read byte serial number

Hi all

I have a small application that consists of reading data from a serial port using the VISA READ function. The data source that I am trying to acquire the serial port is a microcontroller that sends a word or a byte (8bits). However, when you try to download the programming code in the microcontroller, the programming software backup code in the HEX file into the chip.

It's all just an explanation into the problem.

in oreder to get my application actually, I used the attached VI have not program but adds some functions for multiple purposes. The Vi works perfectly and everything works fine, but it seems that I had some misunderstanding here.

what I'm trying to understand here is why a function (hexadecimal string to number) is used for as much that I have configured everything to read bytes (8bits)

I am very confused

any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you

Converted to 8.5 and attached.

You can also use

to perform the conversion.

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    Hi graveux,

    The with the attribute set to "Serial number" should do the trick (use the desired USB interface and port number 1 as inputs).


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    My apologies, as this thread is expanded to LabVIEW, I was assuming that the main language was LabVIEW. Currently, it is not a condition C library that reproduced the personality of the Configuration of the system. My understanding is that this feature is in the works, but not yet implemented.

    In the short term, you can choose to compile the necessary features of LabVIEW in a DLL called by your project. Otherwise, the MAC address can still be used as a unique identifier, if that's what you need.

    See you soon,.

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    Can try it analyzes, you'd be surprised to know that can capture even a little expensive HP scanner/printer.

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    Another thought. It also has a place where certain standards can save you a lot of time.

    You have 3 dongles by machine. When setting up a computer are these three dongles * always * assigned to, for example, com 3, com 4 and com 5.

    Similarly, always check that instrument 1 is always on com 3, tool 2 is always on com 4 and 3 device is always on com 5.

    This convention will also simplify debugging...


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    Thanks for any help



    I m wondering really that you can read the serial number on the underside of the t more after a week not where you use Notepad?

    In any case, I have the Satellite L300 too with Windows XP preinstalled. If I start Diagnostic PC Toshiba tools I can visualize all the details on my laptop and see also the serial number.
    Check this box!

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    Hi all

    I am the serial number of modules of reading in my NI EtherCAT 9144 chassis by programming using the shared variable property node. The value obtained in my program is completely different from this serial number on the module. For example that I'm reading the serial number of the module NI9234, serial number that I got from the program was 25182428 the series but real present on the module number is 18040DC. Could you please see this and let me know what problem I'm facing? or y at - it all conversions that I do.  Here is the picture of my code.

    Thanks in advance

    A watch in decimal, the other is hexadecimal.

    Change the display format for your digital indicator.

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    as you have deleted your key finder disk programs hard won't help you with this

    I suggest that you contact your manufacturing it and explain your situation and ask them to send you a set of vista recovery disc

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    Walter, the time zone traveller

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    This theme has information on programs designed to read the serial number of an existing installation

    Lost information - response #1 in (for Mac or Windows programs)

    non-Cloud back to the test

  • Is it possible with the serial number of an Xserve to read the configuration and the year of production?

    Is it possible with the serial number of an Xserve to read the configuration and the year of production?

    This will show you the model and year:

    If a specific configuration (like the 1 TB disk instead of 500 GB for ex) will not be determined. You can only learn by starting the Xserve (or open and look into it.)

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    I have not worked with cRIO and decided to ask for help.  (o).

    I don't know about the screws that allow to access this information from a connected Windows machine, however, I want to retrieve and display this information on remote panels.  But I cannot determine how to read the cRIO hostname or the serial number of the software running on the cRIO?

    Thanks for the help.


    This could help.

  • Sometimes the lost bytes, reading the serial port


    I'm reading the serial port data (flow rate 57600 baud rate) that works very reliable so that I do not open any other window

    or minimize/restore my window of the application during the program is running. Then a byte of incoming data will be lost.

    I get a string of 30 bytes each 50 m in most of the cases the first byte is lost, sometimes one in the middle.

    This occurs not only on a PC.

    Is this a problem of LabVIEW or Windows?

    Are there settings that can solve the problem?

    Best regards


    I solved the problem.  

    There was a bug in my program who become visible only if a window has been reduced or restored.

    When there are two or more messages in the buffer VISA, the separation of the messages was incorrect.

    Array index corresponded to false so that the first byte of the second message was at the end of the first

    and so the second message in the buffer seemed incomplete.

    In normal operation, the playback loop runs so fast, never both messages are in the buffer.

    Thanks for all replies.


    Either way, I work with LabVIEW 2009 and serial interface hardware motherboard. With XON/XOFF flow control

    is not possible in my application because all the hex values from 00 h to FFh may appear in a message.

Maybe you are looking for

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