Re: Satellite Pro L100 - couldn't pass on the card wireless with FN + F8


I have the same problem with my laptop Satellite Pro L100 and M70.
I installed with new XP SP3 and installed the drivers, but I could not pass over the WiFi connection with the FN + F8 key.
What can I do?

Kind regards




Generally, it should be able to activate the Wlan using FN + F8 key combination.

But before that you would use this combination of keys that you must also activate the WLan switch which is placed on the side of books.

If you are not able to use the FN + F8 key combination, then you must install the drivers as Hotkey Utility, utilities and tools.

On the European driver Toshiba page you will find Instructions install txt file. This file shows you the installation order correct driver

See you soon

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  • Satellite Pro L100 - trying to pass to 2 GB RAM


    I was wondering I could someone help me, I'm tring to upgrade my laptop and hav recently brought two Rams of 1 GB for him because he says he can to 2 GB max. But when I put them both in the laptop does not respond, it turns on and that's all. I tried both by themselves as ports of ram of 1 GB at a time, and both work by themselves. I don't understand why it does not work with both, is there somethnig miss me. Here are the specs

    Product Description the Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 - Celeron M 380 1.6 GHz - 15 "TFT
    Dimensions (Lxdxh) 33.1 cm x 27.8 cm x 3.6 cm
    Weight 2.6 kg
    Portable system of Type
    Speakers stereo devices, air wireless LAN
    Processor Intel Celeron M 380 / 1.6 GHz
    Cache memory 1 MB - L2 Cache
    RAM 256 MB (installed) / * 2 GB (maximum) * - DDR II SDRAM - 533 MHz
    40 GB - Serial ATA-150 hard drive
    Optical storage CD - RW / DVD-ROM combo
    Show 15 "active matrix TFT 1024 x 768 (XGA) - 24-bit (16.7 million colors)
    Graphics controller ATI Radeon Xpress 200 M
    Sound card audio output
    Telecommunications-Fax / modem - 56 Kbps
    Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802. 11 b, IEEE 802.11 g
    Input device keyboard, touchpad
    AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
    Lithium-Ion battery
    Runtime (up to) 1.8 hour (s)
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system

    Any help would be very useful

    Thank you for your time

    I can't say for sure, but I assume that there is compatibility problem.
    Which Rams bought (specification/manufacturer)?

    A lot of people buy cheap and some no.-name of modules and report on the same issue.
    The Modules of RAM 'Value' use many chips cheap using several banks/channels, which can cause problems of compatibility with some Chipsets/CPUS.

    Exact model laptop post and we can have information about 100% compatible modules for your laptop model.

  • Satellite Pro L100 need more RAM for the graphics

    I have a Satellite Pro L100 with a 256 MB of the igp x200m no specialized version. Must automatically RAM my system RAM based on what system total RAM I have installed. 512 MB it took 64 MB, 1 GB, but 128 MB. I was wondering if someone could tell my how to beyond 1 GB RAM, say 1.5 or 2 GB?

    Thank you

    Hi Jessica

    According to the specifications of the laptop, the graphics card supports 32 to 256 MB video memory shared.
    So in my opinion, it should be able to use the 256 MB like max.
    In the properties of the ATI radeon graphics card, you will find the tab called Frame Buffer
    Here you can change the size of the memory to higher value UMA frame buffer

    The memory of 1.5 GB should be enough to choose the 256 MB graphics card

  • Satellite Pro A100-622 can not read the card SD and Memory Stick with Windows Explorer

    I have a Satellite Pro A100-622 running MS Vista Home Basic Edition. I tried to use the card reader integrated with SD and Memory Stick card but cannot view the contents using Windows Explorer.

    In both cases, the laptop recognizes the card and try to install new hardware. Unable to do so, he asks the drive of the software provided with the cards. Any software not provided with a card and I cannot find drivers to make the drive work.

    The only application that I can find on the laptop that is associated with the player is a module of SD formatting, but I don't want to format the card (s) I want to just read the current content of them and add files.

    Any ideas?


    You can download the drivers (and especially in your case for the sd-card-reader) here:

    and here

    So the other point is the service of the SD card must be enabled in the start menu-> Control Panel (change to Classic view)-> Administration-> Services-> Chip card (at this point, you must activate the service and configure it to start at windows startup).

    If you have any other questions, just ask. ;)

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A100-622: Impossible to activate the card PCI-E BT


    so, I have this laptop and it doesn't have the internal Bluetooth module or no connections to install one.
    So I bought a combo wifi/Bluetooth Broadcom pci-e card and WiFi part works fine but the Bluetooth part is not recognized,

    When you install the Bluetooth driver that I get "turn on Bluetooth", the fn + f8 does nothing so I was wondering if the pci-e connector is limited in the connections of the pins or there may be another question.

