Re: Satellite Pro U400: voice is not received correctly using Skype

I have a little problem with my laptop. When I talk with Skype, you use an external microphone, my voice is not received correctly.
This only happens with my laptop and only with Skype.

I tried to change the ADSL line and a microphone, but my voice is always received intermittently.
How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help! Bye,.



Have you updated Skype to the latest version? Visit the site of the factory for an update.

Try to update the audio driver on your laptop. You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

Sorry, but for the moment I can say more about it.

Good bye

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  • Re: Satellite Pro U400 - Windows could not start, how to recover?

    I hope this is the right forum to display this property (if not, please let me know where I should post this) and nude w / a beginner like me. Any help or direction will be appreciated.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-160 is more than a year. I have not used a lot lately, because I usually use my netbook computer for day to day stuff, but the Toshiba contains some files I want to see lost. That's the message that came when I turned on my laptop for the last time:

    "Unable to start Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
    To solve the problem:
    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
    2. choose your language settings, and then click Next.
    3. click on "repair your computer".

    If you do not have the disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance

    File: \Boot\BCD
    Status: 0xc000000f
    Info: An error occurred trying to read the boot configuration data. "

    Usually, I store all my software as a whole but I recently changed from home and for the life of me, I can't find the Toshiba recovery system disk. Even if I did, however, which would mean losing all files on my computer?
    My question is, is there a way to fix this without losing all data? Should I first try to save the data somehow and then solve the problem? And finally, how to solve this problem with/without the recovery CD?

    Thanks in advance. Any help will be MUCH appreciated.
    PS. This look is like a virus? What is a windows update that has corrupted some files?

    Hi monstarika,

    You can access the Windows Advanced Boot menu and boot into safe mode?
    If so try also to start the recovery of HARD drive if you choose fix my computer. If the operating system preinstalled by Toshiba is still installed, you can use this feature.

    If this work of t doesn't and you don t have the recovery disc, you can order directly in an enw one of Toshiba. That s no problem because you can order it online here:

  • Satellite Pro U400 - BT does not work after installing Win 7


    I have a problem with my bluetooth device. I have Toshiba Satellite Pro U400.
    My previous operating system was Windows Vista business and I just replace it with Windows 7.
    Since I installed it my device Bluetooth does not work anymore.

    I have had no problems with it with my previous Windows.
    Now, the following messages will appear: "Bluetooth stack for windows by Toshiba is incompatible with this version of windows" I have windows 7 Professional.

    I tried to update the drivers, but I was told that I have the best and latest drivers.

    Can someone help me?


    Seems that you are still using an old battery Bluetooth.
    You this should remove the system and need to install a new one which you can download here:

    You can find the pile of BT for Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit version

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro U400 - Wireless do not pick up some SSID

    You just bought a brand-new U400 delivered to one of our directors - see its SSID home (not hidden!) his other laptop (a DELL) is fine and can also see about 5 or so neighbors WAP - the toshiba sees nothing!

    When I put up here for the field etc. he picked up fine from our WAP - I lived a few things such as automatic wireless service checking is enabled and automatic.

    Do I have to import a profile or y at - it a update available: problem is only way to truly test it if I drive 3 hours at his home!

    There a problem free router Siemens of Tiscali - is there a knowledge in conflict - need to change channels.

    Checking for interference problems, but it wasn't a problem with the printer DELL nor his blackberry or other devices have been roaming.

    Help, please!

    Thank you


    First of all, I would recommend updating the driver WLAN. Maybe on the Toshiba laptop is an older version installed that doesn't recognize all routers. A new driver, you can download it here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    If you are using Vista, you must disable the saving energy of the wireless network card. You can do this in the Vista power management.

    Finally, and especially as Akuma said change you channel. Maybe it works.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro U400 - WXP does not start & cannot run recovery is

    Help please!

    I tried running the recovery disc using the F12 key, I kept getting WARNING 'this HARD drive is not initialized' - initialize HARD drive & restart. are you sure you want to continue? I clicked on Yes-error F3e1000001 (HDD not not found) - I clicked on none he turned off the computer!

    I tried a different way by pressing the 0 im power on, because then I can no longer load window XP, it automatically runs 'Virtual disk Image', then by loading the tool recovery & followed the same HDD warning is not initialized & etc. and then eventually turn off the laptop itself!

    Please help if you can! Thank you!


    I guess that your HARD drive is defective.
    The HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS?

    If this is not the case, replace the HARD drive and then try the recovery disk.

  • Satellite Pro U400-13O: can not enter TrueSuite without the fingerprint

    After having downgraded to WinXP
    I deferred to configure my fingerprints.

