Re: Satellite P200 - 1FC - what DVD burners are compatible

Toshiba Satellite P200 - 1FC - need advice as what to buy to replace the dvd burner that does not burn.
So is going to replace.

Thank you ricky


You need a compatible because different master/slave/c-salt settings.
I m not very well what drives could be supported, but in my user manual which was preinstalled on my laptop (unfortunately not P200) I could find a list of compatible drives. Maybe your manual contains a similar list

But if you won't find details of compatible media in you manual user then you may contact the service provider allowed in your country and could order these ODD.

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    background; I did a very stupid thing! while I was at the Japan and about 18 months after buying my a60 in the United Kingdom, the packaged dvd player. I replaced it with a teac dvd player and it worked like a dream! I threw the old disk (I think it was a matsu * has, but can't remember the exact model). in any case, I came home and had a little time on my hands, so I decided to set my machine and corrupted the windows xp registry.

    Now, windows xp runs in the loop, I can't access and I need to wipe the hard drive and start again essentially. I put the recovery disk in, but the computer doesn't read him and desperately wants his wacky way to windows. I believe that it is not recognizing the teac drive that I used to replace the old. I think that if I put an original return type, the firmware can recognize the drive and I'll be back in business... or so I hope!

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    Did you look in the manual of the user who is usually preinstalled on your laptop?
    There you should find information.

    I found these:
    Toshiba SD-C2612
    Toshiba SD-R6332
    Matsu * a UJ-811BTJA-A
    Matsu * a UJDA760
    Pioneer DVR-K13TBA
    Toshiba SD-R2512
    TEAC DW-224TH

    It is only a part of the list mentioned in the manual. Check it!

  • Satellite P200 - 1FC: CD/DVD player won't start - error Code 10

    My Satellite P200 - 1FC was purchased in January 2008 and preloaded with Vista Home Premium. The DVD/CD drive is listed in the device as "TSST corp CDDVDW TS - L632H ATA Device" Manager.

    Initially, the drive worked perfectly, but recently refused to start. Device Manager it shows now with a yellow exclamation point and its status is given as "this device cannot start. (Code 10) ».

    By clicking on 'could not load driver software' product solutions but not solution.

    The search for similar issues in the forums of users suggests that use of a page of Microsoft Support Help & directed "the CD-ROM drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista".

    However it is to change the registry! As a relative novice, I am reluctant to do unless I can find no easier way.

    Should I bite the bullet and and enter into this minefield, or is there a better way?

    > At first the car worked perfectly, but recently refused to start. Device Manager it shows now with a yellow exclamation point and its status is given as "this device cannot start. (Code 10) ».

    Certainly, this error is caused by an incorrect registry entry.
    I had this error several times and I solved this disassembly of these registry keys upper and lower filters:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Here are a few steps how it worked on my Windows system;
    -J' removed the Device Manager CD/DVD drive
    -Then edited the registry as described above
    -Restarting the laptop

    I'm sure that this will also help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P200 - 1FC - CD/DVD does not read discs

    I have a Satellite P200 - 1FC ' CD/DVGW TSSTcorp TS-L632D ATA Device will not read CDs or DVDs and do not respond. Device Manager shows that this device does not work correctly.

    Can you please help?


    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager CD/DVD, and then restart the laptop. It work?

    If this isn't the case, you should try to remove the upper and lower filters:
    (1) run Regedit (start-> Run-> Regedit)
    2) navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    (3) in the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key and delete the key "LowerFilters".
    (4) restart.

    Good bye

  • Equium L20-198: what DVD burner are compatible


    The combi CD / DVD writer on my laptop decided to give up the ghost.
    In my view, there is a good choice of burners 'slimline' designed for portable computers out there, but I was warned that not all burners are compatible with all PC.

    Apart from one obvious Mat * like one already installed, someone could you please recommend or advise the slimline burners will be compatible with Toshiba laptops, or better yet my model in general or at least advise what brands are known to be incompatible with computers laptop toshiba.

