Re: Satellite P505-8007 - update of graphic adapter

Is it possible to upgrade the graphics adaptor (ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4200): at least 512 MB 256 MB?

Unfortunately the graphic card cannot be exchanged or upgraded. Shared memory graphics your laptop and if you want to increase the graphics performance, you need to upgrade RAM.

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  • Satellite L500-1CQ - updating the graphics card driver

    I need update for Toshiba L500-1CQ graphics card driver. I can't find anywhere that I tried on one of the sites of toshiba to find, but they did not have the 1CQ series.

    So please I really need this update of the driver.

    But they should have PSLS0E model.
    Check again please.

  • update of graphic adapter

    When I download graphics card NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 130 M upgrade, I lose my display & obtain lines of color on the screen.

    Do not use the drivers from Windows Update. If you have correctly installed the Nvidia drivers and still have problems then the video card is probably a failure. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Satellite C855 - 2M 1 - AMD graphics driver automatically update problems

    I have a Satellite C855 - 2M 1 and installed windows 8.1.

    I installed the first upgrade of the video driver from Windows update (WDDM 1.2 02/11/2013
    and it works well.

    Lately on windows update has been released a new driver (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Graphics)
    Adapter WDDM1.3 - AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series)
    I tried to update the driver but when windows restarts it does not load the driver and restore the old.

    I tried to manually uninstall the driver and updated, but it fails.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    To be honest I m not very well why the autopilot GPU update could not complete successfully, but I guess that the update is not out for the AMD Radeon HD7610M, which is built into the laptop.

    I also read a discussion on this issue in the Microsoft forum, and it seems that there are other people having exactly the same problem with this update.

    [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 series update problem |]

    The question is therefore probably related to wrong or incompatible driver GPU

  • Try to update the graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD

    Hi all

    So I'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD, and I'm going nowhere quickly.

    The current driver I have is version
    Site Web from Toshiba offers the version which I'm inclined to believe this is an older than my current version?

    I tried downloading the new version on the Intel site but it does not work either and I can't really figure out what the new version of the site. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve this?

    The trouble is that I've lived this process for more than a year to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember that it is a bit of a headache then. The most annoying is that I don't remember the process that I had to pass by to do. DOH!

    Thanks in advance



    In General, you should only use the drivers from Toshiba. Why? The drivers offered on the Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with the s portable equipment. Of course, you can use the GPU manufacturers support page drivers, but you should know that most recent drivers will increase performance GPU. More performance means more heat and also some risk for material.

    Result can be suddenly stopped downs or even damage the hardware.
    In any case, I hope that you are satisfied with the performance of the GPU with your latest driver so I don't understand why you want to update the current version. Be happy that everything works well with this version of driver is not supported.

    In any case, I m you know that everything you do is at your own risk you can do with your computer laptop all you want. I found an interesting article that can help you.
    Check it out please -

    Good luck

  • Impossible to update driver Windows XP Home on Satellite A300-1 EC edition graphics card

    I just changed my OS from VISTA to XP.
    There is a new update of my graphics card (Intel GMA965 express chipset X 3100 display card). When I scan my system to the Intel web page, a new update being found but I can not download because the Intel driver update utility cannot be updated.

    Latest version is not signing by TOSHIBA. So, how can I update my display adapter driver?
    MW I use laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 1 EC


    The display driver should be used from the Toshiba driver page.
    This view is a driver that has been designed especially for the use of the laptop and it s certified by Toshiba.
    If you want to use another driver, you do so at your own risk.

    The update should not be really problematic. Download the driver package and store somewhere on the HARD drive.
    Then go to Device Manager, choose graphics card, then update the driver.
    Here, you choose the advanced option. Then choose the last option (called I want to select the driver, or something like that) and point to the driver files that you have stored on the HARD drive.
    Complete the update and restart the laptop.

    That s it.

  • The satellite L650 - 1 M 0 graphics card driver update

    I want to update my graphics (hd 5650) driver.
    Driver Toshiba site is old. I want the latest driver for my graphics card.

    Can someone give some link to new driver?

    You can check the drivers that have been released for other portable Toshiba supporting the same graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

    AFAIK the notebooks with the same GPU are:
    Satellite L650D PSK1SE
    Satellite L655 PSK1JE
    Satellite L655D-PSK1SE
    Satellite L670 PSK3EE
    Satellite L670D PSK3NE
    Satellite L675 PSK3EE
    Satellite L675D PSK3NE

    Satellite Pro L650 PSK1KE
    Satellite Pro L670 PSK3FE

    Otherwise, you can consult the page of the ATI driver, but the use of these drivers is your risk and peril since these ATI drivers are not modified for mobile use.

