Read value request chart

I've searched for this idea for a long time.

Right now I use a manufacturing build .exe created in labview. I downloaded the .llb file to change the program to my goal, but I can't find a way to do as I want.

Basically, this program measures and updates the data in a chart, I want to know the value of a specific point in this chart. I want to go with my cursor on this point see the value. But I can't find a way to do it in labview

Is there a way to do what I want? Just as the cursor to go to the specific point and then read the value? The graphic can be found under 5015_measure with

In the attachments you will find the .llb and a picture of a point that I want to read the value of.

Thank you!

I am not sure if you already have a cursor and are looking for a way to better control it or you want to add a mobile cursor to your chart, but if the second is your question:

1. right click on the chart and go to the-> legend of slider check the visible items

2. right click on the legend of cursor and add a cursor of your choice.

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    Hey Lopez,

    Your merged cells as column headings are probably complicate things. The numbers does not do well with merged cells.

    If your counters are marked Global1, Meter1, bad2 metre2 it would be easy to find. You may need to Meter1.1, Meter1.2, if multiple counters in a room.

    I like to use INDEX MATCHES for my search needs. If you have specific questions Asur applying this to your table from the report itself, just give more details about what you need.


  • rounded values in chart

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    Figure autoadjusts for the type of data connected directly on it. If connect you to a local variable, you do not get this feature for good reasons.

    Most likely, you had a whole one wired to Terminal curve at some point in the past and LabVIEW who remembered.

    The first choice should always be connect directly to the Terminal. Do not think that local variables and the 'variables' in the code of the text, they are not and should not be used as such. Local variables break the flow of data, can cause race conditions, complicate debugging and force copies of additional data in memory (can be very expensive for xy charts!), so there is a big difference. Local variables should be used if there is a very good reason.

    (See also this link and many other similar discussions)

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    This article suggests ObjectChoiceField for a drop-down list, which already has what you are looking for:

    getSelectedIndex() and getChoice (int index). To seize the moment of choice being made, use FieldChangeListener.

  • Reserved space read value form apex_plugin.t_page_item


    I am working currently on Application Express 4.2.2

    I have a plugin written for the page (obviously not written by me) element to accept numeric values only. But I want to have this placeholder value.

    I put the standard attributes-attribute Placeholder checked.

    Value is inserted into the field of placeholder value. Still, it does not show value of placeholder to the screen.

    After Googling for a while, I realized that I have to add the attribute to the source of Pl/sqlcode of the plugin and the value can be read in 'type t_page_item '. But I don't know which is the setting that retrieves the value of the placeholder.

    type t_page_item is (record

    Identification number,

    name VARCHAR2 (255),

    label varchar2 (4000).

    plain_label varchar2 (4000).

    placeholder VARCHAR2 (255),

    format_mask VARCHAR2 (255),

    Boolean is_required,

    lov_definition varchar2 (4000).

    Boolean lov_display_extra

    Boolean lov_display_null

    lov_null_text VARCHAR2 (255),

    lov_null_value VARCHAR2 (255),

    lov_cascade_parent_items VARCHAR2 (255),

    ajax_items_to_submit VARCHAR2 (255),

    Boolean ajax_optimize_refresh

    number of element_width

    number of element_max_length

    number of element_height

    element_css_classes VARCHAR2 (255),

    element_attributes varchar2 (2000).

    element_option_attributes varchar2 (4000).

    Boolean escape_output

    attribute_01 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_02 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_03 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_04 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_05 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_06 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_07 varchar2 (32767).

    attribute_08 varchar2 (32767).

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    attribute_10 varchar2 (32767));

    Can someone help me pls.

    Thank you


    Hi Shoaib,

    p_item. PlaceHolder is what you are looking for.

    But if you use the apex_plugin_util.get_element_attributesinput field when you visit, you don't even to do something, because this function automatically adds the reserved space if they are available. See the following example:

    sys.htp.prn (
        '' );



    Member of the APEX development team

    My Blog:

    APEX Plug-Ins:


  • How to read values resouce bundle in Managed bean

    Hi Experts,

    Working in jdev, ADF BC with rich faces.

