Re: What can I do to get my Satellite Pro 6100 from the dead?

It's now quite a few years I have a * Satellite Pro 6100 *. I recently had the following problem.

* _Problem_ *.
When I press the power button to turn the computer into the AC power light starts flashing orange light (flashes come in groups of eight, the second and eighth flash are longer). Nothing else happens: the computer is dead as a brick. To stop the flashing, I have to disconnect the main power supply and remove the battery.
* + Note: the power supply is ok.

* _Question_ *.
What should I do to restore normal operation?

Thank you

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I put t think you will be able to do anything that would bring back the laptop from the dead.

According to your description books sends a flashing error code that appears always if a motherboard error has been detected.

In your case only an ASP might help you.

First, the technician would be able to read the code and then to know what part is malfunctioning.

In the worst cases, the motherboard must be replaced; (and this could be a costly affair.

Good luck

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