    I would be extremely grateful for any help you could give. :)

    Thank you very much

    You are right. Not all CD/DVD drive are compatible due to different master/slave/c-salt settings.

    But I ve discovered DVD Super Multi Pinan could be compatible:

    -MATSU * A (UJ-841BTQ-A)
    -HLDS (GSA-4082N. ATAKN0)
    -Pioneer (DVR-K16TBA)
    -TEAC (DV-W28EA)

    You can also order the compatible CD/DVD player with ASP in your country.
    Guys might provide details which readers are correct.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M30: What DVD burner is compatible?

    Hi people, ask yourself if you can help.

    I have a sat Pro M30 but it came with a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. I decided that I would be able to write DVDs with it also. Can someone point me in the direction of a substitute for the current drive - I really don't want an external, but a replacement for one that is already there. Product ID and where to buy would be really nice.

    Thank you

    Hi Richard

    As far as I know MS M30 is similar to Satellite M30. As far as I know that the Satellite M30 has a Super-Multi drive Matsu * a UJ-820. I guess you can use the same player with your device.

    Good bye

  • What dvd burner is compatible with Tecra A2


    I want to know what dvd burners are compatible with my tecra A2 because I bought a dvd burner and does not work with the tecra A2 (IDE1 #error).
    There is nothing about it in the manual.

    Can you help me?
    Thank you.

    This #error IDE1 appears because of the evil master\slave\c-salt settings.
    All Toshiba slim line discs works in cable (CSEL) default selection mode. In other words, the player receives a signal from the laptop it say if it needs to act as a master or a slave device on the IDE channel.

    Some portable computers on the market do not work according to this specification, but use the way inverted CSEL signal to save a bit of power electric. If you are installing a drive running in standard CSEL mode in such a laptop, the inverted signal will require to work evil master/slave mode giving the reader the logical address as the hard drive installed on the same IDE channel. Accordingly, the optical drive, HARD drive or both cannot be detected by the BIOS and is not usable. Some laptops may display an error message at the start, for example 'IDE #1 error"or similar.

    In some user manuals, you can find information about compatible CD/DVD players.
    Did you check that?

    If you find any details on a compatible player then contact ASP in your country for info. You can also order such driver of these guys here.

    Good luck

  • Drivers Windows xp on Satellite P200 - 1fc

    Hi all

    Don't want to look stupid. A couple of days ago, I installed xp on my laptop and I downloaded the drivers I needed, the noise, the wlan and so on. But what I really need to know how to install them? I know it sounds really thick but I open the files and double-click the installer and it says install, but after that's over nothing at all! I installed wlan and hotkeys, but able to get its installed.
    Please can someone help me?

    I have a Satellite P200 - 1fc

    Thank you


    Hmm. Your post is funny ;) but don't be angry with me about this comment ;)

    The installation is really easy. If there is a setup.exe you need to start this file. Then, the installation should begin.
    If the setup.exe is not present then you must install the drivers from the Device Manager. Here, you have to choose the device and point to the downloaded driver package.

    Installing the audio driver is a little more complicated. First of all, you need to install the XP patches and fixes Microsoft KB888111 and KB83522. And then, you must install the audio driver.

    Ciao mate

  • A few questions about Satellite P200 - 1FC


    I am planning to buy Satellite P200 - 1FC but I want to know:
    -What is the hard drive speed (RPM), is 4200 or 5400?
    -What is the capacity of the battery 6 cells, 9 cells and how many mAH?
    Does anyone have this laptop battery and haw do under normal conditions of use?

    Thank you


    I m not the owner of a Satellite P200 - 1FC but I found a very useful information on this notebook on the official page of Toshiba.

