Re: Satellite P300 - need support for the 2nd HARD drive

Anyone know where to find support for a 2nd hard drive of my P300-17R laptop? Modelnumber; "PSPC4E-04701LDU.
It must be sent to the Netherlands.

Check eBay. You will find everything.

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    I want to install a hard drive of diving Bay 2nd in my 8945G and I need a support to hold it in place.

    Uses same medium used for the original HD. Any help to locate one, please?

    I didn't use a drive Caddy to install 2nd HD as my laptop has a built-in space to install a 2nd HD. All I need is a hard drive carrier. This support is no longer available because I contacted all online sources recommended to me and was infomed that the part is no longer available.

    So, I used the original media as a copy and one on the metal plate shaped in the same configuration as the original.

    I managed to do an almost exact replica and also managed to locate the 4 screws that I needed a local repair shop comp. I have now the 2nd HD mounted and it seems to work fine. I have access to my DVD/CD stlii would emit so.

    My Acer Aspire 8942 is one of the few models that have been built with a second HD Bay.  A larger...

    Thanks to everyone who responded with advice,

  • Pavilion 550-306no - for the 2nd HARD drive expansion slot?

    While thinking about replacing my old HP tractor, I browsed around the shop online for a possible new unit;

    Seems there is a box called Pavilion 550-306no, sold here in Sweden, which could meet my needs.  However, does anyone know if there is room (or not) for a 2nd HARD drive? Seems all the guides of the old user on how to develop yr PC in the forum of textbooks have been nuked.



    The Specifications for the 550-306no indicate that it is not put into service for a disk hard 3.5 "2nd.  Review the information in the computer case.

    Some models will allow a 2.5 "HD or SSD to add.  See the image below.

    According to the amount of space available between the existing hard drive and the motherboard, you might be able to mount another HD using 3.5 media ".  Those that I had recommended in the past are now $40 (ouch).

  • DV7-3160us - for the 2nd hard drive mounting kit


    Sorry if the answer is posted elsewhere. I looked and you can't find one specifically for my model.

    I have a dv7-3160us, which has the secondary drive Bay.

    I have a second WD 500 GB SATA bare drive.

    Where can I get information on obtaining a mounting bracket so the cable appropriate to mount this drive naked in the secondary drive Bay?

    I was on the phone with HP tech supp, even after nearly 30 minutes to try to explain what I had it and still had no idea told me he ALREADY had a hard disk of 500 GB in it... :-) Enough of that.

    Any help appreciated.


    Never mind. He finally found.

  • How to check if the 2nd HARD drive is possible on the Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7?


    My A200/PSAE7 has a 200 GB HARD drive. For backup reasons, I would like to know - or learn to know how check - if my A200 already have the hardware support for a 2nd HARD drive, next to the slot for a 2nd HARD drive.
    In the BIOS, I see 'Toshiba MKxxx - hard drive' and 'hard drive - None '. Is the last entry in the BIOS is a sign that a 2nd HARD drive is supported and has to be put in the second location of HARD drive?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

    Best regards

    You can do the following:

    Open the cover when the 2nd drive HARD so-called must be installed and check for some SATA connectors or cables. If there is an unused SATA connection so you can upgrade, if no, then you will need to backup your data on USB - HDD or whatever.

    If in the BIOS is something now, he won't say that he is physically present.

    Welcome them

  • Need drivers for the SATA hard/controller on the dv7-6c95dx disc.

    Need drivers for the SATA hard/controller on the dv7-6c95dx disc.

    We load Windows 7 Enterprise on these newly purchased laptops, but do it have not the required appropriate drivers detect the hard drive on them. Impossible to find on the HP website.

    You can refer to a completely different question here, Marty. I was installing to a flash drive and it turns out that my install media has been connected to ports USB 3.0 on the left rather than right 2.0 ports. Moving to the ancient ports of 2.0 has solved my problem. Good luck.

  • Recover the Original of Windows 8 for the new HARD drive


    Drive HARD original of my Dell laptop inspiron 15R 5521 has been crushed. She had previously installed Windows 8.

    And, I had upgraded to windows 10 recently.

    Please guide me to reinstall windows 8 or 10 for the new HARD drive via online, coz' I don't have any support recovery (DVD or USB).

