Re: Satellite P300 - replacement HARD drive with no recovery discs

Hi all

I came to the conclusion that my HARD drive has failed. (PXE-E61error) now seeks to replace.

Unfortunately I didn't create a recovery CD, and even if I did, my windows (label) key is unreadable.

He comes, if I replace the HARD drive, to buy a new copy of windows, can I simply start from the CD, install windows on the new HARD disk, and then install the drivers from the Web from Toshiba site or what I need to buy recovery CD?

Model - PSPCCA-05Y01Y

I had to spend an hour or so scouring Google and the forum, but to no avail.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


Yes, you can do it. Install the version of Windows. All the drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from the Toshiba support page -

This machine has been delivered with Vista, but I recommend you to install Win7. It works perfectly and very stable on this machine.

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    HPdv6 mobile 2119tx. After replacing hard drive and loading the recovery discs (which I did) successfully, now it reboot something messages cannot locate the disc or load bootable disc (sorry, don't remember the exact wording, but back to the beginning). Could this be because I replaced a 650 GB drive with a 500 GB drive.


    Normally you cannot use recovery on a smaller hard disks.

    But you should be able to boot from the first disc of recovery at least and see what happens.

    To do this, you must have the first disc in your dvd player.

    Restart the PC and at the beginning of your homescreen HP, tap key ESC then choose one time start in the menu.  Since then, select the DVD drive and continue.

    If the ESC key method does not work, press the F9 key instead.

    It depends on the type of BIOS in your PC (normally according to his age) which key you need to type.

  • Get the HP G62 with empty HARD drive with a recovery disc

    I currently have a HP g62-a46se model.

    Due to some problems that I met, I removed the BONES together with the HP recovery Partition (I think because I don't know what happened) and everything else on the HARD drive so now the drive is completely empty. I made the backup drives but when I run them they say "this recovery media cannot be used on this PC.

    Pls Help. as I have no idea on how to restore the computer as long as the plant...

    If your number was referring to this warranty, then you have three ways to resolve this.

    Buy a HP recovery media or HP partner. This is the inexpensive way.

    The expensive is to buy a supported Microsoft Windows operating system installation disc.

    Install a free Linux distribution. He gets not any cheaper than this. Download and use for free.

  • Satellite A135: Vista will not start after replacing HARD drive using the recovery disk

    Toshiba Satellite A135-s7403 HARD drive failed, I have replaced the 80 GB with a WD Scorpio blue 250 GB hitachi. When I try to restore with recovery disk came with the laptop, it passes through two discs 1 and 2 and starts with the start-up of windows for the first time and then runs to the greenish with the spinner blue screen please wait... thne black screens for a second or 2 and then back to spinner, please wait and then it appears the box "installation of windows could not configure windows to run on hardware. This computer' only option is to click OK.

    Where to click ok, you get an another msg that says "windows could not complete the installation, install reinstall windows. I tried like 50 times now. Startup Repair indicates the root = failure cause while the installation program is underway. I know that my drive are good, as I adjusted used then about a month when I upgraded the memory because the original memory 512 MB was not enough o well running vista.

    To be honest I n don't know what the problem is there but can you get the original installation disc of Microsoft and try to install the OS, just to see if the OS installation will complete successfully?

  • Replacing hard drive with a smaller

    I'm fixing a friends G62 (G62-B27SA to be exact).

    It keeps failing hard drive tests so I'll replace the drive and restore the system with the recovery CD

    The current drive is a 500 GB WD Scorpio Blue.

    My question is - the recovery refuses to fill out if I replace the drive with:

    a / a 320GB Scorpio blue

    b / a 500 GB Toshiba.

    I'm not sure how limited the system of specific components.


    You can almost count on the fact that the recovery discs do not work on a hard drive smaller than that which was originally installed.

    I do not think that the brand of hard drive will also count as long as the size is not less than the original one.

    If you can still read all 25 characters of the product key of W7 on the Microsoft sticker on the bottom of the PC, and the recovery disks do not work, simply do your own installation of W7 media and allows to install W7 on any hard drive size/brand you want.

