Re: Satellite M30: error HARD drive-> 40 GB HDD modified with a 250 GB = 137 GB HARD drive?

Hi all
I have a problem with my laptop M30-241 and the new hard drive.

After an error with my old 40 GB HARD drive, I changed HDD WD 2500BEVE 250 GB.

The correct name of the HARD drive in the bios Setup.
My bios version is 1.7 but only 137 GB of available space.

I searched for a new version of the bios, but without success.

Maybe someone can give me an opinion/advice?

Best regards

Perhaps the BIOS doesn't support the 250 GB HDD it is possible given that not all HARD drive sizes are supported!
I think that the update of the BIOS (if possible) would not solve this too.

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  • Satellite M30: Unknow Hard Error - could this be a problem of hard drive?

    I got my Satellite M30 for 2 years now and it never gave me any problems, until a few weeks ago. The problem started shortly after I put Windows to SP2, when I played a game it would stick for a minute or two, and then continue on as usual, the problem slowly got worse and started blue screening with "Unknown hard error" and sometimes strange balloon in the lower right corner saying unknown hardware error and then freeze it. It also took a long time to start and generally do nothing.

    Assumed it was a problem when I've upgraded to SP2, so I decided to reinstall Windows and start over again, update the BIOS while I was home.

    Once this is done it seemed fine for an hour or two, but then tried to install a game and of course, the good old blue screen appears and the whole problem starts again.

    I took it to a repair shop and explain the problem and I had re-installed Windows nothing helped, and I suspected that it may be a hardware failure, I left it with them, and 2 days later I get a call saying its all fixed and ready to be picked up, I asked what was wrong with it and they said that they re-installed Windows and sound now works fine (i.e. what I their) I said, I had made and n t worked!). I picked up (and got charged £40 to have done what I had already done). I got it home and everything seemed ok... for a few hours, then blue screens seemed to tell me any physical dumping of beginning and the usual stuff.

    I think it might be a drive problem hard, like when I tried to install a game on it at night last light CD and HARD flash drive, one for about 15 seconds, then the other for a short time, data copied from one to the other, but then the HARD drive light stayed on, and I could hear the HARD disk as if it were sticky , after about a minute of this blue and close short-listed and took some time to turn back. If I leave a couple of hours and it starts fine until the next time.

    So, after my long description on my problem, I have 2 questions,

    1. could I be right in thinking that these problems are associated with hard drive?
    2. If I'm right, is easy to replace on the M30 HARD drive and where I would buy a new?

    Thanks for your time and help,



    The blue screen appears only if you play games?

    But I agree with you. In my opinion, there would really be a hardware malfunction.
    The question is - it s a HARD drive or something different?
    Hmmm. I think that the problem is not related to the disc HARD but maybe overheating?
    According to the publication, sometimes when you play games. The game is a high performance application. All devices running with maximum performance and produce heat.

    I m not 100% sure, but maybe the high temperature has a bad influence on the system and therefore the BSOD happens.
    You suggested that the laptop run properly for about 2 years. Maybe fans can cool properly because of the dust and debris. Two years is a long time if you have not cleaned the cooling modules and fans.

  • Satellite M30 - error message after replacing the DVD drive

    Virgin, excused my English ;)
    I have a satellite m30 and I replaced the DVD-cd-rw drive in series with a SLIM NEC ND-6650 DOUBLE LAYER, DVD time bios gives me error
    0203: failure IDE #2
    Is it possible to remove this message?


    As far as I know that this message can not be eliminated and it happens every time if you want to use the drive is not compatible. Always is it that all readers may not work with all models of laptops.

    In this case, fundamental problem is the pin assignment. It is not the same in all players.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M30 and new driver nVidia - after the awakening of the screen stays off

    I have Toshiba Satellite M30. Recently, I installed the new nVidia driver (summer 2006) and after that, I started to encounter problems with wakes my notebook of booth mode and a problem with the power of the monitor.

    If computer sleeps or its monitor is turned off and I try to make it work again it hangs with a black screen (although I can see slightly backlight) and doesn't react to anything except the hard reset. What should I do? Going back to the old nVidia Driver?

    Windows XP Pro SP2 + all updates update MS. nVidia FX Go5200 video card


    If you use the drivers directly from nVidia it can cause problems, because they are not designed for laptops. The downloadable driver of Toshiba for this model is the 46,44 version. If you want a newer driver, you can watch the new laptops with nVidia card. Or you can search the Internet, maybe you'll find a driver updated for notebooks somewhere.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M30 - after replacing drive DVD 0203: failure IDE #2 appears


    I replaced the DVD unit on my Satellite M30 as it was broken. I installed the same unit (UJ - 820B), but now at startup, I get the error message 0203:Failure IDE #2 with options to continue starting in the operating system or run the Setup program (which does not offer something to solve this problem). The operating system (Windows XP sp2) loads fine, but the DVD unit is not recognized.


    Thank you.

    Hi Paul,.

