem could you please indicate if you managed to sort it out?
    What seems to be the problem, not the Satellite Map mother does'n not support 3rd generation Intel?

    If so, why? Or if that would work, what should I do?

    Thank you in advance!


    I put t know any laptop manufacturer that officially would fund an upgrade of the CPU.
    For the most current updates on laptops are your own decision and no one could provide you with a confirmation that your laptop with new processor work or run correctly.

    Indeed many people try to update processors, and in many cases, it also works on Toshiba laptops.

    But there are a few important notes:

    (1) you must ensure that the chipset of the motherboard would support new CPU. In case it doesn't, you can not use

    (2) even if the new processor would be supported by the chipset, it is still pending regarding BIOS support. BIOS is changed for each series laptop and it is possible that some processors would not fully compatible or supported by the BIOS.

    As you can see, the upgrade of the CPU is not very easy and it s no matter that a laptop computer that was equipped with the same processor the L755 takes in charge the other CPU there are many more factors that could affect these updates.

  • E1-531-2801 Acer CPU compatibility list

    I was wondering if anyone had a list for what this laptop supports the processor.

    Processor: Intel B820 (1.7 ghz Dual-core)

    TDP: 35W

    Socket: G2

    Microarchitechture: Sandy Bridge

    List of G2 processor socket:

    I want to upgrade my cpu to one of the processors of this list, I would like an i5 or the i3. I just need to know what are those who support the motherboard.


    Here's the original processors aspire E1-531:

  • Satellite L300D-242 - cannot install Vista after replacing HARD drive

    Hi wonder if anyone can help mei have a L300D_242 toshiba satellite that broke down and I bought a new hard drive for it because the original was not good.

    I tried to install a Vista premium 32 bit on the new hard drive, but it does not install until the 4th stage and then stops or hangs until he finishes.

    Does anyone know how to install a new hard drive and windows on this laptop?

    Thank you


    What Vista did you use? TOSHIBA recovery disk or a disk of Microsoft Vista?
    Format you the new HARD disk before starting the installation of Vista?

    It is possible that the new HARD drive is not good and therefore the system can not be installed properly
    You can check the drive HARD using a tool called Drive Fitness Test download this as its a freeware program and test your HARD drive.

  • Question about warranty for Satellite L300D 242

    Hi, I bought my book of last year and I have saled by tariffs, the last of them was October 15, 2010, was counting my monitor Hat an accident and I didn t see nothing, I want to know if Toshiba can repair with the guarantee and the number of days to take if I send to support or TechHi ,

    I bought my book of last year and I have saled by rates the last of them was October 15, 2010, unfortunately my monitor Hat an accident and I didn t see nothing, I want to know if Toshiba can only repair with warranty and how many days take if I send to support or technical Service because I need my laptop for my work.

    And if you know how do I be fortunately. Thank you.
    NIC Service, because I need my work pattées neetbook. And if you know how do I be fortunately. Thank you.


    You have registered your laptop on the Toshiba registration page >

    Anyway, if you need repair contact Toshiba service provider in Germany.
    How to do this you can find on the Toshiba support under page > support & downloads > find an ASP.

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