  • Satellite L10 upgrade graphics adapter

    Hello world
    Satellite L10 - if any upgrade graphic card is possible to support the Windows Aero user interface?

    Hi mate

    Certainly it's not possible!
    The chip graphic card cannot be updated!

    For most, the chips are soldered and not removable

    Cheers mate

  • Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,


    I have several lenovos windows 7 with this update

    Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,

    I'm trying to fix it with the original driver?

    all the solutions out there?



    You can download the driver from the Intel website (search on your model number of graph, then Windows 7), read the notes first check it is correct for your hardware, uninstall the graphics drivers (Windows will return to a default basic driver), restart and install the new drivers.

    If this does not work, the Lenovo Web site will be older (but certified to work) drivers for your system model.

  • Updating the Intel Graphics adapter; Error 80070103 - HELP Update Windows!

    Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

    Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

    You should only as a last resort, to install the drivers of devices offered by Windows Update. I suggest that you go to the link below and search for the latest drivers for your display device.

    From Intel's Download Center.

  • Intel Corporation - Graphics, graphic adapter WDDM1.1 adaptor WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 download size: 58.9 MB update failed! / Error number: 8007000D windows encountered a problem.

    Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card

    Download size: 58.9 MB

    You may have to restart your computer for this update is taken into account.

    Update type: Optional

    Intel Corporation Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, software update WDDM1.2 graphics adapter was released in December 2012

    More information:

    Help and Support:

    Error (s) found, code: 8007000D / said info. Get help with this error.
    Windows Update has encountered a problem. No solution to this problem, 4 Download attempt failed.
    Please help, thanks.

    Maybe try to reset the updates of windows for win8 from here...

  • Satellite U400-157 - update of display graphics card problem

    Hi forum,

    I update my Toshiba (u400-157 model: psu44e) from vista to win7, the problem occurred when I tried to update my graphics display driver because it has been deleted when I did the upgrade.

    Then when I went to the toshiba support website I downloaded many drivers and it works fine but when I tried to download entry error message display driver graphic after having extracted the files and said (can't find script engine "VBScript" script "C:\Users\... etc".)

    Please help me solve this problem.
    I tried to update the driver through device win7 Manager and it works fine but when I used a cable hdmi to the TV, the sound did not work so I had to uninstall the new version and the system to reinstall the old and works perfectly.



    I have the same model of laptop, and to be honest, I didn't install the display driver because Win 7 install automatically the display driver and was able to get the latest update.
    So in my case, the installation of the new driver was not necessary.

    But have you tried the latest driver from Intel page?
    Try this!

  • Satellite Pro M30 need to update my graphics driver


    I need to update my graphics driver for my laptop but I don't know what the hell to do. Can someone please help me out and point/show me what to do, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you

    Hi Mark

    Visit the Toshiba download pageand check if the most recent driver for your unit is listed there.

    It is recommended to use the Toshiba driver designed because of the material.

  • Satellite A100-207: is it possible to update the graphics card for games


    I am looking to buy the laptop Toshiba A100-207 and it comes with 128 MB shared graphics.

    I would like to play games and I was wondering if I could update the graphics (for example, a nvidia card I could buy and put in) or the fixed graphics?

    I just want to know if I am able to upgrade?

    Thank you


    In my opinion the graphics card or processor is not welded on the new generation of mobile phones. The parts must be simply plugged into the card.
    But this does not change the status of the upgrade.
    Eventually, you will be able to remove the graphics card but I m sure that you will have problems of compatibility with other hardware.

    Fastest graphics card produces more heat and the temperature will automatically increase to a higher level. This would lead to overheating in the question and the laptop would be either closed or not starts.
    PC desktop technology is simply different as on laptops. You can also compare different graphics cards. Laptop factory uses only graphics card chips what don t supports a clean cooling module.

    It simply says s not possible to update the graphics card.

  • Satellite A100-033: is it possible to update the graphics card

    Is it possible to update the graphics card on the A100-033?
    I don't know if the side PCI slot will accept a separate graphics card?

    Hi George

    It of certainly not possible to update the graphics card. The technology of the laptop is a little different and you should not compare it with the current desktop PC.
    The GPU is fixed and not removable.

Maybe you are looking for

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