Re: Toshiba Satellite L650 - 12Z webcam initialization failed

Hi, I need your help.

My webcam no longer works. I have uninstalled and installed the application downloaded from the Web site, web camera but did not work. I did a fresh install of the OS, but unfortunately it did not work. I tried to look in the Device Manager but I saw no webcam.

It is only like a month, please help... thx


Hey Buddy,

You reinstall Windows using Toshiba disk recovery or a normal disc of Microsoft?

If you use the Toshiba Recovery disk to reinstall, everything will be restored back to factory settings and should work properly because all the drivers and tools will install automatically.

If it doesn t work it seems to be a hardware malfunction and contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys can order new parts and repair it under warranty.

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  • Satellite C650-1CR - webcam initialization failed

    Hi all

    I can't have the built-in webcam to start.
    I downloaded and installed the latest version of bios and drivers webcam on toshiba website which invited cam to start to initialize.

    Now I have an error that says 'webcam initialization failed, please check your device... ". »

    The problem is that there is no registration for the webcam on the screen of the Device Manager.
    I am at a loss how do I get the webcam to work, any suggestions?


    > The problem is that there is no registration for the webcam on the screen of the Device Manager.
    Usually the webcam must be listed in the device under imaging devices Manager
    In my case it USB video peripheral s it is the Chicony usb webcam.

    You have marked unknown devices with yellow exclamation?
    If Yes, then this is probably the cam

    As a last option, you can try to recover the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk that you have created... If all goes well...

  • Satellite L350-264: webcam initialization failed

    I just bought a new L350-264 (PSLD4E).
    Built in web cam worked fine for a few days but now when I turn the laptop on an error says "the Web camera initialization failed.
    Please check your device and restart the application or computer.

    No other information is provided.
    I restarted the laptop and tried to open the camera menu utilities Toshiba, but the same error is returned.

    Can anyone help?


    What do you think of born of the webcam software installation?
    Read about the error messages similar here and especially the user could resolve this reinstall the webcam software.

    The software can be downloaded from the European pilot of Toshiba page!

  • TOSHIBA Satellite L650-1MU is it original?


    I live in Algeria and I found a good TOSHIBA laptop, the reference is the TOSHIBA Satellite L650-1MU but I've not found in here are the features
    TOSHIBA Satellite L650 - 1MU Core i5 - 480 M W7 laptop
    Processor Intel Core i5 - 480 M GHz Turbo 2.66/3.19
    Memory Cache 3 MB
    4 GB DDR3 RAM
    Drive HARD 640 GB 5400 tmp S - ATA
    Display 15.6 '' TruBrite LED (16:9, 1366 x 768)
    Madison 1 GB DDR3 ATI graphics card
    DVD RW
    WIFI, Bluetooth
    VGA, RJ-45, 3Xusb 2.0
    Weight 2.59 kg
    Battery 6 cells up to 4.5 hours
    Permium Windows 7 64 bit
    Warranty 1 year

    and I found that this TOSHIBA is trading only at the Morocco, so I want to make sure that is not false, I can buy it without a problem?



    The satellite L650-1MU belongs to the series model PSK1JE-xxxx and as far as I know, it has been preloaded with WIN7 64 BITS HOME PREMIUM OS.
    I'm sure that it s NOT a fake :)

  • help for my toshiba satellite L650 Moose drivers for win 7 and other software

    where I can download my toshiba satellite L650 utility such as toshiba eco, toshiba pc health moniter and other audio Moose vedio drivers?

    Visit the Toshiba support site and click on "Download" in the menu bar at the top:

  • Satellite L350 - Webcam initialization failed

    I'm new here so not sure if I'm posting in the right place.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 (Windows 7) that I bought in January. Everything was fine until the last two weeks when my webcam suddenly stopped working and when I sign in Dungeon getting a webcam of the message initialization failed, please check your device and restart the computer or the camera.

    I went to settings and it says camera works, but it is not. I also have another pop up when I sign saying check Toshiba laptop stopped working (not sure what it is)

    Can anyone help please?

    Thank you

    Hi Jan,

    I had the same question as my webcam didn't work and so I reinstalled the driver for the webcam that could solve my problem. You can download it here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    But I recommend to remove the old version first. Then use CCleaner to clean the registry and then you can install the latest version on the Toshiba site.

    Toshiba laptop recording you can remove from Control Panel > Add/Remove programs.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L500-1DT: cannot start webcam - 'initialization failed '.

    Whenever I try to open my webcam it comes up with the message "initialization failed" and no other information.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I'm not completely computer so simple instructions please!



    First remove the software from the webcam installed in the system.
    Then, visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and download software webcam for your laptop model.
    Unzip the package, and then reinstall the webcam software.

    Then restart the laptop and try again!

