Reached the maximum of SX20 codec calls once an audio call is connected?

Hi all

I have different SX20 devices deployed on our corporate network that are currently on the same version of software: TC 7.2.1.

For some strange reason that a device does not have a second call (audio) to be placed and added after it has established the first video call?

Everyone knows this?

In the State of the system it says the MaxNumberOfActiveCalls = 1 where, as my other systems SX20 say MaxNumberOfActiveCalls = 2?

I have attached a picture of the number experienced in the tab "call control".

Thank you


The SX20 has the Multisite Option? Check under the Home tab.

If no Multisite option installed, adding another call for multipoint call will make the second audio call to become involved only and this is a normal behavior. You mentioned that you cannot add another call (audio), is the system put into service and recorded the CUCM?

Check also under Configuration > System Configuration > conferences what Multipoint mode:

Kind regards


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    One thing to check, at the bottom left of the Timeline panel are three icons. The first is a toggle option "Filter". Ensure that it is not "deleted" / on as he said once on the timeline only show items that have applied animations/transitions.



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    I have a USB-8452 with the latest version of the software installed (2.1.2). The host computer is a Core i7. I am trying to achieve the maximum SPI write speed with the camera possible. I tried the basic block read/write SPI, SPI Scripting blocks and SPINNAKER streaming, but the first two have large delays between CS falling and the data being written (with so that delays in loop), and the last seems to be useful only for read operations.

    Can someone tell me if there is a way of a) reduce the time of installation for basic SPI / SPI Scripting or b) writing different values in a single stream of SPI? Thanks in advance for any help on this issue, even if it's just confirmation that yes they is hard limits that cannot be overcome with the LabVIEW 8452 interface at this time.

    Here's the best I can do right now, as shown in my logic analyzer. Change of the SPI clock speed does not affect installation time and delays that are primary and secondary bottlenecks:

    SPI read/write database-

    Program: Basic Configuration followed by read/write of SPI block itself in a while loop

    Main bottleneck: ~ 450 delay us into iterations of the loop (see Figure 2)

    Secondary bottleneck: ~ 6 us delay between falling edge of CS and the first synchronization signal (see Figure 1)

    Capture 1 - delay highlighting between CS falling and first SCLK pulse

    2 delay highlighting between all iterations of the loop of capture



    Scripts of SPI-

    Program: Followed two Script blocks Basic Configuration run in a while loop (to check the two block to block and delay loop iteration)

    Main bottleneck: ~ 450 delay us into iterations of the loop (see Figure 3, space between the second and third images captured)

    Secondary bottleneck: ~ 250 us delay between blocks of Script run consecutive (see Figure 3, space between the first and second captured images)

    Capture 3 - highlighting delays consecutive run the Script and delays between while the loop iteration

    SPI in Streaming- It's the closest to achieve a fast writing speed, but unfortunately, it seems to be only useful for read operations (e.g., ADC), do not write.

    Program: Configuration of the base stream followed by start of the flow block

    Main bottleneck: impossible to write something else than the data value unique property "wave 1-> MOSI data." I can write a byte array to this property, but it will simply put all these bytes in an image and repeat this framework (see Figure 4) rather than go through each value.


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    This show looks like what we would expect for a 8452.

    If you need higher performance, I encourage you to watch using a card R or FlexRIO FPGA series for your implementation.

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    figured it's not default side effect the LOG_BUFFER parameter.


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    Hello Janmomx3,

    Thanks for your post.  Please run the Fix - It in the article below:

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    See you soon

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    A little info, installation was complete installation + CBD + PDB.  Class Server, standard installation and I can connect both the container and the snap-in internal database and connection to the outside.  Most of the time I think its configured correctly.  I have a feeling that I missed something along the way, but I'm struggling to find an explanation for this.  The documentation is fine as a response, just needing a point in the right direction.

    Thank you.


    For Enterprise edition of Oracle database, the limit is 252 connectable to databases. If you are using an Oracle database Standard edition, you can create a single snap-in database.