    Here's how...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

  • EliteBook 8640p does not start after replacing hard drive with a 128 GB crucial disc M4

    Hi all

    This morning I was not in box a new Elitebook 8640 p and instantly replaced the hard drive with a new 128 GB crucial disc M4.

    Machine installation installation clean Windows, restarted etc. I then installed the drivers, restarted etc. Have a windows index score and I was immediately impressed by the 7.9, but...

    The laptop won't start. Right after that the first portable screens it just stops at a black screen where it should show the logo "windows". I put the original hard drive in and the machine starts very well and I put the M4 in my office and it begins to start.

    It seems so the reader is fine and the laptop is fine, but the whole... Nope.

    Any suggestions?  (I want to send them both back after spending this money a lot of things should work like clockwork)

    Solution: It seems that Crucial screwed up again

  • How to FORMAT my hard drive with a RECOVERY PARTITION and my system restore from. BKF files

    History made as short as possible.

    I inherited a gateway with XP Media Center 2004. I transferred all my old files to the new computer, and it worked fine. I did a full backup of the system (.) BKF). Later, I installed a disc for my Vivitar camera I used before with my old system and my computer crashed.

    I tried everything I know to do a restore. F8, F10 and F11 during start-up and the best I could come up with was the safe MODE, but it would fail to any ENTRY.

    I really feel like the hard disk must be formatted and start over. I can not access the recovery partition and no XP CD was provided.

    My question is: How can I reformat the hard drive with a petition of recovery and reinstall my operating system of BKF files?

    If you have a recovery partition, I suggest you post in the forums of the bridge
    Another option is the following:
    "luckyone_27105" wrote in message
    News: 720fbbc2-6fb9-4fd7-9411-bdd1ec89b144...
    > A long history made as short as possible.
    > I inherited a gateway with XP Media Center 2004. I transferred all my old
    > files to the new computer and it worked fine. I did a full backup of the system
    > (. BKF). Later, I installed a disc for my Vivitar camera I used
    > before with my old system and my computer crashed.
    > I have tried everything I know to do a restore. F8, F10, and F11
    > during startup and the best I could come up with safe MODE, but it would be
    > not allow any INPUT.
    > I really feel like the hard disk must be formatted and start over. I have
    > unable to access the recovery partition and no XP CD was provided.
    > My question is: How can I reformat the hard drive with a petition of recovery
    > and reinstall my operating system of BKF files?
  • After installing the new hard drive and using recovery discs, I get this message could not start because the following file is m issing or damaged system32\drivers\pci.sys

    I just replaced my hard drive with a new because the other HD said imminent failure or something like that! Basically the hard drive was about to fail and I so now the new one installed and I used my recovery disks and all seemed well until the recovery disks have been completed and the computer says to get out them. Then the computer restarted several times and then I get this message:
    Windows cannot start because missing or corrupt the system 32\drivers\pci.sys
    Then he said: "you can try to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original configuration of the CD-ROM.
    Select 'R' in the first screen to start repair.
    one of the many questions I have is that CD-ROMs are talking? It is the recovery disk, they want me to or what? also if you know a CV or another page which includes help on this specific topic would also help! Thank you
    also, I can still use the old drive hard when it is installed on my laptop!
    HP pavilion dv5220us running windows xp
    I had advanced care system that had a top registry Fixer and I got ccleaner as well on the computer
    internet security Norton 2011

    Hello panjok2,

    Sometimes recovery CD are dependent on the architecture of a hard drive.  If it is different from the original disc, then we have problems.

    In this case, the best thing you could do is contact HP and see if this is the case.  If it is not why this happens, they should be able to help you as well because they are the ultimate authority on their recovery process.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards


  • Re: Satellite C850 - replacement HARD drive dead, install OS

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C850 with a completely dead hard drive. I have no Win 7 DVD but I don't have the product key.
    Where should I go from here?


    If you have a valid key, you can download the iso file of Windows 7 from Microsoft.
    This image file can be burned to a disc.
    Then you can use this disk to install the Windows 7 and activate with valid key.