  • NB250-108 - Webcam initialization failed

    HI - can anyone help

    My netbook is only two weeks old and the webcam worked perfectly, but now I get the error message at startup: "Webcam initialization has failed."
    I tried to reload the driver, but this work does'nt. Also I can't see the webcam that appear in Device Manager?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks


    Hmm, it seems that something has confused the webcam driver

    You wrote that you reinstalled the driver but how? In your case, I would like to delete the driver from Control Panel > uninstall the software and then restart the computer. Now run CCleaner and check the registry problems and clean (very useful and freeware tool). Restart and install the latest version of the official website of Toshiba webcam software.

    By the way: what OS do you have?

  • Satellite P850-12Z - Webcam does not work


    I use Satellite P850-12Z laptop and I have problem with integrated webcam. Everything was fine, there is no problem with video calls on Skype, but after some time it has just stopped working. I reinstalled the drivers of webcam (product code is PSPKBE but I tried readers for each of them), but nothing happened.

    It cannot be detected by the Skype menu or devices, when I try to launch the Web camera Application it just says: it has been a failure and nothing happens.
    What is happening with this?

    Webcam listed in Device Manager or in the Skype video settings?

  • The satellite L650-102 system restore failed-

    I'm having a problem in my laptop internal speaker system. No sound from internal speakers, but the sounds coming from the audio input jack. So, I tried to restore the system restore point that is known, but the system fails to restore at this time there.

    Please help me with this.

    My laptop model is Satellite L650-102, part number: PSK1JE-0K800XAR


    > So I tried to restore the system restore point that is known, but the system fails to restore at this time there.
    And why does it fail? You get an error message or what is exactly happening?

    Generally speaking, it of necessary to write an accurate description of the error. Something like it doesn't work or it fails isn't useful and could mean everything.

    Have you ever tried a recovery facility?

  • Satellite Pro L510 - question webcam - initialization failed


    I got my Satellite Pro L510 since February and the integrated webcam works perfectly until last week when I went to turn it on, but it came with the message "camera Web initialiation has failed.

    Please check your device and restart the application or your computer. »
    I then spent countless times, trying to find the problem, and I conclluded to the device itself, while the microphone works very well (which I thought was an attachment with the webcam).

    This confuses me for many reasons.

    Why was my camera works perfectly and then one day my computer can not recognize it? What has gone wrong?
    How should I do?

    Useful suggestions, answers or any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    It is not easy to say what the problem is there but what you can try is to remove the Camera Assistant software system and after restarting the laptop installed the last driver of the webcam, you can find for your laptop model on the Toshiba download page > support & downloads

  • Webcam initialization failed on Satellite L870-14V


    When I want to use my webcam, I have an error message "Failed to initialize the webcam."
    Check the operation of the camera, and then restart the application or restart the computer"to know that I restart the computer and it does not change the webcam are built into the computer.

    + The message was edited: translated by Google Translator.



    Try to uninstall the webcam of the system software.
    Restart, download driver Toshiba UE page webcam software and reinstall

    Good luck

  • Satellite P200D 1OP - webcam "rendering failed".

    Sometimes, when I try to connect to my friends on MSN, on a web call, it does not. I click the webcam on the side of the screen, and it says "render graph fail."

    Did I sort with my warranty because I've only had the phone a month ago.

    Help appreciated!

    If you start the Web camera software on your P200 is everything is OK. Cam works properly?

    Have you tested the web cam with some other messenger? What is Skype?

  • Satellite L650-12Z: led does not light up when it is connected to the power source

    My L650 doesn't show the white light anymore when the cable is connected.
    The connectors are clean, and the adapter does not work.

    The laptop still works on the farm (when he was still in power in).

    Also without the battery, there is no white light indicating that the laptop is connected to the domain controller.

    Anyone know what could be the problem and how to solve?


    Battery is charging while the AC adapter is plugged?
    Are you sure that the adapter is OK?

    If the battery would be charged correctly and if the laptop works ok, only connected to the power adapter (without the battery) the a problem with the frame of the LED may be possible
    But in this case only the technician must test these parts

  • My Toshiba Satellite L675D - S7042 Webcam and the microphone does not work

    Help, please

    Moved to windows


    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    What version of Windows are you using?  Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8/8.1?

    Is that you improved your system to 8.1 of Windows from a previous version?

    How to uninstall the software:

    1. From the start screen
    2. Type in the Panel
    3. Click on Control Panel (make sure apps is selected)
    4. Click on uninstall a program under programs category.
    5. Find TOSHIBA Web Camera Application and double click it.
    6. Complete uninstallation suite at the direction of the screen.

    Access TOSHIBA support website to obtain the last component to install.

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your product serial number
    3. Press GO
    4. Select the camera under filter by
    5. Select Windows 8.1 (64-bit) under filter by
    6. Click on the application of WEB camera at the top of the list
    7. Click Download
    8. Install the application by following the instructions on the screen

    Method 1: Open the troubleshooting of Audio recording

    Method 2: Audio recording in sound recorder: frequently asked questions

    Method 3: When the sound card is installed, the microphone is also installed and uses the sound card drivers.

    Please try to uncheck the option put the microphone muted in the sound menu. If the problem persists then uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers.

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