    Thank you


  • Video randomly resizes the maximum size on my HP P6740F desktop computer

    My wife has a PC HP P6740F.  It is currently running Windows 7 Premium.  His computer is connected to a ViewSonic monitor.  It uses the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 and the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard.  There were no changes to the computer hardware.

    We had our computers for about 15 or 16 months.  For the last month at random times its screen will grow in size until it reaches the maximum.  She can bring to the size by holding the CTRL key and using the scroll on the mouse wheel.  She played a game called Jewel Quest and it makes certain demands on the video card.  We do not know if this problem is related to the video game or another problem.  I asked him to start her computer after she ended the game but that has no effect.

    I also have the same computer and I have not had problems.  I do not play video games, and that's why I thought that it might be related.

    I wonder if it's a known problem or how to fix.

    Thank you.

    Hello Abbey_Normal,

    I would venture to say that this is not a known problem or you would go into the same problem as well, but it may be a problem with the driver that is currently installed on the computer.

    1. go to the control panel

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    3. then choose Device Manager

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    The customized to my recycle bin maximum size is currently set to 10240 MB (10 GB) for one of my external hard drives, but the current of my recycle bin for this drive size is almost 42 GB, well above what the max is supposed to be.  It seems that around July 17, old files stopped aging whenever new have been removed and moved to the trash.

    I used the same setting to maximum size for my drive hard internal and other disk hard extermal, but I don't think it would affect the size of the basket to the other player, I assumed that they were independent.  Just to be safe, I reduced the max size for the other two discs to 5120 MB, but it changed nothing.

    No idea why my trash is not automatically aging old files more?  Thank you.

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community Forum. From the description, I understand that you want to know the trash is not delete files after reaching the maximum limit, rest assured that we will do our best to answer this question:
    I suggest you post this question in the following forum:
    Hope this information helps. If you have any other questions feel free to respond and we would be happy to help.
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    Hi all

    When you run a metric on an agent, I get the following message:
    The following exception has occurred:
         RTMCollection: exception occurred: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Collection Result Maximum Flood Control Level Exceeded
    Someone at - it any information on that?
    This measure could go back a few thousand lines in the result, so I added the "LIMIT_TO" in the file default collections:
        <MetricColl NAME="......."> <LimitRows LIMIT_TO="1750"/>  </MetricColl>
    However, the error is still happening...

    1. someone comments on the flood control message?
    2. should what nr of lines I introduce LIMIT_TO?

    Any comment is very appreciated!

    Thank you

    Flood control settings are different from the concept of Limit_to - the concept of limit affects the output of the metric. flood control settings protect the agent against a metric producing too many lines that could theoretically allow the failure of the agent.

    So first of all, I would seriously consider the metric measures reports that more than 10,000 lines are ill-conceived likely metric.

    In order to control the parameters of flood control, they can be adjusted if necessary for testing purposes, but I wonder again seriously any metric design requiring a large volume. The parameters are:

    flood control data to control the number of rows may result in collection
    * keep. from the min, we will open a session but rejects silently new upcoming lines
    * in the result set. If we reached the maximum, the assumption is that the
    ' * ' fetchlet ' is out of control (loop?) and we will report a duration
    * statement.
    * @name CollectionResults.MaximumRowsFloodControlMin
    * @type integer
    * @unit lines
    * @default 5000
    private static final ConfigProperty MAXIMUM_ROWS_FLOOD_CONTROL_MIN =
    () Config.newIntProperty
    5 000).

    flood control data to control the number of rows may result in collection
    * keep. from the min, we will open a session but rejects silently new upcoming lines
    * in the result set. If we reached the maximum, the assumption is that the
    ' * ' fetchlet ' is out of control (loop?) and we will report a duration
    * statement.
    * @name CollectionResults.MaximumRowsFloodControlMax
    * @type integer
    * @unit lines
    * @default 10000
    private static final ConfigProperty MAXIMUM_ROWS_FLOOD_CONTROL_MAX =
    () Config.newIntProperty

    and can be controlled via:

    emctl setproperty agent-allow_new-name-value...

    or by the implementation and performing an emctl reload.

Maybe you are looking for