    All optical discs are delivered with a parameter of the base (master, slave, or C/salt) interface configured in the firmware. on PC, readers there are usually small switches to activate this setting to change, but unfortunately on readers portable there is not, so it is very important to make sure the new drive is correctly implemented by the manufacturer of the correct specification for your laptop.

    If you got the new drive to an ASP then you will need to confirm with them that the new drive is set correctly.

    From my experience, most third-party resellers don't advertise what settings their readers that makes get a suitable replacement that is very difficult.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A300 - error: "webcam driver open fail.


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1SM computers upgrade to Windows 7 (32-bit), and since yesterday, the webcam gives me problems. Does not work.
    Is a Chicony Webcam, built inside the computer. Has suddenly stopped working. The following error message appears: "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or system. "
    I have not touched or anything installed. It happened the day after.

    I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date and it worked for a few minutes... but it failed again and pops up the same error.

    I wonder what I have to do to return to 'recover' my webcam.

    Thanks in advance.



    There is a lot of discussion here in the forum about webcam driver problem, and you should read those discussions:𸹘𸪔𸿉

    Problem is that I can t say more about it because the error never happened the same I use my webcam often enough but no problem at all. :)

    Anyway, if you have other questions you can post again ;)

  • Satellite M30 - Error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    can someone help me solve this problem, I get this error message:

    Stop: 0x0000000A (0x00000002, 0 x 0000000, 0xFF1711F2, 0x804D9B64) the beginning of physical memory dump.

    tried to boot in safe mode and it starts ok, but other while TI doesn't take me any case.

    Thanks in advance

    Hey Buddy,

    If you can still boot into safe mode t, I think something has confused by the registry of Windows or something else and if Windows can boot t.

    In my opinion, the fastest and easiest way is to reinstall Windows. Just take the Toshiba Recovery disk and boot from it. Windows will be reinstalled in a few minutes and you return factory settings.

    As wrote Akuma, if it s still does not it is maybe a hardware malfunction. :(

  • Satellite M30: Error 0x47F after installing energy-saving

    After you have installed the Toshiba Power Saver message: 'error 0x47F' appears. And the energy saver does not work. The error after each reboot Message apears, too. I tried to reinstall the energy saver, but I'm not helping. Uninstall is impossible, since WIN XP (SP2) the same error message appears or says: cannot uninstall because it lacks file... / Uninst.exe.
    What should I do?


    I assume that you have not used you delivered Toshiba recovery CD but only the original CD of Microsoft. However, you should check the forum for similar issues. There are several announcement about. You can use the "advanced search".
    It seems that there is no explicit solution for this stop error message. In most cases, the unit with the supplied Toshiba Recovery CD recovery have solved this problem.
    In this case, you should check for this possibility.

  • Satellite A30: Error number (11122) cannot load the bitmap with recovery CD

    I have a Toshiba A30 I want to reformat with the recovery disk. I get that day then I get an error that reads:

    The error number (11122) cannot load the bitmap file. Height max = 100

    The hard drive has now been deleted and I can't sent this message to reformat.

    Can someone help me on this please.


    Satellite A30 is quite old and I wonder what report you something like this after so long. I put t know exactly what is happening, but it will be interesting to know a few things:

    Have you noticed a similar problem before?
    Are you using the original disk or some copy?
    Is there a problem with the HARD drive?

    Please do a little bit more about these things.

  • Satellite M30-106: the search for upgrading HDD and DVD recorder


    I was looking for some information about the compatibility of this laptop with new hard disks, but could not find. The reader, I want to buy is PMR Hitachi 5K 160 160 GB.

    Second in line for the upgrade is burner DVD-R x 2 which is painfully slow. There is a kind of game of simple checks to do before buy you to avoid buying the incompatible equipment? I know that there should be a list of compatible readers in the manual of my laptop, but there is not, and I believe that records of such a list would be a minor if no improvement at all.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.

    You want to use the 160 GB HARD drive?
    I m not 100% sure but, in my opinion, the BIOS will not recognize this size of HARD drive.
    I found this similar thread on the 160 GB HARD drive:

    Michael of the user has provided a nice info:
    The M30 accept the 80 GB and possibly a 100 GB HARD drive

    I discovered that the Toshiba SD-R6112, TEAC G8CC00013210, Matsu * a G8CC00019210 are compatible with your laptop.
    Maybe you could googel for simple numbers and you will find more information

  • Satellite M30-604 external usb hdd boot failure

    Hello world

    Hard drive problems seem never to end for me.

    I have a satellite M30-604. Recently my Hitachi HDD crashed. Now, I am trying to boot from an external hard drive via usb, but I can't.

    (a) I use a ViPower 3.5 "(model VP9258T) enclosure external usb 2.0"
    (b) with a Seagate 200 GB hard drive.
    (c) I used the recovery cd to install windows on the seagate
    (d) the bios (v1.4) seems to support the external device to start
    (e) the internal hdd crashed is deleted (it's internal hard drive space is empty)
    (f) the bios sees the drive and recognizes it as a USB

    I think it should work, but when I turn on the computer, after a while, he says: "0201: failure IDE #0"
    and gives me the options to run the program installation or start-up.
    When I choose boot it gives me the window with "boot in safe mode" screen, 'last known good configuration' etc, but nothing of the work options (it restarts and gives the same again).