    Is there any software for Toshiba to throw the switch on the pci-e card?

    What is the exact brand and model of your handset device name?

    I guess the part Bluetooth is also a USB device as any device Bluetooth standard of our days.
    Nevertheless, the ID of the material seems to be unknown to the Bluetooth stack.
    So you could check the VID/PID string in your Bluetooth device device manager and
    Add it to the file 'tosrfusb.inf '. This file is used by Toshiba Bluetooth stack to identify the
    Bluetooth hardware. Maybe a new hardware detection will work now.

  • Satellite Pro L100 does not work after BIOS update

    Okay, the computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 PSLA4. Problem occurred during an update of the BIOS on the official website of Toshiba. I downloaded the zip file, it extracts and activated the .exe file at the Interior.

    The window opened by the .exe is a program flashing BIOS, the .exe wrote at the same time a new BIOS file to a temporary folder.
    When he tried to use the program I got was an error saying it couldn't find the new BIOS to the entrance.

    I tried again only to get the same error. Then I left the laptop for several minutes and when I got home, I found a laptop no longer Virgin.
    On which I hear by an obvious lack of BIOS functions i.e. power LED does not change when the connection to disconnect it from the power outlet and the fact that I had to take out the battery to turn off the machine. When the power is turned on now it is check readers and restarts (no display, no beeps)

    What should I do?
    The first thing that comes to mind was to reset the BIOS.
    A problem, I can not find the RTC battery or a rider switch.

    Hi George

    I can't tell why it happened, but I can tell what happened.

    In my opinion, something went wrong during the process of updating the BIOS and the ROM modules was not writer properly.

    Simply says the BIOS update procedure has failed.
    In this case, you will need to contact the ASP in your country for a fix
    The technician must be able to rewrite the ROM module and updated the BIOS again.

    Good luck buddy

    See you soon

  • Can not find the latest version of the BIOS for my Satellite Pro L100

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking at the latest version of the bios for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
    I can't find it on the Web from Toshiba site because it is a product at a reduced price.

    The BIOS download page is
    The older models, you can find if you use the option product type > Archive.

    Your Satellite Pro is in the list and latest version of BIOS is WIN 3.00.

    I don't know if there is a problem with your laptop but if everything is working properly and stabile don't change anything.

  • Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4E) - can not find updates

    Hiya All,
    anyone would be able to help me to find the updates for my Satellite Pro L100 PSLA4E 009009 FR. I'm not having much luck finding anything. Maybe my model is obsolete?
    I had to apreciate any advise.
    Thank you very much

    Hi Cat_Mandu,

    Your laptop is listed on the European driver of Toshiba download page: > support & downloads > download drivers
    * Archive * > Satellite Pro > Satellite Pro L Series > Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4) > PSLA4E

    As you can see you do research in the Archives to find the driver because your laptop is older model but the driver update always available :)

  • Satellite Pro L100 CPU upgrade


    The hope for some advice.

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro L100 of second hand, came up with the following configuration.

    Celeron M 370, 256 MB Ram, 40 GB drive HARD, Win XP

    As the laptop is out of warranty, I disassembled the laptop and upgraded to the following specification.

    Pentium M 735 (SL7EP), 2 GB of Ram, disk HARD 40, Win 7 Ultimate

    Everything seems to work perfectly, but he hopes to upgrade the processor more far, to maybe a Core Duo.

    I noticed on the Toshiba datasheet (* *) for the L100, the configuration of this laptop back to a Core Duo 2400 (though on the motherboard PSLA1)

    Only problem I can see is the Core Duo 2400 only comes in a FC-µBGA package, while the L100 seems to have a CF-µPGA socket, a CF-µBGA CPU will correspond to a socket FC-µPGA?

    Also, does anyone know if the PSLA4 in my L100 motherboard supports a front side bus to 667 or 533 MHz?

    I sent Toshiba direct support - but unfortunately they have advised that because they haven't tested any other CPU on the laptop that they cannot advise me - seems a bit strange response given that they use multiple configurations on the same motherboard.

    Thanks a lot, Vaughn.
    S.Wales, UK.

    > Also, does anyone know if the PSLA4 in my L100 motherboard supports a front side bus to 667 or 533 MHz?

    It depends on the chipset.
    As much as I know the laptop supports Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset

    According to the page Intel chipset supports MHz 533/667 MHz FSB and 4 GB RAM support

  • Satellite Pro L100 - DVD will not turn even upward

    My friend gave me an old Satellite Pro L100 PSLA4E 005009EN to look at. He acknowledges not or read the DVD. I tried using multimedia Nero, Cyberlink and VLC players, but they can't watch a DVD. A CD will play without a problem, but a DVD will not yet run abreast.