    On one occasion, I agreed to store a password in TrueSuite.
    Now I can't enter TrueSuite more because the software waits to read my fingerprints for the purpose of verification of the user - it is not yet registered.

    There is no possibility to enter my password user or such.

    What can I do - just uninstall/reinstall the program?

    Can I reinstall the program from the CD to downgrade, or would it reinstall the system?


    Usually, you can also use the passwords stored in the logo of the OS.
    If you don t want to use fingerprint authentication, but prefer to use the press focused on the keyboard system BACK SPACE key when the screen of fingerprint authentication system startup is displayed. This allows to switch the password entry to the basic one keyboard screen.

    Please note that you can find all information and details in the chapter 4 user manual

  • Satellite Pro U400-130 will not stay in sleep or Hibernate


    My laptop don't stay in sleep or hibernation. I use Win XP
    Within 60 seconds it enter standby or hibernation mode it re-sboots!

    It is connected to an optical mouse of WiFi, a hub, the power adaptoer and speakers - all these fact don't disconnect any differnece.
    HELP!, through the

    Hey Buddy,

    Please check the BIOS for the following options:

    -Wake up on keyboard
    -Wake up on LAN
    Sleep - USB & Charge

    If you find these options, disable it in the BIOS. After that the laptop should stay in standby or hibernation properly. :)

  • Satellite Pro L850-1DW does not start correctly


    I have a client who has a L850-1DW / PSKDHE-00E005EN laptop.

    She keeps pointing out that the computer does not start successfully from the cold.
    She argues that the question arises mainly when the battery starts but sometimes when it is plugged into the mains.
    I can see where point of newspapers that BSOD were registered at the start and that, on more than one occasion, his computer was recovered from a restore of Windows. He has also recovered factory once too.

    Although I've seen the consequences of these issues of "start-up" I have yet to experience first hand with the device.

    I noticed yesterday that the BIOS is outdated (as I had an alert Tempro).
    I upgraded from 1.6 to 6.50. Yet once, I didn't have problems.
    I can't find the release notes for the BIOS so I don't know if this is a known problem that has been fixed.
    I don't know if this "intermittent" defect is just that or if the user has the power button down too hard or for too long and in fact inadvertently crashing NB itself.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Otherwise, I guess I have to connect a call with Toshiba.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here. In my opinion, you should ask your client if you can make the data backup and install original recovery image. To my laptop computer reviews must be tested with the settings without installation of additional software.

    > I don't know if this "intermittent" defect is just that or if the user has the power button down too hard or for too long and in fact inadvertently crashing NB itself.
    Who knows? Ask your client and show how to start the laptop by pressing the button walk / stop. It must be done slowly and for only one second.

  • Satellite Pro U400 Win 7: flashing projector connected to Dynadock U10

    I have a number of Dynadocks U10 and Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 laptops.

    They are used to allow our teachers to move from one room to the other without having to connect and disconnect several cables. We use a vga connection to a projector for the external monitor.
    Everything worked pretty well until we put Win 7 on laptops.

    Now, at random intervals, the external monitor will blink.
    I tried the most up to date drivers and software found elsewhere in these forums.
    If I plug the projector directly into the laptop, the flashing stops.

    Can someone please help avoid losing me my mind completely.

    Thank you.

    > If I plug the projector directly into the laptop, the flashing stops.

    I think it means that the VGA of Dynadock pilot must be upgraded to Win 7 compatible version.
    There is nothing wrong in using a direct connection to the laptop, so I think there must be a problem with the driver Dynadock.

    The latest Dynadock graphics card drivers can be found here:

  • Satellite Pro U400 starts not-cannot start Windows

    So I have no idea what caused this minute, it's nice, I look at things on the next screen thing 4od is empty and not coming back so I hold down the power button to restart and a black "windows boot manager" is displayed and I can not fundamentally get off this page...
    It is said:
    Windows could not start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To solve the problem:

    1. Insert your windowsinstallation drive and restart your computer.
    2. choose your language settings, and then click "next".
    3. click on 'Repair yourconputer.'

    If you do not have the disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
    File: \Boot\BCD
    Status: 0xc0000034
    Info: the windows boot configuration data file is missing required information.

    I do not have installation or recovery discs, I used another computer to burn a disc recovery ISO put it in and nothing happened.
    I would like to ring toshiba but I don't have any minutes left this month and I don't have access to another fixed telephone/phone

    I'm really confused as to what to do, each other times as my laptop is messed up, I just did a recovery of hard disk and restored to factory settings by clicking on f8 but it doesn't work this time

    I can't afford a new laptop or taking it to be repaired so if anyone knows what I can do please help!

