ReadyBoost - tab is missing in the properties, and it does not work!

Title says it all. When I insert a disc and the Autorun dialog opens, if I click "Speed up my system" it just opens the property page for the device with the free space, etc. The ReadyBoost tab isn't there.

I especially don't think that I NEED, I'm 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium with 4 GB of RAM. But this isn't the point, please do not answer with "you don't need, so don't bother. All I see is that is not a feature that is supposed to be there, if I need it or not, it could indicate a bigger problem with my PC.

Where the ReadyBoost tab? I know in Win7, the service is incorporated with Superfetch, and I checked this service is launched and automatic. I tried to format the USB key as each file system and also tried the switching device to "Optimize for performance" etc. Nothing. I ran "sfc/scannow", and he found no problem.

Any help guys?



ReadyBoost in Windows 7 is much better integrated and provides even better than Vista speed.

ReadyBoost still help your performance if you run a lot of memory intense programs, run a
many programs in the same time, or use some that access large files. In Windows 7 there is none
upper limit of the amount of memory to use for ReadyBoost. In Vista, it was limited to 4 GB.

Turn ReadyBoost on or off for a storage device

Keep an eye on ReadyBoost with Windows 7 performance monitor

ReadyBoost in Windows 7


Explore the features: Windows ReadyBoost


Start - computer, or Windows Explorer right click on the drive - properties - ReadyBoost
tab will indicate IF the drive passes the test of ReadyBoost.

The problem may be with the USB key you try - it might be too slow. Several USB thumb-
readers have a bit of fast memory, and then the rest is much slower. Some of them will spend the
ReadyBoost speed test but does not work properly. If a player does not have speed ReadyBoost
test then ReadyBoost will not even an option.

many of them are or stretching at least the truth. Look at the sides of the player below and buy
a you know is FAST.

Don't forget that the readyboost max cache is 4 GB for Vista and unlimited in Windows 7. If your
device is 4 GB on Vista, you can use the rest for storage. In Windows 7, you can
Use any space not reserved for ReadyBoost as storage device. And you need a fast reader.

ReadyBoost - list of speed Flash memory

How to find the index of ReadyBoost speed

USB Flash Drive speed - driving tests size

I hope this helps.

Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    It's a Satellite L30, the vista's company.


    Satellite L30 is Vista supported and if there is no hardware problem, Vista should work well on your phone.

    One thing I am interesting for: you have problems of keyboard used with OS Windows XP Home edition original? I hope write you just on the internal keyboard and not external.

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    Wrongly, I put the following:

    ALTER system SET sga_max_size = 1500M scope = spfile;

    ALTER system SET SGA_TARGET = 1400M scope = spfile;


    My total memory is 16 GB, Win8

    When I rebooted the oracle, he could not start and I m sure 100% that these sizes of memory are the problem.

    Now, I can not connect to the DB set these sizes of memory.

    How can I change the SGA, PGA, while the entire oracle is down? It is not only the DB instance that is nt working. It s the entire oracle.

    Is it possible to change the spfile from a text editor?

    I d appreciate your quick responses.

    Kind regards

    Hussien Sharaf

    Post edited by: 3008910

    Vidar, great recommendation.  There are cases where the spfile directly change can cause problems. If you happen who meet and the spfile is not usable, you can also create a new pfile of content in the journal of the alerts, start the instance by using the new file pfile, then make a copy of the pfile to the spfile.  Here are the basic steps if the spfile is corrupted and you need to create a new:

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    Hussien, I hope this helps.


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    Nope! I have homework due, so I went on a crazy uninstall spree. I uninstalled Gmote, Spotify, Macrokey Manager (whatever the hell that is) and a Ubuntu Wubi installation. The latter was probably unnecessary - my money is the Gmote or MacroKey Manager.

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