Re: Satellite P100-106 PSPADE - replacement for Panel problem


I have a problem with the screen on my model Satellite P100 - 106 PSPADE 018110G 3.

I changed the old Panel LG PHILIPS LP171WX2 (A4) (K7) (she has wide stripes without a photo) with the new a LP171WP4 Philips (TL) (B1) and after the first start, everything worked OK but more later when I turn it on there there's no picture, only automatic backlight is activated, windows starts because I hear it log into the sound on the speakers.

When I turn back old Panel everything works correctly.
Also when I connect external display its signal on it, with old and new Panel on laptop.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Thank you

Can I just suggest you to test an another Billboard.

The card isn t the problem since the external monitor works fine.

It shouldn't be a problem with FL inverter for the backlight seems to work also.
This is why I believe that this new Panel must be tested.

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  • Satellite P100 - 444 PSPADE: need the Cardbus controller drivers and ultramedia for WinXP

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite P100 - 444-PSPADE and I need Cardbus and ultramedia controller for Windows XP drivers, please.

    I did not find them on the official website of Toshiba. Thank you.


    won´t you need them, the drivers for cardbus to be included in the utility/driver chipset from intel. Other stuff like flashmedia etc. will be installed when you install the flashmedia driver.

    See you soon

    P.S.: If you have already installed everything then check your device if Manager something is missing. If everything is installed, then relax and be happy.

  • Satellite P100-106 - sound and modem driver for WXP Pro


    I bought a P100-106 (PSPADE) a few days ago that had Windows Vista Home premium pre-installed. What I tried to do is to install win XP pro SP2 because I realized that Vista not fully cover my needs again.

    While Toshiba does not support this model with the drivers, I found some models to the driver downloads page, such as PSPA3E, with the same hardware configuration. I downloaded the drivers makes it easy with my system (almost all). After completing installation instructions all worked fine except the sound drivers and modem.
    I downloaded the driver for the sound is Conexant After installing the patch kb888111 (UAA), which is included in the record of the driver, my system has recognized the PCI device unknown as "Audio device on high definition audio bus" and the modem as "Device Modem on high definition audio bus". Then I followed the installation instructions that Toshiba has provided (, but the window that appears, there are no devices listed and no 'OK' buttons to press! Simply "CANCEL".
    The same thing happens when I am installing modem drivers.
    Can someone help me please? Does anyone of you have the same problem?

    I would be grateful for any information or solution

    Thanks in advance

    Hi guys

    You are right. For now, that Toshiba does not take in charge the new models preinstalled Vista laptops to Windows XP Home edition. I assume that it will change in the future, but of course the Vista upgrade is a priority. As you know a lot of old notebooks preinstalled WXP must be Vista supported. It makes sense to upgrade is more important than the downgrade.

    Anyway, I heard that the new laptop models have a different sound chip and it can happen using soundcard for notebooks WXP drivers help much. Audio driver is also important for the modem function and because of that you also have problems with the modem function.

    I know that you will solve the problem as soon as possible, but if there is no, you must wait for realize Toshiba drivers for Windows XP Home edition and put on download page.

    It is very interesting that every day more and more users are not satisfied with Vista n want to use Windows XP Home edition on the newer models. To be honest I still use my Windows XP Home edition and right now I really don't want to install Vista on my lappy.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite P100-106: can I install Windows XP x 64 edition?

    Hello everyone,

    I have windows XP Home Edition installed on my Satellite P100-106. Does anyone know if I could install the x 64 edition without any problem?

    I mean, are the drivers offered by Toshiba ok for XP as well as for XP x 64?
    I'll be able to use the same programs, or I'm going to need some other versions?

    Thanks in advance


    For the moment, Toshiba offers not all 64-bit drivers. :(

  • XP audio driver does not work on Satellite P100-106

    I reinstalled Windows XP on my Satellite P100-106 and all the works of good drivers.
    Only the audio that I can not install driver.
    The problem is that my sound card changes the name, and I don't really know how his happened?

    His name was sound card Conexant high definition and now its something to gibrish... (something not readable)

    I tried to remove the material in the hardware Manager, but again, the name is always the same.
    So, what should I do?

    Thx a lot eric.

    It seems that this has been resolved before, look for the satellites «Sound P100» P series

  • Satellite P100 - 216 (PSPADE) - CPU / RAM upgrade options

    Hello guys,.