    Thank you

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    Oh I forgot to tell my computer toshiba laptop satellite pro u400
    It came with windows vista preinstalled


    I think it is just a software problem (Boot Manager).
    Try to repair the operating system by using HARD disk recovery;
    Press F8 why portable power.
    Then choose fix my computer, then choose disk HARD recovery.

    If this is not possible, order the disk recovery from here:

    Then, you will be able to reinstall the OS using the recovery disk

  • Fingerprinting is on Satellite Pro U400-160 - specified database not found


    Well, I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400. The first day, I took my fingerprints, and all went well.
    The next day, the software reinstalled himself for some reason any... and lost of my fingerprints.
    So I went back to the software TrueSuite Access manager, but this time I had a problem!

    ' *' Error: specified database could not be found ' n ' exact error message no, something similar.*

    I got this message, so I looked in this forum. I discovered that I could reinstall the software, so I did and got the last update, but it's the same thing.

    I don't know what to do, I just installed Office 2007 since I was the computer, nothing else.

    Help, please!
    Thank you very much

    You take the recovery disc and reinstall the OS using the Toshiba disc.
    The laptop must be set to the factory settings/configuration and then you should check if the same error message again.

  • Satellite Pro U400 - audio quality is not good

    OK this problem has been plaging me for years. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 windows 8.1.

    The sound quality is terrible.
    I can remember it's bad in windows 7.

    Contextant driver is bad, and so is the generic driver windows 8.1.

    Help, please

    To be honest, I have no idea what you mean exactly by the quality is terrible.
    I've owned a notebook Satellite U400 happened and I have to say that the sound quality was quite good.

    Satellite U400 is a small portable 13.3 and the speakers have been adjusted to the dimensions of the laptop.
    The Conexant audio chip is part of the motherboard and you will not be able to replace it.

    If you want to use another sound card, you can try to use an external USB audio interface.
    I use this external sound solution for my home recording studio.

    The audio interface is connected to the USB port of the laptop s and the external speakers are initiated for the external audio interface.

    By the way: isn't Satellite U400 is the list of the supported 8.1 notebooks... Win so you won't find not all drivers Win 8.1 for this unit on the Toshiba driver website.

  • Satellite Pro U400-15I - wheel of sound not working after installing Windows 7

    The wheel of sound on my Satellite Pro U400 - 15l does nothing after the clean install of Windows 7 to XP pro.
    I used the recommended software update tool downloaded from Toshiba. The VolumeIndicator.exe process is running and the sound works OK - but not under the control of the wheel! The Toshiba power control is not here, but this isn't a problem.

    Any suggestion is welcome.
    Bob Sheppard


    Have you tried to update the audio driver of your laptop? You can check from Toshiba Web site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    You may notice any yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager?

  • Re: Satellite Pro U400 - 13G: software uninstalled - FN keys do not work

    The other day I uninstalled many programs standard of his Toshiba Satellite U400 - 13G, because it has been very slow in implementing.
    But now I realized that his FN hotskeys does not work.

    I tried to look in the support forum and the list of drivers, but I can't find the answer.

    So the question is what program/driver should I install to get the keyboard shortcuts to work again. It is running vista 32 bit.

    Best looks Anders vangsgaard


    Well buddy. For the future I'll give you a tip ;)
    Never remove any parts/software if you n t know what they are for ;)

    The Satellite Pro U400 - 13G seems belongs to the PSU45E series.
    Choose this model number to download driver form Toshiba Europe.
    Then download the package of value added.

    To reinstall this PPV you will need to remove the preinstalled old VAP.
    Do it and after rebooting again to install the new downloaded package added value.

    In my view, that the FN buttons should then work.

  • Satellite Pro U400 - 13 k - can not connect on Vista - SOLUTION

    Setting of the Romanian regional components at installation time makes you unable to log into vista: Runtime LogonUI.exe error

    Model: Satellite Pro u400 - 13 k.

    No problem:

    Installation of vista start preinstalled, idir a u400 - 13 k,.
    When prompt change to Romanian locale

    Result: after completing the installation of vista program, LogonUI.exe crashes with Microsoft C++ Runtime exception dialog box.

    _Solution: _

    * Restart in mode safe then burn collection amovible.*
    * Restrat configuration then do not change the regional settings *.

    Hope this helps other customers until it is resolved.

    * For Toshiba QA Team *: I spent almost 4 hours to work around your untested product. Please at least fix this bug for other clients, as the time is important to everyone. I guess this can be linked to the logon request is not properly located or crush fingerprints.

    Kind regards.

    US Forum:

    Hi Sandi

    Thanks for this solution.
    This could be useful for all users who are looking for such a solution here in the forum.


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