    But be careful: If you mean the serial key which is located at the bottom of the device, you would know that those keys cannot be used for activation of Win 7. Its key OEM belonging to Toshiba preinstalled image. I guess that it will not work.

  • Satellite M105 - replacement hard drive capacity problem

    Hello, I recently installed a new hard drive of 320 GB (Seagate Momentus ST9320421AS) in my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 laptop to replace the original 80 GB drive.

    I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 and the latest firmware (v2.90).

    However, the new drive is restricted in some way to only about 130 GB.

    The size is not reported in the BIOS, just the model number of the drive. Utility disk management Windows reports the size as: go 127,81 and using a Live CD of Ubuntu Linux and Seagate Seatools reports also this drive must be about 130GB.

    So, I think that it is a BIOS or hardware problem. Can do something to allow me to use the full capacity of this disc?

    Help, please. Thank you.

    As far as I know that some specialists PC uses special tools to manipulate of the BIOS and the ability of the entire HARD disk can be used. But I really don t know what you can do.
    In my opinion, you need to use maximum supported HARD drive, but if you need more capacity for private data, you must use an external 2.5 HDD.

    Friend of mine has bought yesterday 400 GB 2.5 for 99 Euros only. It's a really good investment.

  • No sound on my Satellite after replacing HARD drive.

    I recently got a new hard drive on my PC, but there is now no sound system in the computer.
    I guess I need to install drivers? What drivers do I need and how to install? Thank you.


    You really think that someone will be able to post a useful answer without knowing details of your laptop model and the installed windows operating system?

    I can tell you a standard procedure.
    After having changed and replaced the HARD drive, take the Toshiba Recovery disc and install the system using this disc.
    All the drivers and tools are preinstalled on this OS, and by using the recovery disk, you should get the sound on your laptop.

    Good bye

  • Replace hard drive with any of the recovery discs...

    I have a Dell inspiron I5 3521 with widows 8.0. My hard drive has failed recently, and I stupidly did not have any backups previously. I tried to make one when I realized my hard drive was damaged, but I think the hard drive froze in the middle to catch her on the back. So I ordered a new hard drive online half. The original was 500GBP. New is 250. Now under the protection of Dell and restoring it freezes at 11 percent any action I take is to say system reset/factory reset to factory condition. Out of options. Out of my mind. Help, please. Friendly firs DIY attempt, geek team wanted $ 300 of ish to do this. Even with the problems I have, I still think it's a feature.


    How to get a CD restore partition?


    Dell does not provide a "recovery partition CD", they send only DVDs reinstallation of the operating system that was installed at the factory.

    If you are a resident of the United States and are the registered owner of the computer, a disk that contains the operating system specific to your system factory installed can be requested HERE.

    Note: Dell will charge for the disc, if there is no warranty

    If you do not live in the United States, contact the Dell Technical Support which is in your country.


  • How to install W7 on a new hard drive with an upgrade disc

    This issue was published and responded differently and I'm looking to help determine that I'm not just doing.

    I have a desktop dell Inspiron 540 initially installed with vista and upgraded to w7 with upgrade disk.  PC currently has a raid 0 on two drives configuration.  I want to do a clean install of w7 on a new 2 gig disk and remove my raid disk, so I unplugged my raid drives and plugged the new drive with the boot sequence set on DVD as priority to start.  When I put the drive of W7 the PC starts and begins installation of W7 and passes by a couple of reboots before it comes to rest on and the screen eventually white.  My questions are the following:

    (1) is the w7 stall out because it's only a upgrade disk.  I've read that even an upgrade disc must fill a system knowing that I finally needed to authenticate the license but this not yet get there.

    (2) or is the problem that none of the original pilot was loaded onto the new drive before trying to install w7?  I don't know if I have the disks just as the PC was rebuilt with new hardware warranty, so I don't know the Dell disks I have are no longer valid and if I install w7 without them.

    (3) if I do not have the right Dell driver disks is there a way to only install drivers without having to install as I prefer to do a clean vista w7 install.

    (4) when my pc normally starts in a raid 0 configuration and passes to the bios Setup screen, there will be an another intel matrix storage screen which is where I need to enter CTRL + I to enter the raid configuration...  After that I disconnected my original discs and installed a new this screen intel never presented itself - is that because I have not installed the drivers from dell?