    I have goggled autour also and have seen this info:

    > - What is hard drive speed (RPM), 4200 or 5400?
    250GB (4200 RPM) SATA 12.5 mm

    > What is the capacity of 6-cell, 9-cell battery and how many mAH?
    6 cells but the AMM is not known to me

    Maximum range: up to 02:20 pm
    But you should know that it is only an approximate value, because the battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
    Using this laptop you can expect a time of 1.5 hours battery work

    Best regards

  • Satellite P200 - 1FC: no sound after system update

    Yesterday my laptop did an update of the system for Windows and when I restarted the computer, my speakers did not work, my ATI graphics card was not found and that the reader has stopped working.

    I don't know what happened, but I don't think that the update installed correctly.
    I had a similar problem on my old laptop with XP and I due simpy reinstalling the update.

    For some reason I can't do this on my current.

    I use a SATELLITE P200 - 1FC.

    Is now SP1 for Vista installed?

    I ask this question because I got message on Vista updates and SP1 was who listed there. I'm afraid, it can have a negative influence on the good OS and I'm quite skeptical about it. For now, Toshiba does not support Vista with SP1.

  • What hard drives are compatible for a Satellite L300-1AP?

    My HARD drive is somehow broken :( What hard drives are compatible for a Satellite L300-1AP so that I can something eBay?

    Thank you.


    Satellite L300 supports SATA HDD!
    SATA controller having no physical limit, you should be able to use any HARD drive 2.5 SATA. So, for example, a 500 GB 2.5 SATA 5400 RPM HARD drive should be compatible.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200 - 1FC - key product Vista not legible, do I need?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 - 1FC and his original running Windows Vista Home premium edition (originally installed when I bought it). I have the original CD that came in the box.

    I want to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows Vista but the sticker under my laptop is more readable. Do I need if I reinstall windows vista with the supplied with the laptop recovery disks? If I need them in the installation process, how can I recover my instalation key because sticker is removed clean and not readable? He's somewhere in a file on my computer or I have to get microsoft to get it back for me?

    Please help me I don't want to take a chance to ruin the perfect system just because of the instalation key. Thank you


    If you need to install windows with recovery disk, you don't need key installation :) But if you want it back before installation, you can use a program like Keyfinder. It retrieves the key of Windows and Office series

  • Satellite 3000 - x 4: memory modules are compatible?

    Hi all
    I have Satellite 3000 - x 4 PS301E - 000 K 8 - EN and want to add RAM up to 512. It has 128 for the moment.
    What memory sticks are compatible with the model above, since it was discontinued?

    Help much appreciated.


    I can confirm this info. You can use the modules of memory SODIMM PC133 144 pins
    It is also a very useful memory module page:

  • Satellite A50: What CD/DVD readers are compatible?


    Since I had my A50 from 2 1/2 years I had intermittent problems with this DVD player. It has finally packed in and I need to replace the drive, so I can use the product recovery CD

    I tried to find my computer's master/slave settings while I'm able to find a correct drive to replace it with.

    Anyone know what the parameters are, or what kind of car I could use to replace it with
    Thank you


    Please see the s manuals for Satellite A50 (pages 4-12) and you will find which driver of optical discs are compatible with your laptop.

    If s manuals is not recorded on your device you can find under support & downloads Support Downloads home page.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite P200-1JV: A DVD from Toshiba drive - unable to output video...


    I just signed up so forgive me if I posted this question in the wrong place.

    I have a Satellite P200-1jv and I could read the dvd on it without problem. Now when I try to play a dvd using the Toshiba player, I get a message coming indicating + * impossible at the exit of the video on an external device. Please change your device display by pressing Fn + F5 keys after the end of this application + *.

    I'm trying this and lcd comes but never changes. What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help.



    I think I can help and I found a solution.

    I recalled to this topic and searched a bit here in the forum and found this thread:𜀦

    Jack Black has posted a link to the document from Toshiba which describes exactly this problem and offers a solution.

    The problem can be solved by updating the Realtek Audio driver.
    You can download the driver from his most recent on the Realtek site and may reinstall it.


Maybe you are looking for

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