    I just got a laptop Satellite P100-216 (PSPADE-01400UEN). (card: T5500 - GeForce Go 7600 512 mb, 200GB)

    It has a Core 2 Duo T5500 inside and I intend to upgrade as well as the RAM to make a good laptop for my wife.

    The question if CPU is supported (assuming that the latest version of the BIOS). I am interested in the series with FSB800 or same T9000 T7000 series (1066fsb) shall if possible because I can get them pretty cheap - I know that the T5500 is just 667fsb by itself, so I wonder if the higher FSB is supported or I stay with 667 Mhz.

    Have searched through the net, but no information so far. Would not buy CPU only for it being not recognized by the laptop.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    It is very nice for laptop and if you want to upgrade the RAM upgrade for your wife. In combination with the operating system pre-installed and optimized its own missus will be like to work on this machine.

    Upgrade of RAM is quite problematic and you can do it alone. what you need to do is get the compatible modules and high quality.
    I think now P100 has 2 GB of RAM, but you can upgrade to 4 GB.

    As compatible modules, you can use
    PA3513U-1M2G (memory 2 GB DDR2-667 Kit) or

    KTT533D2 / 2G 2GB 533 MHz Module
    KTT667D2 / 2G 2GB 667 MHz Module

    On the CPU upgrade, I would just say that we forget. As a first step, it is not necessary to do so and secondaly -

    Bye and good luck.

  • Satellite P100-106: would like to know some technical details


    I want to buy a Toshiba Satellite P100-106 but I need to know a technical detail that is not specified in the description of the product online, manual of the product nor the retail vendors that I talked about.

    Being a laptop wide-ish 17 ", has a place for a disk hard 2.5" second?

    Thank you.


    > there a place for a disk hard 2.5 "second
    Did you mean a select Bay? No, select-Bay is not available

    > I need to know a technical detail that is not specified in the description of the product online
    I m not 100% sure what you want to know on this laptop and so I will list some features:
    It supports the Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) T7400 2.16 GhZ CPU processor
    You can upgrade the memory to 4 GB max.
    The laptop was delivered with the module mem 1 GB graphic card of 256 MB nVIDIA GeForce Go7600 FX, 802.11a/b/g WLan and BT.

    But all the info s are mentioned in the user manual you can find all the necessary information.

  • Satellite P100 - 444 PSPADE: where to find XP drivers


    I just got my laptop new P100 - 444 (PSPADE). I removed Vista and installed XP SP2. First of all models of PSPADE is not found in the driver download selection. I used drivers for another series of P100 model. Most of equipment is detected, but not all. modem driver and the sound does not work, I tried of the former pilots, new drivers for other models but without success.

    In name of the Vista driver for the sound card is named: Conexant High Definition Audio, the modem is also conexant. After an intens research I found nothning. Toshiba does not seem worth free XP drivers so far, but there must be a work around.

    Any person having simular problems or who has solved this problem.

    Please contact me.

    Hello Peter

    Believe me you are not alone with this. Check please other subjects in the area of the Satellite. I will just repeat that right now probably Toshiba has enough work to create the latest drivers for the Vista capable notebook for complete support of Vista. Update takes precedence and not downgrade.

    No one knows when the dryers for WXP will be available, but I'm sure that it won't happen soon.

  • Re: Satellite P100-106 - how to pass the BIOS?


    I'm trying to downgrade the BIOS on my P100-106 of 4.80 to the 3.30 original but I don't have a copy of it. No matter who or where it is available?

    (Please note I looked already and these BIOS are NOT for the P100-106)



    It seems that you have a European model for laptop and so you need to download all the drivers and tools of Toshiba's official website:

    But it seems that he not there no old version available for your laptop BIOS because you can download the newest one.
    You must contact an authorized service provider and ask the guy if you have an older version of BIOS.

    But why you want to downgrade it?

  • Satellite P100-354 - audio driver for Windows 7 64 bit


    I ve got a Satellite P100-354 and yesterday I installed Windows 7 64-bit. Now my problem:

    My system doesn´t have all the sounds. I tried to install all the drivers I ve got (Vista 32-bit, XP 32 and 64-bit and a new conexant, but he says that he cannot find the right sound for this driver card.
    I ve you have a sound card conexant high definition, but for my this card and do not exist a driver for my type of laptop.

    Anyboby help me?