    (5) others have suggested that I should keep the original discs in place for now, install my new hard drive, install W7 on the new drive and then delete older readers.  However, if I do and if Miss me the physical disks, if I remove the old drives, which allows W7 still starts it correctly once I deleted the old hard.


    The disc itself is a full install of W7, it is key that defines as an upgrade and the normal solution to a blank disc is not enter key questioned at first, but to call the Activation Center later. That's because Windows 7 is a completely new system and use nothing of Vista/XP even if the upgrade should be complete.

    If the system restarts once again successfully during the installation, then it booted from the HARD disk as the installation tasks are all made from there. As JW suggests to test the HARD drive, most manufacturers offer on their website diagnostic utilities that are in the CD or bootable USB format then not dependent on the installed o/s. In addition, a contender is memeory questions, either swap autour, replace or reduce the system to a stick to eliminate the problems.

    Make sure RAID mode has been disabled in the BIOS for Windows 7 AHCI or SATA mode should work well when a single drive is equipped with RAID should disable auto. The keys Ctrl + I is a precursor of the o/s drivers so a function RAID BIOS Setup screen is not apply to it is not there. He disappeared because there is a single disc and you can't build a matrix on a single disc.

    All compatible motherboards in PC today have all the installation of Windows 7 no driver needed. They are normally added after the initial installation. If it's still a Dell Mobo, then the same driver drive should work as it will identify all required driver.

  • How to recover a bad hard drive with no recovery software.

    I'm working on a 4-b000 want Pro.  The hard drive has failed.  I have a replacement drive on the way, but I did not create a recovery disk when the laptop was purchased.  It had windows 7-64 bit on this subject before.  What are my options to get a recovery media for this laptop?


    Hi James,

    There are two options available.

    1. you can order a replacement set of support for recovery from the link below - it will reinstall the operating system, all the drivers, and almost all of the original software (the exception being often tests of MS Office).  It will also recreate the original scores, including the recovery Partition.

    Order HP recovery disks.

    2 another option that you might consider is to create your own Windows 7 USB flash drive Installer.

    Before you try the following, make sure that you can always read the character product activation key 25 on your label Windows COA (5 blocks of 5 alphanumeric games).

    An example of a COA label can be seen here.

    Using another PC - just download the correct disk Image ( that it must be the same version that originally came with your laptop - IE Home Premium, professional etc. ) from the link below--the source of the Windows Image is Digital River.

    Windows 7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

    Once done, use an application like Rufus to create a bootable Windows 7 usb flash drive.

    When creating, tap away at the esc you key start Notepad to open the Start Menu.  Insert the Windows 7 flash player.  Select the menu of Boot Options ( f9 ).  Use the arrow keys to select the flash drive and press ENTER.

    Use the flash drive to perform the installation, enter the activation key of Windows on the label of the COA at the request and once the installation is complete, use ' 'phone Method' described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system -this made method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just have a new installation of Windows 7 without additional software load normally comes with OEM installations.

    You may need, additional drivers and software are from here.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite L955-100 - HARD drive crash / no recovery disk

    Hi all

    I think I have a huge problem, so I would like your advice.
    Yesterday, my HARD drive crashed and a noise 'click of death '.

    My warranty has already expired, and of course I did not the recovery discs...

    I know that it was stupid to forget something, but even if I would like to ask you if you have another solution to my problem.

    Already, I thought about buying a new HARD drive, but then my problem is still not having access to my Windows 8 (which was on the recovery partition).

    Thanks in advance,


    In my opinion, you should simply replace the HARD drive and need to use the recovery disk that you could order at Arvato Services
    The disc isn't expensive; round about 30

    Maybe you want to increase the performance of the computer laptop buying an SSD?
    The SSD is a bit more expensive that a common SATA HDD, but believe me: it will significantly increase the performance of the laptop

Maybe you are looking for

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    Because Toshiba is not to update the graphic card drivers, I was wondering if anyone has tried using DH mobility modder found in [] I have the Satellite P200 x 16 with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 and thank you

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