    And further,

    1.) is it possible to reinstall windows for one SSD?

    2.) I get all venus applications (application of VGA, Audio application etc.) from Dell with my laptop with the re-installation of windows... ?

    Thank you


    If your system already has Windows installed and activated 10 follow my instructions here to directly download and reinstall clean Windows 10:

    Looks like you're in this scenario.

    Note Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 editions are specific. If your system came with Windows 8.1/10 unilingual homepage, Windows 8.1/10 will not be activated.

    Unfortunately there is no clear marker for end users to determine the edition so my advise is to try first to try Windows 10 Home, if she does not activate Windows 10 unilingual homepage.

    Get a SSD for optimal performance.

    Dell have updated drivers for Windows 10 pilots (WT64a) system:

    See installing the driver recommended order:

    If Windows 10 was not enabled you must reinstall Windows 8.1 and then upgrade. Follow my instructions here:

  • I need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat 11.0 I bought in 2014. I lost my hard drive and need to install the new hard drive.  No idea what I'm doing!  Thank you!

    I need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat 11.0 I bought in 2014. I lost my hard drive and need to install the new hard drive.  No idea what I'm doing!  Thank you!

    This is the file I download - but when I go to the Setup process, I bought for the installation program Adobe Acrocat Pro XI (11.0.07).  When I insert my serial number, he wanders as invalid.  I am running Win 7 Pro.  It worked fine on my old hard drive.   I think I maybe win64.  Does it matter?

  • No satellite P770-111 no SATA cable to connect the 2nd HARD drive


    I bought by Satellite P770-111 3 days and was hoping to insert another HARD drive that I had in my old laptop.
    OK, I opened the plastic cover on the bottom side of the laptop and there are 2 slots of HDD (2.5 ") but a single HARD disk.
    A HARD disk that is currenty in the laptop's big 500 GB. I would like to install another, but there is a problem:
    There is no cable to connect it to the motherboard SATA.

    Basically, there are 2 slots hard drive but only a connection interface. Could you please tell me how could I install a 2nd HARD drive?

    Thank you in advance!


    > there is no cable to connect it to the motherboard SATA.
    The fact is that not all laptops of the same series of notebook models are equipped with the same motherboard and controllers of same.
    This means that even if there is a second HARD-drive Bay, you will not be able to use a 2nd HARD drive. You know

    The chassis is the same in all models of laptops but there are different motherboards and not all supported 2nd controller.

  • How to use the 2nd hard drive internal for storage?

    Hi, I am a newbie in all of this. I would use the 2nd internal hard drive of our mac mini server (end 2012) for storage (in fact, I'll things rsync from a remote server to here. but this is not the point here.). The thing is, I don't know how to access the 2nd internal hard drive and where to start. I did all of the following commands in the Terminal, but I don't really know what they mean, and what can I do with this information. I've been Googling but most are guides on how to install a 2nd hard drive etc. I hope that the information below is enough for someone to give me advice please?

    Thank you!

    That shows disk utility?

  • need to upgrade 250 GB hard drive, how I transferred all my files and xps3 pro for the new hard drive without lsing all this?

    need to upgrade hdd 250 GB how I transferred all of the files and opperatting sys win xp sp3 new disk hard ad not lose any


    You cannot transfer the operating system from one hard disk to another. But you can use the backup utility to backup data and restore it on the new hard drive.

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows
    How to use the backup utility to back up files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition
    How to use the backup utility to back up files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition
    How to use Backup to protect data and restore files and folders on your computer in Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • With the help of Windows Easy Transfer - need to transfer the old HARD drive to new computer - old HDD attached as external drive for the new usb port of the computer - help

    New computer installed Windows 7 and gave me an option to use Windows easy transfer to transfer files, data, programs, etc. from my old computer.  All I have from the old computer's hard drive; a lightning strike fried either food or his mother by car.  I have attached the hard as a disk to the new computer using the usb cable provided with the external hard drive case.  It is recognized as drive E: on the new computer.