    Best regards

    Hi Sebastian,.

    I think it might be a little difficult to get drivers Windows 7 for old Satellite P100... I checked the Web from Toshiba site and it looks new Satellite P500 also uses a card his Conexant. In your case, I would try this driver, it seems to be a newer version. > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Games do not work smoothly on Satellite P100-106


    I have the model P100-106 with Vista os and geforce 7600go. I can play games like HL or HL episode 1, but it don't work smooth as it should. I know that nvidia menu under vista is not as good as on Xp. On Xp, you can set vibrace digital color, contrast, gamma... On vista there is nothing there...

    My question is why can't I run HL smoothly (I upgraded to 2 GB of ram) this is the problem with drivers and are new (like XP) drivers from being released or is it?


    I have only one explanation why the performance of games are a bit weaker.
    Always it is that Vista needs and wasting more resources than Windows XP.
    This could be one of the reasons for the poor performance of game.

    The second reason might be a first version of the graphics drivers.
    In my opinion the Vista graphics drivers were not tested with all the games and some applications are not 100% compatible.
    But you know, these are just my guesses and suggestions and we'll see if the new ATI or NVidia graphics driver will improve graphic performance on Vista computers.

  • Satellite P100-237: graphics driver for Vista

    Hi I'm new. I have a satellite p100 237 with win vista ultimate and video card geforce go 7900 gs. is there a driver (toshiba) that works with my win vista 32 bit? thnx. I tried to look on the U.S. web site of toshiba, but my laptop model is not present here.


    Visit Toshiba Canada and select your notebook series P100.
    There should be enumerated display nVIDIA driver v

    or you simply googled around for nVIDIA GeForce go 7900 gs

  • Satellite P100-239 - audio driver for Windows 7


    I need support for the installation of driver audio for my Satellite P100-239. I tried different things but no one works. So I'm looking for a friend who give me a solution to fix my sound prob. I'm sure it's a hd audio to conneax.

    I can't Flash the bios with BD1_BIOS (V4.80) _Update (is it possible to install the sound card?)

    THx for any help

    Hi Salomon82,

    I created a similar thread about audio drivers for Windows 7 on Satellite P100:𮰇

    It seems that the Vista driver works also on Windows 7! :)

    In addition it s not necessary to update the BIOS for the installation of sound card drivers because first of all, you should try the correct driver.

  • Satellite P100 - 434 PSPADE randomly loses connection WLan


    As shown in the topic I have a Toshiba laptop - P100-434 (PSPADE) and my problem is that when using the internet (mainly the videos in streaming and surprisingly not where to play online games) my phone randomly loses the connection to my wireless network.

    It also stops being able to see other wireless networks, it will always connect fine cable networks, but it requires a reboot to be able to connect to my wireless again.

    No other PC home get this problem and my wireless is still on when I use ipconfig I thought that my media is disconnected.

    I tried to restart my router, update my drivers and about all the alternatives I can think, but still I had no chance. Someone at - it ideas?

    See you soon.



    Looking already here in the similar thread forum?
    Should do this before posting a new question.

    According to a suggestion of people here in this forum, the update of the WLan card driver and BIOS update can solve such problems of WLan connections

    Just try this

  • Satellite P100 - 347 (PSPA6) and Conexant audio problem in Windows 7 64 bit

    He is a [old problem |] which seems to have affected many people.

    Conexant HD Audio (hardware id: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_14F1 & DEV_5047 & SUBSYS_1179FF31 & REV_1000)

    There has been no official driver published this work in Windows 7 64 bit. It works fine in 32-bit, windows 7, and using different drivers from other sources + partial + fix can be found.

    Using these drivers:

    [Audio |]
    [sp35683 |]

    and some of the advice [here |], it is possible to get the proper functioning, but * only * when using the S/PDIF (HD) audio output. When the S/PDIF cable is removed the internal speakers make noise for a fraction of a second, then silence.

    I tried everything and this issue has been around for months and months, but no perfect solution seems to exist. I was wondering if there is a way to update the drivers of the HD Audio Controller, integrated in Windows 7. Or maybe a hack that allows the internal speakers continue to work (they work for one second!)

    Please, any help on this would be greatly appreciated


    The Satellite P300 and P500 Satellite supports the audio chip Conexant too audio driver published for these two models of laptops should work on Satellite P100!

    Please check this!

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