Re: Satellite Pro L300 - does not recognize CD

Put the CD in laptop and nothing happehs - went to my computer and tried to run from there, but still nothing.
Have you tried several CDs and none seems to be recognized - it's like the driver does not work.

Please respond in terms for a fool of computer

See you soon


First, you must give us more information about your exact model laptop number and the operating system.
Your ad is not so exactly, so have you tried to boot from a CD? It work?

If you only have problems in Windows, you should try to remove the upper and lower filters:
(1) run Regedit (start-> Run-> Regedit)
2) navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
(3) in the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key and delete the key "LowerFilters".
(4) restart.

Good luck! :)

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  • Satellite Pro L300 - does not start form DVD

    Problem: my Satellite Pro L300 will not start no optical drive (DVD)

    Leisure problem scenario:

    Insert the DVD Toshiba recovery in optical disc drive,
    Restart and during the boot prompt, press F12 and select the optical drive.
    Black screen and the cursor flashes in the upper left corner... after the seconds flew L300 starts to beep loudly. No message on the screen.

    Reports of BIOS version 1.50 while the latest version of the BIOS update on the web is to 1.40...

    Model No.: PSLB1E-02200GG3
    Serial 78685377Q

    I'm doing this because I want to change the OS from Vista to XP.


    Stand by. You mean you are using a Toshiba original WXP for Satellite Pro L300 recovery CD/DVD or what?

    Have you tested with any other CD bootable (Linux)?

  • Satellite Pro L300 does not illuminate

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 and I've had it for about 2 years.
    But yesterday I closed the laptop as usual. But later I went back to it and tried to turn it on. But it does not work. Instead, when I press the power button the LED next to the battery symbol flashes orange/orange 6 times and then turns off.

    Can someone tell me what it is? I tried to let it load, but that has not worked. The amber light is the only light that flashes. It does not recognize that I plugged in the charger and I don't think that the battery was flat. So I'm angry and helpless right now.

    Can someone help me please?

    See you soon.


    There are several indicators;
    DC, while running, the main battery, LED HDD/ODD.
    So I guess the power LED flashes in orange. Right?
    This means that something was wrong on the motherboard.
    Maybe power supply electronic malfunctions

    In this case, there is no much to do only mobo replacement could help to...

  • Satellite Pro 6100 does not recognize the single battery external power

    Whenever I have start Satellite Pro 6100 Win XP Pro with standard battery mounted and connected to the power supply computer laptop does not recognize the ext battery supply single supply and during 'start-up' goes into hibernation.

    By pressing the power on button laptops "wake up" and indicate that the battery is empty or may not even decide when completely loaded, then says connect the station even if still connected, looking under Toshiba console when it runs shows running on battery when still in the power of the ext?

    I have two batteries and both give the above symptoms even when I remove ext of laptop power always runs with power supply by battery but no light orange or green for battery.
    Any ideas?


    Is your AC adapter malfunctions or there is something wrong with the power supply to electronic s laptop.
    In the first case you could purchase a new compatible AC adapter and could check if the laptop can run successfully.
    The second possibility is a serious hardware problem, but in this case, the laptop must be checked by an authorized technician.

  • Satellite Pro A60 does not recognize DVD-R blank disc

    Can anyone help?

    I've tried several brands of DVD - R, but also blank discs DVD + R on my Satellite Pro A60, but very few of them are even recognized.

    Pioneer DV - RW DVR - K13A is supposed to work correctly when I check the Properties tab.

    I tried to watch upodates but frmwre - na .zip was not allowed to work, the D drive was not considered appropriate...

    Help, please!

    Thank you


    What exactly do you mean? Is the drive does not support content or there is problem if you want to burn data on DVD-R media?

    Can you please explain this a little more carefully?

    Just FYI: I use the empty media TDK almost 5 years and I can say that TDK is very good for this kind of things.

  • Satellite Pro A200 does not recognize the hard drive, XP Pro

    When I try and load XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) it will not install because it doesn't have SATA drivers. I downloaded the drivers and have an external floppy drive to install drivers by pressing F6. My question is the machine is listed as 64-bit and XP Pro is 32-bit. Choose the drivers ICH8M 32 or 64 bits. IE is the 32 or 64 bit on ICH8M see hardware or operating system. Computer's Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E-01700WEN.