    Trying to follow the instructions given by the Windows Easy Transfer software.  Get the software/folder from the old hard drive (drive E), but trying to run the software that I can't seem to do anything on the old disk.  When asked what is the former or the new computer - I respond to old, but no new file is created for the transfer.  When I answer again, a new file is created on the new computer (rather than the old HDD) and then he transferred again to new.  I can't create a file of whatever it is I want to transfer from the old HDD.

    I can't use an easy transfer cable because the old computer does not only the hard drive.  I can't connect to a network for the same reason.  I only have the hard that I can attach to the new computer.  But I can't get the new computer to process the old hard drive separately for transfer purposes.  The only other option I can think of is to attach the old HDD to another computer, and then try to run the software in this way, but I don't want just the stuff on the old hard drive a copy to the other computer.

    Can anyone help?  Suggest how to get the old hard drive files, data, transferred etc. to the new computer.  What are the steps?

    Thank you.

    Do yourself a favor, with the old drive connected externally, in the browser, simply copy the data files to the location of Documents of the PC win7. You can not copy programs, they need to be reinstalled from media origonal. You can copy all the downloaded files instalation

    You may need to take possession of your old documents folders - see win help to find out how

  • Satellite Pro P70 - Has: 2nd invisible HARD drive - how to initialize the 2nd HARD drive

    I have a P70 - A. Satellite Pro
    'Primary' hard disk failed, and has been replaced by the service centre.

    Now, only the main hard drive is shown and the Service Center said that I had to 'initialize' the second hard drive to make it visible. They assure me that the hard drive is there, just hidden.

    How can I make visible?
    How do I initialize it?

    Usually, you can initialize the disk by DiskManagement.

    In disk management, right-click the disk you want to initialize and then click on initialize disk.
    In the dialog box initialize the disk, select the disk to initialize.
    You can choose to use the master boot record (MBR) or the style of partition GUID partition table (GPT).

    Once a disk is initialized, you can create partitions on it.
    After you create a partition, you can format the partition to create a filesystem (NTFS).

  • What Satellite P300 and P200 have a second HARD drive connector?

    Does anyone know that Satellite P200 and P300 computers laptops have 2 installed HARD drive connectors?
    Thank you.

    Hi CrazyHorse

    You are right, not all models which are equipped with two bays for HARD drives support two HARD drive connectors.

    But I found some P300 that support the second HDD:
    Google is your friend :D

    P300 - 10H
    P300-14 DAYS
    P300 - 15 D
    P300 - 17 C
    P300-18 B
    P300 - 18 M
    P300-19 HAS
    P300 - 19 M
    P300-1 TO 2
    P300-1 YEAR
    P300 - 1 8
    P300 - 1 9
    P300 - 1 7
    P300 - 1 DM
    P300 - 1 GB
    P300 - 1GI
    P300-1 GB
    P300 - 1 H 0

    See you soon

  • HP Envy h8 - 1400z: lack the 2nd hard drive after windows update

    Discount Windows 8 for us solve a problem.  Before the update, I had two drives of 1 TB.  The first hard drive was for the OS C: and D: for the recovery partition.  The second disc has a partition called E: and has been used for data.

    After the update, I still have my partitions C: and D: as before on my first hard drive.   However, no D:.  Using disk management, the first hard disk is visible and it has C: and D:, as well as a few other partitions I do not recognize but appear to be associated with the update. Disk management does not show the second hard drive.

    Starting in UEFI shows the 2nd disc and it is recognized as a 1 TB drive and I have no reason to believe that the drive has failed.

    Did some research and see that others have lost a partition during the refresh, but the road is still visible in disk management.   Their problem is resolved by assigning a drive letter.  However, this does not work for me because the operating system does not see the drive.

    Is it possible that refresh changed my disks in raid 1?  How I check that?  Other thoughts on how I can get my drive back?

    Thanks for any help!

    Hi there @AVperson

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that after a cooling a HDD is no longer appears in disk management. I'm happy to help you.

    Since it does not appear in the BIOS but not in the operating system, let me start with a few BIOS tests on two hard drives. In fact, I suggest doing all the tests of material.

    I see no reason for a system spontaneously create a RAID where there were none before. If the system was a RAID on the second drive would be a mirror of the first, and it must always appear in disk management.

    After testing the system, you can always try remove the second disc and test it using a disk external drive bay on another device and see if it is readable.

    Let me know what you find.

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