    When I look in my computer it says that a TSST Corp CD/DVD TS-L632M is installed, but when I look at the edge of the disc itself, it says DVD. R/RW with lightscribe? The software is also the original software yet.
    Since the downloads for this model of Toshiba page, I see that the TSST DVD - RAM drive was equipped initially to the laptop so I'm assuming that a DVD - RW was equipped afterwards?

    I find the hardware changes in device if Manager shows nothing. If I try to update the drivers found nothing? In desperation I tried to reinstall the drivers from the Toshiba site, but it does not help?
    If this is the case why Windows XP does not recognize a DVD - RW?

    If someone sees something I missed please?


    Different laptops come with a different material maybe if the laptop was supplied with this player, but in my opinion it of important either.

    The fact is if DVD is not recognized it seems to be a hardware malfunction, but what you can do is cleaning the lens of the player with a Microfiber towel. Do it carefully you don't zero or destroy the lens (dust could be on the lens). After that he try again if it will recognize a DVD.

    Otherwise, the disc must be replaced and contact an authorized service provider. Guys can order a compatible drive and replace it. :)

  • Satellite Pro L100 PSLA1E - need a new charger

    Hey, to cut a long story short I need a new charger for my laptop and didn't know exactly how many different models there is.

    My laptop is a:

    Satellite Pro L100
    Model no 004006EN - PSLA1E-

    The site I am trying to buy the charger is asking a number of model and offering me 3 choices, A120-186, 187-A120, A120-216.

    Which is right for me?


    The laptop would be compatible with this adapter:

    AC adapter / CC (3. 42 a, 65W, 19V, 3 pins) * PA3467E-1AC3 *.

    Use google and search for the part number.

  • Laptop goes down when using the internet - Satellite Pro L100

    Hi, I had my laptop (satellite pro L100) 5 days and I connect through a router to the internet, but in the last days when im using the internet, a Help window automatically opens and approximately 90 internet Explorer windows open, it became really frustrating, im using norton which came with it, everyone has ideas ive ran a scan for virus and adaware but came up with nothing

    Thank you



    I understand you very well. For me it s a shock if 90 IE Windows would appear on my small laptop screen. SHOUT OUT! : O

    However, have you installed any 3rd party applications that can open the windows?

    I think that this is not a normal state of the system and if it appears the days of view therefore, you should try roll back BONE to the beginning.

    In addition, you can try to check in the MSCONFIG what background process runs on the operating system. If there are some very strange processes you must turn it off and you must remove the Autorun.

  • Satellite Pro L100 important documents must be registered.

    Basically, I have an old Satellite Pro L100 I used for College, I used it for many years and until recently, I noticed it turns slowly. I downloaded a few items that had some viruses. I downloaded a scanning program called Malware remover, it does the job. Then declared that the system must be restarted. I did this and now my machine won't even get to the starting windows screen. I get enough time to hit F10 or F12 to enter the boot settings and if I'm not I get a black screen.

    I found my recovery disk, but before I run I'm worried that she'll take off everything on my system of valuable work College evaluated photos. So is there an option later in the menu?

    Also, is there a REPAIR work anywhere where I can access that will be enabling wipe me to just save my valuable files and then comepletely my system. I know you can do it on some versions of window?

    Any help would be massively appreciated.


    Hello Rick

    To start your computer in safe mode, try to please. Press F8 to start high and choose this option.
    If you will be able to start Windows connect external USB key or HARD drive and move all the data from the external device.
    After do this option to use system restore and try to roll back the BONES at that earlier time.

  • Need recovery product for Satellite Pro L100

    I can't find my Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 product recovery.
    How can I get a replacement?
    I would appreciate your help.


    You have two ways of recovery media order for your laptop model. Or order it by the nearest authorized service provider, or order it directly under

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L100 132: old RAM is not recognized by the system

    The original memory of our laptop (Satellite Pro L100-132) is 512 MB.

    I bought an extra memory to 1 GB (type has been verified in the product documentation).
    I installed the additional memory, the system starts and you can see the additional 1 GB memory.

    However, the system does not see the original memory of 512 MB, additional memory is installed on the laptop.

    The system should see memory original and extra, because according to the specification for the serial number of the cell phone (checked on the official website of Toshiba) the maximum memory (which can see the system) is 2 GB.

    I tried to transpose the place of original and additional memory between them, but the problem is the same.
    Updated the system BIOS does not solve the problem at all.


    As writes the user above, there seems to be problem of compatibility and updating the BIOS will not help you. A malfunction of the compatibility between the old and new module of RAM which s

    This new module of RAM you bought?

    I think you need two modules of RAM high quality they are compatible together. You can order these ASP RAM modules in your country. Quad has already posted part numbers.

    Check this box!

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