    Any help appreciated



    If you are using the 64 bit OS, then also use 64-bit drivers.
    I found very nice HowTo from Toshiba.

    Check it! It s certainly interesting and should be useful.

    * + How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver into a Windows XP Setup CD + *.

  • Satellite Pro A60 does not recognize the accept/DVDs blank

    My computer will not accept blank CD - R disc so I can burn data on them, but my computer will not accept blank DVD discs that I want to be able to use to store more data.

    In the drive of my computer D reads "DVD - RW", I guess so, but am not sure that this means that my pc should be usable with DVD-R and DVD - RW discs but it do not accepts / acknowledges these when I put a try to burn something on them.

    My computer also does not accept / recognize DVD + R Virgin discs as I have tried those, just in case they might work.

    Help please!

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    Have you also tried to burn DVD-R discs?
    I had also some problems with DVD + R discs, so I changed to a DVD-R and since all works well! :)

    I don't use Windows Media Player to burn discs, I use CD Burner XP. It is a freeware tool, very small and fast. It works on most versions of Windows, and you should try it too!

    Also check the Toshiba page for an update of the firmware!

  • Satellite Pro A10 does not recognize the drive WEIRD AD - 7540A model

    Hi all.

    I just bought a new model slimline DVD rewritable AD - 7540A, brand Sony NEC Optiarc. When it is plugged into the computer laptop and for the POST, it appears the 'IDE #1 error' message after the operating system starts, I am unable to open the drawer and no CD/DVD can be read.

    I checked this drive on another laptop from another brand, and it works fine, so the problem is not in the drive itself. Could someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    The problem is simple.
    Your phone does support not all readers of CD/DVD slimline because different or bad master/slave/c-salt settings.

    The IDE #1 error message indicates that the BIOS cannot recognize the device connected to the #1 IDE controller.

    In your case, the solution is simple; you need to buy a compatible CD/DVD player and supported

    Mayen a user manual would provide details on the management of records.
    If not, then contact the ASP in your country and ask some compatible devices!

    At soon buddy

  • Satellite Pro L300 does not connect to the internet using a broadband


    I reformat my laptop with Windows 7 a few days ago.
    When I tried to use a broadband internet connection, it won't work.

    Pls help me on this.
    Thank you.


    I assume you are talking about WLan.
    You have installed Win 7 as a new OS.
    Have you installed good WLan driver?
    The WLan card is recognized in Device Manager?

    If so, have you turned on the wireless network adapter by using a switch in front of the laptop, and FN + F8?

    LAN working properly?

  • Satellite A110-294 does not recognize the wireless card


    the question is:
    Why my Satellite A110-294 does not recognize the wireless card?

    I re - install Xp PRO with all the drivers.

    I have try all the drivers Wireless: Wlan intel + proset intel atheros wlan + wlesscmgr

    I don't understand, can you help me?

    Thank you


    To my knowledge, the A110-294 uses the Atheros WLan card and therefore the Atheros Wlan dirver should be the right one.

    You can find the latest driver for Atheros WLan here:

    Just a question;
    You see the local network card in Device Manager? I mean, you should see an Ethernet controller or an unknown device in the network adapters
    The driver is missing, then the device must be marked with a yellow exclamation point

  • Satellite Pro C660 does not illuminate

    Satellite Pro C660 does not illuminate. no noise, no light just fill out the dead.

    any suggestions?


    On this virtual path, it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis. All you can do is to unplug the power plug, remove the battery and leave it for a while. Then press the power button and hold it for 15 or 20 seconds.
    After doing this connect the power running and try to start again.

    What happens when you do this?

  • The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work

    The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work.
    I entered the key from the sticker on the back of the computer. What I am doing wrong?


    Why use this product key?

    Firstly the Toshiba recovery image is already enabled and you don t need this key more activations.

    Second, it's an OEM key and it will not work with other versions of Vista!