    I'm reading the Resouce bundle file in my managedbean I wrote code like

    FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance ();
    ResourceBundle bundle = context.getApplication () .getResourceBundle (context, 'view. ViewControllerBundle");
    System.out.println ("bundle:" + bundle); / / Here it returns null.
    String value = bundle.getString ("CARD_EMBOSS_"); Goal here I'm getting null pointer exception to the

    Can someone tell me how to call file and the location of the file is: \TestApp\ViewController\src\view

    Published by: user5802014 on August 10, 2010 12:41

    Use something like:

    private static final String BUNDLE = public ".";

    ResourceBundle rsBundle = BundleFactory.getBundle (BUNDLE);
    String viewText = rsBundle .getString ("TEXT_NAME");


    Published by: amseth on August 10, 2010 13:54
    Use '.' as a separator... instead of ' / '... for example: "."instead of""/".

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    Hello Experts,

    I am new to the apex.
    I want to draw a pie with a single value.
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    Its very urgent.
    Please, I beg you.


    I don't know if I understand your question, you want to pie chart or line chart? If you draw two lines in a single chart, you add another series to the chart. Click on the graph and click on add another series, enter another sql for the series and you should be all set. Thank you.

    Kind regards

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    I'm pretty new to apex, and this looks like a very basic problem, I couldn't find an answer on the web:

    How to display value of more than 15 in a simple "Horizontal 2D" histogram?

    I know that the SQL query returns 26 lines, but only the first 15 are displayed in the chart.

    Thank you


    Hello Martin,

    Access your query for the chart series.
    Below there is a field named Lines Maximum.

    Check the value in there.

    Best regards, Tine.

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    I wrote a very simple program for the 2400 Kiethley (attached), using controls GPIB. I did make use of the functions provided by keithley VISA or GPIB.

    I am sourcing current and voltage (other non-essential paramateres as time, etc. may also be read).

    The program works well, but whenever the voltage reading is "+ 9.910000E + 37', the sample has a resistance of 50 ohm only. So I know for sure there is no open circuits.

    Advice/suggestions/solutions are welcome. If this query was posted by another, guide me to the same

    FYI: When I use the VISA I can tackle this problem, but the problem is the time consumed when you use VISA


    to enable the voltage reading, you must use: CONF:VOLT (but maybe it's the default...)

    In order to transfer the last reading in the buffer to KE2400 to the PC, you should use ETF instead of READ (READ is the combination of the INIT and ETF)

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    I want to spend the Hauppauge Capture of this mixer application.

    To that used.

    Had the same problem, Anshul directions did not help.

    What worked for me is as follows

    Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click sounds.   [Or, better yet, just press the Windows key, type 'sound' and click on the sound icon, NOT "change the system volume"]

    In the sound dialog box, click the playback tab, click the speaker device and then click on "Set as default" to the bottom.

  • How to create sql and read values in peoplecode page?

    Hello PS, team

    I have different sqls to be executed at the app level and based on the values retrieved I need to fill in the grid which is at level 2.

    Could anyone suggest how to use my sql to create the sql function and load the data into the grid accordingly.

    Thanks in advance

    Page activate PeopleCode is the wrong place to be load data.  This should really only be used to show/hide features.

    Discover the PeopleBooks - treatment of sequences for more details on the logical place to put the code you're after.

  • execution of a service to read values from the DB


    I have a pretty simple question, but I seem to fail to be able to understand what :

    I have a custom table EUM_DIV.  I have three columns: EUM_1, EUM_2, EUM_3.

    I also created a view based on that table, so that when I call him that from this point of view, it returns all the necessary information

    < $HttpCgiPath$ >? IdcService = GET_SCHEMA_VIEW_FRAGMENT & schViewName = EUM_Division_Abbr_View & IsSoap = 1';

    My job is that I need to extract the value of the column based on the value of EUM_1 EUM_3.  I need then save the extracted value of EUM_3 in a variable for future purposes.  (And this is where I'm stuck) How can I call this service from a resource of IntraDoc?  Must this whole sequence happen when the user select a value in a list of Meta-field option.  I'm sure that the answer must be very streightforward!

    Thank you very much for your help!


    executeService uses variables/result sets that have already been defined on your page before calling executeService. This means that you can define variables beforehand and those become the service settings.


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