    Any ideas please?

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    My research on this subject has led me to believe that it is not possible to boot an operating system of attached USB HDD XP. I read several posts on various usenet groups on this issue, and the consensus of opinion is that it is simply not possible.

    Several suppliers of BIOS claim allow a USB HDD to be suitable for start-up purposes but I still have to attend such a machination succeed with XP.

  • Satellite M30 - what compatible HARD drive can I use?


    My Satellite M30 hard drive crashed (after 3 years of intensive use). I would like to replace it, but I don't know which drive is suitable (SATA, ATA 6... etc). The original for this computer hard disk is the MK6021GAP.

    Can someone hep me on this subject? By the way, is - it complicated to replace the hard drive on this computer?

    Thank you

    Use the advanced search of this forum and you will get several results with different threads on the same topic.
    The replacement is not difficult. At the bottom f the unit, you will find a HARD drive Bay. Armand, remove the cover and cut the shape of the disk of the controller. But be careful.

  • Satellite M30 sees only 120 GB installed WD 250 GB HARD drive?

    Recently my native HDD (on M30) crashed and I upgaded with Western Digital WD2500BEVE 250 GB. Disc.
    But when I boot the sytem, it appears that only 120 GB is available!

    Is it possible to use the laptop the full capacity of the HARD drive? Whow?

    Thank you!


    The fact is that not all HARD drive sizes are supported due to the limitation of HARD BIOS disk size.
    Easy said: BIOS don't support all hard drives.

    I've read many threads here in the forum about HARD drive sizes possible max and it seems that a 120 GB of HARD drive is wide that could be used in the Satellite M30.

    You ask now for an update of the BIOS. Am I wrong?

    Well, unfortunately, the update of the BIOS will not improve the situation and will not use the s larger HARD drive as 120 GB :(

    Best regards

  • Satellite M30-604 - mechanical hard drive failure

    My satellite M30 604 is guaranteed (bought 10 months ago) and my Hitachi travelstar hard drive crashed unexpectedly. The accident is probably mechanical, so I can't use data recovery software (makes things worse). The only way to get my data is to give the HD a specialist who will open in a 'white room' for something like 300-600 Euros (!) and try to recover as much as possible. Now:

    -> Toshiba said that if I do that, the guarantee is void and I will also have to pay for a new disk (100 euros)

    -> If I want to replace the disk (warranty) then toshiba Gets the old drive and I lose my data forever!


    (a) it's my data, my work and you CAN'T make me blackmailing you with such things 'warranty void. I want my old crushed drive back! I want to try to recover as much as I can! my 10 hour work - someday is here!

    (b) Moreover even if the heads of the drive crashed, my PERSONAL, PRIVATE data are always in the disk and CAN be read with special techniques. How toshiba (or any other company for that matter) asking me to give it to them?

    What should I do?
    What would you do?

    I sympathize with your problem and can suggest only the following reflections:

    1. the recovery of your data seems the most important factor here. I suggest you to remove the HARD drive so that it can be sent to a specialist to retrieve data are possible.

    2. Since the removal of the disc HARD not not usually involves a broad dismantling of Notepad it should not invalidate the remaining warranty (other than on the HARD drive itself).

    3 replacement HARD drive can generally be obtained quite a beneficial one of internet sellers price (check using GOOGLE to a suitable replacement). You can then reinstall your OS recovery CD.

    4. I suggest investing in a bunch of backup software (such as Norton Ghost) to avoid this problem in the future. (I had four replacement hard drives on my Satellite A30 in the past 12 months).


  • Satellite M30-841 - large hard drive not recognized

    HY guys,.

    First of all, I want to say hello, because this is my first post in this forum. Merry Christmas as well!

    I am writing because I bought a 160 GB 2hard disk to replace my old 60 GB. When I troed to install it, I saw that it recognizes just 128 GB which, according to my research, is due to the LBA 48 bit not supported on my laptop (Satellite M30-841).

    I tried to everythingmentioned:
    -J' have flash Bios o update the 1.70 (last available driver toshiba Web site)
    -J' changed the downloaded XP SP3 and I changed the registry to install a key DWORD EnableBigLba.

    However, she still recognizes only 128 GB. I'm losing hope to install the new hard drive. Anyone of you has a suggestion that I should try?

    I realized that I should update the driver of my motherboard, but I don't know where they are, if there is (I don't even know the name of it, despite the use of everest - which shows DMI.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much


    Look, man.
    The HARD disk controller seems to support the 28-bit LBA.
    The disk controllers HARD supporting the 28-bit LBA address max 128 GB HDD.
    Controllers HDD support 48-bit LBA address bigger hard drives.
    But this is a physical limitation and you will not resolve this update anything.

    In your case, there is nothing to see

Maybe you are looking for