    Cheers mate

  • Satellite P20 S203 does not recognize my additional 1 GB memory

    Hi all

    My computer (Satellite P20 S203) does not recognize my second Bank of memory (1 GB). I have two banks of memory of 1 GB installed. BIOS reports only 1 GB, Windows reports that 1 GB and my Linux so he says only 1 GB of memory. I removed each Bank of memory and restarted the computer successfully in each of the two slots, No Problem, but when the two banks of memory are inserted, it always uses only 1 GB. My BIOS is on version 2.10:

    BIOS is the PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0

    I know it's an old computer (about 10 years), but what could cause such a problem?

    Thanks a lot for any advice or suggestions!

    Kind regards

    Post edited by: fuegi_1

    Hi fuegi_1,

    The upgrade modules, bought exactly?

    To me it sounds like that it s a compatibility problem or your computer laptop doesn't support 2 GB.

    If you use two memory modules, you must only use two modules of the same production.

  • Why Satellite Pro A300 does not start when you press the power button?

    Suddenly my new Satellite Pro A300 does not start correctly when you press the power button. The situation is the following: when I press the power button is displayed the opening of Toshiba (Leading Innovation) and the disappers image quickly. Then there is a black screen for about 30 seconds. There is a rectangular frame with the text Microsoft Corporation under. And nothing happens however long wait.

    In order to get with the trial starting I then shut down the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off. ("The hard way to close")
    Now, I press the power button shortly to turn on the computer. Then, the computer starts normally with the photo to open Toshiba and after a few seconds, I wonder to open the computer in safe mode or in normal mode. I now choose to open in normal mode and the computer opens normally and is ready to work.

    What should I do to get a normal departure procedure?

    When the laptop starts normally (after choosing normal mode) stop your laptop properly using START > shut down option. Next launch should be normal.

    When the OS is moving towards the low irregularly will always ask you how to start this new (secure or normal mode).
    The same thing happen on my Satellite A300.

  • WinXP Pro 2008 does not recognize my computer drivers & load the standard drivers 2001

    WinXP Pro 2008 does not recognize my computer drivers & load the drivers of standard system of 2001; Impossible to upgrade

    then load systemroot, I don't want systemroot, also charges 3.1 drivers, 95, 98. 2000 & winnt 3, 4, 5 &

    Sometimes it runs under DOS only & sometimes not

    I don't want to network & sharing, because there's someone attached to my system & load malware {pirate just deleted} & takes control so I'm at work & then interupts me online with flash & js causing anomalies onscreen, resumes also connection & homepage.

    Now my Norton is denied access (& other programs) & I can't use it

    Suffered disc & reworked several times, I tried the sharding & partitioning is not on all COMPUTERS

    This pirate has done this for 12 years, 7 computers & 5 operating systems.


    This is clearly abuse & I am at my wits end! Help me get rid of this danger, please

    but hidden.
    Try this, go to disk management (Control Panel, administrative tools, computer management).
    They appear here? If so, you may need to reassign a drive letter for them.

    If not, look in Device Manager, they appear in red/yellow or is there any "unknown devices"?

    Windows cannot have the drivers either, so you can download the drivers from the manufacturers Web site.

    1. start the computer.
    2. press F8 repeatedly to display the start menu.
    3. Select safe mode in the start menu.
    4. right - click on "my computer".
    5. Select Properties.
    6 select the Hardware tab.
    7. click on the button "Device Manager."
    8. click on the (+) plus sign next to CD/DVD players.
    9. right click on each component and select uninstall
    10. follow steps 9 to all components under this category.
    11. restart the computer.

    It must reload the drivers for the CD/DVD drive.

    check on this site how to connect dvd cd players

    I tried the following to help resolve the problem:
    1 attached Mouse, provided power but does not recognize the device. Assistant add hardware does not yet come upward.
    2. 3 readers USB flash, in every port and they were not recognized or attached.
    3 uninstall all devices of USB root hub and rebooted. No change.
    4 uninstalled all the USB controllers and restarted. No change.
    5 install a logitech mouse driver that is the same as the mouse installed. The mouse has not always recognized.
    6 re-flashed the BIOS. No change
    7. utility of diagnosis of Dell Ran and no problem found with the controllers or the USB ports

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